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I haven't really named this yet but it's a story I've been working on for a while now. Let me know what you starts off kinda slow but it'll get there
INTRO: I dunno why this female thinks she's gonna win this battle. She aint bout shit! She obviously thinks I'm scared of her or somethin'. She just don’t realize the only reason I'm not and haven’t beat her ass yet is cuz my boy won’t let me. He says she aint worth my time, which she really aint, but she's pissin' me off! I spent my whole life bein' underestimated cuz I'm lil' and now this fake ass female wanna try my patience! I don’t think so. I already have permission to bust her bubble all the way up and hurt every single one of her feelin's I can think of to hurt the next time she get outta line. I can't wait for that day! I'mma have so much fun with that it's gonna be ridiculous. Watch tho...he's gonna get mad at me for doin' it once I do it tho. I'll bet you money on that shit.

CHAPTER 1: "Man I can't wait for graduation. I'm so ready to get outta this place I dunno what to do, Maya," Cami says as they pull up to their school.
"I know how you feel. I mean I aint leavin' or nothin', but I'm ready to graduate. I'm sick of high school."
"No! Not you lil' miss quiet."
"Man Cami you have no idea. I'm probably more ready to get out this place than you are."
"Maybe but I doubt it," the girls grab their books off the backseat. "You forget how much shit I've been in since I got here? Between the cops followin' and the drama in this damn school I dunno what to do with myself no more. I'm wantin' a time machine just so I can get to graduation faster."
"You and me both babe. You and me both." They walk in silence for a few moments ponderin' what they could do with a time machine and how awesome it would be to be able to time travel.
"Man you know what would make this move perfect tho?" Cami says as she opens her locker.
"Let me guess...Hayley going with you?" Maya says sarcasticlly leaning up against the locker next to Cami's and rolling her eyes.
"Yep. Actually I was gonna say you, her, and Lou Lou comin' with me, but yeah."
"I still don't see why you're so caught on that girl Cami. I mean I understand the concept of the whole thing but I dont see why you still like both if you're more into one than the other."
(Cami slams her locker shut) "Haven't we had this convo already? I like guys to much to give them up and girls too much to say I'm straight."
(Maya jerks up) "I guess it's one of those 'you gotta do it to believe it' kinda things."
"Somethin' like that."
"It's just strange to me I guess."
"I'm tellin' you...come out with me this Saturday to the club we always go to. There's guys there...most of 'em are actually straight actually. They love comin' to our club for the females. That's why I normally dress like a guy when I go, but that's cuz I'm not there for the same thing they're there for."
"I dunno Cami. You know I'm not really one for goin' clubbin'."
"Oh come on. We had a blast when we went out with Lou Lou for our birthdays."
"We went to a straight club tho'. You're talkin' 'bout goin' to a...not so straight club. I mean...I dont have a problem with the fact that you and Lou are bi. I just dont wanna get up in there and no female start hittin on me and it end up becomin a big deal or nothin."
"What about somethin bein a big deal?"
"Hey Lou. I was tryna convince Maya she needs to come out to the club with us Saturday. She's worried Big Bertha or somebody is gonna try to hit on her or somethin."
"Oh come on, Maya. It's fun. We'll watch out for you. Promise. We won't let nothin happen to you."
"I just..."
"Fine it's settled then. You're comin'! Yay!" Lou Lou burst out.
"Fine. I'll go...this one time. If I don't like it tho I'm not goin again."
"Ok." Cami and Lou Lou say in unison. "Saturday is gonna be awesome!" Lou Lou bursts.
"Class. Class! Settle down now. Time to begin working on your rough drafts for your stories."
"Way awesome." I chime in at the last second.

CHAPTER 2: We finally found a parkin’ spot and got outta the car. The line was long as hell to get in but Lou and I went there so much we were like VIP. We walked up past the ‘normal people’ line and then past those payin’ to get into VIP and walked on inside. I heard a couple people from behind us in the VIP line fussin’ about how we just walked up and went on in. I don’t think they ever made it inside.
“I’m not so sure bout this guys,” Maya said with a semily worried look on her face.
“Didn’t we tell you you’re gonna be fine? Chill babe. We got you. We called ahead and got things set up perfect just for you.” I knew that’d take the worry out of her some, and when she saw what I meant she began smiling beyond belief.
“I didn’t realize you guys had this much pull at this place. How’d you do it?”
“Cami has been comin here since right after our birthdays. They treat her like she owns the place and have actually offered for her to take over runnin the place after graduation, but she turned it down because she’s leavin us.”
“I didn’t turn it down. I said I don’t believe I could run a club from an hour and a half away properly.”
“That’s basically turnin it down. Is it not?”
“In either case…I may or may not leave. I’d make more money stayin here. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do yet. But we didn’t come here to talk about my business adventures. We came to party and…I see a very fine woman right there.”
Lou and Cami chimmed in unison, “DAMN!”
“Dare me Lou.” Cami said not movin her eyes from her first prize of the night.
“What point is there in me darin you? You gone go pull her anyway.”
“It’s an out. You know that.”
“I dare you.” Maya chimmed from a very comfortable seat a few feat away.
“That works,” I said smiling and made my way across the room towards the bar for her first pick up of the night.
“What are you drinkin’?”
“Nothin’ yet. I can’t seem to get the bartender’s attention.”
“I don’t see how not. You got mine. What would you like? Wait. Let me guess…margarita?”
“How’d you guess that?”
“Let’s just say I can read people very well.” Cami says with a half smile.
“Well you’re good. Yes. That’s what I want.”
“Ok. Hold that thought just a moment and promise not to move.”
“Ok,” that girl says with an amused smile now covering her face.
I knew the best and fastest way to get this girl’s attention was to show off a lil’, which I love doin every now and then anyway. I jumped over the bar and asked the bartender what she needed help with. I could tell by the look on her face she hadn’t been bartendin in this kinda situation long, yet she knew her drinks so I was sure she wasn’t much of a rookie. I made the margarita for my sexy lil’ lady friend, helped the simily new bartender out some with the waitin customers, and hopped back over the bar. “So how’s that drink?”
“Wonderful. I didn’t realize you had pull like that here.”
“Let’s just say I was offered to take over ownin the place soon.”
“Really? That’s awesome. Are you gonna take the offer?”
“Probably not. I’m goin to schoool and that’s just not a responsibility I wanna add to my list of things to keep up with.”
“I understand.”
“You’d always be on my VIP list if I did tho,” another half smile crossed my face.
“Really?” she takes another sip of her drink. “And why might that be?”
“I like what I see. I think you should,” a drunk guy walks up to the girl, “What’s up baby? Wanna see how a man ‘d work that ass out?”
“Eeww! NO!”
“Oh come on, baby. You know you want some of me.”
“Hey man. I’m pretty sure the lady said no. Besides, she’s with me. Back off!”
“And what are you gonna do huh? You aint got enough balls to do nothin bout me takin yo girl,” he reaches to wrap his arm around the girl.
“Wanna bet?” I snapped and before I knew it I swung. Punched the guy dead in the nose. The drunk guy fell out on the floor and a couple girls near him jump and shriek. Security comes runnin’ over ready to arrest people. They see the drunk guy laid out on the floor and me holdin’ my hand. They ask me what happened. “He came over here tryna put his hands on a girl who didn’t want him to touch them and insisted so I laid him out.”
“Ok. We’ll get him outta here for you. Are you ok?”
“Yeah, I’ll be fine. Just a lil’ sore. I’ll be fine.”
“Ok. Go on back up to your section. We’ll send someone up there with some drinks for you and your friends in a few minutes. Ok?”
“That’d be great. Thanks guys.”
“I can’t believe you did that for me. And they didn’t arrest you. I think you have a lil’ more pull than you say you do.”
“I don’t like the drunk guys who come in here. They give all guys a bad name. They come in here and think just because a female is openly bi that we’re freaks and wanna do every and anybody. I hate that mess.”
“Yeah they do give guys a bad name. I don’t understand it at all.”
“I think I’ve done enough tryna understand stuff for one week. Would you like to join me and a couple of my friends in our section in VIP”
“Sure. Are you sure you’re ok?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. Come on,” we walk back to the VIP with everyone lookin at us like they were starrin’ at a couple celebrities or somethin’. She reaches out for my hand, takes it between her own, and begins to massage the pain from my nuckles.
“Wow! I’ve never had this many people look at me at once before,” the girl commented.
“Really? I don’t see why not. You’re beautiful.”
“Thanks but I really should probably go. I have to go to work in the mornin’.”
“Ok. Well drive safe. Hopefully I’ll see you again sometime.”
The girl smiles, “Maybe.”
“I’ll take that as a yes.” I smiled back, “By the way; what’s your name?”
The girl looks back, smiles again, and says, “Next time I see you, if there’s a next time, I’ll tell you.”
“Ok then. It’s a date,” I had to smile to hide my slight disappointment. I’d never had a girl not tell me their name and say ‘if there’s a next time’. I always at least got a name whether the number and another time were involved or not.
“Are you ok?” Lou asked.
“You know I’ve never had a girl tell me ‘if there’s a next time’?”
“Yeah. Why? Is that what she said?”
“Yeah. Didn’t tell me her name either.”
“Then fuck it. She’s a gold digga man. Come on. I just saw the finest mixed lookin chick walk over towards the dance floor.”
“You know what? You’re right. Fuck it. Come on. I’mma get me one tonight.”
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