a woman and her son
Allison’s Confession
An Incestuous Love Affair
By Allison Bodiford

If I were to give you a lot of background just now you might get board. So I will tell you how it started, and try to fit in the background as much as possible. I can only say that for me, this has been the greatest, most fulfilling adventure of my life. I am sixty-seven at this writing and it is still going strong; at least he is still going strong, and I am along for the ride.

Just a little background now, I was thirty-five when it all began. Then I was a petite size four. I was a brunette, shoulder length hair. Many people of my generation told me I looked a lot like the actress Jean Crane. Look her up. I am told that I am pretty. Never beautiful, just pretty. I had, and still do have thirty-six B cup breasts. My measurements then were 36-27-34. At the time I think I weighed around one-hundred-thirty pounds. (I am a little heavier now, but not by much. I am after all a matron now.) I have long slender legs, did then too, and I am five foot five inches tall. I have a heart shaped ass that he loves. I think that is enough for now.

I am the mother of three wonderful children. My two daughters are Katy, she is married now, and Melissa, she is divorced now, and my son, Jake. They are about a year apart each. Katy then was sixteen, Melissa was fifteen, and Jake was fourteen. Today Katy is forty-eight, Melisa is forty-seven, and Jake is forty-five. He just had a birthday, and what a birthday that was.

But my story starts when Jake was fourteen. I must explain that he was my baby, I doted on him all the time and truth be told I was always affectionate with him. I love my girls, but Jake was the baby, and he got the attention. At fourteen he was already five foot ten of his eventual six foot frame, and looked older to most people. He was not a skinny kid, more filled out like a young man than most his age then.

I know many of you are thinking, okay, on with the sex. It is important for you to know the circumstances. I am not, nor was I then, a child molester. I never set out to do what we eventually did. I would not have thought with my upbringing that I would even allow such a fantasy to root in my mind let alone commit the act. But I did, and I did. And now this is my confession.

We were at the beach in France. My husband Jacob was in the Air Force, stationed in Germany at Ramstein Air Force Base there. He was on special duty when we as a family decided we wanted to tour Europe, so he was not with us on this occasion. Just us girls and poor Jake.

The beach we went to was topless. Now before you go screaming down the road I did not take my top off at the beach. My son was with me! (When we picked that beach we had no idea. Such is the life in Europe.) Besides, I was in a form fitting one piece. But the girls got into the spirit, and they did take their tops off. Poor Jake. Two ripe teenage sisters on display for him, not to mention the range of women that walked up and down the beach for him to ogle, and his beautiful sisters too.

Anyway, I was watching them play, when the oldest, Katy reached behind her and undid her bikini top and let it fall. Never to be outdone, Melissa took off her top too. She always was so competitive with Katy. Jake’s jaw dropped. It was comical. He stood there agape, when First Katy, then Melissa threw their tops at him, wrapping around his head. Off they ran, giggling all the way to the water, there perfect little breasts bouncing as they went.

He threw the two sets of bras down at his feet, and ran after his sisters. Now at first I was a little flabbergasted at the girls. But then it was so funny, I just let it slide. I was glad, for the first time in my marriage that Jacob wasn’t with us. He would have made a scene. I watched for a few minutes as Jake and his sisters laughed, dunked and splashed one another in play. Kids!

I bent my head down to read my book, “War and Remembrance” by Herman Houck. What a great book. The mini-series wasn’t bad either. Anyway, I drifted off to sleep for a few minutes. Suddenly I was being splashed as the girls and Jake came up to the spot where we had set up the umbrella with our cooler of food and drinks and laid out our towels. I had brought a folding lounge chair for me. It was a cozy little spot backed up almost to the bluff of the cliff, just a little more than forty yards from the water’s edge.
Jake was shaking his hair over me in a tease. I laughed at the water falling on my skin and told him to dry off somewhere else. The girls were giggling, and topless. I caught sight of them out of the corner of my eye, but held my tongue. (The water must have been cold as their nipples were fully distended.) I didn’t want it to be a big deal, especially as their brother was there.

They took out the bottled water that was popular in France, but had not made its way to the States yet and a sandwich for lunch. I was handed the same and we quietly munched away. After our repast the girls wanted to lie out for a while, but Jake being a fourteen year old boy wanted to go back to swimming. So there I was with the girls sunning.

Katy and Melissa lathered up with Coppertone, sun block products were not the rage then. Just tanning. They each did their own front and then rolled over to let the other do their backs. I was caught off guard with my sexual response at watching them lather one another. Melissa’s hands moved so smoothly down her sister’s back to her young round ass, and back up to her shoulders, then down her legs and back almost to her crotch. Katy returned the favor. Wow.

Soon we were quiet and I was not just a little unsettled by my feelings. Jake returned about then and decided to join us. Both his sisters giggled as they smoothed on the Coppertone over his firm young body. It had its effect. Poor Jake, those two topless girls rubbing him, one on this side, the other on that one. As he lay back it was apparent that the girls had excited him.

He closed his eyes, but all I could do was look at the tent in his pants. That boy must have at least seven inches in there. Katy and Melissa noticed too. They lay back down, but from time to time sidelong glances told me they had noticed it. Thank God I had on my sunglasses.

Soon Jake’s member went back down and I drifted off. When I awoke the girls were walking down the beach with some boys, and Jake was snoring lightly. I watched him, filled with a mother’s love for her child, her baby. I reached out and stroked the top of his head. Amazingly even in his sleep that was all it took for that member of his to come out of hiding. I watched in amazement as it grew and tented his bathing suit once again. (I remember it as if it were yesterday.)

I could feel the tingling in my pussy. I knew it was autonomic. But it was there, and I was very aware of it. There I was getting excited by my fourteen year old boy’s dick and I should have felt ashamed, but I was getting horny. I didn’t feel ashamed. I felt flush. Oh, did I feel flushed.

I picked up my book and tried to read some more. I got up and went to the water and let the waves wash over my feet. I walked in the direction I had seen the girls go, anything to get away from that wonderful dick, and the wetness that it caused in me.

I hadn’t gone far, but far enough I couldn’t see our spot when I spotted Katy with her boy near an outcropping of rocks. They were making out, and he had his hands on her breasts. I could see her nipples poking out from the excitement. His hand drifted slowly down her side, his fingers barley touching her, and to her abdomen then back up slowly to her breasts. Their kiss grew more and more passionate. I knew I should not be watching but I sat down there in the sand, my legs rubber, refusing to hold me up. Soon she had her hand on his crotch, and to my immortal motherly shame, she laid out for him, ready to be taken.
He worked his suit down around his hips till a cock the size of a baseball bat popped up from the confines of his suit. Katy was wiggling out of her bottoms and then she was naked. I lay flatter, hoping not to be spotted, but wanting to watch. I should have ran up to her and yelled, I know, but remember I was still in a state of my own. And this scene just fueled it all the more.

His hand went to her womanhood and I could see his arm rocking back and forth as he stimulated her to climax. Then he slowed down, but continued his ministrations. He wanted her wet. I know I was wet, and I was just watching.

Then gently he moved between her legs, pointing his member at her womanly passage. He said something to her, and she nodded. Then he slowly began to work his member into her. I could see the grimace on her face as he hesitated, she nodded, and he moved with determination, and then stopped. She was breathing through her mouth now and he was waiting for some signal from her to continue.
She nodded her head, and soon they were making slow rhythmic love there on the beach. I was breathless. My own womb wanted for attention. Without thinking I moved my hand to the gusset on my one piece suit, and pulled it aside. I found the little knob of my clit and rubbed it gently.

My breath was coming in slow gasps as the climax built in me. I watched the love making of my daughter and this stranger as she built to another climax. Suddenly she stiffened, arching her back and holding her breath. So did I. For the first time in my life I had a girl ejaculation. It wet my fingers, and my suite, and the sand around me. A little puddle of my juices formed around my thigh. Then he came, and I did again. I was out of breath, senseless.

I lay there catching my breath, having rolled over on my back. When my breath and senses came down to earth I rolled over on my stomach and they were gone. I was panicked. Had they seen me? I looked up and down the beach. There were the few stragglers here and there, but no Katy. I thanked God and rose up to my feet. I went to the surf, walked in to waist deep and washed. I walked back to the little area of ours on the beach and took my seat. Jake was still there, his member deflated. I hadn’t been gone long enough even for him to wake up.

Thank the heavens we soon wrapped it up and went back to the hotel. We were at the Amerique Hotel in Montpellier. The rooms there are smallish compared to American Hotels so we had taken two rooms, one for me and the girls and one for Jake. When we got back I was informed that both Katy and Melissa had made plans to rendezvous with their respective dates and walk around the bay area. That left me and Jake to our own devices.

Katy took her shower, and Melissa, slipped into Jakes room for a shower. Jake remained at the hotel pool while we girls cleaned up. Around five thirty the girls left, and I was sitting in my room reading. I had heard Jake return to his room and thought for sure he was in the shower. I got bored waiting, and took my key to slip into his room. I turned the knob slowly and entered the room quietly as is my custom. I really wasn’t sneaking.

As I go to the end of the short hallway there was Jake, on his bed, his hair wet from the shower and naked as a jaybird. His cock was at full mast, and his hand was choking it to death. Poor Jake. His eyes closed he did not hear me or see me as I entered the room. I backed out of the room a little ways, but I kept my eyes on that wonderful cock. Suddenly he grunted. I was watching the ejaculation of his sperm from the top of that beautiful thing. My legs were going all rubbery again. I made a hasty and quiet retreat.

Back in my room I jumped onto my bed, somehow got my own panties down without ripping either them or my skirt and begin to rub off. I thought of that cock on my son and the sight of the ropes of cum spurting from him and soon I was coming harder than even at the beach. I sprayed the bed down good. It was wet where I had lain. My skirt was damp from my own juices. I had to shower and change again. I patted the bed dry as I could.

When I came out of the shower I called Jakes room. By then it was almost six o’clock.

“Jake honey, want to get some supper?” I asked him.

“Sure mom. Want to eat here or go to town?”

“Let’s go to town, find a nice bistro and try some local fare.” I answered him. “I’ll be ready in a few minutes. I’ll knock on your door when I’m ready.” I hung up the phone.

Two mind blowing cums in one day was more than I had done in the same amount of time in almost ten years. My legs wouldn’t work the way I was telling them to. But soon enough I was dressed in a lovely pull over summer weight sweater, a nice pastel green, and a “midi” paisley skirt. I looked good, even if I do say so myself. My legs were shaved smooth so I forewent the pleasure of stockings. I went native, and took off my bra too. I slipped into my flats, great for walking and wearing, and went to collect Jake.

We walked along several of the streets in town, coming to a small bistro, Le Flame’, and took our seats when directed. Jake talked non-stop about the beach and how nice the town was. He was having a good time. He kept eying my chest. I liked that very much.

“I guess its anti-climatic being out with your mom instead of with one of the local girls.” I ventured. Was I fishing for a compliment? You betcha!

“Look around mom; I’m with the prettiest girl here.” Good boy.

Dinner was great. I don’t remember all of it, but to say the least we had something flamb? and enjoyed presentation as well as the food. Walking back to the hotel we sort of fell into step together, quiet after the evening’s goings on. Jake took my hand in his.

I suppose to others around us I looked like a woman that had snagged herself a younger man. It was how I felt. At that moment, I even forgot I was married. I was with a handsome young man after a romantic dinner walking back to our hotel. I was breathless. Every now and then he would rub up against me. When I could, I would press my breasts into his arm.

When we got to the rooms the girls had not returned. Jake asked if I would like to make sense out of French TV in his room. I said sure.

“Let me freshen up, and I’ll be right there.”

I quickly changed into my baby doll nightie, and threw a silk shimmy over it. I put on my slippers and put the keys in the pockets in the house coat. Looking in the mirror I caught my breath at how the material clung to my form.

This time I knocked. The door flew open almost immediately. My son, my darling son, with that magnificent cock looked me up and down.

“Wow, mom, you sure clean up nice.” He said. His eyes only lingered on my breast for no more than a second or two, but it made my full one inch nipples pop out.

“Thank you sir.” I curtseyed. “Can I come in?”

“Oh, sorry, sure, come in.” He motioned me into the room. Why was I so breathless? We were just going to watch TV. Did he sense it? I couldn’t tell for sure, but I thought he looked again at my nipples. My girl was getting wetter between my legs. I could feel an almost primordial desire to mate. My mind was clouded, and intelligent thought was becoming harder and harder.

His voice cracked with excitement when he said, “Mom…” He cleared his throat, “Mom would you like a glass of water or a soda?”

“No, not just now, maybe later. Did you want to order some room service, send up a snack tray or something?” Is it my imagination, or was my voice husky from the adrenalin.

“Sure, that would be cool.”

I made the call. I started to twirl the tie to my shimmy thinking about loosening it up. As I sat on the bed with the phone to my ear I brought one knee up and the shimmy fell open below the tie to reveal my leg beneath the hem of the baby doll nightie I had on. I fidgeted a little and the hem rose giving him a view of my panties, the sheerest I had.

What was I doing? I was trying to seduce a fourteen year old boy. He is my son. Where did this wickedness come from? Just because I saw my daughter loose her virginity on the beach, because I saw his erection? Maybe because I was horny and nothing else mattered. Where are husbands when you need them? It didn’t matter. I was going for broke.

My son seems to be nervous. Poor Jake. He has no idea. But I can see he wants it too. The tenting in his loose fitting pajama’s telling me so.

The wait for room service was interminable. I wanted to be naked and fucking. From the looks of it, my son was thinking of it too. Finally a knock on the door, I opened it and the Ma?e de pushed the cart in. He, too, eyed me up and down adding to my state of sensuality. I signed the ticket adding a nice tip, and he left with a smile, and unless I miss my guess, some tenting.

Jake was sitting on the end of a bed, I moved to him, my navel at eye level with him where I stood. I put my hand behind his head and twirled a lock of hair, as a lover. I lowered my mouth to his and kissed him. Not a motherly kiss, but a lover’s kiss; my lips loose and wet. He kissed my back. My boy sure could kiss.
I pulled back looking into his eyes. He smiled up at me. And then he did something that made me his for the rest of his life, or at least my life. He took charge.

His hand reached out to the tie on my shimmy. He undid it and opened it. He reached under the shimmy and around my hips to place his hands on them. He leaned into me, his nose just touching me, and I swear I heard him take a deep breath, as if he smelled a flower.

“Mmmm….Mom, you smell like sex!”

Where did he learn that? He was right, I was wet and my body was sending signals out on all frequencies, “Fuck Me!”

“It’s you Jake, I just can’t understand it. I’ve been so turned on since this afternoon when you had a hard. I want you so much. I know it’s wrong, but I do. If you don’t want to we won’t but if you want to I am yours in every way.” There I said it. I declared my heart.

“I’ve wanted you since I was eleven and started masturbating. I would watch you walk around in your short gowns and get glimpses of your panties, and I wanted you. I never dreamed this would happen for real though.”

“I never even thought about it until today. Now I can’t think of anything else.” My hands were trembling as I pulled him to me, pressing his face into my stomach. He reached around me, grabbing the cheeks of my ass in each hand and squeezing them. I had a mini orgasm right then.

He stood up and pulled me to him. He awkwardly kissed me and I kissed him back. Soon our tongues were entwined. His hands found my breasts and began to knead them in his teenage way. I could feel his palms scrape over my nipples, and shivers went down my spine. We were getting breathless.

I broke the kiss. Stroking the side of his face with one hand I put the other on his chest. I looked deeply in his eyes. There was love and lust, and passion, and desire, all rolled into Jake, my fourteen year old soon.
I could feel him nervously shaking. “Am I missing him up?” I remember thinking. His legs trembled. I thought how sweet that was. My hand on his chest slid down to the top of his pajama pants. I kept his eye.
I turned my hand and pried the pants top open with my fingers. I kept his eye. Then my hand slide slowly down his stomach to the pubic hair, and finally my fingers wrapped around that wonderful cock. In my hands it was bigger than what I was able to see earlier. He moaned, I lost his eyes when he closed them.

“Mom.” He whispered, not a son’s calling, but a lover’s. He knew no other name for me.

“Jake, I love you so much.” I kissed his chin as I slowly stroked his penis. I licked his neck as I kept my stroke. He was putty in my hands. I was a slave to anything he would ask of me.

“I’m going to cum mom.” He said. So soon, aaah… to be young. I stopped my stroking long enough to take down his pants, and lay him back on the bed. I resumed stroking him. He laid back, his eyes closed, his hands grabbing at the bed clothes. Then I did something I have never done, even with my husband, even until this day, only for Jake. I took his cock in my mouth, continuing stroking him.

I licked the slit in his cock head. I licked the cockhead. I moved my mouth up and down the shaft in time with my hands. My reward was the most wonderful taste and texture in the world. My son’s sperm. I took it, rope after rope of it, swallowing as fast as I could manage. I only gagged once, but recovered quickly. I love the taste of Jake’s sperm. That first taste was like biting into the forbidden fruit and having your eyes opened to all the possibilities.

We lay there for a few minutes the two of us heaving. I had my face on my son’s thigh; still stroking that wonderful cock, close up now I could see it was around eight inches long, and two and a half inches in girth. I couldn’t wait to feel that thing inside me. My son was stroking my hair.

“Mom, that was incredible.” Jake said.

“It’s just a start. I am going to make love to you every way we can before the girls get home.”

Still, we lingered, the glow of that moment etching itself in our memories. I could smell the pungent smell of his cum. I could still taste it, and the silkiness of it lingered at the fringes of my mouth. I was looking at the magnificent cock as it came back to life from my stroking. I started to stir from my revelry.

“Take off your clothes.” I said to him as I rose up from the bed to remove my own. He was so funny, rushing to get naked. I took my time. I wanted the moment to last. I wanted to build the lust up in my own loins, and hopefully his.

“I want you to return the favor. I want to come too.” I told him.

“Just tell me what to do mom.” He said

I scooted him up on the bed till his head lay on the pillow. Then I moved over his head and straddled it with my pussy opening up to him.

“Lick it. Just lick it all over, slow, like a lollipop you want to last. Yes, that’s it. Let your tongue find the hole and slip in. Feel that? That little knob? Well when I tell you too, lick it and suck it. That is what really makes a girl cum.”

We were quiet. Just the sound of our breathing and the slurp of a wet pussy filled the room.

“Oh, yes, honey, that’s it. Lick it. Suck my clit baby, that knob.” He found it. Oh how good he is at taking instruction. “I am Cumming baby. Don’t stop.”

I started to feel that familiar contraction starting in my stomach, moving to my chest, and then expanding all over my body with a sudden release of ecstasy. I came, and when I did, I drench the poor boy.

“Mom, are you peeing on me?”

“No…Its…Girl…cum” I explained between the waves of my orgasm.

I heard more slurping.

“Mmm…tastes good mom.” He says to me. “Your pussy is beautiful mom.”

“Thank you honey.” I was still breathless from the orgasm.

I raised my shaky leg to one side and slipped down to lay beside him. Our naked bodies pressed into each other. I could feel my breasts crushed to him, and my nipples poking him. He looked at me wild eyed and happy. When I caught my breath I got up to get a towel to dry his hair and face. I licked a little of me off of him, and I admit, I taste great.

We cuddled and fell into that blissful sleep of lovers spent. When he awoke, he started to rub, caress my breasts, circling the fullness of them, and then drifting lazily across the nipple, around the nipple, and back out to the fullness of my breast. I was getting turned on, and I was not even quite awake.

I fluttered my eyes open, to look into the eyes of my lover/son to see a smile, and such acceptance. I have to say it sent a shudder through me. I can’t believe how like a teenage girl I was acting.

He bent his head to kiss me. His tongue swirled around mine. I played with his teat, he with mine. He rolled over on to me, his knee between my legs, his thigh pressed against my Mons. I felt us undulate as one, setting up a sympathetic rhythm that both set us in sync and stimulated us.

He kissed my mouth, my eyes, my neck, working his way down my chest to find my nipple on my right breast, then the one on my left. It was shockingly erotic to have him at my breast after a thirteen year absence. He suckled my nipple. I could feel the sympathetic pulse in my vagina as he did.

I was wet again. I could feel his hardness between us. So hard, so wonderful! My legs widened with a mind of their own. He climbed between them, moving up from my breast, bringing his boyish manhood to my vulva. When at last he contacted me, I was almost over the top with desire. He pressed against me.
I felt the head of his cock press me open, then he raised up just the slightest bit and he popped into me. The look on his face said it all. I can tell you for my part, I was in the most erotic state I have ever been. Never had I been so full of a man, his girth and length all the way in me. I was totally consumed with lust. Sex was the only instinct alive in me at that moment.

We lay like that motionless for the briefest of times and then slowly he begins to work in and out of me. The rhythm we had hinted at earlier came to life in us. As we moved together our mouths entwined, our breathing in of one another’s breath, I wished that I was not on the pill. I wanted to give the boy a child. I wanted to breed with him as I hadn’t wanted to since he was born.

“Oh, God mom. This is wonderful. I don’t ever want to stop.” He said to me.

“You never will have to my love.” I promised him.

He moved his knees up, lifting my ass, and legs to better penetrate me. I was lost. I could think of nothing that could fill me as he was at that moment. I was outside of myself looking down and seeing my legs over his shoulders, he deep inside of me, I pulling on my nipples, practically ripping them from my chest. I could see, and feel the orgasm building in me.

“Mom, are you close?” He had picked up without being told I should cum first.

“Yes, son, I’m close. Don’t hold back. Cum inside mama. I want to feel the warmth of your seed in me. I want to feel you coming…ahhhh…I’m Cumming son. I’m Cumming.” I stiffened with the onslaught of my orgasm. I sprayed so hard that the geyser splashed out from between us.

He reached down and scooped up some of my girl cum and put it in his mouth. I came again instantly. He scooped up some more and offered it to me. I took it as if I hadn’t eaten in days. And then the most wonderful thing, he was Cumming in me.

I could feel the pulse of his cock, and the spray against my cervix as he shot rope after rope after rope in me. He plunged deep into me and held there.

I reached around him the best that I could and pulled his ass to me. I wanted him to stay in me. I wanted him to climb back in and feel my love for him. I wanted my lover, my son in a way I have never wanted any man. Only for him, even now it’s like that.

He rolled over to the side, pulling from me, spent and breathing deeply. I felt empty as he slid out of me. He kissed me deeply.

“I love you mom. You’re my girl aren’t you?”

“Yes, from now on, I’m your girl.” I promised.

I don’t want to disappoint you. I didn’t run home and get a divorce. I was in love with my husband, and my son. I know that many of you can’t understand that. But the love I made with each of them was different.
The one concession I did make to my son, is that when his father would go TDY for months at a time, I would time my love making with him and my husband so that I gave my son two wonderful children. Both of them boys.

Why am I writing this now? I don’t know. No one has ever known about us. No one has ever been privy to our love but us. That is, not until his forty-fifth birthday, when his sister Melissa wanted to make love to him. But that is for another time.


2014-10-25 10:28:48
"Allison's Confession" - The Bodiford Family: Thirty-five Year Old Mother Allison, Fourteen Year Old Son Jacob (Jake) Jr, and The Non Participants This Story: Sixteen Year Old Daughter Katy, Fifteen Year Old Daughter Melissa and Husband/Father Jacob Bodiford Sr.

This story is fabulous AND it ended much too soon!! The combination--and a quick culmination once mother and son recognized the inevitable--and DEEP love of Allison and Jake Jr, is celestially awesome! Mother "Alli" is to be commended for her continued comittment to her husband, with the onset and promised long-term lover's affair now aflame with her son Jake! She has to have, now with her son must have, both Junior and Senior in her life. She loves her son so thoroughly she's willing to have continuing pregnancies and babies with him! That's determination and "fuck the consequences" comittment. I love her for her brazen risk taking for something she sincerely believes honorable! I'm a Tar Heel also; I understand!

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2014-07-31 17:16:52
OMG, that was so thrilling, I'm still shuddering from the releases your story created for me. My son and I have been lovers for a generation and you restored those early loving memories so well. Thank you, Jeanne

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2014-07-01 03:07:43
I have read all of your stories Alison and let me say I believe you are a very loving mother and lover. The relationship between my sister and I came about after the brutal murder of our mother and father in a home invasion. She was 16 and I was 14 at the time. We had two beautiful sons. I am now 71 and she died two days before her 62nd birthday in 2002. Thank you so much for the stories of your love.


2014-03-28 07:03:46
"Allison's Confession" - Allison Bodiford and Jake, Katy and Melissa - (Mother and Son, and Older Teenage Daughters)

This story is magnificent as a mother's and son's love of incestual love, as man and woman, can ever possible be!! Allison still loves her husband; she now loves her fourteen year old son as her lover, vowing him as her lover, sexual partner, soulmate as only a man and woman can--even more than her husband. Allison's husband, Jacob Sr is in the U S Air Force; she times his away duty so that she and Jacob Jr can consummate their incestual mating with two sons (we assume Jacob Sr, her husband, believes are his fifth and sixth children--not knowing they are his (and his wife's) two grandsons, Allison's fifth and sixth children and Jacob Jr's first and second sons.

The story is the highest honor an incestual couple can make to their lover; the love and the births of their son's are on purpose! An excellent tale of devotion and dedication!

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2014-03-22 23:04:41
I65GXj Very neat blog.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

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