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Chapter 18 : Fantasies.
Andrew’s Story

I was in the middle of my favorite part of the day. I had my tongue buried deeply in Dee Dee’s pussy, tasting that sweet nectar. She was really in to it now, her passion rising and approaching a peak. I was trying to decide how long I should drag it out. I can keep her up as long as I want, sometimes. She can become crazed: needing, wanting, but never having. It’s damn sexy.

To see my beautiful serene wife lose all semblance of control is as good as it gets. Of course, maybe because I do this to her almost every day is why she’s so damn serene the rest of the time. I hadn’t thought of that. Anyway it’s my favorite part of the day. I love to eat her pussy.

This is a time when I absolutely do not like to be interrupted. Cunnilingus interruptus really pisses me off. But sure as the phone ringing when you’re in the shower, I heard that little voice in my head.

I’m not like most other guys. When they hear that little voice in their heads, it’s usually their conscience calling. Me, I hear Emmy. And she has no discernable conscience of which I’m aware.

“Daddy”, I heard.

To my credit, my tongue never broke stride. (Is that a mixed metaphor?) But I answered her anyway. “You know I’m busy. This better be important!”

“Daddy, Jake’s leaving. You’ve gotta stop him!”

“How much time do I have?” Well darn, I wanted to finish Deirdre off. What am I, some kind of a sadist?

“He’s getting dressed now, Daddy. He’ll be gone in five minutes.”

My only option was to attack Dee Dee’s clit. I sucked that little button between my lips and licked it like a lollipop. I heard a blood-curdling shriek and realized I had caught Deirdre completely off guard. She never expected a full frontal assault since I usually bring her to a slow boil before I begin any serious work.

Her orgasm was unexpected and incredibly intense. Her thighs clamped my head in a vise grip as I kept her at a peak. Her pussy was grinding on my mouth as her eyes rolled back in her head. Finally she collapsed in a heap.

I heard her saying “Oh my God! Oh my God!”

Do I have a great life or what?

I climbed up and held her in my arms for a moment, trying to savor the feel of my sweet Deirdre. I love her. I kissed her passionately. I gave a little peck on each cheek and then on each closed eyelid. But then I had to go.

I reached out to Emmy. “Are you involved in this?” As if I didn’t know.

I heard her reply. “Kinda, Daddy. I’ll meet you in the living room.”

I slipped on some tennis shorts and a tee shirt and hurried down the stairs. Emmy was coming out of the eGirls’ room.

Jake was in the living room, headed for the door. I called out to him. “Hey Jake, hold up for a minute.”

He didn’t look too happy, but he paused and turned towards me. Emmy came running down the stairs. She was crying. Dang, I don’t remember the last time I saw Emmy cry. Even Jake looked concerned.

Emma said, “I’m sorry Jake. It’s my fault! I’m the one. Be mad at me.”

Jake didn’t have a clue what Emma was talking about. After all, no one knew about the ‘special talents’ that the eKids come by naturally. We’ve been keeping it under wraps, just covering our ass, so to speak.

But Emma had decided that this was important enough to let the cat out of the bag. I was a bit miffed. I am her father after all. Like maybe she could have consulted me first? Oh well, the next time she consults me first will be the first time.

Jake said, “It’s not your fault Emma. Don’t worry about it, honey.”

Emma said, “Yes it is!! It Is my fault. I’m sorry.” She was crying and looked pitiful. I saw her doing a pretty good Joanne Woodward tonight, so I wasn’t sure if she was acting or if this was the real thing.

I thought I better step in here. “Jake, sit down on the sofa and let’s talk. There’re some things you should know.”

We sat down, Jake and Emma on the couch, me on one of those chairs that women seem to accumulate but men can hardly get comfortable in. I wasn’t sure how to do this.

“Jake, I’ve got some things to tell you that are top secret. If you don’t want to know them, or are afraid you can’t keep your mouth shut, then head on out of here and we’ll forget about it.”

Jake was already annoyed. I didn’t know why, but he looked pretty upset. So he said, “Drew, you know I can keep my mouth shut. What the hell is this about? Oh, sorry Emma.”

Emma gave a tentative smile behind her tears. “You can swear around me as much as you damn well please, Jake. I live with Daddy, remember?”

Why is it that whenever people around here get into it, I end up being used as a bad example? I’m supposed to be the authority figure in this house, aren’t I?

I said, “Jake the kids have some abilities that we’ve never discussed with anyone. I’m not talking about intelligence. We’ve never hidden how intelligent they are. But they’ve got other abilities, ones that are cutting edge, even a little dangerous.”

Jake had no idea what I was talking about. So Emma jumped in. “Jake, I can read minds. I’m telepathic.”

Jake actually smiled at that one. “Go on. You’re pulling my leg, right?”

Emma said, “No. If I try hard I can tell what you are thinking. You’ve noticed that Edie and Eddie don’t have much to say? That’s because they prefer to talk mind to mind. It’s easier and faster.”

Jake asked, “Can normal people hear you?” It was an obvious question. He still looked incredulous, but he’s been around the eKids long enough to know that they can do just about anything. Why not this too?

Emma replied, “They can hear us sometimes if we project right to them. Daddy can always hear us if we talk to him.”

Jake asked me, “Is that true, Drew?”

“Yeah, Jake. I’ve been able to communicate with them since before they were born. All of the eKids have this ability.”

I saw Jake’s eyes open wide. He turned to Emma. “You did WHAT?”

I turned to Emma too. “What exactly did you do, Emmy? Just tell me about tonight. Leave the rest of your wicked life out of it. I don’t have time for true confessions.”

Jake said to me, “Didn’t you hear her? Did you hear what she did?”

Emmy looked like she was going to cry again. She said, “No I didn’t Jake. I couldn’t make you do something like that. You both already wanted to.”

I was confused. I was missing part of this conversation. “Please, for the duration of this discussion, would you two kindly verbalize? I’m missing half of what’s being said here.”

Jake said, “You mean we’ve been doing it? Talking telepathically? I’ll be a son of a bitch! I didn’t even notice.”

I told Emma, “You better tell Jake exactly what happened. And say it! You dragged me away from Dee Dee. The least you can do is include me in.”

Jake had a half smile on his face. “You were with Dee Dee?”

I was getting exasperated. “Yes! I was with Dee Dee. And I left her only half-done, which really pisses me off. She’s my wife! Occasionally I’m with her, if Emma will ever leave me alone! And we’re not talking about me and Dee Dee; we’re talking about you and Helen. Aren’t we?”

Emma said to Jake, “You and Helen wanted to be together. It was obvious to everyone. Even Daddy must have noticed. But Homo sapiens are always so afraid. Usually they’re afraid of looking foolish. They don’t do the very things they want to do most, just because they are afraid of being embarrassed. I saw what Helen and you wanted, so I ‘tweaked’ you just a bit so you wouldn’t be embarrassed by it. That’s all. I couldn’t make you like each other. You two did that by yourselves.”

Jake said, “You can do that? Unbelievable! Well, that’s not the problem. If you did it, I’m kind of grateful you did. But that’s not the problem.”

Emma started to cry again. “I’m sorry, Jake. It was a joke. I just ‘goosed’ Helen’s mind a little bit. I wasn’t listening, I promise. But I thought it would be funny if she used Daddy’s name. I know I was wrong. When Daddy got around to Momma Donnie, I was going to let her scream ‘Jake’. I thought it would make for a fun morning tomorrow. I’m sorry!”

Both Jake and I looked at Emma with amazement. My mouth was wide open, and I couldn’t form the words. I didn’t even know what I wanted to say.

Actually when he got over the shock, Jake seemed to be in a much better mood. “Listen, Emma. Don’t be pullin’ tricks like that on grown-ups. It makes us crazy. Stick to stunts you understand, okay?”

Emma looked properly chastened. “Yes, Jake. I promise I won’t do it again.”

Jake said, “Andrew, you’re going to finish off Deirdre and then take on Donnie? Are you really going to do that? You don’t need any help there, do you?” My look was all the answer he needed.

Jake turned and walked back into the ‘Get Andrew Laid’ room. I guess things were okay with him.

But I wasn’t through with Emma. When the door had closed (we heard a happy squeal come from inside the room), I turned to her. “Okay, what was that about? I figured you got those two together. But it’s not like you to pull such a dirty trick. Did you really do it?”

All her tears were dry, it seems. “Daddy, you know you’re every woman’s dream! If I were ten years older, I’d be going after you myself! Don’t blame Helen.”

I guess I was impressed. Maybe Emma does have a conscience. “So you didn’t make her say it. It was nice of you to pull Helen’s ass out of the fire. That’s a mistake I’ll bet she doesn’t make again.”

Emma turned to go up the stairs. I still wasn’t finished with her.

“Wait a minute, little girl. You’re not off the hook that easily. First, you know you’re not supposed to be eavesdropping when two adults are in bed! And second, what’s this ‘Donnie’ thing you talked about?”

Emma looked at me with those innocent eyes. There may be nothing more dangerous in the world than Emmy’s innocent eyes. “First, Daddy, I wasn’t eavesdropping. Helen screamed your name. I’m not deaf, you know. You would have heard it too if Momma Dee Dee didn’t have her legs wrapped around your ears. And do you really want to know the second thing Daddy?”

It’s exasperating to have an eight-year old who knows everything. I said, “Of course I really want to know. What good is it to have a daughter who reads minds if I can’t take advantage of it now and then?”

“Momma Donnie has a kind of a thing for Jake. She’s not in love with him or anything. She just thinks he looks sexy playing tennis. One of her favorite things is to watch you two play. It makes her horny.”

Well that was information I had to digest. Watching us play tennis makes Donnie horny. Actually pretty much everything makes Donnie horny. She kind of likes Jake, huh? I wonder how I feel about that.

In the meantime, Dee Dee could probably use a little more attention. For that matter so could I.

Donnie’s Story

We had a very nice family breakfast. Andrew threw together lovely mushroom omelets with grits. He also made scones which we had with lemon curd. He added some slender fresh asparagus on the side. My husband is an excellent unhurried cook. If I were cooking for eleven I would be a mess.

Jake and Helen couldn’t take their eyes off of one another. It was very romantic. They kept smiling and making whispered comments. The rest of us pretended not to notice. I have to admit, I’ll be questioning Emmy in a little while to find out what they were saying. Emmy was certainly eavesdropping. She hears all. She knows all. Unfortunately, often she tells all.

Before anyone had excused himself, Andrew made a general announcement. “We’re going to have a little family meeting in fifteen minutes. I’d like all of us to meet in the den. Jake and Helen, you are welcome to sit in, but it’s just some family business we have to attend to. Strictly off the record.”

They decided to take a walk while we had our meeting. If I were them I would want it to be just the two of us. I remember when Andrew and we girls first met. We didn’t want anyone to intrude. We wanted him all to ourselves.

The family congregated in the den. Andrew was master of ceremonies, since he had called the meeting. We have an odd family. To the world, Andrew is the public face of our family, the sexiest man on earth. But in the family itself, I get the distinct impression that Andrew considers himself to be the low man on the totem pool. He defers to everyone, even the children.

I think he pictures his position as role model and instructor of the kids, rather than authority figure. For the most part they make their own decisions, except for those areas where there are clearly defined parent-child roles. Those remain firmly intact.

I’ve never heard him raise his voice to the children and mean it. He never gives them direct orders. He makes suggestions. Fortunately they respect his suggestions and almost always comply with his requests. But if they didn’t, he would just shrug his shoulders and go on with his life. He does not consider himself an omniscient all-powerful father figure even a little bit.

It’s easy to understand why Dee Dee and I love him with all our hearts. He’s almost too perfect to be true.

We all drifted into the den. I saw Ethan talking to Andrew. Ethan ran out of the den and returned a minute later with some printout or something. By this time all the kids were seated on the floor and Deirdre and I were on the couch. Andrew was standing, holding the printout that Ethan had brought.

He said, “Ethan, this is amazing work. I love it.” Then he said to the group, “Ethan has designed housing for New Man U. He wondered if we would be willing to look at it. I’ll pass it around to everyone. This is a design for a standard housing unit. If everyone likes it, we’ll pass it on to the architect, have him peruse it. Then we’ll incorporate Ethan’s housing into the project if everyone agrees.”

He passed the printout around. When it got to me I was amazed at the intricacy of the drawing. It looked like professional work, not even counting the unusual building that was represented. It looked like the majority of the building was underground. It was designed to look like a small hill in the landscape.

Andrew started on one of his tirades. He has a few hot buttons that are sure to set him off every time.

“First, the design is amazing. I personally think we should use it as a model for all our on-campus housing. But second,” and he turned to Ethan, “how did you produce such professional work?”

Ethan said, “I was using an architectural design program that Emmy got for me.”

Andrew said, “I don’t remember paying for any program like that. How much does it cost?”

Emmy jumped in. “Oh, it’s still in its free trial period. It’s a twenty thousand dollar program.”

Andrew asked, “And how long does the free trial last?”

Emmy said, “Forever.”

I could see Andrew wasn’t pleased. “Emma! This isn’t a game program you downloaded. It’s valuable software. If anyone found out we had this program without a license we could be sued.”

Emma replied reasonably, “But Daddy, no one can find out. We’re using the new operating system. It’s safe.”

Andrew said, ‘That isn’t the point, Emmy. If we were subpoenaed the cops could look at the computer and might find that software.” I could see his mind working. Andrew always is able to add two plus two. “Wait a minute! How many other permanent ‘trial’ versions of software do we have?”

Emma looked smug, not unusual for her. “We have one of everything.”

Andrew just shook his head. “Anything that we use in a production mode, we’re gong to pay for.” He turned to me. “Donnie, could you set up a bank account for the kids to use? Put plenty of cash in it.” He turned back to the kids. “Buy what you need, but if it’s something like a twenty thousand dollar program, please mention it to your mothers or me, okay?”

I wondered how many fathers talked that way to their eight year-olds. He was giving them carte blanche. He knew that if they needed something, they would just go out and get it. But he wanted them to pay for it.

He decided to change the subject. “Kids, I was thinking about the new operating system. If we are going to put it out there, I would like to include some kind of office suite. You know, a spreadsheet, a word processor, maybe a database. I would like it to have built in web-design capabilities as well. Maybe this is a lot to ask, but I was wondering if in your spare time you could throw something like this together.”

Eddie spoke up, an unusual thing for her. “Okay, Daddy. I’ll design them and help Eric and Ethan with the programming.”

Edie added, “How about some kind of developer’s system too? Everyone knows that Visual Studio.Net sucks big time.”

Andrew nodded. “Okay. But I want it all to be open-source. And we’ll be giving it away. None of this licensing crap that all the software companies are shoving down people’s throats. They buy the operating system, the office suite and the developer’s package comes with it, no additional charge. Oh, and make it compatible with Microsoft’s file structure, okay? No reason to have people lose their data if they buy our OS.”

I was getting impatient with this technical talk. Andrew could handle this just as easily without including Dee Dee or me. I said, “Is that what the meeting is about, Andrew? If it is, I’ve got things to do.”

Andrew smiled. “Hold on, honey. I’m about done with the kids. Then I have some things we need to go over, if that’s okay.” He turned to the kids. “That’s about it. Take a hike. Your mothers and I need to talk.”

All of the kids got up to leave. Emma as usual looked like she already knew what we were going to talk about. She gave me a wink and a grin, then left. That little girl is peculiar.

Once we were alone, Andrew started talking. He looked uncomfortable. Pretty soon I found out why.

“Uh, last night I had an interesting discussion with Emmy. It got me to thinking. I know that’s not always a good thing. But I want to revisit a discussion we had a long time ago. I’m sure you will remember it.”

Deirdre said, “What discussion? Are we supposed to guess?”

Andrew was having a difficult time coming to the point, not unusual for him. “It’s just that, uh, we talked way back in the beginning of time about something, and you two were upset with me for even bringing it up. That’s why I’m a little, uh, reluctant to bring it up again.”

I said, “If you are so reluctant then, why bother? If we didn’t want to hear it then what makes you think we want to hear it now?”

Dee Dee said, “I remember! Are you talking about that ridiculous argument we had about you ‘allowing’ us to take lovers if we wanted?”

My mouth must have fallen open. I saw that Andrew noticed. He said, “Well, since you brought it up, yes, that’s what I’m talking about.”

Dee Dee wasn’t angry. She was just baffled. “Why in the world would you mention that now? As I recall, you were talking about the times we were going to be apart. We haven’t been apart since before we got married. This makes no sense whatsoever.”

Andrew turned to me. “Does it make any sense to you, Donnie?”

I can put two and two together just as well as Andrew can. “What has Emma been telling you, Andrew?”

“She kind of hinted that you might be interested in scratching an itch, so to speak.”

I don’t know when I’ve been so embarrassed. I must have turned all kinds of shades of red. At the same time I felt a surge of electricity in my loins and suddenly I was becoming very, very wet. Still, just because I might have entertained some silly little fantasy that is all it ever would be: a silly little fantasy.

“I don’t know what to say. I don’t have any itches that need scratching, Andrew. You scratch all my itches more than satisfactorily.”

Of course, Dee Dee just needed a small hint to reach the obvious conclusion. “You have the hots for Jake! My God, Donnie, you are such a slut!”

Andrew actually laughed. He wasn’t taking this the way I would have expected him to. I thought he would be hurt, angry, betrayed. I love him. I never want him to feel that way. I never planned to do anything about this ‘Jake’ fantasy of mine. Sometimes it’s enough just to have fantasies.

Andrew said to me, “Sweetie, it’s all right. I’m sure you never intended to do anything more than look. But I’m going to give you that same speech all over again. If you want to, then I’m giving you permission; not that you need permission from me. You’ll do whatever you damn well please anyway. All the women in this house do whatever they please. Sometimes they tell me about it after the fact.”

I felt hot tears welling within me. “Andrew, I swear, I would never…”

He took me in his arms and comforted me. “Donnie, don’t be upset. I’m not upset. I don’t own you. I want you to be happy. If having a little fling with Jake would make you happy, I trust you to keep it in perspective. I’m not trying to force you into anything; far from it. I just want you to do the things that bring you the most happiness.”

I said not unreasonably, “I’m already happy. I don’t need anyone else to make me happy, only you.”

Andrew continued to hold me. He said, “Whatever you want is okay with me, Baby. But I don’t want you wishing for something that you think you can’t have because of me. Let’s be honest. Jake thinks you and Dee Dee are the hottest chicks in the state of Georgia. He practically drools whenever he sees you.”

I said, “But what about Helen?” Uh, oh; had I just conceded that I wanted to go through with it?

Andrew replied, “Helen may be gone tomorrow. Who knows what might come from that. She made a little mistake last night when she called out the wrong name during a crucial moment, if you know what I mean.”

Deirdre laughed. She was thoroughly enjoying this whole conversation. “Oh, no! Don’t tell me she called out your name while she climaxed.”

Andrew looked smug. “I guess we all have our little fantasies. If Donnie had called out Jake’s name last night, the circle would have been complete.”

I hit him on the shoulder. “You are being an absolute beast about this, Andrew.”

He kissed my cheek. I love him so. He said, “Sweetheart that would have upset me. How do you think that Jake felt? He was ready to leave but Emmy and I calmed him down and sent him back in for round two.”

Deirdre said, “Emmy calmed him down? How did she get into the picture? Wait! Don’t tell me. She was listening in. She’s only eight years old. She should not be listening to people having sex.”

Andrew came to her defense. “Emma said that she heard Helen scream my name. She said she wasn’t listening, but that Helen was so loud that we all should have heard. She also took the blame for it. That means we had to tell Jake about the telepathy thing she has going. We didn’t mention telempathy.”

Dee Dee asked, “Why on earth did Emma take the blame for Helen?”

Andrew answered, “Because inside that evil exterior beats the heart of a sweet loving little girl, that’s why. She’s pure. They are all pure. That’s why I never object to their little ‘projects’, even Emmy’s. She wouldn’t hurt anyone, ever.”

Deirdre said, “If Helen and Jake turn in to an item, perhaps we could help with that. We might need a publicist for the kids’ new projects; and for New Man University. What do we know about such things? Helen might be ideal.”

Andrew said, “Well we could probably just hire an advertising agency in Atlanta. But I have no objection to ‘keeping it in the family’ so to speak. After all, it’s only money. If we need more, Elle can make more.”

I must admit to being rather ambivalent to this line of thought. I had been seriously considering taking Andrew up on his offer. But if Helen were to be here, that of course was out of the question. But I have no claims on Jake. My place is beside Andrew and always will be. If Jake can be happy with Helen, I can only be pleased for him, kind of.

Dee Dee noticed my ambivalence. “Sorry, Donnie; maybe I should have kept my ideas to myself.”

I said to her, “What about you? Don’t you have someone who strikes your fancy?”

Andrew looked interested in that. But Deirdre just shook her head. “I don’t. Sure I think Jake is a sexy man, but I’ve just never had the urge, if you know what I mean. Every day of the week is quite enough sex for me. But if Andrew starts tapering off…”

Helen’s Story

Jake has to be the most understanding man I’ve ever met. I don’t know what possessed me to scream Andrew’s name just as I came last night. Well, probably it was because I’d been fantasizing about Andrew from the moment I met him. But Jake is as good a lover as I’ve ever had. I thought I had spoiled everything.

But now things are wonderful. When he came back into the bedroom I was so happy I had to give him a blow job. It was the least I could do; he deserved it. I tore off his clothes, pushed him back on the bed, crawled between his knees and went down on him.

Most of the oral sex I’ve been giving in the last few years has been with women. But I really wanted to suck Jake’s beautiful cock. Yes, I was doing penance for my verbal blunder. But I enjoyed it almost as much as he did. I’m not a swallower. But with Jake I swallowed. I’m very proud of myself.

When we woke up in the morning, we made love one more time. It was lovely and gentle. That surprised me after the intensity of our coupling last night. I’m starting to have some feelings for the man. I wonder how he feels about me. Am I just some piece of ass that Andrew set him up with? Or were the Adkins’ acting as matchmakers? I’m not sure which one I want it to be.

We had a breakfast of omelets, fresh asparagus and grits of all things, along with some perfectly lovely scones. Grits and scones; what a dichotomy this family represents. Then Jake and I went for a walk while the family had some sort of meeting. I still needed to finish my interview with the Adkins wives.

The women were in the living room when we returned from our walk. Andrew was in the kitchen apparently seeing to the dishes. The sexiest man in the world doesn’t appear to mind doing the simplest of chores; and he’s a wonderful cook. If he’s as good in bed as everyone says, I’d like to marry him myself and let him by my househusband.

Deirdre and Donnie and I were settled in the living room. I asked them the questions that I needed to complete my story, then again brought up the subject of the picture.

I said, “Ladies, have you given any more thought to allowing us to use that fabulous picture of you two? I promise it will cause a sensation.”

Deirdre (they had graciously identified themselves when we sat down so I could tell them apart) said, “I’m not sure that I want to cause a sensation. This is a quiet little town we live in. We have meetings to attend with other middle aged matrons like ourselves. I’m not sure how our friends would take this.”

Donnie actually took up the argument on my behalf. “Oh come on, Dee Dee! When have you ever cared what people think of you? I swear you are becoming stodgy in your old age.”

Deirdre replied, “And you are turning into a slut!”

Donnie’s cheeks flamed. I wonder what that was about. But she stuck to her guns. “You and I are practically the same person. I know perfectly well that this picture appeals to your ego. It certainly appeals to mine. And Andrew loves it. Every time he looks at it he practically rapes us! Uh, Helen, that’s information that maybe shouldn’t get in to the story. Andrew is easily aroused, as you might have guessed.”

I jumped in. “That picture would arouse any red-blooded man and a hell of a lot of women. But it isn’t obscene. It’s very sensual but maintains a certain dignity. Otherwise I would never suggest using it. I assure you, it would go a long way to explaining why you are with the Progenitor; and why he is interested in only you. He will probably receive fewer of those proposals you told me about. On the other hand, you might receive a number of proposals yourselves. That’s not altogether a bad thing, is it? How would Andrew feel about having to share some of the fame with his beautiful wives?”

Deirdre said, “Are you kidding? He’d love it. We would never live it down. We’ve been teasing him unmercifully since this whole ‘sex god’ thing began. But Andrew is justifiably the most secure man in the world. He won’t feel threatened by any notoriety that Donnie or I achieve. That’s not the point. I’m just not sure I’m prepared to appear naked in front of the world.”

Donnie explained. “Until we met Andrew, we were a couple of very conservative businesswomen. We had no sex life. We were practically asexual. Then Andrew appeared and suddenly all we thought about was sex. It was a strange transformation for two old ladies like us. Something about us turns Andrew into a, well, into a sex fiend. He finds us irresistible. Truthfully, we feel the same way about him. We don’t need much to motivate us into acting sexually. But I’ll bet this will make Andrew even hornier than usual. Had you thought of that, Deirdre?”

Deirdre laughed. “Can we deal with Andrew being hornier than usual, Donnie? How hornier can he get? There are only twenty-four hours in a day.”

I couldn’t help myself. I had to say it. “I’d be more than willing to accept any overflow that you two can’t handle.”

Both of their mouths opened in surprise or shock, I wasn’t sure which. Then they both started laughing. They leaned in and put their arms around each other for support and held each other as they laughed till tears were streaming down their cheeks.

When they had calmed down Donnie said, “Sorry Helen; he is a hunk, isn’t he? Any woman would die to be with him. He’s had over a thousand women in the last few years, and almost every one has wanted a second round with him. It isn’t just that he’s, well, he’s rather large, if you know what I mean. He is just so attentive. Even with these IAM women he devotes himself to giving pleasure. He is the world’s greatest lover, Helen. And he proves it to us every day of our lives.”

Dee Dee said, “Donnie isn’t gloating, Helen, even though it may sound that way. But it is hard not to be a little smug about our Andrew. He is at once both the most promiscuous and the most devoted husband in the world. You’ve seen him. You’ve seen how he is. He loves us passionately, without reservation. Sometimes we still don’t understand why. He is still a young man. We are middle aged. And yet his devotion to us never wavers. So if you are attracted to him, how could we be upset? We might even be willing to share.”

This time it was my turn to be shocked. I could see that Donnie was shocked too. I said, “What do you mean by that?”

Donnie paraphrased, “What the hell do you mean by that?”

Dee Dee smiled that radiant, eye-lighting smile of hers. The woman is just delighted with life, it seems to me. “Donnie, you know perfectly well what we were talking about with Andrew just an hour ago. And now an elegant solution to your problem drops right in to our laps, if you know what I mean.”

I turned to Donnie. “What problem do you have?”

Donnie denied everything. “I have no problems that need any solution Helen.”

But Deirdre wouldn’t let it alone. “Donnie kind of fancies Jake. That was information that came to Andrew’s and my attention this morning. Andrew was most magnanimous about it. He told her to do whatever she pleases. Helen, I’m not kidding.”

“Andrew wants us to be happy. If we are happy, he’s happy. He suspects that being with Jake a little will make Donnie happy. But Donnie pointed out the fact that you and Jake might well be together. She has no desire to interfere with that. But now you come forward, however inadvertently, and show us the solution to both of your little fantasies.”

I said, “Let me get this straight. Are you suggesting that Donnie and I trade off?” I couldn’t believe my ears.

Deirdre said, “Only if you both agree of course. I’m an uninterested third party here. Of course, Jake and Andrew would have to agree as well. From what Andrew says Jake would have been more than willing before he met you. Andrew is a different problem. But he never denies us anything. If Donnie wants something, he’ll do what he can to make it so. I promise, Helen, you wouldn’t be disappointed.”

I answered honestly. “I’m unsure where Jake and I are going, or if we are going anywhere. I live in New York City. He lives in Nowheresville, Georgia. No offense intended. How could we have a relationship? But if I’m only going to be here for a couple of days, I want spend the time with Jake.”

Deirdre said, “Actually we had intended to talk to you about that. We have three major enterprises in the works right now. We have the two developments of the eGirls – the operating system and Virtual Video; and we have New Man University going up. One thing we don’t have is a publicist. We thought you might consider taking the job. I don’t know how much you are making at Cosmo, but we would be willing to double it.”

How could these people just throw their money around like this? I said, “I don’t know what to say! Are you serious?”

Donnie answered, “Of course we’re serious. I mean about the job offer. That other thing that Dee Dee brought up, well you and I can talk it over later if you are interested. But that has nothing to do with the job offer. We want to deal with people we know and like.”

“We have all the money we need at present. If we need more we’ll just have Elle make some more. Actually, she is always making more than we can use. That little girl is a financial dynamo.”

“This may seem like the end of the earth to you, but we are only a few hours from Atlanta, only an hour from Savannah. There are restaurants, entertainment, beaches, all within an easy drive. This is really a quite pleasant place to live.”

Deirdre jumped in. “Think about it, Helen. Seriously, we aren’t trying to influence the tenor of your article about us. Write whatever you please. But Jake is our friend. We like you. It seems logical to offer to bring you on board. You don’t have to decide now, of course. Give it some thought. We’ll be here, and won’t offer the job to anyone else until you decide.”

It’s impossible for me to make a logical decision when I’m horny. I have to give Jake a call to find out if he can take the afternoon off.

Deirdre’s Story

After all this sexual talk with Donnie and Helen, I must admit to being more than a little needy. There was a time when I went for years without sex. But since Andrew introduced me to the sexual dimension of my life, I seem to need it with alarming regularity. Thank goodness Andrew is eager to give it to me with equally alarming regularity.

I walked in to the kitchen where Andrew was still cleaning up. The place looked immaculate so I have no idea what else he hoped to accomplish.

“Andrew, what in the world are you doing out here? We could eat off of the floor already. Why are you still cleaning?”

“Oh, I’m just trying to keep out of the way. I really don’t have much to do. You girls were with Helen. The kids are doing their collective things. I don’t have any current programming jobs going on. What, can’t I hang out in the kitchen? You sound like my mother.”

Andrew likes it when I’m up front about my sexual needs. In the beginning I was very shy about such things. But I’ve learned to cater to his little fantasies.

“But would your mother want to get laid?”

Andrew laughed. “I certainly hope not. She’s one woman who is never going to convince me to do it.”

I saw an opening and took it. “Oh? How about Helen, then?”

I saw the apprehension in his face. “What about Helen?”

I said, “Could she ever convince you to do it?”

He said, “Dee Dee, please don’t be coy. If you have something to say, just say it. You love to see me swinging in the wind, don’t you? It’s an annoying habit you seem to have picked up from Donnie.”

I put my arms around him and gave him a deep, sensual soul-kiss. He can’t help himself when I do that. He’s just putty in my hands. I have this power over the sexiest man on earth. I suppose that makes me pretty sexy too.

I whispered, “Sweetheart, Donnie and Helen share similar fantasies. But while Donnie has dreamed of being with Jake, Helen dreams of being with you.”

I nuzzled his neck and hugged him while he contemplated this unexpected development. I could feel him growing down below. I knew that the reason wasn’t the thought of Helen, but the reality of what I was doing to him. But isn’t everyone amenable to reinforcement therapy? Andrew long ago told me about what he calls ‘dick thinking’. When I do these things to him his penis takes over. He’ll do anything I ask of him; anything. He’ll do Helen if Donnie asks the right way.

I said, “Sweetie, let’s talk about this later. There isn’t any rush. I wanted you to know what was being said between those two girls. They are in negotiation and you are what’s being negotiated. Don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of time to think about Helen. But right now I want you to think of only me.”

I took his hand and pulled him toward the stairs to our bedroom. As we went through the hall I noticed Helen and Donnie still talking in the living room. I wore a smug smile as I waved at Helen. Her mouth was open. I think she was drooling.

When we reached the bedroom, Andrew swept me off of my feet and carried me to the bed. He has swept me off of my feet from the very beginning. I wanted him so badly. I needed him to take me, to own me. I needed him to fuck me. It’s part of our pact. I will never look at another man; ever. I’ve been his from the first moment we touched. It’s somehow alright for Donnie to take a lover. I understand that. But if I did it, it would hurt him deeply even as he gave his consent. I love him far too much to even consider it.

He tore at my clothing. He saw the need in my eyes. I saw the lust in his. We were both naked and he was there. That huge penis was again entering me in a single stroke. I was ready for him, but it always seems to overwhelm me. He went deep, then backed out and then went deeper.

He began to hump me, to pound our sexual organs together. He was fucking me, just as I needed him to. I don’t know, eventually I started to scream. His fingers were pinching my nipples, massaging my breasts.

We were dancing the dance of ultimate lust. Again he laid his claim on my soul. Again I gave it to him gladly. We will never be apart, not for a week, not for a day.

I felt him grow inside my womb. My passion erupted along with his penis. We came together in a rush of shared elation. I felt the fleeting nature of my consciousness as emotion overpowered me.

With what little reason I had left I heard myself whisper in my beloved’s ear, “death by fucking.”

-- to be continued


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