Joe's Christmas trip ends, but what about his relationships? Where are his girlfriends? How will this tale of unusual family life style end?
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My Neighbor's Incest Part XIX The End

"Joe, you got mail." My mother's words created a habitual desire to groan and head for the mail box. However, as her words replayed in my brain, they caused me to squish my lips over to one side of my face, and close one eye, creating a question mark expression.

"Mail, something for me in the mail?" I never got mail.

"From these hearts drawn on the envelope, I'd say it's from one of your girlfriends." My heart pounded in my chest as I dashed across the room.

"Let me see, where is it?" I snatched the mail from my mother's hand like it was something she shouldn't even be allowed to touch.

I leaned against the wall behind my house, staring at the return address. Pennsylvania. It might as well be the moon. I had returned from my wonderful retreat at my aunt's house with a deeper love inside my heart. Distance and time had created a hunger that could only be satisfied by Susan's arms wrapped around my neck. Followed by Jasmin's arms wrapped around both of us. I missed them both in the same painful way.

After several days, the darkness across my driveway had driven me almost to madness. Even in my super hero fantasies, I couldn't get them back. My brain played tricks on me regularly. I'd run outside at the flicker of head lights, only to find they were just from a lost traveler making a turn around. I tortured myself with every possibility; from plane crash, to Mr. Davis hunting them down and stealing them away from me. I couldn't believe they weren't here, and I had no way to contact them. Why didn't I get an address?

Five minutes after receiving my mail, I still was too fearful to open it. What if they're not coming back? Why didn't I give Susan her bracelet? I didn't know Susan's hand writing from Jasmin's, nor did I know whose words my heart needed more. The now sweat covered envelope I clutched in my hands held some answers. Why don't you open it?

My own question went unanswered as I remembered the day I stood in this now monumental spot. I had listened as Jasmin unraveled in the most horrific way. She went from sexual goddess to a broken and used up shell of a person before my eyes. Over the weeks that followed, I had seen her mending heart turn from stone to flesh. She needed me and I loved her. Her words would bless me to the center of my being.

Susan needed me too, but I needed her more. She was my first true love. Nobody, no matter how great a love, could ever take that place in my heart. She gave me joy and strength to replace what Jasmin drained from me. But, her transformation into the former Jasmin, had pierced and divided my heart severely. Only my purpose towards Jasmin and her love had held the pieces together.

I ripped the envelope open when the pain of not knowing exceeded the fear of the potentially bad news.

Dear Joe,

I'm not good at writing letters, but I'm sure you know I'm worse at talking about my feelings. I miss you like air. I have started this letter so many times I needed to get more paper from the store. I hate myself more each day that passes without you.

I am so sorry I messed up the week we could have spent so much time together. Every day, I sit here freezing my ass off, thinking about how I spoiled everything. I could have been with you every day after school, instead I was locked in my room. Not that I would have come out even if my mother would have let me. I could be there right now with you, but instead I'm here missing you.

Joe, I don't know if I can ever face you again. I don't know if I can ever face anyone there again. I hope you haven't heard about it yet, but I'm sure you will eventually. Everything Jasmin warned me about over the summer, everything that made her never want to go back to her old school, I ignored it. Now, I'm the slut. The little whore who everyone knows is easy.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I know you'll hate me when you know, if you don't already. I don't know if I'll ever come back. I don't even know if I'll send this letter.

I can promise you this, I love you and I'm saving myself for you. If I ever come back, I'll be untouched by anyone here. I miss you more than air now.

That day at school, Mary dared me, but she didn't have to. I was so upset about my dad and my life that acting out seemed like the only way to make the pain stop. I just never expected I'd allow myself to be used like that. Mary is just like me, and the two of us together. Jeez, I'm a slut like Jasmin used to be. She's really sad here, like me, but for a different reason. She can't come back, and I'm afraid to.

I miss you too much. I hope you had a great Christmas, and I hope you didn't kiss anybody at midnight, new years. Jasmin and I kissed at midnight thinking about you.

My mom has to come back soon for her baby doctor, but I'm staying here. Our lives are so messed up. I hope you're not sorry you ever met us. I can't live without you, but I can't bear to see you. I can't be rejected by the only person I love.

Good bye

I wasn't breathing by the time I got to Susan's good bye. It sounded so final. My princess was being held captive. But, not in the dungeon of some far away castle. No, she was a prisoner of her own hopeless vision of herself. Why isn't Jasmin helping her? I couldn't imagine why Jasmin would let her sister spiral so far down into despair. Jasmin knows I'd never stop loving Susan. I banged my head with the crumpled letter, knowing if I had just given Susan her gift before she left, she would remember our promise.

I wanted to do something, but I couldn't even figure out how to make my legs work. I hugged my knees, crying like a baby on the ground. Susan's desperate pain had vividly bled from her pen, to paper and then straight into my heart. "More than air now." "Good bye." What was she saying?

"Son, I'm very sorry about your problem, but don't over react. Without at least knowing the town in Pennsylvania, there is no way to find their phone number. Especially, if you're not even sure of their last name. I'm sorry. I think you're over reacting. Her whole family is there with her, they will not let her stop breathing, even if that was what she was saying." My mother's warm face told me she understood my hopelessness, but she didn't have an answer.

I had only shared a tiny part of Susan's letter, so I was sure my mother didn't really understand the depth of Susan's hurt. My mother also didn't know Mr. Davis was gone. Or, at least I didn't think she did. I still wanted to call information, but what would I say, "probably Davis, in Pennsylvania someplace?" Why didn't Susan write the whole return address on the envelope or add it to her letter? Maybe her letter wasn't really her own words? What if she's a captive. My thoughts and emotions conspired to destroy me throughout that long night.

Two days after Susan's letter had arrived, the pain it caused had only been masked by total exhaustion. I hadn't slept, I hardly ate and I couldn't think. Even curiosity about what Susan had actually done couldn't break my constant worry about her emotional state. I missed her so much.

My concern for Jasmin's well being had barged into my already over stressed mind after the first night. I think the pain of not seeing her had been eased at first by my worrying about Susan. Still, I felt the huge hole in my life. The wonderful void she had filled since Thanksgiving, was now a black hole without her or Susan. What are they going to do about school? My thought only created a greater fear, thinking they must have already made arrangements to stay there. They can't just not go to school.

I stared into my locker blankly, trying to figure out what class I was going to, and which books I needed to take. Everything about school reminded me of Jasmin and every thought about Jasmin reminded me of Susan. "Joe, hey, where's your girlfriend?"

"Which one?" When I mumbled to my friend who was used to seeing me kiss Jasmin at this juncture everyday, I didn't even realize what I had said.

"Funny dude! Like you'd need another one when you got the hottest girl in school. Jasmin, where has she been?" My friend's words made a good point, but it wasn't like I had planned what happened. Love had been fuckin' with me. I didn't want it anymore, it hurt too much. I need that time machine.

"Joe, where's your head? You going to speak, or stare off into space? You been smoking that weed Larry's been selling?"

"Jeez, I might as well, at least then I'd have an excuse for failing all my classes. Hey, I'm not sure when she's coming back. There was a death or something in her family and she had to go up north. I can't imagine what she's doing about school. I miss her." I never talked to Billy about my love life and I wasn't sure why I had started now. I almost started crying, and that would not have been okay.

"Shit, who wouldn't! I miss her and I only get to watch you kiss her. Remember when Caylie Murphy disappeared for like two months and then came back? Nobody ever knew where she went, but when she came back she wasn't even behind. They can send your work to you under certain conditions. I don't know, but maybe she's dumping you and moved away so you wouldn't stalk her?" Billy laughed at his joke, and I resisted the urge to slug him in the face, but could not hold back my tears.

I turned quickly, "I got to pee before class. Talk to you later."

I sat in the crap stall, crying for the ten thousandth time, wondering why Jasmin didn't write to me. My thoughts had broken my heart with every possible scenario they could dream up. Now, they had a new one to work with. Billy's words played over and over as the seemingly endless well of saltwater flowed from my eyes. Everything I had imagined about how bad it was going to feel to break up with one of the girls, amounted to one tear in the Gulf of Mexico compared to the hurt I was feeling now. I had lost both of them, and had neither to comfort me.

"Mom, why do people cry?" I hadn't planned on asking my mother any question that might tip her off to my current emotional state, but as I passed through the kitchen it just popped out.

"Well son." I almost regretted my question when I heard my mother's, "well son." Those words and that tone always preceded something deeper and longer than I wanted.

"They may teach you something different in Biology class, but what I think is this. You know you have a spirit inside you, and that spirit is who you really are. Your body is just your earth suit for your spirit. Your spirit is so much more than you can imagine, and it's forever. Your spirit can sometimes experience things that are way too powerful for your body, like God's love. So, if you feel something too powerful for your body, it squeezes out from your eyes as tears. If it wasn't for that, you might explode."

"Like in that movie, Scanners?" My mother's deep spiritual talk wasn't completely wasted even though my question gave her that impression. I couldn't make it too easy for her. Besides, I was looking for an excuse to go let some of my "too powerful" feeling escape from my eyes.

I chose the comfort of mindless afternoon cartoons over homework, and planned to stay there until dinner.

"Joe, did you get the mail?" My mother's voice floated over my head as I stared at a screen full of stupidity. My brain snatched one word from the air. I groaned inside and lifted what felt like my eight thousand pound body off the couch.

"Joe, don't look at me like that. It's not like you didn't just walk past the mail box when you came home from school!" My mother just didn't understand the pain I felt every time the metal box denied me a message from the distant kingdom, where my princesses were held. For the first two weeks, I almost ran to it each day, but now I couldn't stand the horrific rejection it slapped me with. Bills, junk, magazines and painful emptiness.

47 Chairhouse Rd, Hicksville, PA. I almost collapsed at the sight of the hand written words. I ran through the kitchen, dropping the other mail on the table. I fell onto my bedroom floor, leaned my back against the dresser, and watched my fingers shake as they traced the letters of my name. I pictured the words inside the card from Jasmin and knew it was her handwriting.

Dearest Joe,

I started crying as soon as I wrote your name. I do that every time I try to write you. I'm holding your heart to help me. I don't think I could have made it through this without having your heart and promise here with me. I look at it a few thousand times a day.

I can't even tell you how much I miss you. I'm so sorry I couldn't write sooner, but I couldn't. It hurt too much to think about what I had to say. Everything has hurt so much! Without you to help me it's been so much worse. You're my knight, my strength and my hope. I can't stand to be away from you, but I had to stay here. I can't even call you. I think if I had heard your voice I would have run away and come back to you.

I'm glad I didn't do that. Susan needed me. Joe, she tried to kill herself. She couldn't stand the pain and she didn't have any way to escape from it. Don't worry, she's okay. We're all going to be okay.

I love you. I'm sorry I didn't say that more when I was there, but being away from you makes it so obvious how much I love you. Therapy helps too. We are all going, it's good. Except that we can't say everything. Don't want anyone to go to prison, anyone else.

I don't know what's going to happen, or when, but I know I'm coming back. One way or another, I'm coming back. Soon I hope. I need you. Plan on being hugged for a long time when I get there. Mom will be there soon, but I'm going to stay a little while longer for Susan. I hope I can bring her back soon too.

I hope neither of us gets left back. Except, me and you could be in the same grade next year. I'm kidding. Jesselyn has been helping me with my work. She got all the brains in this family. School has been good about helping out. But, I think mom lost her job. I don't think she cares because she's going to have a baby soon. I can't wait. Maybe you can be a father figure. I'm sure my dad isn't coming back this time. I'm sad, glad. I'm dealing with it.

My therapist doesn't want me talking to you, but if you can call me, please do. My aunt's phone doesn't even have long distance, but I got to hear your voice now. I can't wait anymore. 1-215-555-4747

Joe, I'm crying too much to keep writing this letter. I'm going to mail it in the morning. I don't know how long it takes to get there. I'll be listening for the phone and watching the mail box.

I love you, I love you, I love you, times one million.

Jasmin's signature hearts with flames were drawn all around the paper. Several of them were blurred where they had been splashed with tear drops. I read the letter ten times before I finally folded it up and tucked it under my pillow. My joy could only be measured against my sorrow for Susan. Everything was wrong, so wrong, but my heart felt some hope. "Maybe you can be a father figure."

I was ready to call her right away, but was nervous about the whole shroud of secrecy. Why wouldn't her therapist want her to speak to me? I couldn't help wonder if I was somehow bad for her, or if there was going to be trouble with me calling. I played Jasmin's words over and over trying to read between the lines and piece everything together.

"Please mom, pretty please, she has to get it soon! It's her Christmas present, I should have given it to her before she left. Send it there as fast as it can go and I'll never complain about your meatloaf again, I promise." I pushed the address towards my mother. I'd call Jasmin and explain the bracelet before it got there, but Susan had to remember our forever promise.

I yawned from the living room floor and looked around the end of the couch at the clock. It was almost midnight on a school night, and the only sound in the phone was Jasmin breathing. We had said everything that could have been said thirty minutes earlier, but neither of us was willing to end the call. "I know I said this already and then never did anything about it, but I got to go to bed. It's a school night. I'll call you again soon, around the same time."

"You're right, I'm really tired too. I love you Joe."

"I love you more." I waited for the click, afraid I'd end the call before she did.

"Okay, on the count of three, we both put the phone down. Ready, one, two, three." I forced my hand to return the phone to the cradle. Then I stared at it, knowing my love was on the other end of the wire. I was sad as soon as I knew she was really gone.

I had told Jasmin to be watching for Susan's bracelet, and that I had gotten it to make her feel better. It was sort of a lie, but not really, because I did get it to make her feel better. Jasmin didn't really need to know I had it all along. I figured if she asked, I'd tell her the truth, but didn't figure it would ever come up. I kind of got off easy.

Susan was still an inpatient at the psych hospital, but Jasmin promised to take the bracelet to her as soon as it got there. Or, Susan might be home before then, because she was getting out soon. I couldn't even imagine going through all that. It sounded like Jasmin had saved Susan's life. Jasmin has been so strong for her sister and mother, I bet one day she will be a great mother.

The next week was better because I knew what was going on, but I still felt like I was in shock. I had heard of bad things happening to people, but it always seemed like it was a movie or something not real. Finding myself right in the middle of a tragedy left me feeling like a helpless kid.

It was the second day after Mrs. Davis came home, but I was still overwhelmed at the prospect of facing her. But, Jasmin convinced me it was a good idea.

My nerves were on edge as my index finger reached for the doorbell. Everything was so different since the last time I spoke to Mrs. Davis. I still wondered about the life in her belly, but that was overshadowed by everything else. Her daughters were across the country hurting, her husband was gone and she was going to have a baby. Her world must have been upside down. Now, knowing that Susan wasn't even her child, but not knowing if she knew I knew, made me even more uncomfortable. I told myself, "So what."

My heart raced as soon as I heard a touch of the door knob. I had to see the only connection to Susan and Jasmin that existed, asides from paper that arrived in my mail box, or my recent phone calls to Jasmin. I thought I might resort to begging her to bring them back.

The door swung open and the amazingly beautiful Mrs. Davis stood before me. Silence was all I heard as a magical glow radiated from her being. My mouth just hung open as my eyes moved up and down her body. She wore black stretchy pants and a white shirt. Both were stretched to capacity by her maternal increase. Her belly held her shirt out so it just dangled above her waist band. Right in the middle of her excessively large baby pod was an erect belly button poking out.

Fabric clung tightly to her baby compartment, then hung loosely across the gap between her belly and her giant milk jugs. Her shirt stretched tightly over her swollen chest and the dark outer rings of her huge nipples could be seen through the material. I was amazed at the sight. Even in their over inflated and unsupported state they seemed firm. Their base rested on the top of Mrs. Davis' bulging belly, then curved up to their fabulous rounded points. In my mind's eye, they seemed like they would pop if squeezed.

By the time my eyes reached the woman's beautiful face, I had completely lost all memory of any of the rehearsed icebreakers I had practiced. I had really lost all logical thought. The woman I had known and lusted over, had been replaced by something I could not comprehend. There was some powerful force of nature I could not deny. Is it the baby, or her likeness to Jasmin?

I didn't move or speak. Mrs. Davis touched my hand. "Joe, it's okay you can touch it." I must have been staring at her belly.

The woman was suddenly too close to me, and her hand was leading mine to her stomach. "You want to, don't you?"

She didn't wait for an answer, she just placed my palm on the side of her belly. It was so firm, like a drum. I felt terrified as her hand slowly led my hand around the swollen orb.

"Mrs. Davis." My voice worked, but my planned words were still lost.

She backed up into the doorway and I stepped in with her, like it was understood that's what I was supposed to do. I felt hypnotized by her maternal powers.

Suddenly, we were as close as her belly would allow. I looked down at her navel prong as it touched my stomach. I felt feelings I could not explain, but knew they made me uncomfortable. Part of me was freaked out by the motherly figure in front of me, and another part was drawn to her in ways I had never known. I wondered if part of me was inside her, and my thought made me shiver.

I found myself moving my hand around her whole stomach, except my hand was now against her stretched skin. "It's amazing how hard it is." My words seemed really dumb after I heard them play back in my head. However, I was thrilled something came out of my mouth.

When my hand worked its way around the front and under her belly, my finger tips brushed against her bristly pubic hair. I tried to jerk away when I realized I had gone out of bounds, but her hand held me in place. I couldn't believe her belly rounded all the way to her bush. That meant my fingers were just inches from her pussy. It didn't bother me that it was my girlfriends' mother, I was actually afraid of the place a baby was going to come from.

I quickly moved my hand around the side of her stomach. My other hand joined in on the opposite hip and both met behind her back. With her baby pressed against me, I looked into her eyes. I saw her deep loneliness and pain, accompanied by the loving nature that made her Jasmin's mother. Really, to me she was both their mother's.

The beautiful woman I had made love to months ago smiled back at me. Tenderly, our lips pressed together while our eyes searched each other's for a logical escape. Her tongue softly traced my lips and then mine met hers in the middle. My eye lids fell as my head tilted and our mouths quickly got reacquainted. I sighed into Mrs. Davis' mouth. I didn't come here for this, what am I doing? Any hope for an answer was lost as my hands broke past the elastic barrier. My hands embraced the fully rounded ass that accompanies a pregnant woman.

Even though the territory had grown, the landscape was pleasingly familiar to my hands. The painful longing for my girlfriends, was being soothed by their embodiment in the woman before me. My hands traveled around the plump cheeks and in the valley that divided them. This could be Jasmin body one day, holding our baby.

I ignored the terrifying reality of what was happening, and let her lips fondle my neck and ear. I reached under both cheeks, lifting natures perfect counter weights. I felt the heat from her breasts on my chest as her lips washed away any hesitation that existed seconds before. My hands boldly explored everything they could reach inside the back of Mrs. Davis' pants.

My one hand daringly found its way around to a hip, upper thigh and then challenged her hairy mound. A nervous chill shivered through me when my finger touched her wet baby hole. Blinded by her soft breath in my ear I let my finger slip between her wet lips.

Almost ceremoniously, Mrs. Davis led me back to the exact location where I might have ignited the life now inside her body. I felt like I was in a zombie movie, and had been taken over as she undid my pants. I watched them get lowered to the floor. As I stepped out of them, she admired my protruding flesh with a smile on her lips. "Um, wonderful."

I watched her lift her shirt past her belly and over her head. Her tits called for my hands. I tentatively placed a hand on each side, and slowly moved them towards the tips

"Do they hurt?" I couldn't believe they were so full and so firm. I expected they hurt from having the skin stretch so much.

"Yes, please kiss them and make them feel better." The smile that accompanied her words made me pretty sure they didn't actually hurt.

My lips found many wonderful places to kiss as my hands carefully touched the over inflated balloons. I was so scared I might cause a pressure release that I barely touched the taught flesh.

Sensing my total ignorance Mrs. Davis squeezed my hands, causing them to sink into the breast meat. To my utter surprise she didn't scream in pain or spray milk uncontrollably. She purred as I lifted both breasts and kissed between them. I took a nipple between my lips. It instantly increased in size and length. As my tongue circled the nipple it grew even further into my mouth.

Almost daring it to squirt, I sucked even more nipple out of the mammary gland. When I pulled my mouth away, the most amazing nipple stood before my eyes. It was huge, like the nipple on a baby's bottle. I sucked hard on the other one to make them match.

"My god, they're incredible!" I wasn't sure if my thought was verbal or not, but I had never been more fascinated by a tit.

Mrs. Davis gently let the tips of her fingers move from my balls, up the length of my shaft and around my swollen head. "Suck them more, it feels good."

Her hands moved to the base of each tit and worked outward as she lifted them to my mouth. I wanted to suck both nipples at once, but there was no way the valley between them could be closed. The woman's tits amazed me. I seized one nipple between my teeth at the base, and batted it with my tongue. I lustfully sucked on her nipples, taking more and more into my mouth. Suddenly, with a suck and a squeeze of her hands, her tit juice spilled into my mouth. It shocked me and I pulled off, savoring the strange taste. I looked at the dark crown as fluid seeped from it.

"It's okay Joe, it's not going to hurt you." Mrs. Davis pushed the other tit to my mouth. I opened wide and sucked with a new confidence.

The woman's soft moaning encouraged my eager sucking. I worked my tongue around the tip as I sucker harder and harder. I quickly lost all care for the inappropriateness of my action, and drank the odd tasting juice. The harder I sucked and chewed the more Mrs. Davis moaned and pulled my face into her chest.

Mrs. Davis pushed my head back by my ears, and exhaled an exasperated breath. She sat on the couch and leaned back. She pushed her pants past her hips and under her ass. When they reached her thighs, I reached down and took them the rest of the way down her legs. I dropped her pants but held her bare feet against my groin. I fondled her dainty little feet as they rested on each side of my erection.

Her one foot pressed my cock against my body. I moved my eyes slowly up the shapely legs until I reached her beach ball sized belly. It stood so high and slopped down from the rounded crown all the way to her pubic mound. "Maybe you can be a father figure." I shivered at the thought of what was inside the belly before me.

Mrs. Davis's eyes lovely gazed into mine. "Make love to me, Joe." Her knees bent while her feet were still in my hands, pulling me closer.

All my earlier fears flooded back as I knelt in front of the large pussy opening. "I, um is it okay?"

"It's fine Joe, you can't hurt her." Mrs. Davis reached for my cock.

I almost jumped when my cock head touched the extremely hot flesh. The woman was on fire. I pushed gently and my dick slipped easily inside her wet opening. I moved my hips forward slowly and cautiously. My rod moved through the hot tunnel. The inside of her body gripped at my flesh, and gave me the same wonderful feeling it had last time I entered her. It felt so good I had to fight the urge to pierce through her as fast as I could. I paused halfway inside her, wondering if I could hit the baby.

"Joe, it's perfectly safe." Mrs. Davis's eyes begged me to fuck her like the needy woman she was.

When my balls pressed between her increased ass cheeks, I froze. Her tunnel walls massaged my sensitive dick head. Before I could tell if I hit anything inside the baby canal, my balls went crazy. I hadn't had an orgasm since Christmas break at Cindy's.

"Oh, shit! I'm cumming." I yanked my cock out and sprayed weeks worth of stored up orgasm all over her giant stomach.

My embarrassment almost exceeded the volume of cum on Mrs. Davis's stomach. "Chris, I'm so sorry! I guess I was so excited and nervous."

The cheerful smile from the glowing pregnant woman nearly erased my concerns. "Joe, you finally called me Chris!" She chuckled and added, "You don't have to worry about getting me pregnant anymore."

While my slumping cock still oozed sperm I gripped it tightly around the base and shoved it back inside the woman's body. Her sizzling wet flesh grabbed my teen cock and it grew with each thrust. I released my grip and pushed the full length into her body. I paused for a moment to enjoy the soft touch of her ass on my balls. Her pussy held my cock so tight, I couldn't imagine how a baby was going to come out of her. Then I realized one already had. I'm fucking Jasmin's mother.

I increased the speed of my thrusts. Seeing only joyful pleasure on the woman's face, I continued to try to please her. In a strange way I felt responsible for making her feel better. For making her sadness melt away. Each time I hit bottom, her tits shook like water balloons. Without concern for how long I could last, I slammed the pregnant pussy as fast as I could.

"Oh, Yes! Keep going. Don't stop no matter what." The woman's primal voice demanded everything I had.

With my hands behind her knees and her legs folded up to her giant belly, I plowed her gushing hole as fast as I could go. Each time my balls slammed into her ass crack her sticky juices covered them. I had lost all my previous apprehension as I forced my rod through her fiery, wet flesh. Mrs. Davis grabbed at the couch, gasped, moaned and squeezed her tits.

When her eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth gulped for air, I considered stopping. But, she told me not to stop, not matter what. So, I pushed into her pussy through several loud powerful climaxes. I leaned forward until my stomach was lightly touching hers. I kissed her and humped her body.

"I'm going to cum. Oh yes, it's cumming." I panted in her ear as my cock freely pumped my seed inside her body. It felt so good to empty myself inside her warm body without fear.

As crazy as the whole scenario was, I felt incredibly peaceful resting on top of the beautiful pregnant woman. "I, shoot, I don't know what to say." I exhaled and looked into Mrs. Davis' piercing eyes.
Ask if that is your baby.

"So, it's a girl?" My question went unasked.

"Joe, you made me feel so good. Wow, that's the first time I have felt so good, well, since the last time you were here. Maybe ever." She paused and kissed my cheek, "Yes, it's a girl."

I smiled affectionately into her eyes as my brain played all her words over. Did she say, you can't get me pregnant again or anymore? I couldn't find peace in my thoughts like I could in the arms of Mrs. Davis. So, I rested there in the magical glow of the pleased woman.

My eyes almost teared as I stood in front of the motherly figure. Her face shined and her eyes radiated love. I admired the baby compartment bulging in front of me. I rested a hand on either side and prepared to ask my question. Without warning or thought, I kissed the giant stomach. I placed my ear to it and listened for someone to call to me.

Mrs. Davis' tender hands cupped my face and pulled it close to hers. "I love you, Joe."She kissed my forehead and stroked my hair.

"Joe, I'm sorry I've done this to you." She paused and released a few tears which raced down her cheeks and dropped onto her chest.

"There's no excuse, but I wanted my son back so much. I wanted you to be Jeremy, but I only knew one way to show you my love. Joe, I've never had a special lover. You've been so special, but I should have never done this." Mrs. Davis' sudden confession left my mind spinning in search of reality.

"Jer, Jem, Jeremy, son." My tongue failed me to a greater extent than ever before. I let my eyes plead for answers. Jasmin and Jeremy have the same birthday!

"Yes Joe, Jasmin's twin. It almost killed her when we split up. Her own brother being taken away. My son so far away. Joe, it's not right, but you helped me through this. Your spirit is so wonderful. Your love, thank you and forgive me." Mrs. Davis spontaneously hugged me. I felt her hot tears dropping to my shoulder. I shook as I clutched the crying woman. I needed her love like a mother's to help me through this. Yet, she needed my love to comfort a mother missing her children.

I wanted to be able to comfort her, but I was just a boy. A boy holding a woman like he needed his mommy. She was like a mother to me in one way. I wasn't sure if there was going to be enough love to go around, or if we would vanish into a black void of neediness. I held her even tighter hoping she didn't notice my own tears.

We sat on the couch holding hands. "Joe, this was probably for Jasmin to tell you, but I thought she had. She talks about you so much during counseling, I figured she told you everything. She loves you in a way that she has never known love before. It's been wonderful to see, but it has hurt me so much keeping her there." Jasmin's pain was painted on her mother's face as she paused to collect herself.

"Joe, I lied to you. When I told you about my first love, with Jasmin's father, that was a lie. It was really my father, and he raped me. That was after Jesselyn was born. Her father is Mr. Davis, and her mother is his sister, Jane. But, we had to pretend he was Jeremy and Jasmin's father too. In the end, my father went to prison. He destroyed our chance at a normal life, but I know that wasn't his plan. He was sick, or cursed or something. Not evil, he loved us, he just didn't know how to show it. I know how hard this all must be for you to understand, but I want you to know what you're getting into." I felt a chill creep through my body while Mrs. Davis considered her next words.

"Joe, this can never happen again. The girls can never know about this, and we can never do it again." We hugged tenderly like two lovers saying goodbye. I felt sad, but knew she was right.

"They're coming home next week." I beamed with joy as I looked at Mrs. Davis' face.

"Both?" I couldn't imagine having to deal with the issue of two girlfriends again, but I also couldn't imagine choosing which one I'd rather see.

"Yes, you want to come to the airport with me?" Mrs. Davis smiled as joy filled my eyes. I didn't need to speak my answer, it was written all over my face.

"They'll be so excited to see you. Susan is still having a hard time, but you can help her through it. Everything about her life has hurt her, but she's getting better. She has a counselor here that she's going to see. We all are." Mrs. Davis hugged me again and her warm embrace suddenly made me feel more love than I had ever felt. I didn't want to let go of her.

"She might need your help with math again." I watched the pregnant woman pull her pants on, but I couldn't say for sure if the was poking fun at me or not.

"Chris, I love you. I'm really sorry how things have turned out. I, um." Mrs. Davis pressed her finger to my lips and kissed my cheek.

"Thank you Joe. I love you too, like a son. You're a wonderful young man, and I'm so happy you came into our lives. Everything is going to turn out just fine, you just watch and see. I promise, you don't have to worry about anything. Thank you for caring." Mrs. Davis sealed her promise with a sweet kiss that left a lasting tingle on my lips.

The rest of the afternoon I laid on my bed full of anticipation for Jasmin and Susan's return. Also, filled with the love, hope, fear and amazement that my time with Mrs. Davis had spawned. She loved me; and she obviously knew how much I loved the girls, and how much they loved me. All that love gave me hope, yet fear lurked at every turn.

Which girl will I end up with? How can I choose, and chance hurting one of them? What will happen with Susan and school? Is she alright after almost taking her own life? Can I ever be with Jasmin again? As much as I feared all my thoughts, none of them undid my excitement for their return.

Susan not being Jasmin's sister, was now a pebble at the bottom of Lake Erie compared to the amazing revelation about Jasmin. I knew there was something familiar about Jeremy. Twins! Mrs. Davis pregnant with twins as a teenager by her father. Raped her? The person who should have been Jasmin's grandfather, in prison, was her father. Does she know? As I thought about it, Jasmin's words and attitude about the asshole she called her father, made me believe she knew. I was pretty sure at that point that there was nothing left that could surprise me. I also couldn't imagine how the two girls I loved weren't more screwed up. "Susan tired to kill herself."

I wanted to regret not asking my question, but the way Mrs. Davis had soothed my concern with her loving touch made me feel at peace with not asking. It might have been one of nature's crazy forces, that I knew nothing about, that had drawn me to her pregnant stomach, but in my heart I felt like part of me was inside her. The thought terrified me, yet I still couldn't help imagining Jasmin and me, or even Susan and I caring for their baby sister like she was our own.

"Joseph Micheal!" My mother's scream crashed through all my happy, frightful fantasies.

I cautiously opened my bedroom door. My mother using Joseph would concern me like maybe I forgot to do something she told me to do. However, my full first and middle name was more like a bad progress report, or a baseball braking the windshield of the car. My current life being light years from normal teenager, left me terrified as I headed towards the sound of her voice.

My mother was waving the phone bill in my direction as I entered the kitchen. "One hundred and forty seven dollars! What in the name of St. Peter! What were you thinking? Who on earth have you been calling long distance, at night, when you're supposed to be sleeping?"

"One, hundred and, oh my goodness. Mom, I swear I had no idea it could cost that much! I'll, I um, I can explain. I had to talk to her, you have no idea how much I missed her. It was killing me mom, killing, to death, really, I would have died!" It would have been comforting to be able to tell my mother about what happened, but I felt too protective. I didn't want my mother to think anything bad about Susan. Really, I could hardly grasp the reality of their lives, there was no way my mother would ever understand.

"How on earth did you find their phone number? You'll be do a lot of work this summer, without pay." From my mother's toned down response, I think she somehow understood me. I wonder if she was ever kept from the love of her life?

"At least I didn't call 976 hot girls, like my friend Billy." My face bubbled with a hilarious joy, but not because of the mood changing response I dropped, it was in anticipation of my next words.

"Mom, they're coming home in four days! Four days, I can't wait. It's okay if I go to the airport with Mrs. Davis? I can't wait. I don't think I'll eat or sleep until I see them." My mother's face helped me to realize I needed to shut my face, and stop acting like my two true loves lost at sea had been found.

"When are we having dinner? Okay, so maybe I'll eat, but no sleep." I left my mother scratching her head wondering if I had been taken over by the raging forces of love or hormones.

The four days had seemed like four years, but the thirty five minute delay on their flight seemed like a life time. "Why is it late? When are they going to get here. How much longer? What time is it?"

Mrs. Davis, seeming oblivious to my constant nervous chatter, placed her hand on top of mine as we sat on the bench outside the arrival gates. She squeezed my hand one time and then slipped two fingers in my palm. Her thumb soothed the back of my hand with gentle strokes. I glanced into her eyes and smiled peacefully. I wanted to kiss her like a woman, yet at the same time I wanted her to comfort me like a mother. My confused expression caused Mrs. Davis to kiss my forehead. After, she looked back at me with the same conflict in her eyes.

"You're so sweet, Joe." Her voice trailed off with the hint of repressed words.

At the sight of the two gorgeous girls lugging backpacks, I forgot everything I had told myself about being a gentleman and letting the pregnant woman greet her daughters first. I leaped to my feet and sprinted through the crowd. I could see them through the glass window as they backed up behind the hoard of travelers being squeezed through the small exit area.

Susan spotted me frantically waving, hit Jasmin and pointed at me. My heart ripped as Susan raised her arm to wave. The gold hearts lit up her wrist, but did nothing to mask the evidence of the hopeless pain she must have felt. I was determined to be strong, but the thought of Susan's blood emptying life from her arm made my knees almost buckle.

The additional life force of the baby pressed against my back and loving hands on my shoulders gave me the strength I was lacking. The second they cleared the security funnel, I knocked down the flimsy chrome poles holding the dividing ropes as I tried to jump them. Backpacks dropped to the floor. The two girls parted as we came together. I held out my arms and I slipped between them like the meat in a love sandwich.

One of my arms circled each of their backs, their arms circled me and each other while their lips kissed each side of my face, exactly at the same time. I held my eyes closed as tight as possible to keep my tears inside while I squeezed both girls with every ounce of strength I had.

Mrs. Davis' hand squeezing my shoulder reminded me I was in an airport, not in heaven. I opened my eyes to two teary eyed faces just inches from my lips. I kissed Susan on the lips and then Jasmin's cheek. I squeezed them again. "I missed you so much! Wow, it's great to see you."

I picked up the poles I had toppled while Jasmin and Susan greeted Mrs. Davis. The sight of the girls' hands caressing the swollen baby pod, with matching bracelets dangling from their wrists, completed my joy.

"Come on, lets go to the luggage pick-up." Mrs. Davis hugged both girls with undiscriminating motherly love.

With a hand in each of my hands, we watched the suitcases take their ride around the luggage merry-go-round. Jasmin pointed, "There it is."

I looked at her curiously before running to grabbed the bag, "Just one?"

Both girls smiled at each other, and then at me. "Yup, we can share!"


2017-03-29 23:07:50
Think it would be great to continue the story with Susan being either 25 or 30. With kids of her own living happily with Chris and her new daughter as well as Jasmine and her kids. Joe being a great husband and father to all. Easy to continue the story while throwing in flash backs of important events,ex Susan and Joe taking Cindy's virginity.


2017-03-13 02:35:19
CloudSenpai, thanks, great comments. Nobody liked what Susan did with Jeremy, but, besides being screwed up in the head from all the dysfunction around her, she was jealous and upset about Jasmine and Joe.
Been years since I wrote that so I actually can't remember the exact details about that situation, but when I finish rewriting it for wolfpub and nifty, maybe I'll make a change there. :-)


2017-03-11 17:50:11
This story was amazing. I didn't even have sexual desires for it I just wanted to read it. It felt like a novel that you just can't put down till you find out how it ends. The twists got me each time. I felt connected to the story as if I was Joe. Thinking about what I'd do in his situations. While also laughing at his dumb decision and jokes here and there. Really? Two bracelets lol. The only thing that I hated was Susan fucking Jeremy. It made me feel sick. Especially when you added that they "were at it all day". I think I would of beat Jeremy's ass right then and there. Until that point I liked Susan as Joe's girlfriend, but as soon as that happened jasmine was the one. I also enjoyed cindys part of the story. Since I've also felt that way about a cousin before but knew it couldn't go anywhere. I also thought it was a great way to end the story with them "sharing". Although I didn't want to story to end. I'll definitely read potential! Keep the writing up you have a gift for this


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Anonymous reader: 2017-01-29 09:55:36 "All those great chapters, then leave it hanging at the end. Ruined the whole story."
Thank you for commenting. I can't look now, but you can go on the forum and find the thread about this story and it will explain why the ending had to be what it was, disappointing in many people's eyes.

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All those great chapters, then leave it hanging at the end. Ruined the whole story.

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