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Experiences I can remember from when I was 20-21
Cock Worshipper – Part 7

My friend Aaron who I mentioned in the previous installment of my story was also famous for giving me another nickname, which some still call me after I tell them the story I’m about to tell you. One night when Aaron and I were out at one of the Castro bars (I was still 20 years old at the time) I met a man who took me to his place nearby and when I came back to re-connect with Aaron, I was giddy and excited. I said “Guess what???” and Aaron rolled his eyes and said “Oh god, what?” I continued on to say “The guy I just gave a blowjob to said I have a mouth like velvet.” Well, after that, Aaron nearly pissed his pants he laughed so hard and from then on I was often known by the nickname of “Velveeta”, because I was the cheesiest.

In San Mateo, Aaron had been living with a man named Steven who gave him a break on part of his rent in exchange for sex, which I found quite hot. Anyway, one weekend Steven was away and I stayed there at the apartment with Aaron. I ended up talking on a phone chat line to guys and Aaron would listen and giggle at me. But then I met a man who was in his mid-50’s and married, who ended up coming over to the apartment and Aaron let us use Steven’s room. Well, the older man fucked me up the ass and we apparently left a little streak on the sheets, which neither of us noticed. So, after Steven returned, I got a call from Aaron telling me how Steven had a shitfit when he found the streak on his bed and that I wasn’t allowed to go over there anymore. Whoops! I did see the older man a few more times. Once, he took me to these private hot tubs in the east bay area and we had a very nasty time in the heated water, jets pushing into my ass as he pinned me up against the tub and was making out with me while I stroked his erection and mine under the water. He then sat on the edge of the tub and had me suck his dripping wet cock and lick his soaked balls until he decided to get back into the water and fuck me in the ass as he reached around and jerked my cock until I ejaculated into the chlorinated water and then he spurted his jizz into my hungry hole and then the water cleaned me after he pulled out.

Aaron eventually moved from San Mateo to a shared flat on Elgin Park, an alley-type street in the city off of Duboce. He had also left the department store somewhere in that time and started working at a clothing store and a muffin shop on Castro. I remember one night we went out and then went back to his flat and after I left, I walked down the street and met a man standing there cruising me. He was deaf, but indicated for me to follow him upstairs to his flat. So, I went up and though he could not hear or speak, we had a very intense session of sucking each other’s cocks and locking lips and sucking tongues for quite a while. It was very, very hot. He and I saw each other a few other nights the same way and he’d have me up for some more.

Just before I turned 21, I got a job with Aaron at the muffin shop on Castro, now no longer there, but those of you who were around the Castro in 1993/4 will know which one I am talking about. Aaron and I had a great time working together again and I enjoyed making him laugh by singing really loud in my off-key way, so that passersby would stare into the shop and Aaron would turn red and hide behind a counter, laughing hysterically.
While at the muffin shop, I ended up having to close the shop alone on many nights, so I would flirt while the shop was open and invite guys to come by when I closed. So many nights I’d have a different man come by and I’d turn of f the lights in the front of the shop after locking us both in and then took whichever man it was at the time and suck his cock on this table, or wherever the mood presented. I remember a hot Latino man with a flat top haircut came by and fed me his beefy, uncut cock and fucked my face good, holding onto my head and groaning out loud, until he pulled out and used his thumb to hold open my jaw as he spurted his hot seed into my open mouth and watched me then gulp it down. It was a great place to privately suck a lot of cocks and I thought I could go on there forever. Good thing the manager or owner never came by at that time or I’d have been in deep shit!

I also met an older man whose name I believe was Tim, in his early 60’s. He was short and was bald on the top of his head. He wore t-shirts, jeans and cowboy boots and had a goatee. He looked very hot and he had been parked outside the muffin shop smoking a cigarette after I had closed one night. So, I flirted as I cleaned up and he finally saw me and flirted back. I ended up inviting him in, but he offered for me to join him at his place, so I closed up and we went there.

His apartment looked like it should have been part of the set for Sunset Boulevard, sort of dark and mysterious, with a large collection of antique furniture everywhere. The once piece I remember was a smoking table that was silver and had built-in compartments for the cigarette box, one for matches with a striking stone in it, one with a glass or crystal lighter that was very heavy and one for the ashtray. He was always using the word “elegant” about things. He loved taking me to bed and having me nurse on his granddaddy dick for a long time before rolling me onto my stomach and climbing up onto me so his body weighed me down and he stuck his hard prick up my ass and started biting my neck and shoulders. He made these really hot groaning sounds in my ear that gave me chills as he pumped over and over into my hot asshole. It was funny, because I’d think of the way he’d fuck me and then laugh thinking to myself “It’s elegannnnt” with his voice in my head saying it. We were seeing each other for about a month and he was fucking me like crazy to where I’d wear him out and he’d sleep a lot afterwards while I’d amuse myself looking at all of his collected wares while listening to classic Hollywood music and then he felt it was getting to serious and even though I didn’t understand it at the time, he said our age difference was a problem. I remember how upset I was at the time, but now I can understand how a vast age difference is mostly good for hot sex, but for something serious it’s better to be with someone who I can relate to around my own age. This took me several years to learn and many sexual encounters and brief love affairs with countless older men.

Eventually, I left the department store in San Mateo all together and got a job at a men’s clothing store on Castro Street, coordinating shifts between there and the muffin shop. The clothing store was fun and looking back I can see how I was one of the “twinks” the owner liked to hire to work there. The owner was a great man and at the time had a wonderful partner. I decided not to take a chance there and didn’t have sex at this shop. However, the dressing rooms were great because they were diagonally across from the register and if you stood at the register you could see that there were mirrors slanting from above each dressing room so you could see what was going on inside them. It was hot to watch guy after guy try on clothes and strip down to his underwear, if any, some who did this on purpose so you could check them out. I did get some dates by working there and when I turned 21, I would go next door for a drink on my lunch hour to a bar that was army-themed, though I don’t remember the name, and I’d meet guys then. I’d also go out after work a lot since I worked right there, to places that are no longer around in the Castro, like The Bear and the Elephant Walk. There was also a nightclub back then called the Phoenix, which closed and was taken over by the pharmacy next door to expand.

I remember dating a guy named Eddie who I met one night after work when I went for a drink at the Phoenix. He was in his early 30’s and he always wore a ball cap and had this strange curl of hair that hung out the back of the cap. He was kinda butch/kinda nelly but he had a really big, uncut dick, although he preferred for me to fuck him. He lived in a bad part of down in the Bay View/Hunter’s Point Area and I hated driving him home because I always thought I’d get shot at. One night before I took him home he had me park somewhere and he had me sit back and pull out my cock so he could work his ass up and down on it. Up to this point, I hadn’t fucked more than a couple of guys and wasn’t really into it (whereas now I loooove to fuck). Still , I got into it with him. But then one night he’d moved on and said I was too young for him. *sigh*

There was also a thug boy named Levi who I met and fell madly in young love/lust with. He was bi-sexual and always checked out girls, despite our little thing we had going. He would describe himself as being a “Heinz 57”, a mixture of several nationalities including Black, White, Latin and Filipino. He was very hot to say the least, skinny, dressed like a thug boy, 19 years old. Listened to rap, smoked pot. He had a very large and long cock and I was always after it. Until that point, it had been older men for me, but Levi had this attitude and sexiness about him that only a thug boy could produce. And na? me used to let him drive my car (with me in it) because he liked to drive and be “cool” and I was so ga-ga I’d let him do what he wanted. He also lived with an older man named John who was a little “off” and when we’d go there John was nice to me, but he’d lecture Levi about things and Levi would in turn throw a tantrum and break things. What was I thinking at the time? I’d just let that all pass and think about his big dick stretching open my ass. And while Levi liked to take a little advantage, he always came through when it came to sharing his glorious boymeat. The first time he fucked me was in his bedroom and we were trying to be quiet so John didn’t hear and it hurt pretty bad and he stopped and said “Oh shit, I’m sorry, you’re bleeding” and I thought for a second, shrugged and said “kkkkkeep goooooinnngggg”. After all, it was in and I might as well get some spunk in my ass. Yes, I took my chances. Anyway, things got to the point where I was spending every free moment with him and letting him drive my car and my relationship with my parents wasn’t so good, so I broke things off and bid him farewell. He didn’t take to kindly to that, but that’s life!

This is all that I can pinpoint in my memory for right now from that time. I must stop though, because the next part is going to be just after turning 21, when picked up and moved to South Carolina thinking I’d found “love” at the young age of 21. Oh boy, was I wrong! But I’ll be posting it soon.

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