Guest gest more than she expects in her short stay
I’ve always loved the hotel trade- been I it for some 40 years now running a small private hotelon the South coast. Its hard work but I love being my own boss, doing all the jobs and the fringe benefits are great! Wel;l fringe benefits- you’ll see what I mean.

One of the jobs I do is to run the bar in the evening- it’s a small place- quiet, not too much work and I get to know the guests a little and certainly know a little about them. This is where the fringe benefits click in. Now I am a careful man, I don’t push things and this means I get to indulge myself maybe 5-6 times a year- Not really as often s I’d like but I have a set of rules and I stick to them. They keep me safe and avoid any unpleasantness. Not that I have any concerns about whati do- I donlt hurt anyone and I’me very careful.

Take last month- I hoped the opportunity might come up because I had a [party of business guests attending a conference at the Coast centre. This type of client is quite frequent, but usually boring suited businessmen with boring careers and an inflated idea of their self-importance. This time it was a mixed group- in particular two women who were both drop-dead gorgeous; Katie at 27 and blonde and Georgina, 25 and a redhead. I’ve always had a weakness for both colours! Both women were true city-girls, smart, groomed ands scented. Both were trim through lunch-times spent in the gym and early morning jogs that firmed their thighs. Eyes that flashed and scent that intoxicates and lingers in the air after them. Now although friendly enough I know that there is no way that girls like that would contemplate anything physical with a paunchy, balding -late-middle-aged hotelier. I’m a nice enough guy for my age- but hey lets be realistic. So I play the avuncular host, a friendly uncle- and if the opportunity arises then great- that’s my first rule- don’t try to engineer an opportunity but simply be ready in case one arises- the old boy scout- I like to be prepared!

So one evening about the second day of their stay the poarty returned from the drinks after the conference and adjourned to the bar which I wa sonly too happy to open. A couple of the other guests came in as well and one of them- a young man down for a stag weekend took a real fancy to Georgina. I guess he had had a few elsewhere already and he made a few clumsy advances. Georgina wasn’t impressed, he offered to buy her a drink and I heard her say icily
“I can get my own thanks!”
The guy sloped off and sat down across the room flashing sullen looks back at her. That was good for me as it fits rule two- Make sure there’s another punter in the frame who might get the blame if it all goes tit’s up.- Not that there have been any problems so far- its just a safety thing. Georgina’s party.
It was all coming together nicely, the icing on the cake was when Georgina said she was tired and wanted to go to bed- rule three fit in with a natural departure.
“Awwww go on George- one more”- chorused the others Anyway it’s your round!”
Better and better for me- Georgina came over and ordered the drinks- I knew her taste from the previous night and I knew she liked a dry martini – which she duly ordered. I served the drinks including a cocktail olive in her drink- and then I added nonchalantly-
“Would you like an extra olive with that?”
At the same time I lifted a glass of olives on sticks to the bar and motioned for her to help herself
“MMmm yes” she said grabbing a stick and immediately nibbling on the olive. I watched her neat white teeth pick it off the stick and her red lips closed over it. I was momentarily distracted as my mind leapt forward an hour, but I recovered quickly -“Another” I offered- it was accepted and went the same way. As she turned her back I popped the glass back under the bar. That’s was my rule number four - the drug’s not in the drinks but the olives. It wouldn’t have mattered if she had preferred a sweet drink- I have a second glass of cherries prepared that way as well. At the opportune moment I present them, and if any others want one too then there are duplicate glasses of un-doctored fruit to be swapped in. This way, if anyone ever suspects the drinks they can sample the bottles- or swab the glasses- it will always come up clean.

She took the drinks back to the group and they made a great play of drinking-them, the conversation getting ever louder. Then Georgina announced she was tired and repeated her intention to go to bed- and this time she left-to general murmurs of “Goodnight” and “Sleep well” The guy in the corner just scowled.

The rest of the group stayed for another round. The guy in the corner got up and left and I judged it was time to close the bar and put my plan into action. “Time Gentlemen Please” I called- there was the usual good-natured howl of protest but everyone was sensible- there was a final day’s conference tomorrow and a certain amount of sleep is necessary for successful performance. Gradually- and a little noisily- they left for their rooms.

I checked my watch as I closed up and switched out the lights. 45 minutes since Georgina had gone upstairs- maybe an hour and a quarter since she had the olives- time enough. I shut the bar door and locked it before heading back to reception. I checked the records and found Georgina’s room, then I collected the pass key and my pack and headed upstairs. All was quiet- a few noises behind some of the doors- giggling from the occasional one where someone had got lucky, but no-one was on the stairs or passages. I moved to her room unseen and listened quietly outside- no sound from within. I knocked- nothing. I waited a little while and knocked again- still no response so I carefully inserted the key. Pulling the door towards me so that it wouldn’t spring open with a click, I turned the key and then gently the handle. I keep all my doors well oiled just in case- part of being prepared. The latch released and I gently allowed the door to open a little, pushing it on its oiled hinges whilst retaining tension on the handle. I peeped inside. The lights were off, there was the sound of gentle and regular breathing. Opening the door just enough to keep the light spillage from the corridor to a minimum I slipped inside and closed it behind me. Georgina was lying on the bed in her nightclothes. She was on her back and hadn’t even pulled the covers over her- maybe the drug had worked a little too quickly?

I moved to the bed and put my pack down. First things first I looked for her handbag- found it on the chair and quickly searched it thoroughly- I found what I was after- she had a pack of pills and today’s was already taken- that’s another rule- know what you are dealing with- pregnancy is one hell of a complication and leaves a clear DNA tracer that points right back to you! She was protected, I would be safe to come in her. I repacked her handbag as best I could- it should look pretty much untouched.

I went back to the bed and moved her arm as a test- I stood back ready to flee but it hadn’t been necessary before and I didn’t expect it to be now. No response, I moved her arm further and bent it to touch her cheek- still nothing. Reassured, I pinched her arm above the elbow- she wriggled and made a moaning sound but her eyes remained shut she was out if it - she was ready - and heaven knew I was ready too.

The worst thing about this is that I dare not turn on the lights. But on the other hand I need some light to make it easier and quicker to do what I need to do and I have found from experience that a subtle light is OK so all my rooms have dimmers on the bedside lamps, I turned the dimmer down, switched on the light and carefully increased the level until I could just see a little more detail- just enough to see what I was doing.

I reached down and raised her night-dress, her firmed thighs came into view, smooth and gently curved, milk white in the low lamp-light. My breath was getting faster, A little more- her panties were visible now- her smooth belly and abdomen showed above the the delicate garment that hugged her mons pubis. The pink fabric moulded to her lips to present a perfect camel’s foot. I lowered my face and inhaled- the scent of her pussy was delicious, subtle, clean with a gentle tint of salmon. I lowered my face and rubbed my nose gently along the line of her vagina emphasized by the folds on her panties that accentuated the shape of the lips beneath. So, so soft and sooo warm. I nuzzled gently along the groove. Getting excited now, I slipped my fingers under her panty top and eased them down slowly over her hips, They were tight to begin with but moved more easily once they were over the swell of her buttocks and they could slip over the declining curve of her hips. Over the thighs, down to the knee and then carefully off the feet- gently- not to tickle and taking care not to catch the legs on her toes, They were off. I paused to look at my handiwork. Her pussy was a real sight to behold, one of God’s finest creations! She was completely shaven so that every gently crinkled fold was clear. She had pouting inner lips that protruded from the outers and folded outwards. Her mons was smooth and a little discolored where the hair had been removed- I ran my hand gently across her skin- not a trace of stubble- she must have shaved very recently. I couldn’t resist another deep sniff, inhaling the beauty of her and then turned my attention to the nightie. I rolled it up over her body but had to move her slightly to allow it to climb up her back. No protest, no sign that she was aware of the motion. I gathered to garment in folds above her shoulders and then lifted it cleanly over her head- again taking care not to snag. She snored and rolled over- goose-bumps visible on her skin. Cold could trigger an awakening so I removed the light blanket form my pack and spread it over her, peeling it down so I could study her breasts. Wow! They were perfect- much larger than I had suspected, large enough that they flattened under their own weight and hung slightly to the sides of her body. I gently supported one, then the other - marveling at their weight and softness. She had broad pink aureolae with pimply protrusions, but the nipples weren’t particularly obvious. I bent foward and took one nipple in my mouth- I rasped my tongue over its texture. To my surprise the nipple emerged quite quickly and rose like a tiny erection under the pressure- apparently seeking the attention of my tongue of its own accord whilst its owner remained unconscious and oblivious of this betrayal. I nipped it lightly between my lips, flicking my tongue over it and then sucking gently. I was rewarded with a flood of that wonderful sort of raspberry,milky yoghurty sensation- a hint of a taste more than a flavour. I sucked greedily and emptied the breast before turning to the other, massaging the titty flesh towards the nipple to encourage the flow. I sought her secretion like a junky seeks his next fix- The taste was intoxicating - somewhere between delicious and repulsive, I can never tell but as I was sucking like a baby I guess the verdict must have come down on the “delicious” side. The second breast began to empty and the taste subsided. I rolled both of her now protuberant nipples between my fingers and thumbs and sighed, grateful for her gift even if it had not been willingly given. This was not all she was to give in this way. My head sank to her pussy and I inhaled the scent again before easing the fleshy lips apart with my tongue. I roamed freely across the complex crinkled folds of her pussy- sucking one lip then the other- rasping my tongue over her clitoral hood and teasing the tiny lump beneath. I applied pressure to the hood and the tiny finger within popped out. Like the nipples it seemed to stiffen and swell beneath the attention, despite the unconsciousness of its owner. I nipped it gently- she moaned and I stiffened; but it came to nothing, she settled back and I was safe to continue. I gathered my thoughts, I needed to follow the plan.

I retrieved my pack and took out a small hand-towel. I folded it double and slipped it beneath her hips, I didn’t want to leave a wet slobbery stain on the sheets- and once I had taken a virgin- I hadn’t known she was a virgin and the resulting bleed had worried me for days lest she connected it with an intrusion. Luckily I think she had been close to her period and simply assumed it had started early, but I wasn’t going to risk that again!
With the towel in place I continued to lap at her pussy like a cat laps at a saucer of cream, relishing the liquid - a sticky mucous at first but rapidly giving way to a thinner cleaner fluid with a fresh taste. Between my saliva and her own secreted lubricant she was getting very wet and the towel was doing its job.

I was also getting very worked up and so I removed my pants, my prick sprang out from the confinement. I moved to her face and rubbed it on her cheek. Her mouth was closed so I gently squeezed her nose between my finger and thumb. Her mouth popped open to breathe so I released her nose and popped the head of my prick between her enticing lips. I felt her tongue push on the underside of my glans as I inserted myself further into the warm welcoming wetness. Her cheek bulged out as my prick slid in - it was a lovely sight. I managed a few gentle strokes but you cannot be too keen - pressure here could cause her to wake, so I just savored the feeling before withdrawing and sliding my body over hers - supporting my own weight on knees and elbows to keep from rocking her too much. I positioned myself at the entrance to her vulva and gently pushed forwards. The cockhead eased in, separating the lips which closed behind it with a little popping feeling - like a latch. The sensation was wonderful so I popped the head in and out a few times just gently until the need to savor more of her became too strong and I started to insert my prick more fully. Inch by inch, with little measured thrusts, I penetrated her body. Her vagina opened before my advancing cockhead as I eased into her. Behind the head my prick was left enclosed in a silky sheath. It was a tight fit, she hugged me like a velvet glove or perhaps like a sword that is slipped into a well fitting scabbard. God! She was tight! I always try to be as quiet as I can, but the deliciousness of her forced a moan of pleasure from me as she gripped my organ in her own. I felt her muscles tense and relax as she accommodated my intrusion- so nice of her! Her muscle tone was superb. She moaned, I wondered if she was dreaming of this, if so who was it she imagined to be penetrating her? Certainly not me.

I felt no guilt as I took my pleasure from her. Her vagina was built for this, she would have no traumatic memory, no regrets, no “what-ifs”, She would suffer no lasting damage, I carried no diseases, she would not become pregnant and the firm muscles would slip back into place as soon as I withdrew. I was grateful for the pharmacology that allowed me to enjoy this fabulous body whilst she remained blissfully oblivious of the pleasure I was stealing from her.

I bent and kissed her mouth- the waft of her breath on my cheek was gentle like a feather- there was no excitement in her- her breathing didn’t come in short pants with a mounting urgency as did mine. I gripped her lower lip between mine and pulled gently, I slipped my tongue into her mouth greedily tasting her saliva. The sweet scent of her breath filled my nostrils. I thrust, pushed and thrust some more. Deeper, tighter, more. Deeper, tighter, more. Just a little more, just a little more. Oh Yes- Thank you Georgina- Thank you honey– “Oh God!!”Yeeessssss!!!! , I felt my prick swell inside her. Somewhere, lodged deep in her belly, I exploded. My cock blurting my thick seed into her body, bathing the inside of her vagina, Sending the sperm swimming up to her womb, eagerly seeking the sweet round egg that I knew would not be there. I spurted a second time, then a third. Stars swam in my head as I felt my penis pumping my sperm of its own accord - ensuring my balls were fully emptied into this silently protesting body. The feeling was out of this world. Despite myself I let out a groan and a series of panting gasps as I struggled to control my breathing through my orgasm. I shuddered as I tumbled down the other side, shivering slightly and striving to control an urge to giggle. I gasped again with the release of the tension and steadied myself in case I fell onto her. I was sweating and a drop fell on her forehead.

I paused whilst my senses came back to me and I softened inside her, eventually I slipped out with a wet flop onto the towel. I sighed with the pleasure and coming back slowly to reality I climbed off her. I looked down at the body I had violated. She lay slightly crumpled on the bed, my sperm ran in a slimy snail-trail from her pussy to the towel.

Any woman that has been fucked knows the sight and smell of semen, a runny discharge in the night would be sure to alert her so I knew it must it must be removed. That’s my last rule- cover your tracks! There is no reason why a woman need even know she has been fucked and enjoyed. It’s best if she doesn’t. I covered her again with the light blanket, took up my pack and went to the bathroom. I ran the taps into the sink, mixing the hot and cold water until I achieved an approximation to body heat. Then I filled the douche I had taken from my bag and screwed on the insertion tube. Picking up another towel I went back to her bedside. I used a finger to ease her pussy open again and then guided the douche tube inside, taking care not to scratch her walls. I packed the second towel into the space between her legs and gently squeezed the douche bulb. The warm water irrigated her pussy, flooding in and washing the bulk of my glutinous emission out of her to soak into the towels. When the flow ran clear I stopped and carefully dried her vulva and thighs, I removed the towels, checking there was no wet patch on the sheets and wiped her face with a wet wipe. Then I dressed her again, removed the blanket- did a quick equipment check- towels (mine plus the wet one), wet-wipe, douche and light blanket- all went back into the pack. I covered her with the bed’s own quilt and silently left the room.

My prick felt pleasantly used as I made my way back to reception, it seemed to be curled contentedly in my pants and I could still taste her pussy on my lips. I was still licking them as I walked into reception to replace the key.

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