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Daddy’s little girl grew up.
Fbailey story number 473

Daddy’s Little Girl

I was always told that I was daddy’s little girl. Mom told me that almost every time. She would say, “Daddy’s little girl doesn’t wear panties under her nightgown.” “Daddy’s little girl wears short skirts and sits with her knees open.” “Daddy’s little girl kisses his cock goodnight.” “Daddy’s little girl lets him pinch her nipples.”

Mommy was always telling what I should do as Daddy’s little girl, so when I was thirteen years old I didn’t know any better. We lived way out in the country on a farm and I was home schooled, so I had no one to talk to or play with.

Then one day a strange man came to the house. It was Daddy’s brother. He had a daughter my age with him. She had on pants and a sweater. I could never wear anything like that, my panties wouldn’t show, that is if I was allowed to wear panties.

Anyway Daddy had me show off for the Uncle that I never knew. By show off, I mean that I had to sit with my knees open on the chair in front of him and let him see my pussy. Later I had to put on my nightgown without panties and keep my legs open for him. Then I had to kiss his cock goodnight.

It was just after lunch but I was sent up to bed anyway. Shortly afterwards Daddy’s brother came in my bedroom to tuck me in. I had a feeling that he wasn’t there to cover me up.

I was right too. He uncovered me, he helped me out of my nightgown, and then he kissed me. It was a nice kiss but not as nice as Daddy’s kisses were. Then he ran his hands all over my naked body paying close attention to my breasts and my pussy. He shoved a finger in my pussy and then he made me suck it along with a second finger to get it wet. Then those two fingers went into my pussy and filled me up. When I had to suck those two fingers and a third one I knew where this was going. I cried out when his three fingers invaded my virgin pussy. I also heard the girl in the next room cry out too.

Soon he was naked and between my legs. His cock was pressed tightly up against my pussy. Then he shoved it into me hard causing me to cry out in pain. I heard the other girl cry out too.

Then I knew what was up. My father and his brother had traded daughters for the day. He was fucking me and Daddy was fucking her. For some reason I was jealous of her, after all I was Daddy’s little girl, not her.

Near the end I was just starting to enjoy it when he cum and pulled his cock out of my pussy. He got dressed but I remained naked and then he took me back down to the living room where Mommy was. Daddy brought down the other girl. She too was naked and she had been crying. When she sat down her knees were wide open and her pussy looked red and abused too. I had been right, they had traded daughters.

The men left to go into town but we were to sit there. Eventually Mommy let us take a bath together. She told us that we couldn’t wash ourselves. I had to wash my cousin and she had to wash me. Both of us had sore pussies but we were told to wash them very well inside and out. The hot water felt so good.

When Mommy came back she let us dry each other off and then she took us to her bed. She got undressed and had us lick her pussy. After we got pretty good at it she had us lick each other’s pussy.

Mommy heard Daddy’s pickup truck pulling in and had us run downstairs and sit as though nothing had happened. She also told us not to say anything about her and us. Mommy was standing there in just her dress when the men walked in. Daddy knew that something wasn’t right. He verbally lashed out at Mommy and she cringed and then she told him that she had made us take a bath. He poked his finger in my pussy and then cuffed Mommy across the face telling her not to do it again.

He and his brother dragged us girls back upstairs. My uncle fucked me again. It didn’t hurt as much that time but again he cum and pulled out before I had any pleasure.

After that I was allowed to put on a short dress and go back downstairs. The other girl came down in her pants and sweater. Then she and her father left.

When Daddy went out to put the tractor away Mommy said, “Daddy’s little girl is going to get fucked every day now that she’s a woman.”

I did too. Daddy fucked me to wake me up in the morning and he fucked me at night to put me to sleep. On Saturdays his brother would come over with his daughter and they would trade daughters for the day. Sometimes he would bring his wife too. That was when Mommy and her would put on a show to get their husbands hard enough to fuck us girls again. Mommy sure could eat pussy and she had wonderful orgasms from her sister-in-law. Once in a while my cousin and I would put on the show. No matter who got them hard, us girls got fucked.

Mom told me one time that Daddy didn’t fuck her any more, that he only fucked me. She cried and said that the only sex she ever got was when her sister-in-law came with them. I felt sorry for her so whenever we knew that we could get away with it, I became Mommy’s little girl too.

The End
Daddy’s Little Girl
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