This is not my story but yes i do have the promission from the riginal writer (i am Nightmare)
The beautiful Mystery awoke from her deep sleep. The storm had grown from when she had fallen asleep on the couch. The thunder rattled the windows and the rain hit so hard on the metal roof. Mystery now in her human form as apposed to her werewolf state stood up from the couch. Her silk night gown billowed as walked across the cold hardwood floor to the bathroom.

She slid out of her gown and let it puddle to the floor. Her pale skin almost as white as her fur seemed to glow in the dim light of the bathroom. She bent over the large tub to turn the water on and stop the drain. Almost instantly the bathroom filed with steam. Mystery added bubbles and lit a few candles. She steped away from the tub and closed the door.

As she turned to the mirror she pulled her long crimson hair up into a loose twist in the back of her head. The steam from the bath filled the room with a soft fog. The bubbles surounded her naked body. Her head rest agenst the back of the tub. She closed her eyes. She didnt realize how long she had been there but her body was relaxed.

Suddenly she heard the door handle rattle. Her ice blue eyes flew to the door as it cracked open. Her hear and mind began to race and nearly stoped all together. The intuder entered her bathroom. His white and red painted face frightend her. She shut her eyes tightly and her body quiverd. the male came close to the tub. She could hear his breathing.

What did he want? She didnt have anything that would be a value to him. Or did she? His soft figertips grazed her bare sholder. A gasp of fear and excitement excaped her lips. She opened her eyes slightly and the paint was gone and a bueatuiful man stood above her. A smile graced is features. "Your so beautiful" he said in a whisper as he knelt by the tub.

Mystery unsure of what to say "who are you?" she whispered. "I'm just a nightmare". the out of no where he kissed her deeply. The back of his hand gently caressed her cheek. His tounge danced with hers. Without realizing it her arms twined around his neck keeping the kiss hard against her lips. He pulled away gently and stood up.

He began to unbutton his black shirt and let it fall with her gown. His toned body inticed her, intriged her, and excited her. While her mind was on his torso she didnt notice that his paints were gone as well and he joined her in the tub. He slide in right between her legs and kissed her deeply. Her tounge grazed his fangs as they locked. His hand slid up to her inner thigh. His touch nelted into her skin. Her hand went to his already hard member.

His gasp of pleasure made her escited. Before she knew it his thumb was massaging her engored clit. A soft moan leped from the kiss. The 'nightmare' layed back in the tub and pulled her ontop of him and his erect member. As her velvet pus hugged him both moand. His strong hands slid around her hips and started pulling at them. Her head fell back in pleasure.

As the thrust became more apperant "you like that dont you?" he groaned. "Mmmm" was the only other sound she could make. His hips bucked in rythem with hers which hightend the pleasure for both. His hand gently slid up her body to cress her ample breast and to tantalizingly tweek her nipple. Mystery thrust hard angenst the 'Nightmare's' hips. His moans echoed in the bathroom.

He growled and turned Mystery so that she was now on her hands and knees in the bath. His firm hand slaped her ass playfully. His hard throbing member entered her again with a low growl. His thrusts hard and almost painful but her excitement over powered it. Nightmare's growls becoming lowder with every thrust and moan from Mystery. His hot juces filled her as she screamed with passion.

A calp of lighting lit up the bathroom and then a second later the thudner rolled in and shook the house.....

Mystery opened her eyes. The water now temmid and bubbles gone. The candles she had lit were now spent. Her eyes darted around the room looking for the Nightmare. "Maybe it was a dream?" She got out of the tub and dried off. Got back into her gown and walked back to her couch. Another flash of lighting lit up on of her windows. Someone had drawn on it with blue paint. I love you... Was all it said.....

Alternate ending:

Mystery opened her eyes. The water now temmid and bubbles gone. The candles she had lit were now spent. Her eyes darted around the room looking for the Nightmare. "Maybe it was a dream?" Mystery climbed out of the tub and dried off. Sliped back into her gown and looked tnto the mirror to let her hair down. Someone had drawn on it with red paint....I love you was all it said.....


2010-04-20 13:00:15
Keep in mind folks that i didn't proof read this before i posted it and it is not written by me

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