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Friend of mine fucks for a bag of crystal meth
This is probably the worst thing I've ever done in my life.

Years ago I made a decision to get out of the rave scene. I started because I liked the dancing and all my friends were doing it and it was a great way to meet girls. While we were doing "e" it was great, but soon we were all smoking crystal and that quickly became a sketchy scene.

One of my friends was a girl named Elaine. She was short, athletic, dark and curly hair cut short with stunning blue eyes and tremendously big breasts. Of course she was gay. We had been friends since high school. She was the kind of girl that attracted slot of admirers and I was one of them. That led to how our relationship worked. Naturally, she knew that I liked her and so she was flirtatious and condescending at the same time. She would change in front of me, but ask me to turn around and not look, knowing that I would sneak a peek. She would make out with her girlfriend in front of me while we were high and she always had an air of superiority. It was frustrating but when I stopped going to raves I stopped seeing her. She was deeper than ever. It wasn't about the dance scene anymore, it was about the drugs and she was living in a small house with six other people, always partying and looking to get high.

Elaine was always fit. She had deeply rooted self-esteem issues and while she couldn't change her hair (which she hated), she could make sure she had a bangin body. So she ran constantly, hours a day and of course the drugs helped with the not eating. Natural C's or D's on a well toned five foot frame that has very little experience with men is a meal to a starving man. That was the sight that greeted me when I stopped by her new house and she opened the door with a bored look on her face.

"Hey, come on in." She took me through the party house, past the littered beer cans on the floor and the passed out people on the couch to the back where her room was. It was okay considering the rest of the house, but she had just moved in so there wasn't enough time for the rest of this flop house to infect it yet.

We sat on her bed and drank down a bottle of red wine out of the bottle. She went through her usual routine of telling me stories of her and her various girlfriends, their sexual exploits and how hot it all was. She loved to see me shift in my seat, knowing I was getting hard. She was an attention whore and now, according to her, she was also a mad dyke slut. She even got up at one point and changed her shirt for no reason at all, simply turning away from me so I could only see part of her big tits from the side when they swung out.

This was where I decided to make my move. When I was cleaning up my shit at home I found the last of my stash of crystal in a baggy. At first I was just going to throw it away. Then I thought I should give it to Elaine. And then I had a better idea.

"So here," I said holding out the bag. "You still want it right?"

She came over immediately, now serious and tried to play it cool; as though she might be mildly interested. "Cool. Thanks."

I smiled and playfully asked in a staccato rhythm, "You got the Glass-Dick-Jones?"

She parried with, "That's crack, smart guy." She had a way of staring with her eyes that was very erotic and kind of eerie.

"Right, well I'm not giving it to you for free."

This peaked her interest. "Well I could owe you, but I'm a little short on cash at the moment."

I leveled off her stare and said, "I don't want money."

Stepping closer to her she immediately understood. She smiled politely in a kind and understanding way that still came across as condescending. "Sorry sweetie, but you know I like girls."

"You don't have to like it." I said.

"Are you serious?" She was astounded.

"Are you? You've been changing in front of me for years now. You want me to want to fuck you! So this way, we'll both get something we want."

It didn't take long. I don't know whether she decided to do it because she wanted the crystal that badly or whether she wanted a perverse adventure, but she quickly stripped off her shirt again and this time I stared straight at her magnificent jugs.

They hung down and swooped outward to big pointing nipples. Each was more than a handful and looked outstanding over her tight abs.

"Take off your pants." I whispered and she complied. I stripped down and then let her straddle me. It was awkward because this wasn't mutual, but I pulled aside her panties and rubbed the head of my cock against her opening.

She hesitated. "Wait, let me smoke first." She lifted to pipe to her lips and smoked a big bowl to her head and I sucked at her big teats. Her eyes glazed over like she had just cum and in a haze she smiled, "You know I'm not going to get wet, right?"

Letting go of one her big juicy nipples I looked up at her and put a finger in her mouth. "Then you better get me wet."

She got on her knees in earnest but she was so high at this point that even her best attempt to suck my cock was less than stimulating. First she giggled in amazement at big I was, (I don't think I'm huge but I guess she has limited experience), then locked and sucked but couldn't get a rhythm going. It reminded me of my first blowjob which wasn't much better.

I was wet. "Alright," I said. And she drifted up and slipping out of her panties, she spread her legs as she straddled me again, giving me a glimpse of her pussy, which was neatly trimmed into a tiny landing strip. I held my cock in my hand and rubbed the wet tip against her lips.

She was so fucking high I don't think it mattered anymore whether I was a guy or a girl, she was in ecstasy and she wanted to feel even better. I pushed the tip in slightly just until it held itself in place and then I held onto her hips and pushed upwards.

She was tight; as tight as a twenty four year old lesbian. She had been with one or two men before realizing that she preferred women, but it had been many years and now I was reshaping her landscape forcefully. She gritted her teeth which could have been partly pain but mostly seemed like an overload of the brutal sensations she was experiencing. Breathing deeply, she seemed to get used to it we quickly fell into rhythm. I held her hips and guided her up and down on me. I was in heaven! She even moaned a little which was really hot.

"So deep!" She gritted her teeth as I held her down on me. They were more like mumbled words in your sleep than statements, but that just made me want to fuck her harder.

I pinched her nipples hard enough to get attention. She winced and looked down at me, coming back to reality a little.

"You have an amazing body." She smiled at the compliment. "Get on your hands and knees. I want to see your big tits swinging back and forth as I fuck you from behind."

She climbed off of me and stuck her ass up in the air. Her tits hung down and were so big that her nipples were almost touching the sheets. As they swung a little, the friction made them hard.

I got behind her and rubbed my cock along her tiny wet slit. "I guess you don't do this position very often," I whispered as I dipped inside her.

She sighed and pushed her ass back against me, filling her as deeply as she could. "Not usually, no." She started to fuck my cock, doing all the work. "Are you enjoying it?"

I smiled. "Am I enjoying your tight, young cock-free cunt, you mean?"

She sped up, "Yeah, was it worth it?"

"For a bag of crystal? Hell yes, sweetie, I think you're a great fuck!" She started fucking me really hard and fast now. Her tight body was so fit and she was working me so deeply now she must have been hurting herself.

"You know I'm not going to cum, right?" She was getting out of breath now.

I was so close now, "Baby, you give me a minute and I'm going to fill you with so much cum, you'll be making babies!"

She slowed down, "Don't fucking cum in me!"

"Okay, I won't cum in you if you swallow it."

She sped up a little but was silent for a minute before saying, "Give me all the money in your wallet and I'll swallow every drop you've got."

"Done." She fucked me violently, her soft tits flying around and smashing into each other savagely until I yelled out that I was ready. She turned around and opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out as I jerked off, holding her head in place.

The first jet of cum flew across her face and into her hair but the second went down her throat along with the rest of my cock.

I quickly cleaned up while she smoked another bowl, not even bothering to clean herself beforehand. I gave her what I had in my wallet, which was only forty bucks and a decent price for services rendered in my opinion. Before leaving I said we should do this again, but she said, “You wish. This was a onetime thing."

I know it was all mutual, but the reason it was the worst thing I've ever done came a few months later when I learned from mutual friends that she had started fucking for drugs on a regular basis. Soon it was money and I know that it was me who started off down that road.

Ah, fuck it! She was a great lay!

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2011-06-22 06:38:27
I was 13 and living with my mum. The villagers tended to ignore us because they didn't likemy mum's lifestyle. Mum had men come and stop over for the night several nights each week and I knew they were paying for sex. I was also aware that we were quite affluent. One of mum's regulars, an older man called Paul suggested to mum that he would pay well to be the first to fuck me, mum asked me if I wanted to do it, I agreed but never found out what the financial deal was. I had been fingering my slit and using mum's dildoes, some of which were quite thick and long since I was about 9 or 10 so I didn't expect difficulty getting his cock into me. In the event he was nice, he kissed me and licked and fingered my slit, and slid one, then two fingers into my hole while licking my clit. His cock was thicker than mums's dildo but I was juicy and it went straight in and was wonderful. I had three fucks and three lots of cum that day. I'm 16 now and Paul still fucks me and cums in my cunt and mout


2011-03-05 20:12:54
I really enjoyed the story thanks


2010-07-27 20:51:48
Pretty obvious it was a true story....

You did a good job.

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