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the book is used on the bus. read part one first, it helps
Part two

After dinner brad sat on his bed and thought about all the possibilities for the book. He was so excited he decided to start things early. He opened the book he thought about calling Kim back for a repeat performance, but decided that the earlier experience had drained him of both bodily fluids and energy.

So he decided to set a trap for tomorrow morning. He wrote, “Tomorrow morning after the bus picks up all the kids it needs to the driver will find a remote area where no one will see or bother us. No one on the bus will find this odd or call attention to it. When he finds the proper area he will park and everyone, except me, will fall asleep.” With that he closed the book and welcomed the shiver run down his spine.

He was so excited for the bus ride the next morning he could hardly focus on homework let alone sleep. He kept replaying the conversation with the bookseller, and his odd disappearance. He also played his session with Kim over too. He tried to remember everything, the way she looked, the way she felt, and how she had known just what he wanted and how she gave it to him in abundance. Just the thought of her tight cunt gave him a massive hard on. Eventually he drifted off to sleep with the pleasant thought of his next conquest.

He awoke to the sound of his alarm and of his oldest sister banging on his door telling him to get out of dream world. At first he was upset at having to wake up early, but then he remembered what he had planed and he couldn’t wait to get out side. He got dressed and walked to the corner with his sisters to wait for the bus. Brad made sure to look at the other kids waiting with them. A few guys and girls were also on their stop. He kept examining the girls standing there. One had great breasts but her face was hideous, another had absolutely no figure. This went on, he would look and evaluate which of the girls was hotter and worth fucking.

Finally the bus came and picked them all up. He took his normal seat in the middle of the bus while his sisters went to the back to be with their witch’s coven and plot how to make brad’s life miserable. But today nothing they were planning could make him feel bad. He sat anxiously through the next three pick-ups, paying close attention to the girls who got on. Eventually the last kids got on and sat down. At first Brad was worried it didn’t work. He looked out the window and it seemed the driver was going the normal route to school. After a minute of driving he made and unusual turn down a deserted road. After going down that he turned onto a parking lot for a shut down factory and parked.

After that he could see people’s heads slump down and it went silent. He stood up and looked at a few people who were sitting near him. All of them were fast asleep. He then started looking for his next lay. He went through the isle looking for the hottest girl he could find. Finally in the last seat in the bus he saw her. He didn’t know her name but he knew she was one of Margret’s friends. She was a little shorter than he was, but her figure was incredible. She filled out her sweater with two huge breasts that defied gravity. He wanted to get a better view of her ass so he decided to turn her into his little sex slave. He went back to his seat and got out his new favorite book. He wrote, “the girl in the last seat will wake up and do what ever I tell her to with no question or complaint.”

After he closed the book he could see her stir in her seat. He walked back to her, “are you awake?”
In a groggy voice she answered, “yes.”

He could feel his dick getting harder in his pants at the anticipation. “Stand up.” Once he said it she did. “Turn around.” She did revealing her big tight ass. “Take your pants off, slowly.” She started bending over and slowly taking down her jeans, revealing her blue panties. He moved closer to her and wanted to grab a handful of her ass and squeeze it, but he was not completely over his shyness. So he gave her a quick pat on the ass. This made him more excited. “Pull down your panties.” She did revealing a smooth perfect ass. He gave it one-more quick pat this time a little harder. He wanted more though, “turn around and take off your shirt and bra.” When she did he was able to get a good view at her shaven pussy. But it was when the bra came off that he had eye full. For a girl her age she had enormous breasts, he guessed at DD and there was not the slightest notice of sagging.

He grabbed a tit in each hand and squeezed. He could not believe that this girl who always teased him and hung out with his sisters was so hot and that he was feeling her up. He took one nipple in his mouth and he played with it. He enjoyed the feeling of the nipple between his teeth and lips, how it felt when his tongue would lap over it. While he was doing this he could hear the girls breathing get heavier and when he bit down on the nipple a soft moan was also audible. He took his mouth away from her nipple and went to her mouth for a kiss. He kissed her on the lips but she did not respond. He moved back a few inches, “When I kiss you, you kiss me back.” When he saw no question he moved back for the kiss, this time she returned the kiss back. After several minutes of heavy, passionate kissing he pulled away. He looked at her naked body and knew he could not contain himself any longer. “Bend over and spread your legs.”

This she did with out a word, using a seat for support. He stared at her beautiful ass as it stuck out in the air, and her pussy, which he could see was dripping with excitement. He moved behind her and aligned his aching cock. First he rubbed his head all over her lips. He loved the feeling of her juices on her lips, but he wanted more. With a small push his head was inside the marvelous cunt. He then slowly pushed until his entire member had vanished inside her. He took a minute to enjoy the feeling around his cock, then he pulled out almost the entire way before thrusting back inside her. He had started a slow but steady pace. He grabbed her hips so he could thrust even harder. Over time he was going harder and faster. Soon he was going as fast and hard as he could, ramming her with every once of energy he had. The girl was screaming in pleasure from being fucked like a doll, “OHHHHH God yes.” “That’s so good.” “Oh Jesus I’m goanna cum.” Then he moved his hand down and pinched her swollen clit. This pushed her over the edge. She let out a scream and her body started to convulse, her pussy had contracted making it incredibly tight. When he felt her juices wash over his cock and drip down to his balls he lost control. While her orgasm was reaching its end he pulled out and blew his load all over her shapely ass, it was so explosive some even went to her neck. After a few more drips of cum he decided it was time to go.

But first he thought he would like to fuck this bitch again. “You what is your name?”
“Amanda you will not remember what just happened. You will get dressed and get back in your seat. You will fall asleep like everyone else and wake up when everyone else wakes up. However, you will have a strange new attraction to me. Whenever you masturbate it will be to thoughts of me. Anytime you see me or think of me you will get horny. This will build up inside of you until the thought of not fucking me becomes too much to handle. Then you will seek me out and beg me to fuck you like the cheep whore you are. Do you understand?”
“Good now get dressed.”

They both put their cloths back on and sat in their respective seats. When he saw that she was asleep like the others he opened his book, “Everyone on the bus will now wake up. The bus driver will drive us now to school. No one on the bus or in school will notice or think about why we are late.” He closed the book and everyone, including Amanda woke up, seemingly unaware of the fucking that just took place.

When they got to school Brad was coming the hallways for another girl to join his little harem. So far he had two girls but he wanted more, much more.

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2016-05-18 21:37:21
Next time include more detail. I'm a girl but I did like this story.Thanks for the effort.

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2015-07-13 02:47:38
Hey, dolphinwigs25, you dick, you copied the Devil's Pact part one off mypenname3000's page. For those of you who are reading this comment, it's an awsome story, as are the other works of mypenname3000. Read them, if you like. dolphinwigs25, you are a complete asshole copier. Don't read his stories, he's a dick.



2014-03-31 22:59:53
This story is starting to get better, but it is waaay too short. Take your time by adding more detail, buildup, deion, profiles of the people like hair color, age, body type, etc. I like the premise of the story. But if you had a notebook like that wouldn't you want to do some things to yourself such as become physically fit overnight or something? Or have a personal trainer train you (you made your character a chubby nerd) for free or something. I used to be a chubby nerd several years ago, so if I had that I would fix that. That way even if I lost the notebook I would at least be all the better for it, ya know?) would use to take care of some stuff other that just screwing . have an idea of what someone like that would do. Anyways, this is just my opinion. I've read tons of stories on here and this one has some potential. Grow your story more and I'll keep reading. *Thumbs up*


2014-03-31 22:51:17
I'm sooo tired of people putting their usernames for services here trying to find someone to hook up with! Seriously these comment areas are for comments on the stories only! If you're that desperate go to an adult hookup site or get on a dating website. SERIOUSLY! I'd like to actually see what people have to say about the stories not your crap.

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you: blah blah blah. me AWESOME

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