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Chapter 9

Ben opened his eyes with a groan and heard his cell phone ring for the second time. He did his best to avoid Gwen’s naked body snuggled up against him in the bed and reached past Grandpa Max’s body to snatch his phone from the bed pocket just as it rang a third time. He snapped the phone open and brought his lips up against the mouth piece as he whispered, “Hello?”

“Good morning Benjamin,” Ben’s mother said cheerfully.

“Mom, it’s three o’clock in the morning,” Ben groaned softly, turning to look at Gwen and Grandpa’s body to make sure they were still asleep before he continued. “What’s so important that you had to call me in the middle of the night?”

“Well if you turned your phone off like you’re suppose to when you’re sleeping I would have left you a voice mail instead of waking you up,” Ben’s mother pointed out.

“Ok so it’s my fault,” Ben sighed, “but now that I’m up, why are you calling? In fact, what are you doing up at three o’clock in the morning? Shouldn’t you be asleep with our baby on the way?”

“I was asleep a half-hour ago when Keesha’s mother called me,” Ben’s mother said.

“Is Keesha alright?” Ben asked excitedly.

“Keesha’s fine,” Ben’s mother said reassuringly, “and so is your new daughter.”

“That’s good,” Ben said with a relief, “do you know the baby’s name?”

“I know Keesha was planning to call the baby Misha if it was a girl,” Mrs. Tennyson told her son.

“Sounds like a nice name,” Ben said. “Do you want us to come home?”

“No,” Mrs. Tennyson said after a few seconds, “you’ll be home in a week or so and that’s soon enough to see your new daughter. You do realize that Jane is looking forward to starting her new baby, she was just telling me that she should be in her fertile period when the two of you get home next week.”

“That gives me just the right incentive to make sure we get home on time,” Ben chuckled. “Tell Jane I’m looking forward to knocking her up again and give Ken and the twins a kiss for me when they wake up in the morning.”

“I will, and you tell Gwen and your grandfather we said hi,” Ben’s mother finished.

“I will mom,” Ben promised. “Goodbye, and thanks for telling me about Keesha.”

After making sure that the phone was turned off this time Ben reached across Gwen and Grandpa Max to put it away. Ben couldn’t help noticing the way Gwen’s swollen belly shifted under his arm and he realized the new baby was kicking her mother while she slept.

“I know I said we were going to get an early start today Ben,” Grandpa Max said softly as Ben dropped the phone, “but this is earlier than I meant.”

“Sorry Grandpa,” Ben said, “I made sure it was off this time.”

“So what was so important that they called in the middle of the night?”

“Mom called to say that Keesha just had her baby,” Ben explained. “She intended to leave a voice mail but the call went through because I forgot to turn the phone off.”

“Well don’t let it happen again,” grandpa said with a yawn, “because we really do have to get up early in the morning if we’re going to make New Orleans before the voodoo museum opens up.”

“Ok, goodnight grandpa,” Ben said, curling up next to Gwen so the pregnant redhead was nestled between them.

When the alarm rang several hours later Gwen was the first one of the trio to react to the sound and turn it off with a flick of the switch. “What’s with you two this morning?” Gwen asked with a long stretch that ended with a stroke of her pregnant belly. “One of you usually beats me to the alarm, especially with all the sleep I’m getting for the baby right now.”

“Check your phone,” Ben growled, “you probably have the same message I got from my mom. But since you remembered to turn your cell off you got a message instead of a phone call in the middle of the night.”

“Is that why you two are so grumpy?” Gwen teased as she snapped her phone open and checked her messages. “Well, congratulations Ben, that’s two boys and two girls so far, what do you think the next one will be?”

“I don’t really care,” Ben said after a second, “I have so many babies on the way already that I’m sure I’ll have plenty of both before I’m done.”

“That’s true,” Gwen agreed, crawling over Ben’s body and dropping to the floor. “First to the bathroom. For once I’ll actually get a hot shower before you take all the hot water.”

“Don’t take too long,” Grandpa Max muttered, sitting up in bed and stretching before he finished, “we really need to get an early start if we’re going to make it to New Orleans on time.”

“Are you going to tell me why we’re going to New Orleans yet?” Gwen asked.

“You’ll find out,” Max promised. “Think of it as an early birthday present so you’ll be surprised when we get there.”

Gwen closed the bathroom door with an exasperated sigh and Ben waited for her to start the shower before he turned to his grandfather. “Why aren’t you telling her about the voodoo museum?” Ben asked.

“Because I want to surprise her,” Grandpa Max said as he crawled out of bed and started putting things together for breakfast. “I know that Gwen’s magic is different from voodoo, but I thought she’d enjoy seeing how it worked. Besides, voodoo isn’t all zombies, there’s a lot of protection spells too, and many of them are designed to protect against evil. Even if Gwen can’t use voodoo it could help her to know what she’s up against if someone tries to use it against her.”

“Grandpa,” Ben said as he dropped down to the floor of the rustbucket, “when you get around to my birthday present I want you to remember one thing.”

“What’s that?” Max asked as he cracked eggs into the hot frying pan.

“Remember that I don’t enjoy educational gifts,” Ben said.

“I know,” Max said with a chuckle, “that’s why your gift is a trip to the laser tag club back home.”

“Thanks grandpa,” Ben said with a sigh of relief.”

“Who’s next,” Gwen called, stepping out of the bathroom as she toweled her short red hair.

“Go ahead Ben,” Max told his grandson, “I’m already in the middle of making breakfast here so I’ll get my shower after we eat.”

Ben was too busy trying to beat his grandfather to the shower to hear what he was saying and a few seconds later Gwen and Max heard the water running when Ben started his shower.

A nearby clock was chiming the hour when Grandpa Max parked the rustbucket in the parking lot next to the building with the large sign proclaiming New Orleans Museum of Voodoo. And in smaller letters Open Monday - Friday 10:00 to 9:00, Saturday 12:00 to 6:00, Closed Sundays.

“Oh wow, thanks grandpa. This is the best birthday present ever,” Gwen said she was so excited she was actually bouncing on her toes and making her swollen belly jostle with every step.

“I thought you’d like it,” Grandpa Max said with a satisfied grin. “You two go ahead while I square things away with the rustbucket.”

“Come on Ben,” Gwen called as she rushed ahead of her, reaching the front steps ahead of Ben and waiting impatiently for him to catch up.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Ben grumbled as he followed Gwen to the front door he noticed that his redheaded cousin was pulling her oversize t-shirt down to cover her swollen belly and he couldn’t help but wonder how much longer she’d be able to hide her pregnancy. “Sorry I can’t get excited about all this but magic is your thing not mine. Besides, what are you going to learn from all this stuff about zombies and stuff anyway? Your magic isn’t like this stuff at all.”

“Maybe not,” Gwen said with a shrug, “but voodoo isn’t just about zombies, there’s a lot of protective magic too and I may be able to use some of that. I think it’s also a good idea for me to know how other kinds of magic work in case someone ever tries to use it against me. And I’ve been reading up on the voodoo museum since it reopened last month and they have other kinds of magic here besides voodoo.”

“I didn’t know that,” Ben said as the two of them turned to enter the front doors and entered the museums cool interior.

“Welcome to the voodoo museum,” the receptionist said in his thick New Orleans accent. “Would you like to wait for a guide or would you prefer to look around on your own?”

“I’d like to look around on my own,” Gwen said, “but I did have a question about your displays.”

“And what would that be young missy?” the receptionist said with a toothy smile.

“I read that you were able to double the size of the voodoo exhibit after the flood and I wondered how that happened.”

“One result of the flood was that many old and lost buildings were revealed when the waters went down and we were able to salvage several artifacts that were lost for centuries. We haven’t been able to catalog everything yet but it was such a big deal that put things on display even though we don’t know what they are.”

“Thanks,” Gwen said, paying her entry fee and grabbing a brochure, “I look forward to seeing the new displays.”

By the time Grandpa Max joined them Gwen was so enthralled by the displays that Ben didn’t think he could drag her away for anything - not even a good hard fuck. “Enjoying your birthday present Gwen?” Grandpa asked, looking over her shoulder at one of the new displays.

“I sure am,” Gwen said, “these new displays are incredible. This one here was buried in the cellar of one of the oldest homes in New Orleans. It was in a secret room that was lost over two hundred years ago.”

“Is it just me,” Ben said with a frown, “or do these charms look familiar?”

“I was just thinking the same thing,” Grandpa Max said, “they look a lot like the charms Hex and Charmcaster were trying to steal last year. But you destroyed them last year, right Gwen.”

“Yeah I did,” Gwen said distractedly, “but these charms are similar, and they look like they could be even older than the charms from last year so they could be even more powerful.”

“Well we don’t have to worry about Hex since he took a bath in the water from the fountain of youth he won’t be bothering us for several years. But I wonder what will happen when Charmcaster finds out about these stones.”

“We may find out sooner than we’d like,” Gwen said pointing to the display’s placard. “According to this they just put the information about this display on the museum’s internet site. When Charmcaster sees that she could be here anytime.”

“Forget anytime,” Ben said, looking past his cousin’s shoulder to the museum entrance, “it looks like she’s here now.”

Gwen turned to look for herself and was just in time to see the receptionist slammed against the wall by Charmcaster’s magic when he tried to demand the entrance fee from the platinum blond teenager. Even before her victim hit the wall Charmcaster gestured for her magic pets to precede her into the museum’s display area.

“Grandpa,” Ben started to say as Charmcaster’s magical rock dogs entered the museum and terrorizing the museum visitors.

“I’m on it Ben,” Grandpa Max said, sidestepping one of Charmcaster’s pets when it rushed at him. “I’ll get everyone out of here while the two of you deal with Charmcaster.”

“Good plan,” Ben said, lifting the Omnitrix to dial in one of his alien forms while Gwen cast a spell to change into her costume and hide her pregnancy behind an illusion at the same time.

“Going hero,” Ben said, slapping down the plunger of the Omnitrix to initiate his change.

“Good choice,” Gwen said with a smirk when she saw Ben’s alien form. “Are you sure you wanted Wildvine for this? Or did the Omnitrix come up with this one on it’s own?”

“No, this is the form I wanted,” Ben said, stretching his vine arms out to wrap around two of Charmcaster’s pets and smashing them together with enough force to shatter them for a few seconds until their magic started reforming them from their own rubble. “I figured Wildvine’s stretching ability would come in handy against Charmcaster’s spells. This way I can stay at a distance and still reach her.”

“That’s a good idea,” Gwen admitted, “so tell me, who are you and what have you done with my cousin.”

“Ha-ha,” Ben said dryly. “Come on, let’s deal with Charmcaster already.”

The two cousins turned to face the entrance of the museum as Charmcaster stalked into the display room and stopped at the sight of the two waiting for her. Ben looked at Charmcaster in her purple jacket, dark grey body suit, and maroon thigh high boots and couldn’t help but wonder how the girl always managed to look so sexy when she dressed so modestly.

“You two again?” Charmcaster said with a sigh, “didn’t you learn your lesson last summer?”

“Seems to me that you were the one who always lost last summer,” Ben pointed out. “Shouldn’t you be the one to learn your lesson?”

“Whatever,” Charmcaster snapped, tossing her ponytail behind her head before she pointed at the two cousins and called to her rock dogs, “get em.”

Ben grabbed the first two rock dogs in his vine arms and smashed them into rubble before he reached for the next two, but the first two creatures were already reformed by the time he smashed the second pair. “A little help would be nice Gwen,” Ben called to his cousin while he reached for the first two creatures again.

“Hold on, I’m looking for the right spell,” Gwen said, flipping through her spell book and making a quick peek as Charmcaster approached the display with the charms. “Got it, smash them again and I’ll be able to slow down their regeneration long enough to put them out of action for the rest of the fight.”

“Ok, do it Gwen,” Ben said, smashing the second pair for rock dogs into rubble for the second time. Before the creatures had a chance to reform Gwen cast her spell and two piles of rubble stopped shifting when the magic took affect.

“Nice job, now for the other two,” Ben said, grabbing the second pair of dogs just as they finished reforming. He smashed the two rock creatures together anc Gwen cast her spell for the second time over their shattered remains.

“Now for their mistress,” Ben said, turning his back on the four rock piles and turning to face Charmcaster herself. “Give it up Charmcaster, you’re not getting out of here with those amulets.”

“Sure I am,” Charmcaster said with a laugh, “they may be useless until I perform the ritual to recharge them, but I don’t really need their power to deal with two amateurs like you.”

“Who are you calling an amateur?” Gwen asked, turning to face Charmcaster with a glare. “I seem to remember that I was able to handle your uncle’s mage staff, the one you said only a master sorcerer could control. You weren’t able to handle it but I did.”

“Pure luck,” Charmcaster said with a shrug while she cast a spell to shred Ben’s elongated vine arms as they tried to wrap around her. “If you’re really as good as you say then you should be able to handle this easily.”

“Ben watch out,” Gwen called when she realized that Charmcaster was throwing the spell at her cousin instead of her. Even as Charmcaster finished casting her spell Gwen threw herself in front of her cousin and cast a spell of her own. Ben could almost feel the pressure of Charmcaster’s spell when it struck Gwen’s magic shield. For a second it wasn’t clear which spell would win, but then he felt Charmcaster’s spell rebound from Gwen’s shield and heard the older girl’s scream of rage and surprise when she was caught by her own spell.

“No,” Charmcaster gasped, shivering in rage as she tried to throw off the affects of her own spell. “Do you have any idea what you just did?”

“Was it any worse than what you planed for us?”Ben asked, taking advantage Charmcaster’s distraction to wrap her tight in his extending arm vines.

“Actually it would have had a very minimal affect on the two of you,” Charmcaster said, shredding Ben’s vine arms with more strength then she’d ever shown. But instead of trying to escape or using another spell against Ben and Gwen the older girl starting tugging at her blouse and jacket with enough force to pop the buttons off and tear the fabric before she shoved her bra out of the way and starting massaging her exposed tits.

“What it the world?” Ben asked, turning to Gwen with a bemused look on his face before he returned his gaze to Charmcaster who was now sitting on the floor of the museum. With one hand she continued to play with her tits, pushing one of her breasts up to her mouth so she could suck frantically on the erect nipple while the other hand worked on her pants in an attempt to expose and play with her pussy.

“I think it’s the spell she cast,” Gwen said with a chuckle. “Ironic that it backfired on her like this. Can you imagine what would have happened if the spell had hit.”

“You would have been safe,” Charmcaster said as she shoved her purple lace panties out of the way and started stroking her damp slit while her other hand continued to squeeze her large tits hard enough to leave marks on her breasts. “Since the two of you haven’t hit puberty yet the spell would have distracted you for a few minutes but there wouldn’t be any serious complications. But when you reflected the spell it doubled the affect and now I’m so horny it’s going to drive me crazy if I don’t get a hard cock and a load of cum in my pussy.”

“You think we haven’t hit puberty yet?” Ben said while Charmcaster started rolling around on the floor in her frantic attempts to relieve the itch in her silver furred cunt. “Why don’t you show her Gwen.”

“Ben, are you sure?” Gwen asked as she watched Charmcaster’s antics.

“If she’s this desperate for sexual relief then yes, I’m sure,” Ben said as the Omnitrix started signaling the end of his time. The watch finished beeping and Ben turned human in a flash of red light.

While Charmcaster blinked the red flashes out of her eyes and desperately tried to get herself off with her hands and fingers Gwen cancelled the illusion hiding her pregnant belly and then lifted her shirt to make sure the older girl had a clear view of her belly. “Look Charmcaster,” Gwen said, “does this look like we’re a couple of innocent kids?”

“You’re pregnant?” Charmcaster said dully, it looked like she wanted to touch Gwen’s pregnant belly to confirm what her eyes saw but she couldn’t pull her hands away from her tits and pussy long enough to actually touch Gwen’s swollen belly.

“This is our second baby,” Gwen said. “Our son is home with my parents who are looking after him while Ben and I travel around the country with Grandpa Max. And if you think I’ve been permissive, you wouldn’t believe how many baby bellies Ben has left in his wake this summer - and that’s not counting the ones he left back home.”

“So you’re sexually active?” Charmcaster asked hopefully as she tried to bury three fingers as deep as they would go in her slit.

“Very active,” Ben confirmed with a quick smirk.

“Good,” Charmcaster said, working her fingers in and out of her platinum furred pussy, “because the only way to cancel this spell when it’s this strong is with a good size dose of cum in my cunt.”

“I can do that,” Ben said edging his way to Charmcaster’s squirming body and started pulling the torn fabric of her clothes away from her body. “But in case you haven’t figured it out by now, every girl I’ve fucked in the last year has ended up pregnant - usually after just one fuck. Not only that, I know when a girl is fertile, and right now you’re so fertile a dirty joke could knock you up.”

“I know,” Charmcaster said with a groan. “This lust spell can be dangerous if you give it too much power, and after Lucky Girl reflected the spell back at me with her shield it doubled in power.”

“Just how dangerous is that?” Gwen asked with a broad grin as she watched her cousin strip the last of Charmcaster’s costume off her naked body.

“The spells been known to jump start people into puberty or back from menopause,” Charmcaster said, rubbing her slit against Ben’s hand while she used her own hands to squeeze her tits hard enough to leave red prints on her flesh. “On top of that the spell can increase a woman’s fertility, in fact I’d be surprised if I end up with less than twins from this fuck. It’s more likely that I’ll end up with triplets after the way you pumped up my original spell. But the most dangerous thing with this spell is that if you put too much power into it the spell you become insatiably horny and you need sex, sex, sex. The only way to bring the spell to an end at that point is to get a load of cum in you pussy, of course that means that you end up pregnant, but there’s no way around it for me now. So fuck me and knock me up Ben, before my own desires drive me crazy with lust.”

“I will,” Ben promised, sliding between Charmcaster’s wide open legs and bringing the head of his cock up to the older girl’s drooling slit. “Gwen, you want to get in on this? As long as that lust spell is affecting her she can use all the stimulation she can get. You can consider this my birthday present to you.”

“You come up with the greatest gifts when you put your mind to it, Ben,” Gwen said with a chuckle, “but when you get right down to it I’ll never have a chance like this again. So yes, I think I will join you.”

While Gwen stripped out of her Lucky Girl costume Ben slammed his hips forward the last few inches and buried his six inch cock as deep as it would go into Charmcaster’s hot wet cunt. The platinum blond was so horny that just sliding into her cunt was enough to send her over the edge for her first orgasm.

“Oh God, your cock feels so good inside my pussy Ben,” Charmcaster screamed. When Ben’s balls bounced off her ass she through her arms and legs around his body and held him tight as her body spasmed with pleasure and her long silver nails tore bloody scratches across his back and shoulders. “Fuck me Ben Tennyson, fuck me and knock me up with a belly full or your babies.”

“Whatever the horny little villainous wants,” Ben said, gritting his teeth against the pain of the scratches on his back. Charmcaster’s body relaxed slightly as she came down from her first orgasm and Ben started slamming his cock in and out of her slit while the girl continued to strip the skin from his back with her silver nails. “Hurry up Gwen, she’s going to strip all the skin off my back if you don’t give her something else to think about.”

“Stop whining you little dweeb, I’m here,” Gwen said as she straddled Charmcaster’s face so her pussy drooled just above the older girl’s lips. “Hungry Charmcaster? Would you like to eat some pregnant pussy?”

“I love pregnant pussy,” Charmcaster said, licking her lips and pulling her hands away from Ben’s back so she could reach up to stroke Gwen’s bulging belly.

“Then bon apatite,” Gwen said, dropping to her knees and lowering her red furred slit until it was within easy reach of Charmcaster’s lips and tongue. Gwen wasn’t sure if the groan of pleasure that escaped her lips was for the expert way Charmcaster licked her slit, or the sexual energy that spread from her milk swollen tits when the older squeezed them and tickled her erect nipples with the same fingernails that had left scratches on Ben’s back.

“Gwen I’ve got to tell you, this is one horny girl,” Ben groaned, fighting against the desire to shoot his load as Charmcaster’s cunt muscles clamped tight around his cock while the older girl shivered through her second orgasm. “I swear, she’s already had two orgasms since I stuck my cock in her belly,”

“Enjoy her pussy while you can Ben,” Gwen gasped as her body spasmed with a small orgasm running through her pregnant belly, “once she recovers from the spell I don’t think she’s going to be happy with either of us. Especially you since she’s going to have your babies growing in her belly while she’s back in jail.”

“This is the best sex I’ve had in a long time,” Ben panted, “maybe you should try this spell the next time we fuck.”

“I don’t think we need it Ben,” Gwen chuckled. “Besides, can you imagine how exhausted we’d be if we used this spell too often? Even Charmcaster’s starting to tire and the spell is still affecting her.”

“Good point,” Ben admitted, taking one hand off Charmcaster’s wriggling hips to wipe the sweat from his eyes. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer but Charmcaster’s orgasms were coming one right after the other now and he thought he could hold out just long enough cum with her next orgasm.

“Oh God, here I go again,” Gwen screamed as Charmcaster sent her over the edge again by teasing her clit between her teeth and then shoving her tongue deep into Gwen’s redfurred slit and wiggling it around.

“So are we,” Ben cried when Charmcaster’s cunt muscles clamped down around his shaft. This time he didn’t even try to fight the urge when his balls cramped up and he buried his cock as deep as it would go in Charmcaster’s wet hot cunt and shot his full load deep in the girl’s fertile belly.

When Charmcaster finally opened her legs and let him go Ben was so worn out that it was all he could do to pull his soft cock out of her pussy and crawl over to his clothes. He was pulling his shirt on over his head when Gwen joined him, she was already fully dressed in her costume and she turned to look at Charmcaster’s naked body stretched out on the floor of the museum.

“I don’t think we have to worry about Charmcaster escaping before the police arrive,” Gwen said with a grin. “After all the orgasms she had she’ll probably sleep for a week.”

“She may even sleep until she has to run to the bathroom for her first bout of morning sickness,” Ben snickered. “We should get out of here before the police arrive, once they see Charmcaster’s naked body with my cum dripping out of her slit they’ll know what we’ve been up to.”

“I can take care of her costume,” Gwen said, picking up the rags that use to make up Charmcaster’s clothes, “I have a spell that will repair them. As far as your cum is concerned, it looks like Charmcaster’s pussy has already absorbed it all. I wonder how many babies she’s going to have in her belly if she needs all that cum.”

“I don’t know, but her bellies going to be huge,” Ben said, “and just thinking about it is getting me hard again. Cast your spell and lets get out of here so we can fuck again.”

“Ok, I’m working on it,” Gwen said, consulting her spell book for the right spell. “By the way Ben, I’ve been thinking about what Charmcaster said about this spell.”

“What about it?” Ben asked.

“You remember when we started fucking?”

“Sure, you were practicing a lust spell and miscast it so it affected us and we ended up fucking.”

“And that’s also when I got pregnant with Ken,” Gwen pointed out. “I’ve been thinking that if Charmcaster was right about the spell jump starting puberty and increasing our fertility. My spell may have been the reason we hit puberty so early, and how I got knocked up so fast.”

“Well Gwen,” Ben said thoughtfully while his cousin cast her spell and restored Charmcaster’s clothes, “your spell may have been the reason we started fucking, but in the end we decided to keep going on our own. I’m glad your spell got us started, but I’m even happier that we decided to keep fucking on out own.”

“So am I,” Gwen admitted, patting her swollen belly affectionately. “Now let’s get out of here or we’ll be caught for sure.”

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