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(Part 3)

I was now 10 and for the last years my cousin had been teaching me everything about sex. I found out years later that he made a very nice profit from me; he would charge his friends to let them fuck me. He would charge 5 dollars for blowjob, 10 to fuck my pussy and 20 to fuck my ass. I never saw the money so I didn’t find out about that till I was in my 30’s. I only knew I was getting exactly what I wanted which was sex. I think I came to the point where I was addicted to it. I would look forward to being eaten most of all, I found that was the only thing that would ultimately bring me the greatest orgasm. I could be brought to orgasm from penetration but only after really concentrating on reaching that level and I was normally too engulfed on bringing my cousin or his friends pleasure that I didn’t always get that experience. I always wanted to suck cock that was the way that I felt that I had the most power, and I had the most control over the situations. I could control the amount of pleasure that my partner was receiving and I learned at a very young age to be a very good cock sucker.
When I would get to his house after school I would assume the position which would mean strip and wait in the living room naked on my knees. He would walk in and immediately stick his cock in my mouth and I would suck him till he was hard and then I would get on my hands and knees and he would use my pussy and then my ass, and every few days I would ride his face to orgasm, which was always my favorite. During the summer that year I was being fucked when a delivery guy caught us, in all the times we had fucked we had never been busted I was on my hands and knees and I had a cock stuffed in my ass and there was a grown up staring at us.
I remember very vividly my cousin pulling out and pulling on his pants and he told me to stay exactly where I was. I hear them talking and my cousin asking him if he had ever wanted to fuck a young girl and I saw his cock get hard and after some persuading he came up behind me, and asked me to lay on my back. I lie on my back and spread my legs and he started lightly running his hands over my small body. He rubbed my small little tits which were very small bumps on my chest but I did have large nipples for someone who was so small. I guess I should explain at 10 I was about 4 ft 9 and weighed about 50 lbs. I had long blonde hair past my ass and green eyes. He started licking and sucking on my nipples, I had never had an adult do this and it was so different he definitely knew what he was doing and it felt so good. I had enjoyed what my cousin and his friends had done to me but this was totally different. He ran his tongue over my nipple and lightly bit them till they were rock hard. He then kissed his way down my body, and settled between my legs and told me what a beautiful little pussy I had and spread my lips and with long licks he started licking my very very wet pussy. This guy was amazing at what he was doing to me, I had the first full body orgasm where I felt it through every inch of my body, and as I exploded he just kept licking which brought me to another immediate orgasm.
As soon as my body had recovered which it felt like forever before I could even see straight I had never experienced such intense pleasure, I wanted to return the favor so I got on my knees between his legs as he laid back and I undid his pants and pulled out his cock. He was huge compared to all the guys I had been with I opened my mouth as wide as possible to take the big head in my mouth I could feel it stretching my mouth he was so large. I slowly worked the head and he was starting to stroke in and out of my mouth pushing further and further into my mouth. He grabbed my head and was working it in and out faster and each time hitting the back of my mouth. I was trying to make sure that I was giving him pleasure it was making me hot as I heard him moan and he told me what a hot little mouth I had, after a few more minutes he blew a huge load in my mouth as I struggled to swallow every drop. He pulled out and I licked my lips and told him how good his cum tasted so good.
He picked me up and pulled me up to straddle his cock as I slid down on his hard cock I could feel him stretching my pussy muscles like they had never been stretched it was a pain pleasure so intense and as he worked my pussy pulling me up and down on his hard cock till I was fully impaled on his cock, he waited a moment letting my pussy adjust to his size. I finally started to feel the heat of his cock and started to move on his cock. He was lifting me and dropping me on his meat and it felt so good. He was reaching places in me that I had never been touched. I felt like he was all the way in my stomach. I felt his body tremble as he shot a huge load inside me. He kissed me and dressed and left his number with my cousin in case I ever wanted to see him again, and trust me I did and will tell you about some of my other adventures about him.
After he left my cousin again entered my ass and fucked me for all he was worth grabbing my hair as he shot his load in my ass. I got up took my shower and dressed for bed, and fell asleep hours earlier than normal feeling very satisfied and very sore and very used. I loved it!

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2010-09-23 02:34:22
Wow! That was hot!!!

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