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What'll happen when the Cobras go to Sterling?
 This is a little longer than the others.... Bear with me though. I promise it's worth it
Part in Allison, part in Dave.
( So don't get confused)
After the, um, events of the shield, things starting speeding up for the Cobras. Due to two teams' forfeits, we were catapulted into the semi-final, and without much effort, found ourselves with a ticket to Central Stadium. I'd never seen Mick Pierce work us as hard as he did in the fortnight leading up to the semi's. Of course, with good luck came bad.... Dave wiped out of training 3 days after the shield with a stomach-bug. Not even Pierce had the nerve to call him a wimp, not after he saw him throw up several times in succesion on the pitch during a friendly against Lowbroads. The team of course was heartbroken. If Dave didn't play, our hopes of victory in the semi's hit a slope.
Pierce got antsy. If someone got a stitch, we all rested. If I had cramps, he made me sit-out. He was taking no chances with the remaining team. Calling up a favour or two, he managed to convince Jason Hanley to take a week out of college to do sprint training with us.
Jason may have been hot, but the 19 year old was a slick bastard. He called me sweetheart and honey, and touched my ass during training. If Mick noticed, he was certainly willing to compromise my comfort for the teams overall advancement. In the end so was I, but it didn't stop
me aiming for his balls when I was kicking.
It's hard to imagine how relieved we all were when Dave showed up on the night before the bus to the city, looking like crap, but his normal, silent self. Pierce smiled so damn hard I was afraid his mouth would crack open. He sat us down, and after laying down the plan for us in the clubhouse, he finalized the details of the trip the next day.
"Right lads, bus leaves at 3.30 sharp, no exceptions. It's a long trip, so be prepared. The hotel we'll be staying at is proper up, so I don't want any fucking messing around when we get there. The commitee's covering it, and we fuck up, it's my balls in the vice. Got it? Right. Morris, Reid, waIt around. The rest of you scarper. Get a good nights rest."
Me and Dave lingered when the rest hightailed it home. It was a little awkward between us, since the last time we talked was just after we'd had sex. I wondered if he felt the same, but neither of us opened our mouths until Pierce arrived to speak to us.
"Ok lads, there's an uneven number of boys and the fucking bleeding hearts on the commitee won't have a girl sharing a room with a boy. So the two of you get single rooms, to yourselves."
He avoided my eye, and instead looked straight at Dave as he spoke.
"I appreciate what the two of you have done for this team. I'm probably the only one who can, but it stops here. Maybe it's not what you want to hear, but the two of you are under the age of consent, and if anyone finds out, or if Allison gets into, ahem, trouble, it comes down to me letting her on this team. So on this trip, you stay in your own rooms. Got it?"
I nodded. Dave did nothing, but returned Pierce's stare with his own, steely and unyielding. I blushed fiercely.

Dave slid into the empty seat beside me, much to the whispers of the lads behind us.
"Hi" he said, quietly.
"Hi" I answered, just as quietly.
He turned his head slightly.
"How've you been?" he asked.
"Good you?"
"I'm fine." he said, catching my eye completely.
"But that's not what I meant. Look, Allison, I hate to ask but I have to..... Are you on the pill?
I felt myself blushing a little.
"Yes" I answered, but suddenly realizing what he might infer I added
"But not because I have sex with a lot of guys. I have, um irregular periods and it-" I blushed again "It sorts them out"
He nodded.
"I was afraid you might, you know-" he made quotation marks " 'be in trouble' "
I laughed a little.
"I promise I'm not."
Feeling adventurous, I asked him something I had been wondering
"Dave? Was it your first time?"
He shook his head.
"No, I had a girlfriend, but she left."
Stupidly, and immediately regretting it, I asked
"Where did she go?"
He shook his head, and answered slowly
"No, she's still in Chester, she's with - someone else."
"I'm sorry"
He shrugged.
As if it was just occuring to him, he turned to me sharply.
"Why? It wasn't your first time, was it?" As I shook my head, he continued
"Cos if it was, I'd feel really bad."
"Why?" I asked.
He shifted in his seat.
"I know it wasn't... good for you. Or as good as it could, or should've been. I know I was rough, and I acted like a prick. It's just...... I needed to prove to myself that I could still... y'know... I'm sorry. I really am."
I knew I needed to say something, but couldn't think of anything until he opened his mouth again.
"I'll move if you want me to" he said, misinterpreting my silence.
"Dave, it wasn't my first time, it was my second. I lost my virginity in a field to a guy who didn't give a fuck whether I wanted to or not. Don't apologise. You were...... I can't remember feeling as good as you made me feel." 
He looked at me in disbelief. 
"Allison, you don't have to lie. You're probably bruised from it."
"So? What does that prove?"
"That I hurt you?"
"Like I wasn't scratching you?!"
He was silent. 
"And for the record, the bruise is gone" I added to break the tension. The bus hurtled on. I could hear the guys behind us, but could only see Dave.
He smiled a little, and rolled up his sleeve, showing me long nicks in his skin. 
"The scratches aren't" he said, almost proudly. His voice dipped to a whisper as Pierce stood up at the front of the bus and told us all to ' shut the fuck up!'
"Ouch" I said, quietly, tracing the marks with my fingertips, perfectly in line with my nails.
"Sorry about those"
"Don't worry about it"
He hesitated 
"So, this guy, he's not... still with you is he?"
I shook my head.
"Oh no. He was a dickhead. Then I moved here."
There was silence, before I decided to ask another question, but he beat me to it.
"What's he like? The guy you..." he looked away.
A little confused, I answered
"Eh.... His name is Daniel- well, Danny- Fitz, and he was in my old football club. Up himself, y'know? About your height. Good footballer though. That's really why I went out with him"
He seemed to think about this for a moment, but instead of commenting, he said;
"About what Pierce said, last night.... I never really asked you about, y'know, before the match, and I've wondering... why did you do it?"
He looked straight at me as he said it, and my heart stopped beating. I mean, for crying out loud, the guy was asking why I had had sex with him!
I licked my lips, but he interupted.
"Was it just about the match?"
I hesitated, but shook my head.
  "No. Well, maybe to start off with, but I was a little selfish.I wanted to. Did it surprise you?"
He grinned. 
"Hell yeah. Didn't have you marked down for a slut." His voice lowered as he said this. 
I smiled. 
" I'm not, not for everyone"
We arrived at the hotel around
7 o'clock that evening. While unloading the bags from the side of the coach, Pierced yelled over
"Morris! Do me a favour and check this lot in." 
I rolled my eyes, but wandered into the hotel lobby, and over to reception. 
"Excuse me, we have a reservation under the name Pierce?" 
The receptionist smiled at me, and scanned the screen ahead of her. 
"Ah.... Four twin rooms, two singles?"
I nodded, and her brow furrowed. 
"I'm very sorry... Is it ok if the singles are interlocking? It's all we have."
I thought, about Dave, his touch, grin, and how much I wanted to get to know him a little better. 
"Thats fine. Perfectly fine" I answered, flashing her a smile.
Before Pierce doled out the room keys, he had an announcement. We surrounded him in the lobby, as he fumbled through his bag, and retrieved a scrunched up piece of paper. 
"Right lads, you've got a half hour to dump your stuff in your rooms, change, and meet me back here. We're having dinner in Sterlings Clubhouse....."
I breathed sharply
" I'm expecting shirts. And I'm sure you'll find something to wear Allison. This'll be a chance to-" he scanned the document in front of him "- 'mingle and meet with fellow players in a friendly environment'. So no fuck-ups. Got it?"
We muttered replys. Well the lads did. I tried not to panic.... Anywhere but Sterling.

I met Dave coming out of his room, which as mentioned, was adjacent to mine. I wondered if he'd noticed yet.
He grinned and whistled. 
"You scrub up well Ali"
I had dug out a  top that I doubled as a dress, and thrown on some opaque tights, mascara, eyeliner and some silver eye-shadow. I had the foresight to pack pumps, so I was presentable, maybe even pretty, but I had thrown my hair up into a bun, and some hairs had escaped, framing my face.
"Thank you" I answered, twirling once to give him the full effect.
"So do you". It was true. Dressed in a black jacket and a blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his grey eyes seemed to glint in the low hotel lighting. His blonde hair, as always, was perfectly ruffled, and he managed to look seamlessly formal and casual. 
"You coming?" I realised too late that I had been staring. 
            *.         *.          *

Eyes watched and whispers clouded the room when we walked in. From now on in me were on enemy- and for me, familiar- territory. Sterling Fc. How long had I played under their banner? With that name on my jersey? And I was recognized. Anonymus voices called out my name as we walked into the hall, surprise? Or sneers? I kept my head down, promising myself that he wouldn't be here, that he couldn't be here. Sensing my discomfort, I felt Dave move closer- protection. I would need it. 

When the two teams had drifted together and struck up conversations - I heard my name being thrown around-I slipped out onto the clubhouse balcony, sure I would be alone. It was too late when I realised that there was a chute in the dark, a pinprick of light between his lips.
"Well look who it is" the voice called out. 
"I could say the same thing Danny" was my only answer. 
"Smoking now?"
He hummed. 
"There aren't that many other ways to be corrupted in this town. Except- Wow Ali- you look hot"
I didn't smile. 
He stepped forward into the light, I moved away, to the railing, looking out over my old town. 
"Bring back memories?"
"Some" I answered.
He walked over to me, uncomfortably close. 
His hand found my face and pointed it east, somewhere I had been avoiding. 
"Do you remember?" A smirk. 
"It was that pitch there...."
I closed my eyes, but the rush came anyway, memories that I didn't want... His hands on me, his eyes hungry, selfish fingers plucking at my clothes, pushing his way into me..... The balcony lurched. His hand moved to my neck, and he planted his lips on mine. I pulled away, but he was too strong, his grip held me.
"Let go!"
Danny laughed. 
"Get the fuck away from her" another voice, stronger, lower. Danny's grip slackened, and I pulled myself out of his grasp, towards the voice. I knew it was Dave. I fell towards him, and he stepped forward. I knew Danny was smirking behind me, but what I did next shocked all of us, especially me. I snaked my hand around Dave's neck and kissed him, full on the mouth. Dave's body froze, but then he melted and kissed me back, fiercely. My other hand grasped the front of his shirt, pulling him closer, and his hands went to my waist, anchoring me there. His tongue brushed against my lips, and I pushed my own forward to meet his, twisting. My hand brushed up into his hair, lips meeting and parting until I broke away, turning to Danny-
"Are you still here?"
Dave pulled me back against him, fiercely hot and insistant, and kissed me harder, leaving me breathless. Danny brushed past- "Slut" - I heard the door open and shut, but neither of us pulled away, show over.
I felt him murmur my name against my lips, and I crushed us together, licking and teasing until he broke away for air. A raccaous laugh from inside drew our attention.
"Shit" I said, at the exact same time as he said "Wow".
"What?" I asked, confused. 
Instead of answering he pulled me back towards him, and kissed me lightly. 
"Now I can't stop ....Who was that?"
"Oh. That was, you know, Danny"
"Why is he here?"
"This is my old clubhouse" Subconciously I looked over Daves shoulder looking for proof in memories,... A wine mark on the tiles behind him. Colin Hegarty, after a victory. A sudden flood of memories washed over me.
"Ah. What did he say to you?"
He twined his fingers into mine. 
"That I looked hot"
"You do" he said quietly
"All guys say that"
"Yeah" he said pulling me closer. 
"But I mean it"
I looked away.
"We should go back in"
If he was disappointed he was trying not to show it. 
"If you want"
  I nodded, inwardly dreading the time when I would, finally have to face everyone - especially Dave.

Only when we were back in the hotel, when the team had dispersed, when I turned the lock in my room door, did I let the tears fall, not trying to stop them. I rushed through the room, grabbing cleanser and tissues, and sat down on the floor to remove every trace of that Allison, the one who had sold herself to glory, to being wanted, to Danny all those months ago. I sobbed even when the mascara, the eyeliner, and the gloss was gone, but the lines between Dave and Danny blurred, their touch, their kiss. If I didn't want Danny, could I ever want Dave? And when I knew Dave wanted me, was that any differant to what Danny wanted? I had led Dave on. I had seen the look in his eyes. I had been used by Danny, and now I was using Dave, so I could feel wanted? Was I that shallow?
The door separating my room from Daves opened slowly. 
His voice came quietly. I scrambled to cover my tears, my weakness. He didn't deserve this. He had finally let down his barriers and let me step in, and this would be a slap in the face. He saw me anyway.
"Allison? What's wrong?
He stepped over all the crap on the floor and bent down beside me. I turned my face away. 
"Nothing" I lied, unconvincingly. The tears were still streaking down my face. 
"Ali, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have let him touch you." I saw the look on his face, guilt, concern. 
"I'm such a bitch" I whispered. I pulled myself up to sit on the edge of the bed.
"No! It's not your fault" Daves voice, unaccostamed to comforting crying girls, was strained. I could feel his anger. He sat beside me.
I shook my head. 
"It is my fault. I started this" I couldn't even look at him. He slid his hand under mine, lying palm upwards on my thigh. This simple gesture was enough to start me off again. Why did he have to be so damn understanding? I wanted him to be the sullen Dave again, the mistrustful Dave. I wanted him not to care.
"Am I using you?" I whispered.
"For what?"
"To block out Danny? To make myself feel good?"
"Thats what a relationship is"
I shook my head.
"You're supposed to make the other person feel good."
His thumb brushed over my hand. 
"You do make me feel good."
"Wanted, then"
"I want you Ali. All on my own. You're not Danny's. You never were."
These words were enough to make me look up at him. His right hand.came to brush the tears on my face away.
"You barely know me."
"I know enough"
Gently, he brought his face to mine, and kissed me slowly, caressing me carefully. But careful wasn't what I wanted just then. I wanted Dave, his touch, his smell, his taste. I wanted his body to drive out every memory of Danny's body. I wanted him to linger on me like a second skin. 
I kissed him fiercely back, as though my lips were smouldering. My hands went to his shirt, and undid the top two buttons before he realised what I was doing. 
"Is this what you want?" he asked. 
I nodded, and bit my lip. 
"If it's what you want" was my answer.
I heard a murmured "Oh fuck", and his lips were on mine, his hands running over my body as though my skin were on fire. He pushed the straps of my dress down over my shoulders and moved his lips to my arms, devouring me in his kiss. I undid the rest of his buttons and pushed the cloth over his arms. He shrugged it to the floor. God I loved his arms, so strong, so sexy.
I tilted my head forward and fumbled for his trouser zipper, but he twisted out if the way, and pushed me to my feet. His hands on my waist spun me to face away from him, and he pulled down the zip on the back of my dress. I turned to face him, and let the dress fall to the floor with my underwear. I reached around and unclasped my bra, wordlessly dropping it. 
He breathed slowly.
"God Allison, you are so beautiful. So godamned beautiful."
He stood up, and put his hands on my hips. As he kissed me I unzipped his trousers, and they slid to the ground. Sitting on the bed in just his boxers, he pulled me on top of him and kissed me harder. He lay back and pulled me with him. I could feel him, hard against my stomach.  Daves left hand went to my right breast, rubbing it gently.
"Tell me if you want to stop" he cautioned.
I straightened my arms to look him in the eyes. 
"Don't. Don't stop" 
He grinned and I smiled, relaxing my arms so that I lay on top of him, leaving no space between us. Groaning, Dave rolled around so that I was pinned beneath him.
A thought struck me.
"This is my first time having sex in a bed" I whispered.
He paused. 
"Mine too."
I smiled.
"So what's the delay?"
Shaking his head he murmured
"Just enjoying the scenery"
His lips found my breast and kissed it gently, and I moaned softly. Encouraged, he took the nipple in his mouth, and sucked it. I slipped my hand down between us and found his cock, hard,, as hard as I was sure it could go. Pushing his boxers out of the way, I grasped it. He groaned against my left breast, and trailed kisses to my right. Thumbing the tip of his cock, I could feel precum leaking out.
Dave felt his way down between us, and gently nudged his cock over my clit to rest at my entrance. I was already wet, and he slid easily into position. He bent to kiss me again, and as his tongue entered my mouth he thrusted slowly forward, sliding into me as slowly as he could. I bit down on his lip as he stopped and pulled out just as slowly.
"Fuck" Dave said again. His hands were gripping my waist both sides, my fingers twined into his soft hair. He pushed forward into me again, breathing slowly, until his cock was buried completely in me, and when I reached down between us I could only fondle his balls. He closed his eyes and buried his face in the pillow beside me, groaning low in his throat. I understood. There were no words to describe what this was doing to us.  He stirred as he pulled out of me again, pausing just before he slipped completely out of me, and ground forward into me. 
     I brought my hands up again, and held on to his neck as he ground to a stop inside me. 
"Ohhhh....." I couldn't stop sounds from leaking from my open mouth. Dave stoppered them by kissing me openmouthed, his tongue flicking over my lips. I moaned against him. I ran my hands over his bare back, each muscle defined. He was strong, but was fucking me slowly, gently, carefully, and all the pent-up strength and energy turned me on. He was a ticking time-bomb, and I wanted him to explode. 
I ground myself against the hilt of his cock, moaning softly.
"Come with me" he whispered.
Slowly we moved together on the crisp sheets, filling me completely each time, stretching me completely. A warmth spread from my clit up into my stomach, and a final groan from Dave sent me over the edge, and as I came I squeezed his cock, releasing the energy built up inside him. He came, suddenly, violently, unendingly, his semen flush inside me, spilling out. The sticky seed pooled underneath us on the sheets, coating my ass and thighs.
The last of sounds escaped Dave. He rolled over and breathed loudly. I snuggled into him, filling the spaces made by his body. Long after we had finished we lay side by side, before drifting into a calm rest, an easy sleep.

I woke sprawled over Daves body. He grunted as I shifted to look down at him, calm in sleep, his slanted cheekbones catching the light spilling in through a slit in the curtains. 
Without opening his eyes, Dave grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back down beside him on the narrow bed.
"Stay" he murmured sleepily.
"I'm not going anywhere" I whispered. 
A series of loud knocks shattered the hazy silence.
"Allison? It's Pierce. Open up."
Dave's eyes flew open, and didn't put up a fight as I shoved him, naked, into the bathroom.
'Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!' were my only thoughts as I threw on a bathrobe, checked myself in the mirror, and opened the door. 
Pierce looked grave as he surveyed me.
"Sorry if I woke you Allison, but I wanted to make sure you were alright with this... I was talking to Michael Whelan and he mentioned that you played for Sterling a while ago. We won't have any, ahem, problems when we play them today?"
" Oh no, not at all, none!" I gabbled over-enthusiastically, almost crying with relief that he didn't know that his star-player and captain was naked in my bathroom. Almost subconciously I smoothed the lapels of the bathrobe. Pierce noticed for the first time what I was wearing. 
He shuffled.
"Right then. Breakfast is in a half-hour- we'll see you then." 
I nodded, smiling like a flipping lunatic. 

The door flew open. I was balancing on the side of the bath, but relief washed over my face when I saw Allison was alone.
"He didn't know?"
She shook her head.
"So what did he say?" I asked, standing up.
"Breakfast is in a half-hour"
"I'd better shower" I grinned. 
"I smell like your perfume"
It was true, and she did her best not to look insulted.
"Then again" she moved forward, placing my hand on my chest,
"There's plenty of room in my shower"
This produced an even bigger smile from me.
"What, already looking for more?" I smirked.
"I'm sure I don't know what you mean" she answered, untying the robe and letting it slip to the tiled floor, unveiling her sexy body.
"I'm sure you do" I followed her into the glass box in the corner, and pressed up against her as she turned on the jets, and she turned to face me, pressing her breasts against my chest. She was so incredibly sexy, even when she didn't mean to be. I moved my hand up to grasp her breast.
"I love your tits so much" I murmured through the spray. They were so firm and rounded, not to mention 3 cups bigger than my last girlfriends. They were soft and warm in my hands- I didn't want to stop touching them. She giggled when she saw I was already getting hard.
"Doesn't that get annoying?" she asked.
"You have no fucking idea". I even loved her laugh.
Ali's fingers gently ran through her hair, working out some of the knots. She pressed her slim body against mine, water running and bouncing off us. Her tight ass pressed against my cock as she tilted her head up, letting the water splash off her face. I reached for her shampoo. Squeezing some out onto my palm, I tipped it forward and massaged it into her soft, long brown hair, fanned out on her back. I couldn't believe this. A month ago I wasn't even talking to Allison. I'll admit I was a prick. No, I didn't want a girl on our team. But I could also admit she was a damn good player. And she made sacrifices for the team that I couldn't even understand. Just going to the clubhouse the night before must've been painful for her. There's nothing I would've enjoyed more than decking the arrogant cunt who was enough of an asshole to try it on after he'd hurt her. Then again, I'd hurt her too. It's something I hadn't  forgotten, even though she'd told me to.
Ali's hands reached around behind her and held my waist as I combed my fingers through her hair. She made a quiet sound of contentment, a sigh. I lent forward and kissed her shoulder. She spun and kissed me, long and deep, her tongue tracing my lips. I pushed forward to meet her, running my hands up and down her wet body. God, I wanted her. All of her.
One hand traced up to my neck, the other swept down and grasped my cock steadily. Her touch was almost enough to send me over the edge, but I stayed steady. We kissed, open-mouthed, and her hand stroked my cock slowly. She broke away, and with a cheeky smile, slowly got to her knees in front of me, lined herself up with my erection, and opened her mouth, looking up expectantly. Slowly inching forward so that her lips enveloped the head of my cock, she cupped my balls with her left hand, squeezing gently. I could hear myself groan, and she inched forward again, taking in about a third of my cock. Her right hand, gripping the rest of my shaft, ran up and down, meeting her lips, then down to her left hand on my balls, and up again. Pushing herself to swallow even more of my length, she relaxed her throat enough to let the tip into its hollow. Her left hand continued thumbing my balls. After taking a breath, she pushed herself even more forward, until I was almost completely in her warm, wet mouth, and I could feel her throat closing around my cock. Ali started making gagging noises, and I couldn't believe how much they turned me on. With one final push, she closed her lips over the hilt of my length. My mind went blank, wonderfully, stunningly blank. I couldn't think. I could only feel her beautiful mouth, swallowing my cock. 
Slowly she pulled her mouth off me, running her tongue along the underside as she did so. I groaned again as she held my cock in her hand, standing up. I didn't speak. I hurled myself at her, pressing her against the tiled wall behind us, all the measures I had taken the night before to be gentle with her disappeared. I never wanted anyone as much as I wanted Allison. 
Kissing her fiercely, I could feel her body writhing against the wall. Thrusting my tongue into the depths of her open mouth, my hands roamed over her body like the water from the spray. My erect cock nudged her stomach. She laughed, as though it was alerting us to its presence. I couldn't wait anymore. I parted her thighs with my knee, and reached down to hold underneath her thighs with my hands. She gasped with surprise, a light, happy sound. I pulled her up against the wall so she was hovering, kept in place only by my hands and the wall behind her. Supporting her on one hand, I ran my cock up and down her slit, before positioning myself at her entrance. 
Ali was saying something, murmured  words I couldn't hear. All I could see were her eyes, and the message was clear. She wanted this. 
I drove myself up into her with one smooth movement, the extra force pressing her even more against the wall. The position left no time for hesitation, and as soon as I had pulled out of her, I thrusted forward again. 
Allison was only taking shallow breaths, one for each thrust. Her head tilted and I pressed my forehead against hers. Suddenly she clenched her vaginal muscles, and I almost collapsed with the pleasure. Groaning loudly, I started mindlessly fucking her. Each thrust was long and fast, driving myself in to the hilt every time.
As she was nearing her orgasm, her voice became louder, her murmured words becoming clear.
"Fuck Reid!" were her breathless words. I brushed my hand over to where my cock was crushing into her, and pressed down on her clit with my thumb.
"I know" were my only words, as she came, moaning loudly from her chest. Only when she slumped forward and placed her lips on mine did I come, pumping my cum into the depths of her tight cunt.
Slowly I released her to her feet. 
"Dave - that was fucking incredible" she breathed, as I slipped out of her. With a flick I shut off the water, leaving the room silent except for our breathing. 
Planting a soft kiss on her moving lips, I whispered
"See you at breakfast". 
I closed the door behind me, legged it to my room, changed into my kit, and joined the lads at the breakfast table. 
Five minutes later, when Ali slipped into her seat, her hair still wet, no-one could guess at the cause of her blush, or her secretive smile. 

End of part 2.

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2010-07-07 05:11:03
taking one for the team usally means doing somthing that you don't want to do i would think more resisting involved

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i so totally love it great work...but yea you need to work on separation... lol... but it was great..


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You need to work on keeping the separation. Your work is all bunch up in some places, makes it hard to read.
Better to have too much spacing than not enough :)

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I'm still going to be butch about it but ... women do work in a better story line hem. Not that I'm picking sides or ... anything.

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