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explains it all
It all began one cold winter's night when Becca began her long walk home from the leisure centre. She'd just been swimming in her sexy polk-a-dot bikini that was two sizes too small for her 28c breasts, her long brunette hair flapping against her shoulders and her pretty face illuminated by the moon sky.
The only problem for me was she had her boyfriend, who was pretty much too shy and useless, really had no clue how to satisfy a 5 "6, 17 yr old horny girl, after all, we all knew of her "mistakes". Ryan stood at 5"11 and was moderately handsome like myself but was skinnier than me at the time, now, i wasn't muscular, but at the same time i wasn't chubby. I stand at around 5"9 and have short black hair and shiny blue eyes, which had been lusting after Becca for a while however due to conversations we'd had she'd led me to believe that i stood no chance as a close friend of hers which left me down hearted as you can imagine.

Now this particular night in question Ryan and Becca hadhad a rather nasty row upon finishing their swim and immediately she text me to ask my advice. I, being a gentleman of sorts, attempted to aid her as best i could and twenty minutes later asked her if she was home safely yet to which the response was " no" however she wasn't far from town and knowing she had yet aother 20 minutes walk ahead offered my company (and protection) on this cold, dark night. We had our usual kind of chat, her asking why bad stuff happened to her and e re-assuring her all the while telling her how beautiful she was and basically being the nicest guy i could possibly be.

After about 15 minutes we arrived outside her house and, she, realising in my rus t meet her i'd failed to dress sensibly for a cold night invited me in. At first i began saying no i really must shoot but eventually accepted the invite in the hope that our "close" relationship would develop further. So afer 5 minutes i had a cup of coffee in my hand and sipping away.

After about 10 minutes she smiled at me and gave me a nod to follow her up the stairs and that was when i was found staring at her tight tank top hugging her perfect breasts and her skinny jeans hugging her arse as it swayed back and forth with each step up to her room she took. I know she caught me that day but that only encouraged her further to tease me and upon entering her room i saw just how saucy the little minx truly could be. As soon as i stepped in the door she pushed me against the wall and started kissing me passionately, trading tongues and saliva locked in a fierce lust when suddenly i pulled away and asked
"Hang on what about Ryan and our relationship, you said i'd never get a shot at you?"
"Oh shut up, you fool, i care for Ryan however you know i don't love him and you know this is just sex, my heart lies with Phil so just enjoy this, if you can keep me happy maybe this'll be a more regular occurence," she replied.

I was taken aback but knowing that i hadn't seen any action for a few months and that the girl i truly wanted was never coming my way i realised i might as well take this chance. I looked and Becca and smiled, which made her nervous i chuckled to myself and asked
"Fancy a game of cards?"
"What game?" she replied "And why now when im about 5 seconds away from ripping your clothes off nd taking your member anyway i can?"
"Well hows about 1 hand of poker, winner gets to control loser for the rest of the night? " I suggested,
"Ahh i like it, you know i love being in control so, if it goes well, prepare to be my bitch for the night!"

So away i went dealing the cards 2 to Becca 2 to myself and 3 in the middle immediately i had 2 Ks in hand and a Q a J and an A on the flop, later I would learn Becca had an A and A 10 in her hand the turn produced an A and the river wasa 10, I asked politely realising the way hr face waslit up she must have three of a kind but when she revealed a full house I was crapping myself hoping to God i'd worked my cards out right and showed her my hand.
"Fuck, You've got a straight!" she exclaimed
"Wheww," i sighed "Though i was in trouble 4 a moment"
Immediately she got up and smiled and seductively whispered
"Okay, a deal's a deal, Your in control what can i do for you first?"
"Stick some music on," i replied "Strip dance for me."

She began slowly losing piece of clothing revealing her sentious body to me but every time i tried to touch she slapped me away. When she dopped her underwear i approached and fondled her lustious breasts and started to stroke her moist, juicy pussy, and slipped one finger at a time into her until i had three fingers inside her, finger fucking her to an orgasm litening to her moans and gasps and occasionally muting her by sucking her lips with such ferociousness that she could barely get a breath out before moving down her body biting on her rock hard nipples teasing her further before she pinned me down and ripped my trousers down and taking my shaft in her mouth and sucking as fast as she could engulfing the full length of my erected member which currently stood at a full 7 inches. She began rolling her tongue over my tip licking the slit at the top ad occasionally stopping teasig me to full effect and using a hard hands on approach brought me to man amazing climax but instead of pulling away pulled in and took my hot load in her mouth and gulped down every last drop she could

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well written tho lacks off towards end, good first attempt

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