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What went on the 2nd day of camping with jr. high boy Mikey.
Part 5

So that night after the fire burned out where I took Mikey camping, it was time to get in the tent. So we stripped down to our briefs and climbed in. It was dead quiet and pitch dark out there in the mountains and there was nobody out there but us and nature.

I conveniently rolled out the big sleeping bag that we would both fit in, but Mikey didn’t seem to mind after what had just gone on that afternoon. So, I was behind him and ran my hand down the back of his briefs and started to squeeze his ass. I started grunting and pressing my hardening cock in my briefs against him. “Such a sweet boy you are. And now we’re gonna have some real fun.”

He said quietly “What are we gonna do Tony?”

I got closer so I could whisper into his ear and informed him, “I’m gonna fuck you up the ass like it’s a pussy…..”

He started to shake a little bit and was nervous. I whispered hushing sounds into his ear and pulled down his briefs as far as I could and he managed to get them the rest of the way off. I had him turn around and I laid back. “Why don’t you suck on my cock for a while there, Mikey…get me ready for you.”

He then maneuvered his body downward and pulled down the front of my briefs and took my hard prick into his young mouth. Damn it felt good and I put my hand on top of his head and pumped my cock into his mouth, feeling it throb with each motion he made on it. I had him suck me for about five minutes and then I pulled off my briefs. I then reached into a bag I had in the tent and pulled out a jar of Vaseline. I like the way Vaseline greases up my dick. So, I rubbed some of the goo onto my cock and then turned Mikey onto his stomach and rubbed my finger onto his young, smooth asshole. I started working my index finger in a circular motion on the boy’s asshole and kept doing this until I got the tip of my finger inside. He tensed up a bit….”It’s okay, Mikey, just relax…” as I continued to work my finger into his virgin asshole little by little. He was moaning after I got my finger all the way in and I started slowly fucking his little hole and told him “My dick’s gonna feel so damn good in there.”

When I couldn’t’ stand it anymore, I climbed up onto him so I was covering his body with mine and pushed my cock up against his tender asshole. I applied some weight onto him and started pushing my cockhead in past his rectum and he started to gasp and moan. I figured I couldn’t be too careful, so I reached around and covered his mouth as I began pushing the length of my cock up into his young ass and he was moaning loudly but it was muffled by my hand. “Ssshhhh….it only hurts for at first…you’ll get used to it.” I felt him try to wiggle out from under me and he started to resist, but I was too far gone to stop now. He was getting fidgety under me and I whispered into his ear….”Knock that the fuck off Mikey…just take my cock in your ass like I know you want me to….be my little cunt.”

Mikey knew he was no match for me, so he relaxed a little and I started pushing my cock in and out of his tight asshole with a little bit of force, because he was so fucking tight and I had a hard time loosening him up. “That’s a good little cockwhore…you know you like that.” I could tell his head was spinning and I couldn’t take it anymore….I had to shoot my load. I pushed my cock into him as firm as I could and felt it start to twitch as it emptied it’s cum into the young virgin boy’s ass. I let out a long groan of relief and satisfaction and let it continue to throb until I knew all my seed was pumped into my little cousin’s butthole. When I pulled out, I laid on my side and brought him close to me.

Mikey was whimpering a little and I whispered again into his ear…”Shhh, it’s okay…it’s okay…you did good.”

Everything was silent after that and eventually he drifted off to sleep. I then laid awake for a little while pleased at what had just happened and knew the rest of the week there was going to be good.

So then next day we got up and ate some breakfast. Then I got a line ready for each of us and gave Mikey the first one and then followed with my own. “So how’s about I take you down the creek today for a little swim?”

Mikey shrugged and said “Sure!”

So after a while, I took him along this path that stretched along for a bit to the creek down the hill where I knew no one else would be. There never had been before! We got down there and I stripped out of my t-shirt and shorts and got into the cold water slowly. “Goddamn, careful when you first get in..cold as a motherfucker.” At the same time I watched him strip down naked from his shorts and wife beater undershirt and he made his way to the water. I went out further in where I knew I could actually swim, as most of it was more shallow. Mikey finally was in the water and we fucked around for a while, talking and splashing water at each other’s faces.

After about a half hour or so, we laid on a couple of big towels at the edge of the creek and it was then that the unexpected happened…this dude walked up to where we were and I was thinking “Oh fuck…I’m in deep shit.” It was a man around my age with a shaved head and long beard and looked like a mountain type guy, wearing a pair of overalls. He was grinning at us and said “Well, what we got here?”

I didn’t know yet what to make of the dude and I said “Hey, just catchin a swim with my cuz here.”

He nodded and was feasting his eye on Mikey. Then he looked at me and motioned for me to get up and go talk to him for a second. Mikey was dumbfounded and didn’t know what was going on. After a few words with the man who I learned was named Ray, I went over to where I had my bag with my stash in it. I pulled the sack out and a small square mirror and prepared a line for Ray. Mikey was looking at me like “what are you doing?” and I gave him a wink and a grin. So Ray stood behind me and watched me get his line ready until I handed him the mirror and the cut straw and he sniffed up the magic dust like no one’s fuckin’ business! He held his nose for a second and said “Oh yeah…that’s it.”

Then he handed it back and handed the mirror to Mikey and told him to have the little bit left on it. So, he did without hesitation and I told him “Now look Mikey, Ray here told me he’d like to have a little fun with you like I did. So he’s gonna take you for a swim.”

Mikey looked a little shocked, but at the same time not surprised by what I just said. Ray stared at Mikey as he stripped naked and then pulled Mikey up by the arm and said “Go.”

Mikey got up and didn’t look back. He got into the water and Ray followed him in, squeezing on his cock as he stared at the boy’s smooth ass. I watched them swim a little bit away to this shaded spot and then he got Mikey pinned up against a large rock and I watched as he fucked the boy right there in the water. I got hard as fuck watching this damn stranger violating Mikey’s young ass, so I started stroking my cock. I watched Ray pumping harder and harder into the boy and he ended up doing what I did, covering the boy’s mouth. I was thinking “Fuck yeah…this is fuckin hot!” and I started yanking and jerking my cock into a frenzy and then held my breath as I spewed hot cum onto the towel I was laying on and within moments I saw that Ray was pumping his load into Mikey’s young boyhole.

After they got back to where I was, Ray got dried off and dressed again and said “Damn that was good. You have a good time now.” And he walked off away from the creek and into the woods until we could no longer see him. Mikey was then sitting next to me on his towel and we didn’t say anything for a few minutes and then he grinned at me and said “You know what”

“What’s that?” I said.

“I’m starting to like this. I like being fucked and I like sucking cock. I like being your nasty whore like you said.”

I started to laugh a little bit and said “Now that’s good to hear.” We then laid back in the sun through the trees and relaxed for a while to enjoy the day.

Well, that’s all for now folks, but there will be the continuing story of what happened the rest of the week there while camping and then what went on afterward. More with Kyle too. Have a good one.
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