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How I came to be my son's whore.
Well where should I begin? My name is Debora and I am a 44 year old divorced white female who, over time, has become my son's whore.

When my husband Troy left he had good reason. We lived in a trailer complex and I had the habit of going to bed with various men within the complex. I couldn't help it and I enjoyed it tremendously. So, Troy left me and that was that. What I didn't see coming was how our son Steve reacted. He was sixteen at the time Troy left (he is now 23) and I still can't believe what has transpired over these past years.

The night Troy left, I was in the living room smoking some pot and relaxing, somewhat glad that my marriage was over. Troy had been a bit of a bore and I'm a woman who needs some excitement and a little insanity. It's just who I am. So I was sitting there and Steve came out of his room. He was in an Iron Maiden T-shirt and his white brief underwear and socks. He sat down at the other end of the couch from me and was watching TV. After a while, he decided to say something to me.

"I know why dad left." he said. I was a little surprised by his remark.

"You do???" I asked, interested to see what he was going to continue with.

"Mmmm-hmmm" he muttered, looking a little angry. "It's because you're a fucking whore."

I then turned my attention to him, my eyes bugging out. "What???? Son of a bitch!" I was shocked and a bit pissed.

"Come on mom, I've been home during summer vacation when you've had men here in the park come over to fuck you. I'd hear it going on in your room. The wall aren't exactly thick."

"You listened to....and with them....I...."

"I was jacking off listening in on it. Sometimes I'd peek into your room and would watch you sucking cock, getting fucked in your cunt...or even your ass once! "

"Where the fuck did you learn this kind of language?" I asked.

Steve laughed at me. "Oh come on mom, you don't think I haven't checked out porn? One of your "boyfriends" in the park let me borrow it."


"I ain't telling you. But what I am gonna tell you mom is that now you're fucked. You're fucked because now you're gonna suck my cock." I then glanced down and saw Steve squeezing on his hardening dick in his shorts and then I looked at his face, my jaw open and I didn't know how to respond.

Steve then stood up in front of me and pulled out his hard cock, which was the first time I ever saw how my son's manhood had grown to be large. "Steven, I...." but before I could say another word, be pulled my head forward and stuffed his dick into my open mouth, muffling my words. "Shut up slut. You know you want this and a lot more from me. Take it just like you take all those other men's cocks. Only now I'm gonna watch when they fuck you and even participate." He continued to pump my mouth with his big dick and while I was stunned, I moved forward more and started to expertly work his cock with my mouth. "That's it....suck it like you mean it." It was obvious that watching borrowed porn was teaching him well.

"Fuck mom, that feels so fuckin' good. You're such a good cock whore. Yeah..." he continued on, now grabbing at my head with both hands as he worked himself in and out of my mouth. Before long he started groaning and he held still as I felt his dick twitch in my mouth and he emptied the contents of his balls down my throat.

After he pulled out of my mouth, he pulled up his briefs again and looked at me seriously. "I'll be in bed....YOUR bed waiting for you to come to me." and without another word, he walked into my bedroom and climbed into my bed. I sat out in the living room on the sofa for a while, still in shock and I didn't know what I should do. Just accept it happening? Did I want this? Like this? But then again, my pussy was pretty wet after what my son had just done and it made a moist spot on the sofa. Yes, I guess this was what I wanted.

So, I turned off the TV set and the lights and went to my bedroom where my sixteen year old son waited for me. I crawled into bed with him and he reached over and turned off the lamp. The room was dark and silent and soon I drifted off to sleep, still tasting my son's cum in my mouth.

I woke up in the middle of the night in the dark room, but I woke up on my side and my son had his arm around me, holding me firmly. I was still out of it but I felt something slimy being wiped onto my ass, like petroleum jelly or some type of gel. I was frozen as I didnt' know what was going on, but then I felt my son find my asshole with his young dick and push it in past my sphincter and force it up my ass. I yelled "Stop! Steven!" He went in hard and it hurt a bit, but he covered my mouth and said "Shut up whore. You've gotten buttfucked before." and he shoved himself harder into my ass, kneading my tits hard and rough. He virtually raped my asshole and I could feel my cunt start to get wet and gushy and I actually let my finger find my clit to start rubbing it. Steven could tell and shove harder into me again. "I knew it, you wanted it. Don't pretend like you don't."

I laid there on my side and let my son anally violate me until he stuck himself as far up as he could and ejaculated into his mother's ass, while he squeezed my tits to where they were sore.

I was so exhausted after this that I drifted back to sleep.

This is all for now, but I promise to go on soon. Please leave comments or contact me if you'd like.



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2016-03-18 13:43:10
Your stories turn me on. I am shooting my load for you. Thanks!

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my wife still looks forward to one of my class mates him and her made out on a dance floor when we were younger he is much taller then i am and my wife said more indulled as wel lso she has felt his cock at the least. i know he has come to my house while i was at work. which usually left him with tons of time as i was an over the road truck driver. so now i wonder how many guys have had my wife

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not too bad for a starter story, but needs to be longer, and with more deion.

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needs a poop in there some were

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ohhhh soooo naughty! shame shame, *giggles*

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