It was the Easter term at university, fresh from her winter break; Kim was always looking for new opportunities for a little excitement in the new term. She would still make a point of ignoring all male attention thrown at her from all sides, whilst maintaining a sweet an ignorant air of innocence. She wore clothing, which amplified her firm and petite form and would give the boys a clear picture of what lay beneath. In these winter months she turned to jeans that fitted perfectly, her rounded luscious arse and hugged her legs like lycra, leaving almost nothing to the imagination as to the silky smoothness of her pale, porcelain skin. Her hair, as dark at jet, flew free in the breeze and her cheeks were reddened by the chill air, making look almost like something out of fairy tale, at least a sexy, red hot fairy story.
Secretly Kim revelled in turning the head of almost all male specimens that walked her, way whilst pretending not to notice the staring eyes and nigh on drooling lips. Whilst a good fuck was never far from her mind, Kim kept herself under control most of the time, she needed to. The tight fitting jeans were more than just for driving the boys mad; they also fulfilled the secret purpose of keeping her long thin hermaphrodite cock in check throughout the day. It was something she had learned to live with and eventually to relish, born with both a smooth, delicate feminine cock and a sweet wet pussy, blending perfectly into the base of her cock were the balls would usually hang grotesquely between the legs. Kim considered her self having the best of both worlds, being able to both stroke her 7 inch dick and fondle her own curvaceous, peachy breasts at the same time was ecstasy on two levels of sexuality.
Most of the time of course she didn’t have to play with herself, she had Laura, her friend, her lover, her fuck buddy. The two of them would screw whenever they could each find a spare moment, Kim sinking the entire length of her cock into the delicious folds of Laura’s expectant pussy.

It was one evening like any other in mid February, Kim lay on her bed, completely naked, expectant and waiting for Laura to return from the days lectures so that they could both relax with a good hard fuck. Just thinking about Laura’s smooth tanned skin, her large buxom breasts and of course her glorious, fuckable pussy made Kim’s loins tingle just with the energy of imagining it. Even though her arms lay by her sides she felt her cock slowly begin to elongate, the blood rush to her groin and her dick began to raise itself directly up from the bed, like a ship’s mast, rigid and hard and aching to be touched. Her breasts also were screaming for attention, the nipples standing tall and pronounced like miniature bullets on hilltop of each rippling bosom.
Clenching her fists and trying to close her mind to the images of Laura’s body Kim bit her lower lip and concentrated her on trying to get her penis to stay down. But it was no good, her imagination already running wild with images of those lips, that hair, that perfect piece of ass. Sighing in frustration, she reached out and grasped her cock firmly in one hand and felt it twitch expectantly beneath her palm, with her other hand she gripped one of her nipples between thumb and forefinger, twisting the bud softly between the digits, sending a wave of tingling please across her skin.
With her cock so hard and her pussy already moist from the attention she was giving herself it took only a few moments for her to feel that familiar building climax beneath her groin. Gripping harder with both hands, and clenching her eyes tight shut, the feeling grew and grew inside her until finally in a last mountain of pleasure she exploded outwards in pulse after pulse of heated energy. Deep inside her she felt both her pussy muscles contract around an invisible cock and her own cock clenched it’s tightly wired muscles until she ran dry and her skin tingled delightfully as the last ripples of the orgasm released her.

There was a knock on the door. But it wasn’t the knock that she recognised as Laura’s and so, quickly she wiped herself clean with a paper towel and threw on her dressing gown over her naked form. Walking to the door, she bent over forwards slightly so that her cock didn’t poke it’s way forwards out of the folds of the fabric as it slowly shrank in size, but still aching for Laura’s sweet pussy.
Opening the door Kim was surprised to see that it was indeed Laura standing outside but she wasn’t alone, standing with her was Natalie, their other ‘girl friend’ of the group. Although she was unexpected Kim was glad to see Nat right now, and beneath her gown, Kim felt a slight twitch of excitement, for Natalie too was a fine specimen of femininity. As Laura walked in her eye’s met with Kim’s in a look that said, ‘just play along’, Kim slightly confused but intrigued nonetheless simply closed and locked the door and sat down on the bed next to Laura, careful to cross her legs and hide the still prominent bulge in her groin.
‘What’s up Nat?’, she asked innocently, trying to keep her wandering eyes in check as they caressed their way down Natalie’s neck, and down her chest to where her small but rounded forms of he breasts lay concealed in her top. Nat bit her lips looking embarrassed, unwilling to reveal what seemed to be bothering her, although she squirmed on the spot and crossed her legs too in a frustrated fashion.
‘Come on now sweetie, it’s only us, you can tell us anything,’ chipped in Laura, her eyes meeting with Kim’s once again and a flash of excitement passed between them.
‘Weeeeeell…’ Nat began, somewhat hesitantly, ‘it’s just that…’ another pause as she adjusted herself.
‘Well, you know I’ve been seeing that guy for a little while…’ Kim and Laura nodded, encouraging her to continue, ‘Well, we did some fooling around the other night, nothing serious, just some kissing and a bit of touchy-feely, but then he just… sort of left…, and I wasn’t done yet, he just left me hanging there. He won’t answer my calls, I think he might be scared or something…’ Nat paused momentarily, taking a deep breath and visibly squirming again, as if she were suppressing something.
‘And he’s just left me hanging, and there’s this… this… this aching, building feeling in my pussy, it; won’t go away, like I want to explode, and I don’t know what to do about it!’
There was a momentary pause, during which Kim and Laura shared a knowing glance and a small smirk.
‘Nat, have you ever, you know, done it with a man?’ Laura asked, Nat shook her head looking at the floor, ‘No, but I really want to, but he just won’t call me back!’
Laura’s smile could have melted butter, ‘Nat sweetie, you don’t need men for that’,
‘Huh?’ Nat replied, looking up and her eye’s meeting Laura’s
‘We’ve got everything we need for a good time right here…’ and with that Laura leaned forward, took Nat’s head in her hands and planted a sweet, tender kiss on the other girl’s lips. For a moment Nat’s eyes went as wide as golf balls as she felt Laura’s tongue slide in-between her lips, then as the moment took hold and she felt the warm, soft texture of her lips on her own, all her inhibitions fell away and let herself fall into the moment.
Underneath the dressing gown, between her legs, Kim felt her cock begin to grow once more, it’s firm shaft rising in readiness, keeping her leg’s crossed over it’s rigid form she gently massaged Nat’s shoulders from behind whilst delicately removing her bra straps so that her small petite breasts fell free of their fabric prison.
Nat’s brain was in a complete whirl, she knew that this was wrong, and that for some reason she shouldn’t be doing this but all the while the growing feeling deep within her panties grew stronger and stronger, aching, fighting to get out. Finally, the feeling won and she too grabbed the back of Laura’s head, grasping her hair passionately and forcing her moist tender lips onto Laura’s own, their tongues searching passionately through each-others mouths.
Laura was now pressed on her back, with Nat pinning her to the bed as she writhed with pent up energy and the anticipation, but ignorance of what was to come. Desperately they fought to remove their clothing, breaking their kiss momentarily to remove their t-shirts and bras so that their breasts, Laura’s large, plump and tanned and Nat’s small, pale and with nipples like bullets, were pressed together. They lay writhing on the bed, Nat, letting out small desperate moans of passion as the two girls gripped each other’s hair and skin, almost fighting for that next amazing endorphin.
Kim went relatively un-noticed, delicately stoking Nat’s soft, warm but ghostly pale back, from her shoulders all the way down to the crack of her panties. With more than a little help from their owner, she managed to quickly remove the encumbering jeans and small white cotton panties so that Nat’s pussy was laid bare to the room. Kim had rarely before seen a more beautiful thing, Nat’s Pussy was a small simple slit down the length of her groin, her clitoris tucked in and concealed between those two luscious, quickly moistening folds.
Nat’s and Laura’s bare pussies where now writhing desperately together, trying without result to reach that amount of friction which would release each other in a warm bath of ecstasy. Luckily Kim had just the remedy for Nat’s furious pent up energy. Striping down to her bare skin, Kim held her now rigid member as she guided it towards Nat’s waiting, unsuspecting pussy, pausing momentarily; she rested the firm, narrow tip, just touching the skin on Nat’s heated groin.
Nat, her attention now bent on the unknown object at her entrance, broker her lips away from Laura’s and span her head round, meeting Kim’s soft caring expression and her waiting cock.
With a small smile Kim whispered softly, ‘You’ll enjoy this sweetie…’ and with that she pushed forward, sinking her dick quickly but smoothly into the waiting folds of Nat’s neglected lips. A moan, almost a scream escaped from Nat as the incredible feeling of that shaft penetrating her most intimate area filled her body. Her nerves were on fire and her pussy seemed almost alive with passion as Kim’s cock continued to push forward into her untouched region.
To Kim too it felt absolutely incredible, Nat was so tight and firm that it took almost physical effort to continue pushing her shaft forwards, but it felt wonderful, moist and soft, as she stroked Nat’s pale firm buttocks with her palms. Encountering a momentary resistance she knew that it was now or never and made one final trust before beginning to pulse back and forth, felling Nat’s warm interior around herself as her own glorious feeling grew inside her.
To Nat it felt like a momentary judder of extreme pain, swiftly followed by the most incredible feeling in the world as she was thrust once again full of Kim’s dick, filling her up so that she felt like her pussy was about to explode with the energy built up inside it. Another moan escaped her lips as she buried them deeper into Laura’s, she began to cry out in uncontrolled rapture from the incredible the combination of Kim’s cock deep inside her and Laura’s soft feminine form pressed against her own, luscious skin.
‘Yea, that’s right baby,’ Kim breathed, continuing to pound Nat’s virgin pussy, increasing the tempo with every thrust, ‘told you that girls could have more fun together didn’t we, I bed you think guys aren’t so great now do you?’ a small incoherent yelp was all that escaped Nat’s searching lips as she hungrily pressed herself against Laura below her.
‘Oh god yea’ she managed, ‘that feels, good, so good, fuck me, fuck me till I cum!’
‘Yea that’s right, you take it, you can take it like a good girl, oh god, your sweet little virgin pussy feels so good, you take my cock like a pro…’
Another building moan emitted from below as Kim increased the tempo once more, so that she was pounding Nat’s untouched, defenceless pussy for all it was worth, triggering screams of pleasure from below, which were only muffled by Laura’s encompassing lips.
Building and building, Kim finally could take it no more and in a few, final, moist thrusts she felt her groin explode outwards.
‘Aaaaaaaaahhhhh, yea baby, oooooohhhhh, take it, take all like a little good girl!’
‘Oh, oh god, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, fuck oh, shiiit!’
To Nat, none of what she had ever felt before could encompass what she felt as she felt Kim’s warm juices pump into her, her pussy seemed to explode in an instant release of furious passion as wave after endless wave of her orgasm crashed into her. Finally, pussy filled to the brim and her lips ravaged by Laura’s attentions Nat collapsed forwards onto Laura’s breasts, twitching and breathing heavily as the seemingly endless waves broke over her, ravaging her pussy and making her skin tingle with fire.
Looking up, Kim and Laura shared a look, they were not through with this little ex-virgin yet.

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