A normal beautiful family goes on a sailing trip and in the process discovers incestuous bisexual family love. It is a wild sexual journey that involves parent/child sex and sibling sex. Their kids range in age from 11 to 14.
Family Love Boat Characters

Ryan (31) and Christie (31) Miller
Zachary 14
Hannah 12
Emily 11
Noah 11

Ted and Amy Taylor
Mike 15
Kaitlin 14
Will 13
Sara 13
Thomas 11
Josh 9 months

Family Love Boat 5

The two young couples watched the sea plane as it landed in the cove. Ted already had the jet ski in the water when the sea plane started its final approach. As soon as the plane began to settle and slow down, Ted revved the jet ski and raced out to the sea plane to get the results of the genetic testing from Simon the pilot. Zach, Hannah, Mike and Kaitlin raced back to the ski boat. Zach and Mike pushed the boat off the beach and Mike started the engine. He accelerated the boat to full speed as the young foursome raced back to the yacht.

When they reached the yacht, the boys quickly jumped on the platform and tied the mooring lines for the ski boat to the cleats on the boarding platform. The four of them raced up the steps and into the lounge.

Everyone sat waiting for them. Zach and Hannah looked concerned. Amy asked if they would like for her to open the results with them privately. They both shook their head no.

This is a family thing, Hannah said. We want our family with us.

Hannah held Zach’s hand tightly as Amy opened the envelope. Ryan, Christie and the twins gathered around them for support. Amy pulled out the report and read it first. She looked relieved. Then her face broke into a huge grin. She rushed forward and pulled the two naked kids into her arms. She kissed one and then the other. Everything is great she told them.

Both Zach and Hannah collapsed in each other’s arms. Tears of joy streamed down Hannah’s face. Ryan, Christie, Noah and Emily rushed them and they all fell into a naked group hug. Moments later Mike and Kaitlin joined in and then it became a huge naked group hug. Soon everyone had joined in the celebration.
There was laughing, crying and hugging.

Ryan took his beautiful 12 year old daughter in his arms and hugged her tight against him. She felt his 7 ½” throbbing thick erection pressed against her. Hannah cupped her hand around his throbbing boner. Mmmm…daddy it feels awesome.

Their kiss became much more intimate and then passionate. As they kissed Hannah felt how her body reacted to her father sexuality. Her juices began to flow down the insides of her thighs as her excitement built.

Hannah watched as Zach began to kiss their mom passionately. Christie hugged Zach tight to her body and Zach felt her turgid nipples press into his naked flesh. Their tongues did an intense sexual ballet.

Noah took Emily by the hand he led her to a quiet place on the polished teak deck and he took her in his arms. Noah laid her on the deck and spread her legs and began to pleasure his twin sister with his tongue. Soon he had Emily moaning with the wild pleasure that wracked her young body. Noah spread her legs and entered her with his boy boner and the twin thrust their sex together rubbing and grinding until their young bodies convulsed with the powerful good feelings. Noah’s ached to fill his twin sister with his seed but his immature body was still not capable of producing sperm.

Hannah led Ryan to the couch and she pulled her Daddy on top of her. Hannah looked into his piercing lust clouded eyes and watched him focus on her sex as she spread her legs. Daddy I want you to fuck me…fill me with your seed…I want to feel your cum explode deep inside me.

Ryan’s body vibrated with anticipation. He knelt before his daughter and parted her legs. His tongue began to probe her 12 year old vulva. He delighted in the wonderful flavor and in seconds he found her stiff clit. He felt her body shake as the wild pleasure raced through her body. She shuddered again and again with her first wave of orgasmic pleasure. Ryan continued to lap her sex until her first orgasm faded.

Feeling Hannah’s 12 year old body quake with pleasure only inflamed Ryan’s need to seed the beautiful girl. Ryan picked Hannah up and set her on the oriental rug. Her beautiful face and deep blue eyes were clouded with lust. He watched as her eyes fixed on his thick throbbing cock.

Ryan gently parted the lips of her labia and presented his thick cock to her sex. She watched mesmerized as her Daddy’s thick cock with it’s trail of precum approached her most intimate place. The thick flared head of his cock looked impossibly big for her vagina. She dreamt about her father making love to her last night. As she felt the thick head of his throbbing member kiss the lips of her pussy she knew that Daddy was going to fuck her properly for the first time.

Hannah gasped as she felt his thick cock stretch her sex. Hannah’s sex began to engulf her Dad’s throbbing manhood. She gasped as his thick cock spread her twelve year old vagina. She was so wet he found it easy to enter her.

Hannah groaned with pleasure as she felt his cock go deeper. As his thick cock stretched her cervix she moaned with the intense pleasure that he caused her.

Daddy…fuck me…fuck me hard…please….please fuck me.

Ryan began to thrust rapidly into his beautiful sexy daughter. Ryan groaned as her tight vagina gripped his thick erection and milked the seed from deep in his loins…the very seed that made her. Ryan’s penis ached to seed his sexy blond daughter.

It had long been Ryan’s fantasy to fill Hannah with his incestuous seed. He felt the seed begin to race from his loins.

Ryan cried out that he was cumming as the hot seed spurted deep in her molten core. He thrust again and again as his thick hot semen flooded his daughter’s sex.

Hanna felt his eruption and her young body convulsed with a powerful orgasm. She felt her body flood her father with her juices as she had a powerful squirting orgasm. Hannah felt her Daddy slam his hard cock in her again and again until they were both completely spent.

Zach laid his mother down on the deck next to Noah and Emily. Zach’s penis was so hard with the excitement of the news about the positive results of the genetic testing. His 14 year old body vibrated with sexual excitement. He kissed his mother passionately. Zach felt his thick teen member slide naturally into his mother red hot core. Zach couldn’t help but think about the fact that he was now fucking the very vagina that had delivered him into the world. That only inflamed his lust more.

Zach began to thrust knowing that there was no danger of getting his mother pregnant because she tested positive last night. Since all of the family sex started Zach craved the opportunity to fill his mother with his hot semen. Zach sucked on her magnificent nipples and reached between their bodies to play with her hard clit.

His mother stoked his back and his legs. She began to finger him and that drove him wild.

Oh…Momma….I am so close.

Fuck me hard baby just like you did the night you filled me with your cum the first time…the most fertile night of the month. Baby…this might be your baby. That pushed Zach over the edge. He pounded his mother hot sex with his throbbing erection. His pubis slammed against her hard clit again and again until she screamed with pleasure. That was the moment he began to fill her with his incestuous semen.

Christie cried out as Zach’s hot cum exploded into her womb. She kissed him passionately wondering if the baby she carried was his.

Ryan was still rock hard and deep inside Hannah. The two of them watched Ted, Amy and their 13 year old daughter Sara. Ted had told Ryan last night that Sara had her first period 2 weeks ago. Ted talked about Sara’s amazing sex drive and how they needed to be careful.

Amy was lying on the deck and Ted was pumping his magnificent erection deep in her core. Sara sat on her mother’s face as Amy sucked her daughter’s stiff clitoris. The gorgeous 13 year old squirmed with the wild pleasure her mother caused. Sara held her Daddy’s face against her pert little breasts as he sucked her erect nipple. Sara began to moan and groan with the wild orgasmic pleasures that her parents caused. Ted felt Amy’s amazing vagina clamp down on his throbbing organ as she groaned into her daughters sex as an orgasm rocked her body too. Ted groaned as he felt the hot seed race through his magnificent erection and flood into Amy’s sex. The three of them were lost in orgasmic bliss.

Next to them 15 year old Mike was in a slightly modified push-up position. Mike’s hard boy cock was thrusting rapidly in his 14 year old sister Kaitlin’s tight vagina. He couldn’t believe how sexy she was. His brother Thomas knelt on the deck with Kaitlin’s head between his knees. His 11 year old boner was being sucked by Mike. Mike could not believe that Will, his brother the sex maniac, had lubricated his pucker. Mike felt Will had enter his ass. Will was sexually insatiable. Will was wildly thrusting his hard 13 year old boner in Mike’s 15 year old ass. That rammed Mike’s erection deep in Kaitlin’s sexual core. Mike could feel that Will was hanging on the edge of a powerful orgasm.

Will cried out… Shit Mike…I’m cumming…oh fuck you’re so tight…oh yeah….

Mike felt his brother’s hot semen flood his ass and that pushed him over the edge. Mike thrust his hard cock deep in his beautiful sister as his penis unleashed a torrent of hot sperm. It was at that moment that 11 year old Thomas began to wildly face fuck his 15 year old brother.

Thomas cried out… Fuck Mike…never been like this…oh shit….so good…feels fucking awesome. The sexy 11 year old boy just filled his brother’s mouth with clear fresh boy semen. Thomas screamed out… That was un-fucking real…dude that was amazing.

Mike grinned at his youngest brother. It should have been man…you just shot your first load of cum.

Thomas was up jumping around for joy. He wanted to have a wet orgasm more than anything.

Ryan watched his twins. Emily was excited for Thomas and she rushed over to hug him and congratulate her new friend.

Ryan watched as Noah wandered downstairs. He followed his 11 year old son down into a state room and found him with his head in his hands. Noah looked up as his dad came in and Ryan saw the tears streaming down his son’s face.

Why am I the only one that can’t cum? Noah asked his Dad his voice thick with his frustration.

Noah…people develop sexually at different rates. I am not sure what to tell you son. We could have Dr. Amy check you out just to be sure that everything is okay.

Could we? Noah asked hopefully. When Noah glanced over he saw Dr. Amy standing in the door way.

Amy smiled at the young boy warmly and said, we sure can…right now if you want to do it.

Noah nodded yes and followed her to her stateroom.

Amy got her medical kit out of the closet. She gave Noah a quick basic physical just to make sure nothing else was wrong.

She finished the basic exam and began the sexual examination. She checked out Noah’s erection and pronounced it to be a very nice size for an 11 year old. She then began to probe his scrotum and found that it was drawn up tight against his body. She had noticed that it was always in that state. She felt the underside of his two small boy nuggets. They seemed normal. Amy didn’t bother with a rubber glove. She lubricated her middle finger and began to probe the boy’s pucker. He didn’t even wince at the penetration. Amy smiled and said, I think that sexy brother of yours has penetrated you at least once.

Noah nodded his head yes.

That thick 14 year old erection of his stretched you and bruised you a little. Does it hurt much?

Only a little, Noah told the doctor.

Amy explored Noah’s immature prostate. It was normal but not developed.

Well this is an interesting combination, Amy told Noah and Ryan. Noah you have a very strong sex drive for a boy that shows very little sign of sexual development. I suspect that when you do begin to develop sexually your sex drive will be amazing. You will probably need 3 or 4 orgasms every day to keep it under control.

Amy said, while Noah is in excellent health he has not started to begin to develop sexually or physically the way he should be.

Ryan asked what they could do about it.

There are some new drugs that will jump start the development process.

Noah suddenly went from a look of despair to a look of hopefulness.

How does it work? Ryan asked.

It starts with a surge of hormones. The testicles descend almost immediately. In Noah’s case it will likely cause him to be erect most of the time and need sex several times a day. Usually within a few days boys that take the drug begin to produce immature semen…clear thin fluid that looks more like precum. That is probably what Thomas just ejaculated in Mike’s mouth. The development will begin to intensify and within days Noah should be ejaculating mature semen.
Ryan hugged his naked son. Noah what do you think?

Please can I try it Dad? Noah asked his handsome father.

I have some aboard. I was going to give it to Thomas if he had not started to ejaculate. Amy told them. She went to a small refrigerator in their room and removed a small vial. She got a syringe and alcohol wipe out of the drawer. Amy injected the clear liquid into Noah’s hip.

She told Noah to rest on the bed for a little while. Amy walked out on to the lower deck with Ryan. I hope you don’t take this wrong, but I think it would be good for you and your family to have a few days to assimilate the changes in your lives. A lot has changed in a short period of time.

Ryan thanked Amy for the suggestion. He told her he had been thinking the same thing but didn’t want to be rude after all she had done for the family.

Amy kissed Ryan and lightly fondled his flaccid penis and low hanging testicles. She smiled at Ryan and told him, you are not only sexy…you’re smart too! Ted and I would like for you to join us on our island. He can give you the coordinates and navigation instructions.

They hugged and went back to check on Noah. They found him on the bed sleeping with his young boy boner rigid. Amy kissed Noah on the forehead.

Noah opened his eyes and his hand immediately went to his raging erection.

How do you feel, she asked him?

Mmmm…good…just kind of weird…like I need to sex, the sexy 11 year old told her.

You will feel that way a lot in the weeks ahead. You can have sex and masturbate as often as you want, she told the boy.

Ryan you will want to be sure that Noah knows lots of different ways to masturbate. She put her hand on Noah’s naked shoulder. It will be important that you pleasure yourself in lots of different ways. Be careful not to rub yourself raw. You will want sex all the time.

She turned to Ryan and said, you will soon notice that his penis is often swollen or puffy after sex and particularly after a long session of masturbation. That is very normal and it is a sign that the tissues inside the penis are growing and developing.

You mean getting bigger? Noah asked.

Yes…that is exactly what I mean.

Awesome! Noah cried out.

The three of them walked back up. Amy asked Ryan if they would stay for dinner.

Ryan hugged her and said, I think you are right. We need some time to process all of the wonderful things that have happened to our family.

When they got up on deck, Ryan shook Ted’s hand and thanked him for an amazing experience. The men hugged and soon they were both semi-erect. Amy explained to Ted her recommendations for Ryan and his sexy family.

Ted agreed. He took Ryan to the navigation station and showed him their island on a chart. As they looked at the distance, they decided that it would take Ryan about a week to sail there. Ted looked at Ryan and told him he would like for Ryan to plan on spending time with them on the island. We have built our own resort there. There are lots of families like ours that you will meet. And Ryan….

Ryan looked at Ted who was now fully erect, Yeah... He answered.

I would like to spend more time with you too! Ted told his sexy new friend as his 7” erection throbbed with each beat of his heart.

Ryan pulled Ted into a naked and very intimate embrace. He cupped Ted’s testicles and erection in his hands. Ryan knelt before Ted as if he were at an alter worshiping. He began to lick the continuous stream of clear precum that leaked from Ted’s throbbing member. Ryan began to lick and suck the head of the thick cock. His fingers found all of the sensitive places that made Ted gasp with pleasure. Ryan’s finger massaged Ted’s pucker. He penetrated the sexy man with his middle finger. Ted was continuously moaning and groaning. Ryan felt the erection in his mouth begin to swell and the testicles draw up as Ted approached the intense pleasure of orgasm. Ted suddenly clasped Ryan’s head in his strong hands and he began to thrust uncontrollably into Ryan’s mouth deep throating his new friend.

Ryan felt his mouth being flooded with the salty sweet taste of fresh hot man semen. Ted’s thick cock spurted the seed of life again and again in Ryan’s mouth.

As Ted’s powerful orgasm subsided, he pulled Ryan up and kissed him passionately. Ted’s hand explored Ryan’s throbbing boner as it leaked puddles of precum on the beautiful teak deck. Ted broke their kiss and he started to return the favor. Ryan stopped him. He kissed Ted passionately.

Ummm…Ted…as much as I would enjoy having you suck me, I….ummm…would like to save it for another time. I want to save my seed for the twins. I want to make love to both of them tonight for the first time.

Oh…wow….that sounds awesome. I can’t blame you for wanting to save your seed for them. Their young bodies are magnificent.

The men kissed again and then Ted showed Ryan how to navigate to their island.

They walked back in the lounge. The kids and Christie were saying good bye to their new friends. They traded email addresses. They said their final good byes and headed down the steps to the ski boat.

Ted could not take his eyes off of Noah and Emily. They were both beautiful. Noah boy boner throbbed like he had not had sex in weeks. Ted imagined Ryan’s thick cock penetrating the two kids and he was rock hard again. Ted started the boat as Zach untied the mooring lines. They wave good bye to Amy and the kids as the ski boat accelerated away from the big yacht.

They pulled alongside Ryan’s sailboat moments later. Ted hugged Ryan and Christie and told them he couldn’t wait to see them at the island. When everyone had climbed back aboard, Ted put the ski boat in gear and began to accelerate as he waved good bye.

Ryan watched as the ski boat faded in the distance. He watched Zach and Hannah embrace quietly and then the embrace evolved into a tender kiss. He watched as the kiss became passionate. Ryan led Christie and the kids to their king size bed. Zach hugged Hannah as his hard penis slipped easily into her excited sex.

Christie was busy sucking Noah. His sexy young body responded to his Mom’s intimate licking and stroking of his oversexed body. Noah cried out telling her how awesome it felt and how much he loved her.

Ryan lay on his back and he pulled Emily on top of him. Oh sweet baby…you’re so sexy. Ryan told Emily as he kissed her passionately. He felt the lips of her little girl sex caress the tip of his lust slicked boner. The precum poured out of Ryan into Emily’s vagina as Emily squeezed her legs and the lips of her vulva together to massage the flared head of her Daddy’s thick cock. She moaned as the thick man member rubbed against her sensitive throbbing clit.

Mmmm…you feel so good…. Emily told her Dad as she put her hands on his shoulders and leaned up. Emily looked in her Daddy’s lust clouded deep blue eyes as her small vagina began to devour his thick penis. She stroked his face with her finger tips as the thick man meat stretched her 11 year old sex.

A time or two Ryan watched as Emily flinched as his throbbing boner penetrated her young sex. Ryan’s fingers found her turgid nipples and watched as her eyes reflected the pleasure his fingers were causing.

Mmmm….Daddy….so good. Emily told her father as the lust and wild sexy feeling raced through her sexy body.

Ryan felt her ease back on to his throbbing erection. His thumb found her throbbing clit and he gently rubbed it until he had his beautiful little girl continuously moaning and shaking her head from side to side. He blond hair flew around her head as Emily’s passion increased.

Ryan felt the flood of Em’s love juices as she emitted a small cry of pleasure. Like her mother and sister, Emily had a flow of juices when she was excited.

Oh Daddy…it’s so big…so thick… Emily told her father as she continued to gingerly slide down his thick erection. Emily was determined to take him down to the pubes. She gasped for breath as his thick cock head stretched her tiny vagina. Emily felt the tip of his throbbing erection pressing against her cervix. She felt below her and she still had about an inch of his thick throbbing cock outside of her. Emily felt her over stretched vagina finally begin to relax.

She loved the full feeling of his thick member as Emily rode up and down the rigid shaft. Oh Daddy…I feel so full…you are so sexy… Daddy…need you to fuck me.

Ryan was shocked that his little girl was begging him to fuck her. Zach was right the little nymph had an incredible sex drive. Ryan rolled Emily over into the missionary position and spread her sexy little legs wide open. Ryan felt the hot semen raging in his body and demanding release. Ryan was hanging over the abyss of orgasmic bliss. Each movement in her tiny pussy caused him incredible pleasure. Ryan knew he was at the point of no return. Ryan felt an incredible need to seed overwhelm him.

Ryan began to thrust wildly. He pumped his rigid cock deep in Emily’s core and made her gasp. Ryan was in her little sex so deep he felt her cervix open up to take his thick cock head. That intensely stimulated the head of his cock and pushed him over the edge. Ryan pubis pounded his baby girl’s lust swollen clit until she cried out with intense pleasure. As his hot cum shot into her, Ryan felt his little beauty begin a squirting orgasm. He could not believe an 11 year old girl could have an orgasm that powerful. Ryan squirted his hot seed deep in her womb. Rope after rope of his thick creamy incestuous sperm filled her small womb. Soon father and daughter lay exhausted in each other’s arms.

Ryan an Emily lay in the middle of the bed. Noah, Hannah, Zach and Christie had all stopped to watch the sexual fireworks between Ryan and Emily. Christie and Hannah marveled at the quality and intensity of Emily’s orgasm. It was a beautiful thing to watch the little girl get so much pleasure from her father’s thick erection.

Zach was so turned on that he desperately needed to seed his mother. Zach spread her legs and began to thrust his thick boy cock in her hot sex. Christie could not believe how turned on she was from watching Ryan make love to their beautiful 11 year old daughter. She felt herself hanging on the edge of an incredibly powerful orgasm. Zach pounded her sex with his hard boner and played with her stiff clit with his thumb. He nursed on her stiff nipple and thrust again and again until his hard cock erupted hot seed in his mother.

When Christie felt Zach’s hot cum explode her hot sex, it flung her over the edge. Christie ground her sex against her 14 year old boy’s pubis as he rammed his stiff erection deep in her molten core. She wrapped her legs around the sexy boy pulling him deeper into her sex. They ground against each other until they were both sexually spent.

After getting the shot, Noah had a deep sexual itch that he couldn’t seem to scratch. Noah had experienced two wild orgasms while having sex with Hannah. His little boy boner was still rock hard. Noah and Hannah were currently locked in an intense 69. He sucked on his 14 year old sister’s hard clit while Hannah sucked his stiff boy boner. Hannah was so turned on by having wild sex with her little brother that she was building toward an incredibly intense orgasm.

Hannah felt Noah begin to pinch both of her erect nipples…his tongue lapped her supersensitive clit and that combination began to rock her world. Hannah sucked his little boner until she felt Noah body buck with the wild pleasure she caused him. That pushed Hannah over the edge. Her body convulsed with intense pleasure. She gasped again and again for breath as her body shook with pleasure. She screamed as she felt herself begin to ejaculate all over Noah. Noah lapped and sucked her clit until Hannah begged him to stop.

She pulled her little brother into a tight embrace and kissed and licked her cum off of his beautiful innocent face.

Ryan couldn’t believe it but watching Noah and Hannah made him rock hard again. Ryan knew that he had to fuck his little boy. He swept Noah into his arms. The thought of making love to both of his beautiful twins in the same evening had Ryan vibrating with sexual tension.

Ryan kissed Noah passionately. He felt Noah’s little boy boner pressed against him as they kissed. Ryan got up and found the lubricant. He applied it to his throbbing cock. Ryan could not believe that he had just made passionate love to his baby girl and felt like he was on the edge of another orgasm. Ryan knew one thing for sure…he needed to seed his sexy little boy.
Ryan kissed the beautiful blond boy as he lubricated his boy sex. Ryan filled his tight boy sex with two fingers. Noah was incredibly tight. Ryan got up on his knees and he held his manhood at the entrance to Noah’s boy sex. Ryan was so overwhelmed with his need for sex with the boy he began to thrust his throbbing member deep in the hot sleeve. Noah’s sex gripped Ryan so tight that he was afraid he would not be able to fully penetrate the boy before he filled him with hot semen.

Noah groaned as his father’s thick member deeply penetrated him. Noah gasped as his father’s final thrust buried his thick 7 ½” member deep in his core. Oh…Daddy…you are all the way in…huge…so full….so fucking full Daddy… Noah gasped out as he fought to adjust to the thick man meat deep inside him.

Noah quickly adjusted and then began to beg his Daddy to fuck him. Christie lubed Zach’s hard penis. She looked at her incredibly sexy son and told him that his Daddy needed a good fucking.

It never occurred to Zach that his father was a virgin. Zach lined up his penis with his father’s sex and thrust forward. While Zach’s penis was only 6” long it was incredibly thick for a 14 year old boy. His Daddy cried out as Zach’s stiff cock thrust deeply in his daddy’s love tunnel. In one thrust Zach took his father to the pubes. That thrust caused Ryan to bury his huge cock in his little boy hard.

Noah cried out… oh yeah….Daddy…that’s awesome. That was all it took to spur Zach on. The room was quickly filled with the sound of Zach’s loins slapping against his Daddy’s ass. Ryan began to move Noah so that Noah’s cock was moving closer to his mouth. Zach shifted their weight so that Noah’s rock hard boy boner was an inch away from his luscious lips.

Come on baby brother…show Daddy how you can suck yourself.

Zach looked over his father’s shoulder into Noah’s deep blue eyes and he saw how the idea of sucking himself turned on his Dad and big brother. Noah grunted as his cock inched toward his lips. Zach thrust hard and Noah captured the head of his boy boner in his own mouth.

Oh…wow…that’s so fucking hot…I can’t believe that you are sucking your own cock while I am making love to you. Ryan told his youngest son. Zach’s erection pounded his Dad’s prostate and Ryan felt the hot semen race through his erection and fill his 11 year old boy’s sexy ass.

Zach kept pounding his father and he literally pounded a massive load of hot cum out of his Dad into his little brother.

When they finished they heard Emily in the throes of another orgasm as Hannah licked and sucked her father’s hot cum out of her sister’s hot sex.

Soon they were all spent and gasping for breath except Christie. Christie had enjoyed a few minutes to recover. Christie looked at her men as they remained coupled as one. Zach’s sexy butt was sticking up in the air. Christie began to play with his crack and then with her two middle fingers she penetrated Zach.

Zach briefly groaned at the intrusion. He felt his mother massage his pleasure place and the sexy 14 year old became fully erect. His dad laughed as he felt his son become rigid again. He wiggled out from under his sexy boy and pulled his semi-erect member from Noah’s sex.

He kissed Noah lovingly and then Zach. I can’t imagine having two sexier boys.

Christie smiled as she kept her fingers buried in Zach’s boy sex. It was hard for Christie to imagine herself ever fingering a guy much less fingering her 14 year old son. Christie lay there with her fingers still gently probing her son. It almost seemed surreal that she was gently massaging Zach’s prostate. As she lay there with Zach’s thick cum leaking from her vagina, it was hard for her to remember what life was like before they went sailing.

It was very still on the boat. The only sound was the evening breeze blowing the halyard lines so that they clanged against the aluminum mast sounding almost like a bell. The gentle sounds of small waves slapping against the hull. The six of them were very still. They quietly stroked and tenderly kissed each other.

Emily’s fingers caressed Hannah taut abdomen as she tried to imagine the tiny life that Hannah and Zach had created. Noah was lovingly cradled in the crook of his father’s arm as Ryan lightly stroked the beautiful boy.

Zach was perfectly positioned to suck on Noah’s nipple. They were long slow laps that stimulated the still turgid boy nipples. Thing were about a peaceful as they ever get with 4 young teen/pre-teen kids.

They were quiet until Zach’s empty tummy growled a deep throated growl that vaguely resembled the monster from the black lagoon. The peace and tranquility were shattered and the six of them laughed hysterically at the boisterous intruder.

Christie rapidly rubbed his prostate and kissed the back of her sexy blond boy’s neck. I suppose this is your way of telling me you’re hungry. That brought on another fit of silly laughter.

The sun was setting rapidly as they broke out the grill and put some hamburgers on. All of them dove in and took a quick refreshing swim. They took a quick boat shower and sat in the cockpit to dry off as the burgers finished cooking.

After dinner Christie watched Zach and Hannah snuggle in the cockpit. They touched and stroked each other like young lovers do. Zach would periodically touch Hannah belly and his face would take on the sweetest awe struck smile.

They watched the seagulls and pelicans swoop and dive for their dinner. As the wind laid down, the cove became still. They watched in the twilight as a flying fish would occasionally break the water and try to elude whatever was chasing it for dinner.

When Christie and Ryan looked back over at Zach and Hannah, Zach had his hands on either side of Hannah’s vulva.

What are you doing, Hannah asked him with an amused lilt in her voice. I am trying to imagine what you would look like if you were as smooth as Emily.

Hannah turned and grinned at him and asked him if he was really curious.
Zach said yeah I am…

Hannah dashed below and came back with a razor.

Zach wanted to know where she got it.

Well if you must know it came out of your shaving kit…like you really need a whole shaving kit…she teased him with a twinkle in her eye. She ran her finger over his upper lip. There was the tiniest amount of white blond stubble. She very carefully stroked the razor on either side of his lip and then felt it again. Smooth as silk.

Well why didn’t you borrow Mom’s razor? He asked somewhat petulantly.

I was looking for a low mileage blade…now are you really curious. Well I guess I don’t really have to ask that. Hannah cupped his lust swollen erection…it looks like you are excited about the idea.

Zach blushed and said, yeah…I think you’ll look really sexy shaved.

You do? She asked.

He nodded enthusiastically. Zach moved toward her with the razor and was all ready to start shaving.

Whoa…hold on a moment boner boy, Hannah said as she giggled.

I will if you will…I think you’d look really cute shaved. She told him.

Zach hesitated only a moment. He nodded okay.

Ryan sent Noah below to find his shave cream.

Zach shaved the longer silk pubic hair and then applied the shave cream. The more he shaved Hannah, the harder Zach got. There were huge drops of precum leaking from the tip of his throbbing boner.

He kissed and hugged her when he was finished shaving her. He told her how sexy she looked shaved.

Hannah pulled Zach’s stiff boner down and began to shave him. His curly white blond pubic hair fell to the deck like rain. She very gently took his scrotum and shaved the few hairs that were growing there. Hannah lathered up Zach’s pubis with shaving cream. She carefully removed the last of his pubic hair. Then she playfully squirted shaving cream all over his erection. She gripped it tightly and began to stroke her sexy boy. Her beautiful sexy big brother let out a low groan that was almost a deep throated growl as the rapid stroking of his shaving cream covered cock had it’s effect. Zach thrust his hard cock into his sexy sister’s hand and moaned as the first jet of hot thick semen squirted forcefully from his penis and landed on his mother’s face.

God that felt awesome…Zach announced. He then leaned down and kissed his mother and licked his hot semen from her face.

It was rapidly becoming dark. Ryan told the kids to dive in while he swept up all of the pubic hair. When the kids came back aboard, Ryan inspected their bare pubis with a powerful flash light. His jaw dropped at how sexy his two oldest children were.

Ryan watched as Zach quickly rinsed the salt water off of both of them. He took his sister in his arms and kissed her tenderly. I am not sure why, he told her, but you look incredibly sexy shaved.

Hannah kissed him playfully. I’m glad I am already pregnant…I think you are going to want a lot more sex.

They kissed and hugged playfully as their taut sexy bodies dried in the warm night air.

Ryan smiled as he watched Hannah and Zach. They kept touching and hugging each other. Zach was rock hard again and Hannah played with the steady flow of precum that leaked from the boy’s rigid member.

Emily and Noah got very turned on watching their older brother and sister. Noah took Emily by the hand and led her to the double bed in the main cabin. Noah quickly converted the dining table seating into a double bed and he and Emily climbed in bed.

Noah’s loins ached for more sex. He held Emily close and felt her take him into her moist vagina.

Ryan took Christie’s hand and grabbed a cushion as he headed to the bow of the boat for a little more privacy. He looked below and saw his beautiful twins joined as one. He saw that they had drifted off to sleep joined in intercourse. Ryan went below and quickly turned off the main cabin lights. As he took Christie’s hand, Zach asked if he and Hannah could sleep in the master cabin.

Ryan nodded and smiled at his very sleepy looking son and daughter. They were beautiful. He could not believe how awesome their shaved bodies were.

Ryan and Christie headed up to the bow. They stretched out and had the first real private time in days. Ryan pulled Christie’s sexy body on top of his and his shaft slipped naturally in her vagina. She kissed him tenderly and savored the wonderful private intimacy. It was one of their most intimate and sensual moments without being sexual.

Ryan asked her how she felt about being a mama.

He watched as her face lit up in an awesome smile. I am so incredibly happy, she told her man. Ummm…Ryan… she said hesitantly. When you and Zach double penetrated me…it…ummm…was my most fertile day.

I know. He told her. Baby…grandbaby…it doesn’t matter to me. We probably should get you tested to be sure the baby will be okay if it is Zach’s baby.

He felt her nod…she hugged him tight…he felt her sob…I love you so much. Ryan felt the hot tears of joy running down both of their cheeks. He just held her tight.

Do you want to hear something weird? She asked him after a few moments.

She felt him nod.

I…ummm…almost can’t remember what life was like before this week. This has been the most awesome week of my life…and our family…it has never been closer.

I was lying here thinking the same thing, he told her.

Ryan…I love you more than life itself…I would do anything that you wanted to do…but…Ryan…uuuuummmmmm…I am not sure I could go back to our old life.

Ryan hugged her tight. Oh thank God! I was afraid I was the only one that felt that way.

They held each other tight. His hardness was deep in her core. The quiet sounds of night anchored on the water. The soothing sound of the gently waves lapping against the hull and the gentle rocking of the boat eased them gently off to sleep.

Zach was lying on his back with his erection standing proudly when Hanna came out of the head. She straddled his sexy body and pulled his rigid erection away from his abs and slipped it in her vagina. It looks weird…but very sexy…with no hair.

Zach said, your bare pussy feels awesome against my bare skin.

Hannah studied her sexy big brother and splayed her fingers and lightly caressed his sexy chest with her finger tips. It was a light feathery touch that made him softly moan. She suddenly had a very serious expression on her face.

Zach asked her what was wrong.

I love you so much I don’t know how to describe it. She told him.

Good…because I have the same problem. I didn’t know I could love anyone this much. Zach told her. Ummmm….Hannah…ummm…are you…you know…still okay with being pregnant…because you know…

Hannah put her finger over his lips to make him be quiet. There is nothing I want more than your baby.

She felt his response deep in her core as his thick shaft immediately began to swell up. He pulled her down into a passionate kiss. They lay there toying with each other’s tongues.

Zach…ummm…would it be okay if we didn’t orgasm…I just love the feeling of you inside me…it like…I don’t know…I guess completes me.

He kissed her again and said that sounds awesome.

As the sun came up the next morning, Christie felt Ryan hardness deep in her core. She wondered if he had been like that all night. She lay there on top of him listening to his deep breathing and the strong sound of his heart. Her heart soared as she thought about living the rest of her life like this.

After a few minutes she felt Ryan stir. Ummm…that was awesome he said.

She asked him what was awesome.

I kept waking up about every hour…I stayed rock hard all night. I would have a wild sexy dream about our new life and then wake up feeling your hot core around my raging hard boner. Then I would drift back off and dream again. Baby…I need your sex more right now than I have ever needed it. He rolled them over and the two lovers unleashed their wild animal passion. There was no need for foreplay. They both craved wild passionate sex. They ground their bodies together and then switched to wild thrusting where his hard member slammed in and out of her hot sex.

Oh Ryan…fuck me hard baby…fill me with your hot cum.

Ryan slammed his rock hard boner in her again and again until an incredible orgasm overwhelmed Christie. Ryan kept thrusting …driving her to new heights. Christie cried out as she began to ejaculate. Ryan responded by flooding her sex with his hot cum. Ryan pumped jet after jet of his potent seed in her womb until they were both completely spent.

After a while they got up and walked back toward the cockpit. Christie went below to make coffee while Ryan enjoyed the magnificent sunrise. The twins never stirred as she got some orange juice and fresh fruit for her and Ryan.

Hannah walked into the main cabin in all of her naked beauty. She hugged and kissed her Mother. Momma…it was awesome last night. We went to sleep…umm…you know joined. He stayed hard in me all night. I remembered what you told me about being able to use muscles inside to pleasure guys. Well when I woke up I started flexing those muscles. I knew it must be working because I would feel Zach occasionally thrust his cock deeper into me. I kept doing it until he moaned in his sleep and he thrust several time and I felt him fill me with his hot cum. He never woke up.

Guys can have orgasms in their sleep, her mother told her. That is called a wet dream. It is usually because a guy had gone to long without having an orgasm and the body feels the need to ejaculate the extra sperm. Having a sperm build up isn’t Zach’s problem…I think you helped him have a wet dream. Christie said as she looked down and saw a thick drop of incestuous seed running down the inside of Hannah’s leg. Christie used her index finger to capture the drop of Zach’s essence from the inside of Hannah’s thigh. She licked it from her finger and savored the taste. Christie took the OJ and fruit up to Ryan.

After the coffee and breakfast, Ryan went below to use the head and wash up a little. When he walked into their state room, Ryan found Zach in the bed. To his amazement, Zach was sucking on his own thick cock. Ryan watched in awe as Zach lay there with his weight on his shoulders. Zach had curled his body and was in the final throes of fucking his own mouth. Zach looked at his Dad as he went over the edge and began to spew his thick creamy cum in his own mouth.

As Zach’s orgasm subsided, his dad rushed over to him and hugged him and kissed him. Ryan sucked all of the hot semen out of his son’s mouth and swallowed it greedily. When they broke the kiss, Zach began to suck his father’s thick erection. He sucked and licked his Dad until he felt his hard cock thicken and the hot seed squirted into his mouth. Zach was still awed by the fact that he was drinking the cum that had made him.

Father and son kissed passionately savoring the taste of Ryan thick creamy cum. When they broke their kiss, Zach told his dad he tasted good…you must have made love to Mom this morning.

Ryan grinned and swatted Zach’s bare butt. I just can’t keep anything from you…can I? His father responded with a laugh.

Zach grabbed some coffee and headed up to the cockpit.

Hannah hugged her sexy boy and told him about his wet dream.

Zach stood in front of Hannah hanging on the boom. As she told him the story she studied the sparse silky white blond hair in Zach’s arm pit. As she continued the story she watched her handsome brother become fully erect. Hannah continued to be distracted by Zach’s sexy pit. She had never really noticed it before and now she couldn’t take her eyes off of it. She moved toward Zach. First Hannah kissed Zach’s throbbing boner. She looked up into her sexy brother’s lust clouded eyes.

Zach thought it was so cute when she had the long strands of clear precum attached to her lip after a sexy boner kiss. He watched her as she kissed her way up his abs. Hannah then kissed his arm pit. He watched as she inhaled his boy scent. She licked his pit and enjoyed the salty taste.

You smell like a sexy boy. She told him as she kissed him. But we have to do something about the hair…it spoils the effect of your shaved pubes below. Hannah grinned at Zach and pulled the shaving cream and razor out from behind her back.

About that time Noah and Emily wandered up to the cockpit.

Noah said…no way…she is shaving off all of his hair and I am dying to grow some.

Noah watched his older sister as she shaved Zach’s pit. Then she shaved the other one. Zach was fully erect. He took hold of his sexy sister and kissed her passionately. He then dove over the side and swam around and cooled off.

His Dad told Zach to get aboard and Zach quickly rinsed off the salt water. He started up the engine while his dad pulled up the anchor. Zach put the boat in gear and they began to motor out of the cove.

They set their course for Spanish Cay on Great Abaco Island. Ryan got on the radio and called the dock master at the marina and reserved a slip for the night.

The good news is that we won’t have much laundry to do. Christie told Ryan.

Yeah…getting the kids back in clothes will be interesting. Those sheets sure need to visit the washer. They may jump up off the bed and follow you up the dock by themselves.

She slapped him on the shoulder. They took turns napping since no one got much sleep the night before.

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