A wild sexual adventure when a family goes sailing in the Bahamas and discovers the awesome pleasure of family love. Ryan, Christie and their four kids ranging in age from 11 to 14 discover wild sexual bliss. The story includes bisexual parent/child and sibling sexual activity.
Family Love Boat Characters

Ryan (31) and Christie (31) Miller
Zachary 14
Hannah 12
Emily 11
Noah 11

Ted and Amy Taylor
Mike 15
Kaitlin 14
Will 13
Sara 13
Thomas 11
Josh 9 months

Family Love Boat 6

It had been two idyllic days and nights since they left the Taylor family. Zach and Hannah talked a lot about how they would like to spend more time with Mike and Kaitlin. Zach and Hannah were in love. They could not keep their hands off of each other. They would do anything or try anything that gave the other person pleasure.

Christie loved watching Zach occasionally touch Hannah’s taut belly with a look of total wonderment. Knowing his baby was growing in his sister’s belly almost always gave Zach and erection.

The shot that Amy gave Noah set his sex drive on fire. His penis was almost always hard and Noah craved orgasmic relief. Christie would stretch out and allow Noah to make love to her 2 or 3 times a day. His orgasms often came mixed with abdominal cramps. Christie sent Amy a text message just to confirm that the cramps weren’t a sign of a problem.

Amy responded with an assurance that everything was fine and that Noah was probably on the verge of his first wet orgasm.

Christie came back with the news from Amy about Noah being on the verge of his first wet orgasm. Noah looked relieved. Ryan took Christie by the hand and he announced that they were going to take a nap. All of the kids laughed because they knew that was code for a wild sexual escapade.

As Zach sat there thinking about his parents making love, he realized that only a few weeks ago he would have been totally grossed out by the thought of his parents having intercourse. Now it caused him to be hard as a rock.

Zach love to watch his Dad fill his Mom with his thick cock. His Dad had such an awesome thick cock. It was so thick that Zach’s fingers could barely wrap around it. It was a beautiful thing. Zach was so hard thinking about it that he was leaking precum like a faucet. He went below and walked back to their cabin. He stood in the doorway watching his father’s amazing cock sliding in and out of the vagina that had delivered him. There was a large puddle of precum between Zach’s feet as the 14 year old boy’s sexual excitement built.

Zach crawled in bed with his parents and he began to nurse on his mother’s beautiful firm breast. Her nipple was so hard and he loved the taste of her flesh.

The attention to her breast along with her husband’s thick cock stimulating her clit caused Christie moan with pleasure.

Christie moans inflamed Ryan. Ryan pushed up off the bed with his strong arms and arched his back to penetrate her sex more deeply. Ryan was on fire.

Zach ran his hand down his mother’s taut abdomen thru her pubic hair. His two middle fingers found the moist top of his mother pussy. Zach began to slide his two middle fingers into her steaming hot sex. He felt her throbbing clit between his fingers. Zach’s fingers were on either side of his father boner as it slid in and out. It was so cool to pleasure both of them at the same time.

Zach continued to suck on his Mom’s nipple. His fingers felt her juices begin to flood her sex. He began to roughly thrust his fingers in and out of her sex providing both his Mom and Dad with intense stimulation.

Christie was gasping for breath. The intense stimulation of her nipple and clit while having intercourse pushed her rapidly to the edge of orgasmic bliss. The thought that her 14 year old son was fingering her while Ryan made love to her was what pushed her over the edge.

Ryan loved the feeling of Zach’s fingers as they stimulated his hard cock inside Christie’s vagina. Zach fingers stroked his erection while he had intercourse with Christie. Wild bolts of pleasure raced through his body as Ryan neared the point of no return.

Christie cried out as the extreme orgasmic pleasure cascaded through her body. She gasped for breath as her body convulsed with pleasure. Her pussy contracted around Ryan erection and Zach’s fingers.

Zach felt his mother’s sex begin to squirt as she experienced a powerful squirting orgasm. His hand was soaked with her ejaculate. Then he heard his dad groan as his thick cock erupted into his mother sex. Zach felt his father’s hot semen squirting all over his fingers. Ryan’s orgasm was extremely powerful and seemed to go on forever.

Zach’s erection grazed his Mom’s hip and his body arched as he sprayed her with his steaming hot teen boy cum. His mother was soaked with his cum when his orgasm finally subsided. Zach felt his father’s penis pull out. Zach removed his fingers from his mother’s sex. Both his Mom and Dad laughed when they saw the way they had slimed their boy’s hand. His hand dripped with their combined sexual essence. Zach studied his dripping hand and then began to slowly and sensuously lick his hand clean.

Ryan scooped up a finger full of Zach’s thick hot creamy boy seed from Christie’s leg and began to lick and savor the flavor of his boy’s sexual essence. It was a curious sweet and salty flavor that Ryan could not get enough of.

Hannah had the helm up on deck. The beautiful naked 12 year old looked incredibly with her white blond hair blowing in the breeze while she steered the sloop on its course further down in the Bahama island chain. The satellite phone began to ring at the navigation station. Ryan ran to catch the phone and let of trail of drops of his semen on the deck.

Ryan answered and found out it was Mike and Amy on a speaker phone. Ryan put his phone on speaker as Zach and Christie walked into the main cabin.

Amy got to the point quickly and asked how everyone was adjusting to their new life.

Ryan paused a moment and grinned at Christie and Zach. Well we are having some adjustment problems, he told her as he smirked at his family.

Amy asked, like what kinds of adjustment problems?

Well…none of us can remember what life was like before we started this family voyage. It is like we were re-born a week ago. He said with a chuckle

Amy heaved a sigh of relief as she laughed at how they had led her on. That is an awesome problem, she said.

Zach spoke up and said, I don’t see how we could ever go back. I don’t think I could hide my sexual love for my parents, brother and sisters. I can’t imagine what we would have to do to hide Hannah’s pregnancy.

Well that is part of why we called…before we get into that, how is Noah? Amy asked.

The poor little guy is perpetually erect, Christie told Amy. He must be having 7 or 8 orgasms a day.

Have you noticed any difference in his testicles?

Noah went below when he heard his name.

Christie said, now that you mention it they are beginning to hang lower in his scrotum.

Excellent, Amy responded, he sounds like he is on the verge of his first wet orgasm. Noah…I want you to masturbate every couple of hours or oftener if you need to. I want you to call me when you have your first wet orgasm.

Mike spoke up. Ryan and Christie do you think this could be a long term lifestyle for your family?

There was a loud chorus of yeses from everyone including Hannah and Emily who were still in the Cockpit.

We need to talk about some options. Mike told them. Why don’t we all meet this evening in Marsh Harbor at a luxury resort?

Ryan said that sounded great. We aren’t far from Harsh Harbor.

Mike gave them the coordinates for the resort marina. Mike said he would reserve the accommodations. Amy and Mike told them they would see them later and after a chorus of good byes the connection was ended.

Ryan and the family spent much of the afternoon sailing quietly watching Noah masturbate. Zach and Hanna hugged and kissed a lot. They were all lost in their own thoughts about what their new life might be like.

Noah watched as his twin lay back and spread her legs. Emily began to masturbate. She pleasured her clit.

Noah got between her legs and began to lap her sex and suck her erect clit. Noah loved the taste of his sister. He probed her sex with his tongue. Noah lifted his little sister and began to lick and probe her tiny rosebud. Emily’s body bucked and thrust with the pleasure that her twin brother was causing. Soon, Noah has his twin convulsing with the wild pleasures of an intense orgasm.

Noah asked Emily if that was good. As he did his voice cracked as only a young boy’s voice cracks when it is changing.

Noah…dude….your voice is changing, Zach told his little brother. That shot must be working.

As Emily recovered, she pulled her twin brother into an intimate embrace and kissed him passionately. Noah leaned back against the cabin and spread his legs. Emily got between her sexy twin brother’s legs. She loved touching and stroking her twin.

Noah…look! Emily was pointing to Noah’s testicles that were hanging proudly below his body. They are hanging down. She told her twin.

Emily began lick and suck his boy boner. Emily settled in between her brother’s legs and she began to lick his throbbing erection with very slow strokes from base to tip. Her fingers gently fondled his testicles. Emily’s index finger began to massage Noah’s pucker. Noah stroked Emily’s hair and face and peered into her deep blue eyes he watched her amazing tongue lap his sensitive penis. Noah felt the intense feelings in his loins hit a new peak. The sexy young boy was writhing with pleasure as his sexy sister seemed to find every pleasure point on his hard body.

Each time Emily lapped his boner, Noah clawed the seat cushion as the electric bolts of pleasure raced through his rapidly maturing body. Noah’s body was shaking with the pleasure that his sister caused.

Oh God! Emily that is so fucking intense… he moaned. I feel like I am going to explode…never like this before. Noah was shaking his head back and forth. His blond mane flying in the breeze as the intense pressure continued to build in his loins. The pressure in his loins became so intense that Noah began to worry. Feels so weird…maybe you should stop.

Zach moved over to Noah and Emily as Hannah took the helm. Zach knelt beside his twin siblings and he stroked Emily’s back and told her not to stop. Hanna put the boat on autopilot and joined the others.

Zach watched as Emily took their brother over the edge. Oh fuck…Em…so good…. Noah cried out as his pleasure increased and he was hanging on the verge of the point of no return. He begged his twin. Please Em…don’t stop.

As the immature semen began to surge through his young body, Noah’s voice cracked as he said it felt like he needed to pee. Zack kissed his forehead and told him to ride the awesome feelings.

Ryan and Christie came up from below when they heard the commotion.

Emily licked the underside of his throbbing boy boner and that was when Noah’s body began to thrust and buck as his testicles tried to ejaculate his seed. Oh…wow…so strong…mmmmm. Oh Em….Cummmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg… They all watched as clear immature boy semen suddenly began to spurts from the tip of his erection. Noah was blown away by the intensity of the feeling. His boner began to erupt a fountain of semen. They all watched intently as the small clear puddles of boy seed began to appear on his abdomen. Noah thrashed around lost in the pleasure of the moment. There were 5 small pools of clear boy semen on his belly when the ejaculation subsided.

The whole family went crazy celebrating Noah’s first cum. Zach knelt beside his little brother and licked one drop of seed from his tight abs. Zach scooped up another drop and fed it to Noah. Hannah hugged and kissed Noah and soon it became a group hug.

As the celebration died down a bit, Christie ran for the phone to call Amy and share the good news. When Noah stood up he was rock hard again. His erection looked larger to Zach, but Zach decided that it couldn’t grow that fast.

Hannah stretched out on the other seat cushion and suggestively spread her legs and rubbed her swollen clit. She playfully called Noah with a very sexy voice. Come here big guy and fill me up with some of your man seed.

Noah could not get between Hannah’s legs fast enough.

As Zach watched Noah mounted his big sister, Zach’s 14 year old boner became rigid. Zach watched as Hannah’s deep blue eyes rolled up in her head as the pleasure her little brother gave her raced through her body. Noah tight boy butt began to flex as he thrust his boy boner deep in Hannah’s pleasure center.

As Zach stood there looking at his 11 year old brother’s perfect ass. Zach’s mouth literally began to water. Zach knelt behind Noah and began to lick and probe his pucker. Noah groaned loudly with pleasure and he intensified his thrusts into Hannah.

Zach straightened up when his jaw got tired and his Dad tossed him a tube of lube. Zach lubed his throbbing boner and put the tip at the entrance to his little brother’s pleasure center. Zach tossed the tube back to his Dad and then grasped Noah’s hips as he began to penetrate his tight boy butt.

Penetrating Noah tight sphincter was almost enough to push Zach over the edge. Zach tried to stay still for a moment to keep from having a powerful climax. As Zach began to drive his thick teen cock deeper in Noah, he wondered why anyone wouldn’t want to fuck their little brother. Zach’s mind was still reeling when he thought about the fact that he was making love to his little brother while his brother made love to the sister Zach inseminated. If that wasn’t enough, his parents and other sister watched all of this and approved of it. It was all pretty mind blowing.

Zach had always thought that Noah was very sexy. Having his thick cock buried deep in his brother’s hot sex was a dream come true. Zach put his arms around his sexy little brother and told him how awesome he was. Zach kissed and nipped Noah’s neck as he drove his stiff cock in his little brother again and again.

Noah felt Zach’s stiff member filling him up. As Zach began to fuck him, Noah gasped each time the head of Zach cock found his pleasure center.

Christie climbed back in the cockpit and saw the wild orgy that was going on in the other seat. She took the lube from Ryan and squeezed some into her hand. She then began to coat Ryan’s thick member with the lube. She whispered in Ryan’s ear, you know you can’t resist Zach’s sexy ass. Fill him with that hard cock of yours.

Ryan still hadn’t completely adjusted to his wife’s encouraging him to have sex with his kids much less his boys. He moved behind his oldest son and began to penetrate his 14 year old ass. Ryan looked at Christie and Emily and saw the look of lust in their eyes as he took his oldest son to the hilt.

Zach grunted as the thick head of his Dad’s cock penetrated his sphincter. Zach gasped as the thick cock stretched him. And then it began to feel amazing. Zach loved the feeling of his father making love to him. It was the best ever. He had never felt this close to his Dad.

Ryan reached around and found Zach’s hard nipples as he thrust his manhood deep in his son’s core. Zach’s tight 14 year old ass was milking the man seed from deep inside Ryan’s loins. Ryan groaned with the pleasure each powerful thrust into his sexy blond boy caused. It seemed like every nerve ending in Ryan’s body was on fire and begged for the release that only a powerful orgasm could provide.

His Dad’s thick cock thrust against his prostate and Zach knew he could not last long.

Christie watched as long as she could. She went back to Emily who stood behind the wheel steering. Christie flipped on the autopilot. She took her sexy 11 year old daughter in her arms and kissed her passionately. As she sucked Emily’s hard nipples she could almost swear that Emily’s breast’s had grown larger since the beginning of the week. She wondered if Emily was about to become fertile.

Christie knelt before Emily and began to probe her sex. Emily quick stretched out on a seat and spread her legs for her mother to pleasure her. Christie quickly found Emily’s clit and began to lap and suck it.

Oh momma…it feels so good.

Christy loved how Emily responded to stimulation. As Christie continued to lick and suck Em’s hard clit, she watched as the beautiful little girl pinched and teased her own nipples. Christie ran her fingers through Emily’s silky white blond pubic hair as she intensely stimulated her clit.

Emily was twisting and moaning as the intense stimulation pushed her to the edge.

Christie wanted to make it last until she heard the screams of pleasure from the guys and Hannah. She lifted Emily’s ass and began to lap and probe her pucker.

Oh mamma that’s awesome, Emily cried as Christie rimmed her. Oh yes…right there…mmmm…like that….more please…

Christie felt her own juices flowing down the insides of her legs as her excitement began to peak. Christie went back to Emily’s lust swollen clit and voraciously licked and sucked it until her little girl screamed with her orgasm.

Oh mom…shit…I am cumming…. Emily screamed as a powerful orgasm rocked her preteen body. That was when her little beauty began to ejaculate. Oh…shit momma…please suck me…harder…oh yeah right there!

Listening to Emily cum pushed Ryan over the edge. He began to powerfully pound Zach’s ass with his thick rock hard cock. The sound of his loins slapping against his 14 year old’s ass filled the cockpit of the boat. Ryan hung right on the edge of orgasm for a long time. He fucked Zach as hard as he could to push himself over the edge. Oh…fuck Zach….right on the edge….

Fuck me Daddy….fuck me… Zach cried out. Oh shit Noah…gonna cum… Zach cried out. Zach felt his hot cum race up from his loins and he squirted jet after jet of hot boy seed up his brother’s sexy ass.

The pleasure of fucking and being fucked was so intense that Noah couldn’t speak. His young body was overwhelmed by the powerful feelings caused by his brother’s thick cock pounding in and out of his boy pussy. Hanna’s steaming hot sex gripped his young boner caused wild pleasure to race through his loins.

Hannah thrust her cunt up toward her brother grinding their bodies together. Each thrust from Zach or her Daddy only intensified her pleasure. Hannah felt the wave of orgasmic pleasure as it built. It was huge…like a tsunami. Hannah gasped for breath as she felt her young body convulse with wild orgasmic pleasure. Her three men continued to pound her clit and the pleasure was so intense her eyes rolled up in her head. Hannah’s body reacted to the intense pleasure ejaculating all over her little brother.

Noah cried out and began wildly thrusting in and out of Hannah… Oh god Hannah…here it cummmmmmmmmssssss! Noah squirted his boy cum in his older sister as she cried out and went over the edge.

Ryan began to squirt hot man cum deep in Zach’s ass. Zach cried out as his Daddy fucked him harder and harder until he was drained.

They slowly stood up. Everyone was focused on Noah. Hannah said Daddy look as she held Noah’s flaccid penis. Noah’s penis is all puffy.

Ryan told her that Amy said to expect that to happen as his penis begins to grow and mature.

Ryan looked up and saw that they were approaching Marsh Harbor. They suddenly realized that another boat was close enough to watch them. It was a big Hatteras fishing boat with a huge flying bridge. Two guys were up on the flying bridge watching them. They had seen everything. Zach recognized the guys from the shower at their first marina.

Ummm…Dad…there is something I’ve got to tell you. Zach told his father.

Those guys were in the slip behind ours the first night of our trip and they saw me having sex with Hannah. They…ummmm….were really turned on. They got even more turned on when they found out how old Hannah and me are…and…ummmm…well…that we are…you know…brother and sister… They got so hard they started to jack off…they like…you know…looked at me and Noah while they…ummm…stroked. Their cum squirted half way across the shower.

Ryan smiled and shook his head as he stood there naked looking at the big fishing boat. The guys waved and sounded their air horn.

Ryan waved back and said to Zach, I’ll bet we made their deck slippery again. Ryan told the kids that they needed to get some clothes on because we will be in Marsh Harbor in a little bit.

Christie went below to get some shorts and a t-shirt for herself and Ryan.

Hannah and Zach came back up quickly. It was clear that Hannah only wore a t-shirt because her nipples were totally visible. Zach kissed Hannah and told her she was even sexier with clothes on. He began to fondle her breasts through the t-shirt when Ryan told him they should probably tone it down because of all of the boats around them.

They turned the boat into the wind and started the engine. They lowered the sails and motored into the marina. The dockmaster assigned them to slip C-23. The boat in the next slip was the guys in the big Hatteras fishing boat that just saw them making love.

As Zach and Noah secured the lines to the dock, the guys from the fishing boat walked over with a chilled bottle of wine. They introduced themselves as Bill and Hank Smith. They said they were brothers from Atlanta GA. Ryan invited them aboard.

They gave Christie the bottle of wine. She offered them a glass and they both accepted.

When Christie rejoined them with the wine, Bill cleared his throat. I’m not quite sure how to say this…but you guys are they sexiest family we have ever seen.

Ryan grinned and said, Zach told us that you saw he an Hannah making love the other night.

Both brothers nodded. It was awesome Hank said. It was sexy watching them…and then Zach told us they were 14 and 12…and it was his sister. I shot off in the shower when he told me that. That is the hottest thing that I have ever heard. And they when were coming in here…you know…we…ummm…saw you know…man that was hot. Your wife is eating your daughter out and you were fucking your son while he was fucking your other son and he was fucking your daughter. I shot cum all over my boat watching that. I just want to tell you that I think your family is the hottest family in the world.

Would you like to come over to our boat for some hors• d'oeuvre and more wine? Hank asked

Ryan smiled and said sure.

The family walked to the next slip and Hank helped everybody aboard. They went inside the air conditioned cabin and Bill offered them a seat. As Hank served the food, Bill asked if the family was naked a lot.

Ryan grinned and said we have been lately.

Wow…that’s awesome. Well I guess I should have offered to let you get naked here.

Zach wasn’t sure why but there was something about having these guys perv his body that turned him on. Zach said cool. He stood up and dropped his shorts to the deck and stripped off his t-shirt.

Holy crap, Bill said, he is shaved as bare as a new born baby…that is so hot. Zach got rock hard as he stood in front of them. Both brothers were holding and massaging bulges in their shorts. Neither brother could take their eyes off of the naked and erect boy.

Oh I am not the only one…you should see my sister.

Hannah stood up and dropped her shorts and then peeled off her t-shirt.

My god…she is exquisite…Bill said. And she is bare as a new born baby too.

Then Noah and Emily stood up and stripped each other naked. When the twins stripped naked it was almost too much visual stimulation for Hank. He held his hard cock through his short and prayed he wouldn’t shoot off in his shorts. Hank’s voice cracked with emotion when he told the kids that they were too sexy for words.

Zach’s magnificent teen erection was now fully erect and he took Hannah in his arms protectively.

I hope you don’t mind me asking…the other night when we were watching you…did you cum in your sister, Bill asked Zach.

Zach told him that he did.

Bill looked at Hannah and told her she was a lucky girl…she must be on the pill and can have sex as often as she wants.

Hannah shook her head no.

You mean you are not on the pill…you did use some kind of pregnancy protection didn’t you?

The sexy brother and sister shook their head no.

And have you been having sex since then? Hank asked timidly.

Zach nodded yes and said, we have…a lot.

No way…Bill said…not really.

Zach turned Hannah around and kissed her…tenderly at first and then passionately. She is so beautiful…how could I not have sex with her.

Zach lifted Hannah up with his strong arms. She instinctively wrapped her legs around him as she mounted his throbbing erection. Their bodies fit together perfectly.

Bill and Hank both gasped.

They turned their attention to the twins. Noah was rock hard and he ached for release. He took his sexy twin sister in his arms and began to kiss her passionately. Hank and Bill were in awe as young Noah picked up Emily and carried her to the couch where he proceeded to penetrate her with his rock hard boy cock.

Oh god Em…I need you so bad. Noah told his sexy 11 year old twin sister as his throbbing boy boner penetrated her tight little vagina. Oh Em…you are so tight and sexy.

Zach laid Hannah on the deck. Hannah…I need to seed you so bad. Zach told her as he plunged his thick 6” boner in his 12 year old sexy blond sister.

Hannah looked up at Zach’s handsome face and his piercing blue eyes that were clouded with lust. I need you too….fuck me Zach…fuck me.

The four beautiful children were completely oblivious to the people around them. They were totally consumed with pleasuring each other.

Noah was thrusting wildly into Emily. His pubis pounded her throbbing clit. Emily groaned with the intense pleasure each time Noah thrust his boy boner into her.

Noah I am so close, she cried out.

Hank and Bill were openly masturbating with their shorts around their ankles.

Noah increased his thrusting and he told Emily, Em…I’m cummmmmmmmmmming….. His hips bucked wildly with the release of a few drops of clear boy semen into his sexy twin sister’s vagina.

Hank groaned as thick jets of man cum squirted wildly in the air landing on the deck, Noah and Bill. Bill could not remember ever having cum that much.

Bill was totally lost in watching the beautiful couple mating at his feet. He could not believe that their parents were going to watch their handsome son inseminate their beautiful 12 year old daughter.

Bill watched in awe as Zach brought his sister to an amazing climax without having an orgasm himself. This was the most amazing spectacle Bill had ever seen. This sexy hunk of a young boy with his white blond mane and his determined blue eyes, pounded his sisters cunt with that thick boy boner.

Hannah cried out…oh fuck Zach…too sensitive…gotta stop as the post orgasmic sensitivity set in.

No…baby…I need to fuck you…fill you with my hot seed…I need you so bad. He told her as his hips pistoned his hot boner deep in his sister pleasure core.

Ummm…okay…ummmm….oh yeah…right there….like that!!!!! Oh yeah Zach…fuck me hard right there…yes…oh yes…oh shit…again… she screamed as the second orgasm hit her.

She gasped for breath and asked her sexy brother if he had cum.

He shook his head no…I am so close…I need to fuck you hard and fill you with my hot seed.

Oh Zach it is too sensitive…I don’t think I can take any more. Hannah told him in a plaintive voice.

Baby…you gotta take my hard cock…I need to seed you real bad. Zach increased the pace and intensity of his thrusts.

Moments later Hannah was building toward a huge climax. Oh yeah…she cried out…

Hannah tilted her sex up and began to slam it against her brother as he was thrusting. Oh…Zach….so strong…never been like this…Hannah screamed at the top of her lungs as the wild orgasmic pleasure rocked her small body. Bill watched in awe as the sexy girl ejaculated all over her brother. Hanna was thrashing and humping her brother desperate for his boy seed.

Oh….FUCK….Hannah….I am cummmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggggggggg!

Bill’s penis erupted a fountain of hot thick man cum and it landed all over Zach and Hannah. Bill pounded his hard cock and watched as his seed squirted all over the kids below him.

Zach and Hannah were drenched with perspiration as they lay there lost in the afterglow of orgasm.

Ryan and Christie’s orgasm was subsiding as well. They had managed to strip and she was sitting in Ryan’s lap watching her children copulate.

As Zach stood up, his skin glistened with Hannah’s ejaculate and there were traces of his own thick boy semen still on his erect shaft. Bill and Hank could not take their eyes off of the magnificent boy who stood there back lit by the bright summer sun streaming through the window. His thick boy cock was still rigid with evidence of his recent mating. Zach’s taut lean muscular body reminded Hank and Bill of a wild animal in all of its beauty. The lean muscles rippled as he moved. They were both struck by the fact that Zach’s body did not have an ounce of fat. It was lean muscle like a distance runner or swimmer.

Zach looked at his sexy twin siblings as they remained joined in intercourse. Zach thought Noah was so sexy.

Noah looked up at Zach very cool looking bare boner. Noah got up on his knees and he began to lick and suck his big brother’s sex clean. Noah licked Zach’s shaved pubis and then he licked the bare scrotum clean. Zach combed his little brother’s sexy shaggy blond hair with his fingers.

Zach lifted his little brother and gathered him into a tight hug. Zach kissed Noah passionately.

Bill and Hank were astounded at how natural Zach and Noah were about their love and sexual attraction for each other. It was beautiful to watch. Bill stood his erection throbbing in front of him and he poured another glass of wine for Ryan and Christie.

That was the most beautiful and intensely sexual thing I have ever seen, Hank told Ryan and Christie. Bill nodded in agreement.

I have to ask. If Zach and Hannah aren’t using any protection, aren’t you concerned about pregnancy? Bill asked.

Oh…well…Hannah is pregnant. Zach inseminated her one of the first times that they made love. Hannah sat on her Mom’s knee with her legs slightly spread.

Hank almost dropped his wine glass. He asked how they found out so quickly.

Ryan explained about meeting Amy and Ted and how she tested the kids. The brothers tried to assimilate the information as they stared at the thick glob of creamy boy cum that leaked from Hannah’s beautiful sex.

Zach saw what they were staring at. He knelt before his beloved Hannah and began to lap up his own thick creamy semen. He kissed his sister passionately. When they broke the kiss, she pecked her older brother on the cheek with a small kiss and told him that tasted awesome.

I don’t mean to pry, but what are you going to do? Bill asked Ryan and Christie.

Ryan explained how normal their life had been prior to this trip. Now none of us can imagine returning to that old life again. Our friends, Amy and Ted, are meeting us here and we are going to discuss our options. As a matter of fact, we’d better get going. We need to get showered and changed. They will be here in a little while.

Bill told Ryan that he and Hank were going to base themselves at the marina for a few days and if there is anything that they could do to help them, please call. Bill pulled out their business cards and he wrote their cell and satellite phone numbers on the back.

Ryan looked at their business cards and saw that the brothers owned a construction company. He had a feeling that they would see the brothers again.

They all pulled on their clothes and headed back to their own boat to get a change of clothes and their shower kit. They walked up the deck to the marina’s showers.

The kids were disappointed to see that the marina was big enough to have two sets of showers. They separated.

Ryan and the boys were enjoying a nice hot shower and were lathering up when Bill and Hank came in. We decided we’d better clean up too. Bill told Ryan. Both men had almost instant erections as they studied the beautiful naked boys.

Ummm…Do you mind if I ask if the three of you…you know have sex…ummm…I know we saw you on the boat making love to each other…but is that like a normal thing for you.

Ryan nodded and laughed…yeah all of a suddenly it is the most normal thing in the world.

Hank and Bill both shook their heads. That is both amazing and awesome, Bill told Ryan. What a beautiful and loving family you have.

They heard another family come in and they all quickly finished and pulled on shorts to cover their erections.

As they walked out, Ryan’s cell phone rang. Ted called to tell him where they would be staying. He gave Ryan directions to a beach front villa that was a part of the resort. They met the girls. Then they went back to the boat and gathered up what they needed. The villa was only a few minute walk from the Marina.

As they walked in they hugged and kissed each other. They noticed the wonderful smells. Ted told Ryan he hoped it was okay that he went ahead and ordered dinner in from room service. There was a seafood buffet set up on the table in the dining room of the villa. Everyone was starved.

Ryan noticed that Thomas seemed to be spending a lot of time with him. When they finished eating and took their plates to the kitchen, 11 year old Thomas took Ryan by the hand and led him out on the patio. The patio was surrounded by heavy vegetation and had a pool. Thomas dropped his cargo shorts to the patio and then stripped off his Abercrombie t-shirt. The amazing 11 year old stood naked in front of Ryan. Thomas turned and bent over holding his calves and presented his boy sex to Ryan without saying a word.

Ryan knelt behind the sandy haired 11 year old and began to lick and probe his pink pucker. Ryan shivered with sexual anticipation. This boy was absolutely beautiful and he wants me to fuck him, Ryan thought with another lust filled shudder. He had never been attracted to young boys before but he couldn’t imagine not fucking this beautiful boy. Ryan slipped off his shorts. He was so anxious to penetrate this luscious boy that he didn’t even take off his t-shirt.

Thomas turned and handed Ryan a small tube of lube and simply said, please fuck me.

Ryan coated his thick cock with lubricant until it glistened. He put lube on his fingers and penetrated the tight boy pucker. Ryan’s thick cock bounced with each beat of his heart and it leaked huge drops of precum on the patio.

Thomas stood and bent over. He presented his boy sex again and Ryan prepared it for his penetration.

Thomas moaned at the invasion of the fingers. His boy boner throbbed in anticipation of Ryan’s magnificent cock. Thomas felt Ryan’s precum leaking on his hips as Ryan’s fingers explored his boy sex.

Would you please fuck me Mr. Miller? Thomas asked as his voice changed tones and cracked with the onset of puberty. Ryan found the boy’s begging and his sexy body being transformed by puberty almost too much. Ryan felt the tension building in his loins and he had yet to penetrate the magnificent boy who stood before him presenting his magnificent sex and begging to be fucked.

Ryan took his thick man cock in his hands. He placed the blunt tip of the throbbing flared head at the entrance to Thomas’s pleasure center.

Oh yes….god yes…fuck me with that huge cock of yours. Thomas begged.

By this time both families watched as the sex 11 year old barely in puberty begged Ryan to skewer him on his 7 ½” man cock. As Ted watched he slowly stroked his own throbbing erection as he wondered how his boy would be able to take Ryan’s cock. It had to be over 2” wide in such a tiny boy butt.

Ryan thrust his hard cock through the boy’s incredibly tight sphincter. Thomas cried out with the pain of the invasion and Ryan started to pull out.

Noooooooooo….don’t stop…fuck me Mr. Miller….please fuck me.

Ryan plunged his thick manhood deep in Thomas’s boy sex.

Oh…FUCK…that cock is huge…the boy cried out as he stifled sobs from the pain of the invasion. Thomas gasped for breath as his small body tried to adjust to the thick man meat that threatened to split his young body in half.

Ryan reached around and fondled Thomas’ boy cock that to his amazement was still rock hard. He felt the few silky pubic hairs at the base and how the boy’s testicles had started to descend. Ryan stroked the 4” boner as he began to thrust his man sex in and out of the incredibly tight boy.

Oh yeah…Thomas said as his changing voice cracked again….yeah…oh please…fuck me with that awesome boner of yours.

Ryan began to thrust deeply in the boy’s core as he stroked the boy boner to match the timing of his thrusts. Ryan gritted his teeth as he fought to stave off the orgasmic stirrings in his loins. Ryan thrust again and again. He furiously stroked Thomas’s boy boner and began to pinch the boy’s turgid nipples as he tried to contain the explosive orgasmic bliss that threatened to release a torrent of his man seed at any moment.

When Ryan pinched his nipple, it was enough to send the young boy over the edge. Thomas felt his sacred orbs release their precious essence. Oh Fuck…he cried out…yeah…fuck me hard…please….fuck me hard.

Feeling the boy essence spray his fingers as Ryan fucked a load of boy semen out of the boy and the boy begging to be seeded was enough to push Ryan over the brink. Ryan felt his cock gush torrents of hot man seed deep in the sexy boy. Ryan held the boy by his loins as he pummeled his ass with his thick man cock. Each thrust delivered more of his hot creamy essence to the molten core of the sexy boy. Man and boy gasped for air as their wild animalistic mating ritual concluded.

Ryan knelt behind the sexy boy his member still throbbed deep in his core. Ryan realized that he had just fucked another man’s 11 year old son outside on the patio. His hard cock was still deep inside the sexy boy. He looked around and saw that both families had gathered to watch. Everybody’s eyes were glued to the man and boy still joined by his thick member.

Amy was the first to rush over and Ryan was not sure how to read her reaction. She took Ryan’s face in her hands and kissed him…a passionate kiss.

Thank you…Amy said…that was magnificent. All Thomas has been able to talk about for the last couple of days is how much he wanted to be fucked by your awesome cock. It was awesome to watch your animal lust take over as he begged you to fuck him. It was truly beautiful.

Ryan pulled his still throbbing cock out of the boy and watched his thick creamy cum leak from the boy’s gapping boy sex.

Amy touched the slippery throbbing cock in awe. God that thing is beautiful… she told Ryan.

Thirteen year old Will was in lust with Emily. He found her breast buds and small patch of silky white blond pubic hair to be the sexiest thing he had ever seen. Will thought Emily was the most beautiful girl in the world. He took her in his arms and kissed her. In the stammering way of a 13 year old, he managed to tell her how beautiful he thought she was.

Emily was equally enchanted with Will. She could not wait to explore every inch of his sexy body.

Ted steered Amy, Ryan and Christie back toward the house. They watched Will and Emily lead the parade back to the house. Ted told Ryan and Christie that Will was totally smitten with Emily. Ted said Will told me how hot he was for her and that he was jacking off before going to sleep thinking about how beautiful Emily was.

Christie watched Emily and said I think she feels the same way. Look at how she is glowing. They watched as Will and Emily went down the hall to a bedroom.

As they walked into the villa’s great room, Hannah turned and hugged Ted. Thank you for inviting us. Ted’s 7” member was still rock hard from watching Ryan and Thomas. Hannah loved the feeling of his man member as it rubbed against her. His hard body felt awesome against her 12 year old body.

Hannah grasped Ted’s manhood and fondled it. She explored the stiff ridge the corona made around the flared head of his cock. Ted kissed her forehead as she continued to explore his thick brown pubic hair and large low hanging testicles.

Wow…those are huge…I bet you make a lot of sperm.

Ted nodded and told her that he was still so turned on after watching her Dad and Thomas he was afraid that if she kept rubbing him he would squirt all over her. Hannah smiled at Ted. She dropped to her knees. She took Ted’s beautiful hard cock and pulled it down so that she could suck it. She sucked and probed his man sex. Her finger slipped inside his pucker as she continued to pleasure him.

Ted groaned as the pleasure built. He lifted Hannah up and kissed her passionately. He led the incredibly sexy 12 year old to the couch. Hannah…I need to seed you so bad.

Ted put the sexy girl’s legs over his shoulders and he thrust his man cock deep inside her. She called out to her big brother how good Ted’s cock felt inside her. Zach you must feel it. It is so sexy. Zach rushed to Hannah and Ted. He penetrated his sister’s sexy with his fingers and explored Ted’s amazing cock.

Hannah…you’re right… It is awesome… I love the veins on his shaft and the thick head. It was all too much for Ted and he exploded his thick hot seed. Zach caressed the head of Ted’s cock as he spewed hot seed in Hanna’s sex. The double stimulation was too much for Hannah and she cried out as waves of orgasmic pleasure rocked her young body again and again.

Christy looked over and saw that Noah and Mike were double penetrating Kaitlin while Noah feasted on Sara’s sex. Sara ground her sex against Noah’s mouth as he lapped her hard clit. The incredible tightness of Kaitlin’s vagina with both Mike and Noah penetrating her at the same time was too much for Mike and he began to fill his sexy sister with his potent brotherly boy seed. Kaitlin’s sexy body was rocked by a powerful orgasm. She moaned and groaned loudly as the waves of wild pleasure racked her body. Noah sucked hard on Sara’s 13 year old clit and reached up with his fingers and pinched her nipples. That pushed Sara over the edge and she filled Noah’s mouth with her love juices. As Noah felt Mike’s hot cum drench his boy boner, it pushed Noah to a wild climax. Noah and Mike thrust uncontrollably until they were both sexually spent.

As Ted pulled his semi soft erection out of Hannah, Zach took it and licked it clean. Zach continued to suck and lick the magnificent penis until it became rock hard again. As Zach sucked Ted, Hannah went down on Zach. She lick and sucked her 14 year old brother’s rock hard boner. Ted watched as the sexy sister sucked her older brother. Ted could see his thick creamy semen leaking from Hannah’s sex as she pleasured her brother.

Zach began to finger Ted’s ass. He penetrated Ted and then massaged his prostate while he sucked his rock hard boner. Ted groaned as his hot seed filled Zach’s mouth. Zach roughly massaged Ted’s prostate to be sure that he got every drop of Ted’s essence. Hannah pushed Zach over the edge and he felt the hot creamy boy seed race through his erection and flood his sister’s mouth. When they finished Hannah kissed Ted flooding his mouth with her brother’s hot cum. Then Zach kissed Ted passionately feeding him his own hot semen. Ted couldn’t believe how hot these two kid were.

Across the room Ryan was fucking Amy doggy style. His fingers intensely stimulated her clit as his thick cock pounded her sex. Amy sucked Christie’s hard clit and massaged her hard nipples while Thomas fed Christie his 11 year old boy cock. As Ryan got close to the edge, he grasped Amy’s sexy nipple and began to pinch it hard. Amy cried out at the wild stimulation and the visual scene around her. Watching her little boy face fuck Christie drove her to a mind numbing orgasm. She felt Ryan’s hard cock erupt in her sex filling her womb with thick hot cum.

Christie’s body shook with the electric jolts of pleasure Amy attention caused. She went over the edge when she tasted Thomas boy seed ejaculating in her mouth. They were all soon in a loving tangled embrace on the floor. Everyone in the room was lost in the awesome afterglow of orgasm.

Down the hall, 13 year old Will held 11 year old Emily in his arms. His mom was right. Will was head over heels for this sexy little girl. Will could not begin to explain why a 13 year old highly sexual boy was totally captivated by a prepubescent girl of 11. Since that first meeting on the beach and then later on their boat, Will could not take his eyes off of the sexy 11 year old.

Her amazing smile and those deep blue eyes that you could get lost in were amazing. She had the cutest button nose with a few freckles. Her long white blond hair begged to be touched and combed with his fingers. And then there were her breasts. They were awesome. Small rounded mounds that had perfect eraser-pink turgid nipples.

Will had dreamt the past few nights about being able to suck the small beauties. Will woke up in the middle of the night with his penis engorged from thinking about those perfect little breasts. He pounded his raging cock until he sprayed his chest and abdomen with his potent 13 year old thick creamy semen. Will wouldn’t even let himself imagine what it would be like to kneel before this awesome girl and explore her sex with his tongue…it was just more than he could allow himself to imagine. Standing here alone in a room holding this child goddess’ naked body against his own nude body was a heavenly moment.

Emily was equally awestruck by Will. Here was an amazing sexy boy that she could not get her mind off of since they met. She had always thought of her brothers and father as being handsome…and yes…sexy. Emily found the beauty of Will’s body breathtaking. His shaggy long sandy blond hair captivated her. Will had deep…almost chocolate…brown. They sparkled with mischief and life. He had thick, long lashes…she had never even noticed a boy’s eyelashes before. His lips were so kissable…and his smile…it took her breath away. She had spent the last few days trying to imagine what it would be like to be held tight by his strong arms and have him kiss her passionately. Just thinking about that made her juices flow. Then there was his chest. She was not sure what he did to build it, but his pecs were beautifully developed and the brown nipples were always erect…she so wanted to suck those perfect boy nipples.

When will lifted his arm this afternoon she saw the light dusting of sandy brown hair under his arm. They was something about seeing that hair that caused a stirring in her loins. She almost reached out a hand to touch it. There was no other hair on his chest or abdomen except a perfect patch of light brown curly pubic hair. His legs had the lightest dusting of fine blond hair and so did his arms. The legs were shapely and muscular.

When he walked his lean muscles rippled with each movement. His ass was the perfect bubble butt. So cute and sexy…she would kiss that cute ass all day long…and probably a lot more.

And they there was his perfect boy sex. When flaccid, Will’s penis nestled perfectly between his large testicles. Emily thought his balls might be bigger than Zach’s. She loved to study Will’s flaccid penis. It was about 3 ½” soft with a beautiful flared head. The head of his penis was an amazing pink color that made her mouth water. When he was erect his cock was thick…not as thick as Zach…but it looked very cool. She loved the line where he had been circumcised. His erect penis must be 4 ½” When he was really hard…like right now little clear jewels of precum formed at the tip and would run down his stiff shaft.

They held each other tight…both afraid to move for fear that it might shatter the moment. Will wondered if anyone would be upset that he was so attracted to this younger girl…It made his heart ache to think about that. He so wanted to touch her and kiss her and make passionate love to her…but what if it freaked her out. He knew she had sex with her family…that was different. What would she think about an older boy from another family lusting after her?

He felt her hand begin to move. It went up and rested on his chest. She raked her fingers over his turgid nipple. Will did his best to stifle a groan of pleasure. She continued to stroke, feel and pinch his nipple. Will loins were in complete turmoil. His penis was so hard he thought it might shatter if it were touched. He stood stock still. He felt the pressure in his loins building exponentially with each flick or pinch of his hard nipple. The pleasure of each touch sent electric jolts of pleasure through his teen body. His penis throbbed against her abs and he prayed that she wasn’t grossed out by the precum that was certainly running down her abdomen.

He felt his testicles twitching with each contact with his nipple.

Emily was worried that Will did not feel the same way about her. He had not moved in ages. She wanted this sexy boy every way possible. Emily felt her own juices running down the insides of her legs. She was sure he would be grossed out by a girl who leaked all over herself.

As she thought about Will being grossed out the embarrassment made her reflexively pinch his turgid nipple very hard.

Oh god no…he gasped…oh please no….oh SHIT Emily…so sorry. That was when she felt the first jet of his hot boy cream land on her abdomen. He kept breathlessly apologizing as his body squirted her with jet after jet of hot cum. He was beet red with embarrassment. Will almost ran out of the room crying he was so overcome with shame.

Then Emily moaned and began to suck his turgid nipple. Her hand went to his member which was still doing its best imitation of a volcano erupting molten hot boy seed. Her hand now slicked with his cum cupped his stiff boner and fondled his scrotum as she continued to nurse on his nipple.

She finally stopped…Wow…so sexy….

You think? Will asked in total amazement.

Oh yeah…very hot…you were so turned on that you shot off without being touched…very cool!

Will suddenly realized he had stopped breathing when his boner started to spray Emily with cum. He gulped a breath of air.

Emily began to tenderly kiss the shocked boy as her own passion continued to rage. It became a passionate kiss. Emily felt her juices running freely down her legs. She was no longer embarrassed. Emily felt Will get rock hard again. God…you are so sexy… She told the handsome boy as she looked into his deep brown eyes.

Will’s voice cracked with emotion as he told Emily that he had not been able to sleep because he was always thinking about her.

Emily hugged Will tight sandwiching his throbbing boner between them as she kissed him passionately. Me too… She told him.

They held each other and kissed each other for a long time.

Emily began to stroke his back and hips ever so lightly with her finger tips. She loved it when Will gasped with pleasure.

Will’s fingers began to tennatively explore her body. His fingers seemed to be magnetically drawn to her magnificent breast buds.

It was Emily’s turn to gasp when Will’s index finger began to touch her incredibly sensitive turgid nipple. It felt like lightning bolts of pleasure raging through her body. She felt a surge of her juices filling her aching sex.

Mmmmm….so good…oh yes… Emily moaned

Will moved his head and took the turgid flesh of her perfect pink nipple and began to nurse on it. He felt Emily’s body shudder with the intense pleasure. His fingers began to rub and massage her abdomen. Each time Will’s hand went lower until he made contact with her silky white blond pubic hair.

Emily would give anything if this wonderful, shy boy would feel up her aching pussy and then fill her with his throbbing hard cock.

Will found the courage to allow his index finger to touch the lips of her sex. He fingers quickly found that the lips of her sex were terribly moist. Will parted her labia and gasped as his finger found her rock hard clit.

Oh….yes….oh my god….so good Will…right there. That was all it took for the boy to relax and begin to explore Emily steaming sex. In moments he had two fingers buried deep in her hot sex. He felt her clit throb between his fingers. Emily gasped for breath as each touch inflamed her more. After a few moments Will felt her pussy become engorged and warm….her beautiful body shuddered in his arms and warm fluids began to flow down his fingers.

Em kissed Will passionately…that was awesome… She told the sexy boy. She took his hand wet with her essence and led him to the bed. They began to kiss and hug. Their fingers wildly explored each other’s naked body.

Emily rolled the boy on his back and began to kiss him as she got on top of him. His hard body felt so sexy against hers. She sat up and as she did she reached around behind her and grasped his stiff boy cock. In one swift movement, Emily impaled herself on his beautiful 13 year old boner.

She leaned down and kissed the shocked boy passionately. When she broke the kiss she told him how awesome his hard boner felt deep in her sex. Oh yeah…right there….mmmmm…so sexy. She told him as she took total control of their love making. She ground her hot pussy down on his boner and felt her hard clit rubbing against his shaft and pubis. She rocked back and forth on his thick cock. The incredible pleasure was indescribable.

Will ‘s cock was grinding against her cervix. It stretched her wide open. He was gasping for breath as the pleasures intensified. Emily…so close…are….you…ummm…protected?

No…Will fuck me….fuck me hard.

Will went right over the edge. He thrust his cock deep in her core and squirted his potent seed deep in her womb. Will squirted his seed again and again as his boy body bucked and thrust with the intense orgasm.

Emily cried out as she felt his hot thick boy cum ejaculate in her womb. Emily felt her own body as it began to ejaculate.

Will had never experience a woman’s squirting orgasm…He thought it was the most erotic thing ever.

Their young bodies were sexually spent for the moment. Will was still hard and buried deep inside the sexy girl. They held each other tight and drifted off to sleep in the post orgasmic glow.

A Note To My Readers

Thank you for responding to the survey about continuing the story. In one day I have gotten 91 responses from you and the vote so far is 85 want to continue and 6 want to stop. I have read all of the comments and ideas that you submitted. Between the comment in the survey and emails there are some awesome ideas for the story. I have tried to incorporate as many of your ideas as I can when I am writing. There is no doubt in my mind that your ideas have added a lot of spice, color and texture to the story.

Many of you have figured out that this story has me as turned on as much as it turns you on. I am most appreciative of all of the things you have sent to keep me wound up sexually and thinking about the story. It is working!

The Miller and Taylor families will soon be leaving for the island. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and ideas about their experiences on the island. What is the island like? What is life like on the island? What types of people do they meet? What kinds of experiences do they have?

I think what is making this story interesting and enjoyable for both you and me is the merging of ideas (yours and mine). Please continue to send me your thoughts and encouragement.


Family Love Boat Characters

Ryan (31) and Christie (31) Miller
Zachary 14
Hannah 12
Emily 11
Noah 11

Ted and Amy Taylor
Mike 15
Kaitlin 14
Will 13
Sara 13
Thomas 11
Josh 9 months

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