Seventeen-year-old Mark secretly loves his brother, thirteen-year-old Jason, more than just a brother. One day, while driving home with his brother, Mark takes a bold risk, and advances on his younger brother. This would be the beginning of a relationship closer than just being brothers, a relationship that would make the two brothers closer than ever before.
It is only natural for brothers to argue and fight. Every sibling relationship is like that; regardless if it is a constant argument, or minor shout feasts. The relation I have with my little brother is just like that. While most of my friends tell me stories about how they would love to spend a day away from their little brother, I would rather watch a movie with mine. While my friends say their fights with their brothers are real, I play wrestle with mine. I love my brother too much to treat him poorly. I could never understand why some people hate their little brothers. I simply don’t think I could live without mine.

My name is Mark. I just recently turned 17 years old. I am about 6 feet tall and I weigh near 200 lbs. Although I sound “big” most of my weight is muscle. I have been on my high school hockey team since I entered high school, and they make you weight lift and run on the treadmill. So my body is pretty nicely toned. I have short brown hair, that I never really comb, and I have brown eyes. I do have a fair amount of body hair, but I like to keep my pubes trimmed. My 7-inch uncut cock has had some action in the past, but most recently was my girlfriend, Jessica. We have been having sex for 2 years now, but I have had sex several times before then. I was known in my school as a pretty cool kid, so as a result I had lots of girlfriends. But I have a secret that only few people know, and that secret is that I am bi-sexual.

One of the few people that know that secret is my 13-year-old brother Jason. Jason is a very good-looking boy, even at his young age. He is much shorter than me, my guess would be about 5’4” tall, and he has to weigh less than 100 pounds, or just about that. He does not take after me with the body structure, but he does with just about everything else. His hair and eyes are brown, and he keeps his hair short just like me. We normally go to the barber together. His eyes drive everyone wild, including myself. They are so big and perfect. His smooth boyish face along with his very boyish look in general, make him possibly one of the cutest kids I know, if that the cutest. I have seen him naked before, but never hard, so his size is a mystery to me, but I do know that he is completely hairless. He checks him armpits for hair every morning. And every morning I get the opportunity to laugh at him.

As mentioned before, we do spend a lot of time together, and even more so now that I got my license. If I am told by my mom to go out to the store, Jason always tags along. If I am sick and have to go to the doctor, he will tag along. That, and the combination that we share a room, has made him and I very close. We like to spend nights talking, and just talking, about anything and everything we can think of. We have broken night by doing this several times before. Because we are so close, we are not afraid to see each other naked or change clothes near each other. Actually, we would much rather do it in front of each other than in front of our parents.

But the more time Jason and I spent together, the more my idea of him changed. And that is not a bad thing. For most of my life, Jason was my little brother. But recently I have felt more and more in love with him. By this I mean literally in love. I know that it is not normal to love your brother more than just a brother, but I simply could not help it. And my feelings for Jason only grew during Winter break one year.

I was in a deep sleep. Lamely dreaming about the Yankees winning the World Series in November, when the most annoying sound wakes me up yet again. The sound of the alarm clock, which I thought I had turned off, was ringing at full blast! I fumbled around for it, trying very hard to find the damn button that would shut it off and let me relive that moment the Yankees won, but by the time I had found it, all my dreams were gone. I checked the time, and it was 7:00 am. For a second I thought I was going to be late for school, but then I remembered that school ended yesterday for the holidays. With that in mind, I sat up, still covered by the warm blankets, and I stretched a long cat stretch. Yawned and stretched some more as I took a look around the room.

My room, or as Jason and I call it, ground zero, was just as messy as always. I looked to the window and saw some snow flakes coming down, through the blinds. I then set my eyes on Jason. He was still sleeping, which was no surprise mainly because he could sleep through a TNT explosion. The alarm never woke him up, which always surprised me, so I was left to wake him up every morning. As I looked at him, I noticed the blanket had come off of him during the night. We both slept in our boxers, so I imagined that he must have been freezing. I stood up, slipped my feet in my slippers, and moved over to Jason’s bed, which was right across from mine. As I hovered over him, I looked at his beautifully soft and fresh body. His boxers were a little too small for him, but he liked them like that, so I got a nice view of his skinny hairless leg. I looked up toward his torso and up his head. He was sleeping on his belly, and his head was turned on the side. I moved closer to him and saw that he was shivering. So I took his blanket and covered him up. I smiled at my cute brother and tip toed out of the room.

Regardless of the day, when I woke up and went down stairs, the same thing treated me each morning, an empty house. It was not something I thought about everyday, but that morning it had come to my head. I normally took the liberty to cook breakfast for Jason and myself, and so I did that, though I started around 9:00 am. Jason would probably be up within an hour.

I did not need to wake Jason up that morning, for the smell of bacon and eggs had filled up the room. As I was just about finished setting the table, Jason sluggishly stepped into the kitchen. He was rubbing both eyes, and smiling at me as he fake stumbled some more. He was still in his boxers and t-shirt.
“Good Morning.” I said to Jason.
With a raspy morning voice, he replied “Morning.”
“Hope you’re hungry today. I made a little extra.”
He smiled at me.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” I joked.

We started to eat breakfast. We made a little conversation, but nothing extraordinary.
“Hey scrub, I need to go to the store today. You want to come?”
He hated when I called him scrub, but he knew I was kidding. He gave me a fake nasty look, and replied, “Sure butt munch.”
I laughed.

Soon after we finished breakfast. He helped me wash the dishes, even though I told him he didn’t have to, and then we made our way upstairs to our room. We opened up the closet and looked for clothes to wear. I handed him a pair of jeans and a shirt, and he began to put them on. I did the same. As we changed, I would not help but watch him. He never even noticed me looking at him, which was to my advantage. Once we were done he began to walk out and I was behind him. I noticed that his shirt was tucked in on the back, but not the front. So as I walked I pulled it out for him.
“Thanks.” He said.

We made out way to the bathroom. I closed the door, most likely by habit, and went to the sink. Jason went to the toilet and unzipped his fly. As I was brushing my teeth, I watched him in all his glory thought the mirror. I watched him unzip his jeans and pull out his little soft cock. As he peed, I watched, practically drooling into the sink. When he was all finished, he shook off his cock but didn’t flush the toilet. Believe it or not, but this was a routine that we had. I was just about done with brushing my teeth, so I made my way to the toilet, and began to pee, and then I flushed.

Once all that minor stuff was done we made our way to the front door. I opened it, and Jason ran outside and into the car’s passenger seat. I locked up the house and went into the car.
“Can I put in a CD?” he asked.
“Sure, but we’re not going far…”
“That’s fine.” He reached for the CD case and pulled out A Beatle Album, more specifically, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Jason had gotten into the same music that I had, and he had chosen my favorite CD.

We rocked out to each track until we go to the store. We did not shop for much, just for what our mom needed for dinner. It is on the way back home where the story, and pretty much our relationship as just brother and brother, changed forever.

We had just listened to the last track on the CD, “A Day in the Life”. As I sang along to the lyrics, I put my arm around Jason playfully, but I must have rubbed a sensitive spot on his neck. I new this, because the next time I looked over at my little brother, I noticed a little tent that was being pitched. I tried to shake the thought out, trying to convince myself that it was nothing, but each time I looked it did not go away. It is when I began to get a little horny, that I decided to see what would happen.

I pulled into the gas station.
“Jason, go inside and give the man $10.00 for regular gas please.” I handed him the money.
He looked at me with those beautiful big eyes. “Uhhh, I can’t.”
I looked at him and pretended to be confused. “Why not?”
He stayed silent. “Is it because of your boner?”
The blush that he had after I said that, was unlike anything else. It looked like I had put the heat on full blast in a hot summer day! I started to feel a little bad.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. But it’s ok. That happens to everyone.”
“I know… it’s just that, if I get out now, everyone will see.”
I sat there and looked at him for a second or two. Then I looked at the amount of gas we had, and I had plenty.
“Ah, you know what? We have plenty of gas.” I said.
He left out a sigh of relief. I started to drive away, but his boner was still rock hard. I decided to take the long way home.
“Jason, it is unhealthy to keep it hard you know.”
“It is?” he replied almost scared.
“Yeah it is. Just jerk off to get it soft.”
“Right now dude?”
“Yeah, why not. The door will keep any other cars or people from seeing you, if that’s what you are scared about.”
“No it’s not that…”
I paused for a moment. “Come on, your going to be nervous around me? Don’t we always talk about this?”
“But talking is different than actually doing it…”
“You’re right. I do think you should do it, just to get it soft, but if you don’t want to, then it’s fine.”
He looked out the window and stood silent for a few seconds. Then he looked at me. “Are you sure?”
I nodded. “I won’t look if you don’t want me too.”
“No it’s ok, I guess…”

And with that, my little brother unzipped his jeans fly. He looked at me, as if just checking one more time. When I didn’t respond, he unbuttoned his boxer’s fly and pulled out his little hard cock. At first he just shyly touched and rubbed it. By this time I was as horny as ever, and I was actually getting anxious. As I watched him shyly jerk and rub himself, I spoke up.
“Dude, you call that jerking off?” I said as I laughed. He giggled, but the giggle was cut short. I reached my right hand over to the passenger’s seat and gently grabbed his small smooth cock. I started gently pumping his little uncut rod. It seemed that he was a little scared at first, but he then realized that it felt great and then came the moans. I continued to gently run my fingers up and down his cock for only a little bit longer, and then I actually started to masturbate him.

I decided to take a back road, that way it would take a little longer, but I could drive slow and jerk him off at the same time. So I found a back road where the speed limit was 25 and I took that. I tried to keep my eye on the road, but I could not help but look at him. Everything about him was making me horny. Actually touching his cock was one thing, but seeing the expression on his face was priceless. He rotated from a peaceful look to a look of complete pleasure, followed with some eye closing and low moaning. But I also looked over to make sure that he was not uncomfortable with what I was doing, and by the looks on his face, I could tell he was not.

As I moved his foreskin up and down his little cock head I spoke to him, but very quietly.
“Are you ok buddy?”
He quickly looked at me and said, “Yeah…”
“You want me to stop?”
“No it’s ok…”
“How does it feel buddy?”
“Good…” he said followed by a louder moan.

I jerked him off for a good 5 minutes. Sometimes I would tease him by jerking fast then slowing down, but I decided to keep a nice easy tempo up. That is until his breathing quickened. I could tell he was close. His body was jerking a little, and his hands were restless. I quickened the pace a little.
“Are you close buddy?”
“Mmhmm…” he moaned.
I smiled at him. I saw him tensing up and I knew it was coming. I quickened my pace to the fastest I could go without hurting him. This drove him nuts. His moaning was louder and faster. His body jerks became almost to a point where it looked like he was trying to have sex with my fist that was wrapped around his cock.
“Go ahead buddy. Let it go…”

My words must have triggered something in him because as soon as I said go, Jason let out his loudest moan yet. He tilted his head back, closed his eyes, and blew. I quickly looked ahead on the road and noticed no cars coming, and I was at a straightaway. I slowed the car down and then turned my eyes to Jason’s cock. At first it seemed like he was going to dribble cum, not shoot, because a little squirted out, but didn’t go far. But soon after that, Jason let out another moan and then came a rope of his young boy cum. It shot pretty high and landed on his black shirt. I continued to slowly stroke his cock as another rope came flying out. This time his cum landed all over my hand and above his cock. The third rope did not fly as far but it also landed on my hand and all over his crotch and balls. When no more ropes came flying out, I gently gave his cock a squeeze so get all his cum out. Whatever I milked out of him dribbled onto my fingers.

I held onto his cock until I felt it going soft. I took my hand away from his cock and brought it back to the steering wheel. But as I brought it closer, his surprisingly thick cum was dripping from my hand. So I gently held onto the wheel to not make a mess. I looked over to Jason, who was still sitting there with his cock out, and smiled.
“Are you ok Jason?” I said giggling.
There was not giggle in his response though. “Yeah, I’m more than ok…”
“So now you are soft. Why don’t you stick that thing back in your pants and when we get home you can wash up.”
“Ok.” He simply replied as he zipped his pants back up. He then sat there completely quiet for the remainder of the ride home.
The warmth of his cum felt great on my hand. I was so tempted to lick my fingers clean, but I did nit want to freak Jason out.

When we got home, I told Jason to go take a quick shower and get ready for dinner. It was only 3:00, but I figured that he would take his time. I went to the houses other bathroom and washed off Jason’s, now cold, cum. I remember thinking to myself, what a waste of a boy’s great cum. My mom got home soon after us, and I helped her make dinner. She didn’t give me much to do, but I helped anyway. To my surprise, Jason came out of the shower fairly early. He walked to the kitchen, said hi to our mom, and then looked at me and gave me a giant smile. His perfect smile made me smile too. I let out a little laugh. He looked at me and then sat next to me at the table. At the time I was helping my mom get the green beans ready. Jason volunteered to help me, which is something he never does. This also made me smile.

By the time dinner was all ready, my dad had already gotten home from work. We sat down and had a nice dinner that had an unusual amount of conversation. But one thing caught my attention all throughout the entire dinner. Every time I looked over to Jason, who was seated directly across from me and to my right, he would quickly look away. He was staring at me. I caught him doing this just about every time, when I talked and when I did not talk. He tried very hard to make it seem like he wasn’t staring, but I could tell he was, and he smiled every time he looked. I started killing myself thinking about what was going on in my brother’s head. I truly wanted to know, but I could not tell.

Once we were all done with dinner, we all helped clean up, and then we sat down in the living room and watched TV together. Jason and I sat next to each other like we always did, but today felt different. I felt closer to him than I ever did. I could tell that he felt the same way. All this encouraged me to put my hand on his knee. I didn’t do much with that advancement, but I did occasionally rub or gently massage his knee. Because my parents were near, I had to make it look like a casual act, and so I did.

We watched TV for a while. My mom went to bed a little early, so my dad, brother, and I decided to watch some late night shows. We had some good laughs as we watched, but around 12:30 am, Jason had fallen asleep. I felt him rest his head on my shoulder earlier, and I guess a combination of all the days’ events was too much on him. He gently snored as he rested on my shoulder.
“Mark.” My dad whispered to me.
I looked over to him.
“Why don’t we call it a night?”
“Yeah, I’m pretty tired…”
“Why don’t you go take your brother back to your room.”
“Alright. Goodnight dad.”
“Goodnight.” He said as he got up and shit off the TV.

I scooped Jason up in my arms and gently carried him to our room. With one hand I lifted up the sheets and then put him on the bed. He was still dressed, so I decided to undress him so he would be comfortable. Very gently and calmly I unbuckled his belt and slide it off. I put my fingers on his pants waist and very slowly pulled them down. A quiet groan came out of Jason’s mouth. All though this was a harmless act, it turned me on. When his pants were all the way off, my hormones were out of control. I didn’t want to wake him up, but I couldn’t help myself. I gently rubbed his soft cock. I remember thinking to myself that I wanted to touch his cock again. But I had to stop myself, and I did. But because I was now hard, and I hadn’t jerked off in days, I made my way to the bathroom.

When I got in the bathroom, I closed and locked the door. I then pulled down my shorts and then my boxers. My stiff cock sprung up. I reached for my cock and gently stroked it. My cock had been very sensitive from being hard all day. The only thought that I ha in my head was what happened in the car. Touching his smooth cock was what I was ready to jerk to. I pulled on my cock a little harder. Soon, the great feelings overwhelmed me. I tilted my head back, closed my eyes, fisted my cock, and jerked off hard. As I jerked faster, I could not help but let out a few quiet moans. I thought about pulling on my little brothers cock, and that was making me even hornier. Then, as I felt my own cum building, I imagined the spurts of cum that shot out from my little brother. The first one that landed on his shirt, and the other 2 plus the dribbles that landed on my hand. That was it, I jerked one last time and my cock erupted. I shot 4 thick ropes of cum that landed all over the floor in front of me. When I was finished, I squeezed out whatever cum I had left in me, and I leaned back against the wall. I waited for my breath to catch up, thinking about how that might have been the greatest masturbation session ever.

I looked at the cum on the floor, and again thought about what a waste of cum it was. I wanted it on my little brother. I wanted him to taste it. I wanted him to rub it on his smooth young body. But it was on the floor, the same floor that it seems to always be on. Would my brother ever taste and feel my cum? I had no idea.

But there was nothing I could do at the moment. I grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned up my mess. I flushed the cum covered toilet paper down the toilet, and pulled my pants and boxers back up. When I got back into my room, I looked at my adorable sleeping brother, and just imagined. I imagined at would could be, and what I would later find out, what would be. I tucked Jason in nice and snug, leaned in, and kissed him on his cheek. I whispered to him, “I love you.” I walked away with a smile. When I tucked myself into my bed, I looked over to him one last time, and I saw something that I wasn’t sure I believed. I thought I saw Jason smile in his sleep.

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