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Satiable : My Rapist Gets His.
I’ve occasionally read pornography. I’m a healthy red-blooded American woman and I have internet access. Sometimes I’ll wander on to the occasional porn site and read the stories. (I much prefer the stories to the pictures.) I have a fantasy life, and sometimes I use the stories to fuel that life. One of the common threads in pornographic writing seems to be the never-ending lust of the female protagonists. ‘The ten guys that have been giving me this gangbang are pretty tired. I’ll just give them each a blow job and a quickie and we’ll call it quits.’ These women are insatiable.

Well I’m not insatiable. I’m thirty-seven years old and in my sexual prime, but there’s a limit. My husband Dan’s sexual prime was quite a while ago, so in my normal life I would admit that I don’t get laid enough. We have a once a week session that leaves me wanting more. But since I’ve been on this vacation, my sexual life has gone too far in the other direction.

In the past, people have always thought of me as being serene. I look serene. I’m calm, collected, cool, confident. Nothing seems to bother me. I’m at peace with the world. That’s the way I believe I’ve appeared to my family, friends, and business associates.

I’ve always had a workout regimen. I usually run between two and five miles a day just to relax. Then I go through a moderately rigorous workout with weights. Once a week I run for mileage, usually at least twenty miles. I may be 37 years old, but I’m not dead.

I was a distance runner in high school. My son, Jason, was born after my freshman year in college (yes, I got knocked up), so I never had time to run for the University track or cross country teams. But I could have been a college athlete, my times were good enough. And I never really got out of shape. Here I am, close to twenty years later and I still can knock off a respectable time in the mile, and then run two more miles back to back in the same time. I’ve got speed, I’ve got stamina. And I weigh the same as I did when I graduated from high school.

Running relieves stress as it burns fat. Three times a week I practice yoga as well. Serene; that’s what I am. People at work think nothing bothers me. My husband and son think I am the calmest person they know.

But now I’ve been raped three days in a row. Do I still appear so serene? Can’t my son see the tension I’m experiencing every time he prepares to leave the house? I’m a nervous wreck. Serenity appears to have gone out the window.

Not only that, I’m satiable. There must be a word like that. I’ve heard insatiable often enough. Some women are insatiable. It only stands to reason that other women are just plain satiable. I’ve had multiple sessions of animal sex for three days in a row. I’ve had too many orgasms for a woman my age. Satiable: my hormones are depleted; my juices are dry; my erectile tissue won’t erect. I’m all fucked out. I think I could sleep for a week. I need a vacation from this vacation.

For several days I’ve been torn between being terrified that Tommy would rape me again, and being equally frightened that he wouldn’t.

Today was the worst. After my usual morning jog, followed by a swimming-sunbathing session, I returned to the house to relax and await my next encounter with Tommy. I went to my room to lie down naked on my bed. I guess I must have drifted off, because I awoke feeling somehow restricted. There was a covering over my eyes, a mask or maybe just a handkerchief, so I couldn’t see. My arms were bound by something and held over my head. My ankles had bindings on them as well. I lay on the bed, totally naked and exposed, my legs wide open for anyone to see or use.

While I was sleeping my dreams had been sexual in nature. Why shouldn’t they be? Sex had been the dominant aspect of my life for three days in a row now. I had awoken with my sex damp and my breath short. I was already aroused before I realized my situation. I was helpless, alone, and vulnerable. I knew Tommy must be here.

I forced myself to calm down and wait. I could wait him out. He had to be at least as horny as I was. I felt a sudden movement on the bed. Someone had climbed onto the bed with me and I knew that person was between my legs. I said nothing, I made no movement. I waited. I felt a mouth. It kissed the arch on my left foot. A tongue licked between my toes. I felt one of my toes sucked into the mouth. This was odd. But it wasn’t making me any less aroused. On the contrary, there was something so very erotic about having your feet assaulted by a totally unknown mouth. (I knew it was Tommy, but I could dream, couldn’t I?)

The mouth left my foot. I felt a tongue on my ankle, moving slowly up to my knee. I felt hot breath on the back of my knee. Both knees turned to jelly. The tongue continued upward, making a wet line up my thigh and toward my center. My breathing was becoming more erratic. I felt the breath on my pussy. My pussy had been damp. Now it was wet. I felt a single drop of fluid slide from my pussy and roll down my thigh. The tongue must have seen it too, because it licked up the fluid, then dove into my pussy. I gasped with ecstasy as the tongue pushed deeply into my sex.

I was unused to being pleasured orally. My husband, Dan, doesn’t seem to be interested in that kind of sex, and before this week he was my only sexual partner. I must admit that cunnilingus was a prime mover in my sexual fantasy life and suddenly here I was naked and exposed, helpless to stop the assault of an unknown tongue deep into my innermost being.

I was crazed. My back arched on the bed, trying to force the tongue deeper into my body. I wanted to grab the head and pull it to me, but my hands were tied. Suddenly the tongue was gone. I groaned in frustration. Annoyed I said, “Damn it, Tommy! Don’t tease me anymore. If you have to fuck me, just fuck me and get it over with.”

Then I heard his voice for the first time and I panicked. I felt myself shiver in fear and sexual arousal. He wasn’t on the bed! His voice came from the other side of the room! “I promise not to tease you, Mrs. Holden. But I’m not in charge today.”

My God! There was a strange tongue on my bed, and it just been deeply inside my pussy! For the first time I struggled with my bindings, trying to free myself. But then the mouth clamped down on my breast. I felt the tongue, gently, sensuously, slide across the nipple, bringing it straining to its full erection. I tried to pull away even as my body felt a mini-orgasm rush from my breast to my pussy. The mouth suckled on my nipple like a newborn, gently licking my breast, trying to feed off of my milk. My hips started to rotate of their own volition. I couldn’t help it; I needed something between my legs.

When the mouth left my nipple again my frustration showed. I lifted my breasts as far off of the bed as I could, trying to find the mouth again. Suddenly it clamped onto my other nipple and I screamed. I had my second orgasm, and it was much stronger than the first. Usually after a climax I must rest and rejuvenate. The mouth didn’t give me a chance. As it suckled, I felt a finger lightly glide across my pussy lips. My back arched so quickly that the finger slid an inch into my pussy before it had a chance to react. It moved to my clitoris, softly circling the engorged little nub without actually touching it. I screamed again, my third orgasm of the morning even stronger than the second.

This was ridiculous. I had never had three orgasms during a single love making session in my entire life. Here I was with three already, and the person on my bed had done it with just a little teasing. The sex hadn’t really begun yet. Was I becoming a slut? I told myself with what little conscious reasoning I had left to go ahead and be a slut for today. I’ve fantasized about being a slut. I like to think of deliciously naughty things when I’m rubbing myself off. For just today, I could go ahead and be a slut and my conscience would be clear, I hoped. Besides, I wasn’t in control anyway. Slut or no slut, I was going to take whatever the mouth wanted to give me whether I liked it or not. I decided I might as well like it.

There was movement on the bed. I sensed weight over me, but not touching me. I knew the mouth was just above my face. I felt a tongue running across my lips.

I opened my mouth slightly and the tongue accepted my invitation, forcing its way softly inside my mouth. Other lips were barely touching mine and I was consumed by a kiss softer than any I’d ever imagined. The tongue was gently insistent as it insinuated itself deeper into my mouth, sparring with my tongue, making love to my mouth as if it were my pussy. My fourth orgasm hit me like a lightning bolt. I found myself begging for it, just like Tommy seems to like. But I meant it.

“Please. Stick it in me. Please fuck me. I can’t stand this any more. Please take me now. Please!”

I felt it against my other lips. It was the head of a cock. At last! Oh God how I needed it. It felt large. Omigod! It felt huge. My soaking pussy lips parted easily and the head slipped into my cunt and held steady. I tried to force it deeper but as I moved toward it, it moved away. I just couldn’t take it any more.

“Stop teasing me! Please stick it all the way in. I need it now. Please!!” I was a pathetic slut begging to be fucked.

I felt the magically soft mouth again kiss me, the insistent tongue again enter my mouth. And then the cock slid deeply into my cunt. I screamed again as another orgasm overcame me. I was rocking on this huge thing now in my pussy as I tried to concentrate on the exquisite feelings generated by the magic mouth. I felt light on my eyes and realized that the mask covering them had been removed. My eyes were closed as the orgasm swept through me. I slowly opened them to look into the eyes of my assailant. The mouth was still caressing mine in the most loving and sensual kiss I had ever known. Suddenly I came to my senses and my eyes opened wide. My God, it was a woman!

She lifted her mouth from mine and smiled down on me. The shock on my face must have been obvious. I glanced down to see that she was riding me with a huge strap-on dildo. It was too much. The sudden erotic shock sent me over into the most powerful orgasm of my life. I strained against my restraints. I screamed! I saw nothing but brightness and electricity. Then I guess I passed out.

When I woke up, I was still tied to the bed, but I was alone. I felt the cold clammy sheets beneath my bottom and realized I was lying in my own sex juices. I tried repositioning myself, but the restraints didn’t allow me to move far enough to move my bum from the wet spot. It was a constant reminder of what I had sunk to. I had become some teenager’s semi-willing sex object, and I didn’t even know how.

I wasn’t sorry it happened, and I didn’t feel guilty about having cheated on Daniel, at least not yet. I guess I was caught up in the energy of it all. I hadn’t made any effort to be unfaithful. That was the fun part. When I think of what it takes to have an extramarital affair, it just makes me tired. I have enough tension in my life (and remember, I’m the calmest person I know). I don’t want to be worrying about the web of lies I would have to weave to keep my husband from finding out about something that if he did find out, would wreck my marriage. It comes down to this: I would only willingly have an affair with another man if I had decided that I no longer cared about my marriage. Since I love my husband and plan to spend a lifetime with him, I have no intention of being unfaithful to him. It would be exciting, sometimes, to be admired by a man other than my husband. It would stroke my ego, I suppose, to know that I still could raise a man’s passion. But that’s small payback for ruining my life.

Still, as affairs go, this one was kind of out of my control. I didn’t knowingly court it. I was swept off my feet. All right, I’ll admit that it might be hard to buy the ‘I was caught in the passion of the moment’ argument three days in a row. There’s an old Mafia saying: ‘One time is happenstance, twice is coincidence, and three times is enemy action’. It’s possible that the ‘I was raped’ story might not hold water over an extended period of time.

Nevertheless, I had had my little fling. So far no one has been hurt. Now I have to calm Tommy down and make sure he keeps quiet. He is, after all, my son’s roommate. Teenage boys talk. They drink, they brag, they gossip. I was a teenage girl once, and had to deal upon occasion with the careless words spread by some bragging little loudmouth. But this was too much. I suddenly realized that Tommy had me by the short hairs.

This was no good. What kind of a vacation is it when you’ve violated the trust of the one person you care most about in the whole wide world, then have to worry about the adultery (let’s call a spade a spade) being talked about by some stuck up little rich kid who thinks women like to be raped? I just didn’t need this aggravation. Darn it, I only wanted to come to the beach, read a few books, catch some rays, and relax. This had been anything but relaxing. And now I felt the pangs of paranoia gripping me. I could only hope that beneath that arrogant rapist exterior there beats a sympathetic heart willing to forget the whole thing. I wasn’t holding my breath.

I just wanted to get off of the wet spot on the bed and take a hot shower. Whoever that girl was who had fucked me earlier in the day had left the restraints on me, so I was stuck until Tommy returned. Thank God Jason was still in Duck with that new girlfriend. I really didn’t need him walking in on his mother tied naked and spread-eagled to a bed that reeks of sex. I honestly would have been mortified if it happened. But as I thought about it, I started to get wet again. I knew I had a great new fantasy to incorporate into my masturbatory endeavors once I got back home.

Wait a minute! I’m not into incest. But if a fantasy just falls in your lap, you would be crazy not to use it. How would a teenage boy react walking into the bedroom of a woman nude, tied, spread, open? How would he react to seeing a well-fucked and available cunt? What if that cunt happened to be attached to his mother? Wow, this was getting good, and my hands were tied. I couldn’t reach my pussy! I started to squirm a little, trying to bring a little pressure to bear on those parts of my bottom that react favorably to pressure. My eyes closed, imagining. Perhaps I wasn’t as sated as I had originally thought.

I was contemplating the mess I had made of things when I heard someone walking through my living room. “Thank God, Tommy is back!” I thought. Where a few minutes ago I had wanted to take a shower and go to sleep, now my only thought was “A dick! He has a dick!” I needed a dick.

“Tommy come here, I need you” I called to the person in my living room. Now the odd thing is that under normal circumstances Tommy treats me exactly as if I was his roommate’s mother, respectful, friendly but uninterested. Only in the bedroom does he become this domineering taker who wants to abuse me and bend me to his will. I think he may have used the word “slut” in reference to me more than once in the last couple of days. But I had hoped it was only to my face.

“Come in here Tommy” I yelled again. I heard footsteps approach my bedroom. And then a man I had never seen before walked in to my bedroom. My first reaction was fright. This was a tall young black man who so confidently walked in to my bedroom and said “Pardon me, ma’am, but I’m looking for a slut. Do you know where I can find one?”

“Who the hell are you?” I screamed at the tall young man. He was little more than a boy. He couldn’t have been more than 20.

“Now, ma’am, don’t you go swearin’ and yellin’ and shit around me. I might think you’re not a lady. If you’re not a lady, then maybe you’re that slut I was looking for.”

There was something about him that wasn’t right. He said the right words, the kind of words that Tommy would convince him to use, knowing that it adds to my fantasy to be humiliated a little bit. But something was wrong.

He leered at me and began unbuttoning his shirt. As he undressed I saw a smooth-skinned young black man with sinuous muscles, slim hands, and slender legs emerge. His chest was hairless. I could barely see any hair on his body at all. Suddenly he was clad only in his shorts, which were some electric orange colored briefs. He faced me with a small smile and slid his briefs to the floor. An engorged and uncircumcised cock sprang up. It wasn’t as large as Tommy’s, perhaps the size of my husband’s: respectable was what it was. Frankly, that’s what I was mostly interested in, in my current condition: a respectable dick.

I am here to protest that I am not turning into some kind of slut as depicted in stories I have read in cyberspace. I am not some cock-hungry cum-sucking horny bitch. I’ve seen the stories and know the terms. It was merely that after three consecutive days of sexual arousal, I had learned that this vacation was for relaxing standards if only for a little while.

It might seem strange to reveal that I had never fantasized about having sex with a black man. I know that places like Literotica have whole sections devoted to interracial sexual liaisons. I’ve suppose that it has to do with fear and the forbidden fruit aspects of it. But I was raised in a racially diverse neighborhood, even dated a black kid in high school a couple of times (he didn’t make it past second base!) I just have never fantasized about being ravaged by some faceless black stud trying to establish dominance over the fair skinned rich bitch. All my fantasies were more personal in nature. My ravagers always had a face I was familiar with and sometimes thought about in a sexual way. None were black though one was this really sexy Asian-American guy who works for me. So I guess one could say that I have had interracial fantasies, but only because this guy happened to be of Asian descent. I was thinking of him because he was sexy, period.

So now I had this very lovely young boy with a very attractive dick walking in my direction. I was at the point that if he decided to rape me, I wasn’t going to struggle much. I decided to play along with the fantasy and act scared. Maybe I’m crazy, but I just wasn’t scared of this kid.

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked with a waiver in my voice. I sure as hell knew what I hoped he was going to do to me.

He said “Honey, as soon as I get this rubber on, I’m going to make your dreams come true. You know that once you go black…”

“At least you have the common decency to wear some protection” I said to him.

“Baby, they may get me for rape, but they sure as hell won’t get me for child support.” Then he laughed; an infectious little laugh that almost made me giggle myself. I could tell he was having fun. I didn’t want to spoil it but I decided perhaps I should have my own fun for a change. After all, it was my vacation.

I suddenly changed my demeanor. I stopped being the scared little housewife about to be raped by the big black stud. I knew what this kid needed was a domineering mommy and I was just the person to give it to him.

“Okay little man. I’ve had enough of this. Here are the rules: First you are going to untie me. I’m tired of these restraints. Then you’ll come over here and lay down. I’ll decide what comes next when I’m ready.”

He had a confused look on his face. “Say what? You don’t understand, bitch, I’m in charge here.”

I screamed at him. “Get these restraints off right now, or when I’m free I’m going to track you down and cut your pansy-assed cocksucking balls off!”

I could see him deflate. At least his ego deflated. Fortunately if anything his dick got harder. There was a look of guilt in his eyes and he looked down, unable to look in my eyes.

“How did you know?” he asked.

“How did I know what?” I knew what he meant but wanted to hear him say it.

“How did you know that I was gay?”

“What’s your name? Mine is Mrs. Holden.”

“I’m Jared Johnson, Ma’am”, he said formally. Under the circumstances I was amused by the formality. After all I was spread naked in front of him and he was in the process of working a condom over his enraged dick.

“Jared, honey, I suspected it as soon as you opened your mouth. Don’t tell me that Tommy doesn’t know!”

“No, Mrs. Holden. Tommy thinks I’m doing this because I’ve always wanted to make it with an older white woman. No offense, ma’am.”

“Well, Jared, I certainly qualify as an older white woman, so no offense is taken. My question is why? Why in the world would you agree to this little fantasy thing Tommy has going?”

He didn’t say anything, merely looking uncomfortable. I had to grin. It was all too clear now.

“You have the hots for Tommy, don’t you? You took one look at that fabulous little ass of his and couldn’t resist. That’s it, isn’t it?”

He hemmed and hawed a bit, but it was obvious I had hit the nail on the head. “I know I’m a fool, ma’am. I go to mostly gay bars. But I met Tommy a while back at a straight bar and just can’t get him out of my mind. I saw him again yesterday and was having a nice conversation with him. I thought we were getting very friendly, if you know what I mean. He is so sexy. We were sitting next to each other at the bar, and it was all I could do to keep from putting my hand on his knee.”

“Has Tommy ever acted like he wanted to get it on with you?” Jared had finally gotten the rubber on and was now untying my restraints. I was fascinated by this little political drama and had almost forgotten why he was here.

“No ma’am! He doesn’t know I’m gay, so how could I broach the subject? He brought up this thing he had going with you and thought I might want to be a part of it.”

“Did he mention me by name?” I asked. Now I was worried that he was spreading stories about me.

“No, ma’am. He just said he knew some horny white woman that might want to play games. No offense, ma’am, but I wasn’t really interested in you. Mostly I was interested in being close to Tommy.”

“That’s okay, Jared. I don’t mind that you really aren’t interested in having sex with me. On the other hand, it would be a shame to waste a perfectly good rubber. Come here!”

I stood up and reached for him. He raised his hand to mine and strolled toward me. I turned and knelt on the bed gazing back at him over my shoulder in as sexy a manner as I could, considering I was a 37 year old woman trying to arouse a 20 year old gay black man. He had the courtesy of looking me over and saying “Mrs. Holden, your ass is almost as nice as Tommy’s.”

I said, “Come here young man. Now lay on the bed with that lovely dick of yours sticking up. Yes, just like that.” I moved legs over his stomach, with my head facing away from him. I had a theory that he enjoyed looking at asses. I thought I better give him a good view of mine. I hefted myself above him, then reached under and for the first time touched him. It was his dick I was touching. I centered my pussy over his lovely manhood and started rubbing it along my slit. I really didn’t need to prepare myself. I had been wet down there for three days. Still I was luxuriating in the feel of his uncircumcised dick sliding against my pussy lips. I looked over my shoulder again. Jared was looking a little uncomfortable with all this.

I gave him a sexy grin and said to him “Look at my ass. Isn’t it a lot like Tommy’s ass? Think of it as Tommy’s ass.” At that I impaled myself on his dick and started giving him the ride of my life. God I needed a dick, any dick. Even a gay dick would do. A gay dick was doing. I let out a guttural groan.

“Yeah, Jared, give it to me. Fuck me good Jared. If you’re a good boy and give me what I want, maybe I can give you what you want.”

He was feeling me. I could tell this wasn’t quite the unpleasant experience that he was expecting. I could see him grimace a bit each time I bottomed out on his pubic region. I would raise, impale, grind. Raise, impale, grind. Raise, impale, grind. I had a rhythm going and could feel myself succumbing to that marvelous feeling of being full of dick. I really like being full of dick.

Jared began to grunt each time I ground my pussy against his phallus. But he still had the presence of mind to respond to my last statement.

“What do you mean, you can give me what I want?” he asked with puzzled but painful expression on his face.

“You want Tommy. Maybe I can give you Tommy. I think we can both get some benefits by teaching Tommy a little bit about life.”

Jared began humping in earnest now. I have a very nice ass. I’ve been told by plenty of men over the years that my ass is first rate. But it is a womanly ass. No one would mistake it for Tommy’s, for example. But Jared was concentrating on my ass as he thrust that lovely dick harder and harder into my welcoming womanly glove. I started to squeeze him internally as I felt my self letting go. Somehow amidst it all I had a flash of an idea. Again I turned my head and looked into Jared’s eyes.

“Jared, are you a virgin?”

“I’ve never had a woman before, if that’s what you are asking, ma’am.”

All right! I was taking the virginity of a twenty year old gay black man. God the fuel that will add to my fantasy life!! I increased the speed of my movements. It almost became a rape, but it was me doing the raping. My pussy began to spasm. I arched my back, forcing our pubic bones together, grinding, grinding together. My eyes were closed. A high pitched screech permeated the room. Damn! I don’t make a sound like that. It was Jared. I had done it! I had brought off a gay man with just the force of my pussy. It was all I could take. I screamed myself, shuddering in a climax of mammoth proportions. Then I collapsed forward, my face falling onto his knees, hugging his legs, trying to catch my breath. Again I turned my head to look at Jared. This time he was looking at me with a slight smile on his lips.

“Shit, Mrs. Holden. Tommy was right when he said you were amazing in bed.”

I climbed off of the bed. His rubber-clad dick was on display, obviously bathed in his own semen. Yes, it was proof positive. I had made a gay man cum. It’s a very odd and yet satisfying accomplishment for a woman of my age. I was just inordinately proud of myself.

“Well, Jared, I want you to know that I wasn’t kidding about helping you get Tommy. Our Tommy boy has gotten a little out of hand with all this, and it’s time he was taught a lesson. No offense, Jared, but he shouldn’t be bringing home strange men to have sex with me. He shouldn’t be talking about this at bars. He is acting out his fantasies without regard to my safety. I know you’re a nice boy and wouldn’t want to hurt me. But I think Tommy has the wrong idea about how to please a woman. My fault, I know. I have my fantasies and they dovetailed nicely with his tendency towards disrespect for women. Tommy has to be taught something about consequences.”

I had had wildly ambivalent emotions the past three days, running from elation to guilt to fright to anger to passion to humiliation. I was paranoid about the future, worried for my marriage, for my husband, for my son. Was any of this worth three days of very strange but wild sex?

Have I mentioned that I’m a very serene person? I contemplate and cogitate over things. From my bastion of serenity I can see my way down paths that would be closed to me if I allowed the passion of the moment to cloud my vision. And boy did I have a vision. It came to me in a flash, between the passion and the shock.

I like gay men. In my job I deal with a lot of gay men and lesbians. Actually I’m on the Gay and Lesbian Task Force at work, kind of a management liaison. It makes lots of people assume I am a lesbian, but actually I’m the straight and narrowest of heterosexual women: never wanted to be with a woman; didn’t include women in my sexual fantasies (except once or twice as part of a threesome with Danny…in my dreams). But today I had been fucked by a woman and had an orgasm of epic proportions. Go figure.

Anyway, I like gay men. I like to party with them. There is always one of them passing a joint. There is humor in everything at a gay party. I spend the evening laughing whenever I am with a group of gay men. They know how to enjoy life. Strangely, I’m not as comfortable with lesbians. Maybe it’s me. I would prefer to be with straight men rather than lesbians in a non-sexual social situation. But I’d rather be with gay men than straight men in similar situations. Do other people think such things or is it just me?

I liked Jared instantly. Of course, he had agreed to act a part in a rape fantasy, so maybe I should have been a little less welcoming. But he thought he was doing me a favor, so how can I complain about that? He was doing me a favor. Now I saw how I could do him a favor.

Tommy came home several hours later, dead drunk. He stumbled through the kitchen, looked at me with a silly grin, and stumbled on into his bedroom. He flopped onto his bed and I saw that Tommy boy was going to be out for a while. I went into his bedroom and started to work his clothes off of him. He offered no resistance, but no assistance either so it was a difficult task, especially to get his underwear off of his drunken ass. Then I jostled him and rousted him enough that he came slightly out of his drunken stupor.

“Tommy! Tommy! Get up! You’re in the wrong bed. Come on, Tommy. Help me now.” I was grabbing around his chest and trying to force him to stand.

“Wha… What? Bed? What bed?” Tommy was mumbling but at least he moved. I dragged him, carried him, led him to my bedroom and to my own bed.

“Here, Tommy. Lie down and go to sleep.”

Tommy fell head first onto my bed, stark naked and drunk as a skunk. Oh boy was he gonna have fun!

I picked up my cell phone and called Jared.

I heard him pick up. “Hello, Mrs. Holden” He obviously has caller ID.

“Hello, Jared. Tommy is home. He should be down for the count. Let’s give him several hours to sober up. We want him to know what’s happening. Why don’t you come over around eleven o’clock tonight? And Jared? Be ready to party!”

I heard Jared laugh an excited little yelp of a laugh. He was a delightful boy. Tommy is a delightful boy too, but I’m afraid this rape fantasy may have warped his point of view about women. He’s in danger of becoming a real asshole. I keep telling myself that what I have planned is for Tommy’s own good.

I’m a fan of “A Clockwork Orange”. Now I have a chance to apply my very own aversion therapy. When I’m done with Tommy, I’m hoping that he will hate the very concept of rape. Besides, in every day life, Tommy has to learn that paybacks are a bitch.

Tommy woke up slowly. There were bright lights around him. He was in the center of my queen sized bed. He was naked as a jaybird, arranged with his knees tucked under him against his chest, face down on the bed. His hands and his feet were bound by the very same restraints Tommy had installed for my use. Tommy’s turn to learn to deal with restraint.

He moaned. He slowly opened his eyes. He blinked once or twice. Then he felt the wrist restraints. I was sitting on the side of the bed in a light silk robe.

“What the fuck is this? Get me the fuck out of here!” Tommy was agitated already and he didn’t know the half of it.

“Oh, Tommy!” I said. “You’re awake. Good. We didn’t want to start this without you.”

“Start what? What’s going on here? Mrs. Holden let me up!”

“Tommy, sweetheart. Relax and enjoy. Maybe you’ll find yourself liking this.”

With that I stood and dropped my robe to the floor. I was gloriously naked. I scrambled onto the bed and started rubbing my body all over Tommy’s. My tits were on his back making sensuous circles. My hands reached around his waist to capture his flaccid penis.

I gently began by massaging Tommy’s balls with one hand while softly, delicately stroking his cock with the other. Tommy was good at reading my fantasies, getting into my little sex dreams. Could he relax and go with a fantasy designed just for him?

I started kissing his neck, tonguing behind his ear, nibbling his lobes, stroking, fondling his cock. I heard a small moan. I felt a definite upsurge in his groin and that ugly soft little snake started to grow into a rock solid angry piece of man meat. I kept up my assault on this defenseless boy. His hips started to move of their own volition, fucking my hand. His eyes were closed, his breathing quickened. I heard him groan “Oh, Christ!”

He was getting there. Maybe a little too fast. I removed my hand from his balls and slowed the friction on his dick a little bit. With my free hand I reached to the side of the bed and retrieved the KY Jelly, placing a gob on my middle finger. Then I gently started stroking that sensitive little spot between the balls and the anus. Daniel seems to love to be stroked there. So did Tommy.

He had been moving his hips back and forth, but now he was also swiveling his hips a little as well. My finger easily slid up from his balls, right across his ass-crack. My jelly-coated middle finger came in contact with Tommy’s little hole. Tommy’s hips jerked in surprise. But interestingly while his hips flew in the air, instantly they came right back to my finger. Was Tommy applying more swiveling motion now? Was he trying to work the finger in? Maybe. I was willing to let him have it.

I started applying pressure to Tommy’s asshole. The jelly-lubricated digit gained an entrance and went to the first knuckle. Tommy let out a small scream. Was he in pain? Maybe. Did he like it? God, his cock got harder. It got bigger. Tommy was rolling his ass around my finger.

I plunged it on in and began to fuck him with it. The more I fucked him, the more I worked the finger around, enlarging the width of his hole. I let a second finger slip in with it. Tommy was in ecstasy. He was bucking against my fingers, forcing his prick against my fisting hand. I could tell he was ready for a life changing orgasm. Time to introduce him to reality.

I removed my hand from Tommy’s cock, but kept working my fingers in his ass. Without the stimulus on his dick, Tommy dropped back from the very edge of his climax and regained a little control. Still he rocked against my fingers, groaning and panting, never opening his eyes.

That was good (the part about not opening his eyes). If he had opened his eyes, he would have seen a very naked and very aroused Jared Johnson eagerly moving across the room, then knee crawling directly behind Tommy’s lovely little ass. That cock looked a lot bigger than it did this afternoon.

“Tommy”, I said. “Tommy! Listen to me.”

Tommy looked up with a puzzled and pained expression. “What do you want? Why did you stop? Please! Grab my cock. Finish me off, Mrs. Holden. Come on! I can’t wait any longer! Please! Do it!”

Okay. I understand why Tommy liked to hear me beg. It is a bit of a power trip. He was so desperate that my motherly instincts almost took over. I found myself wanting to relieve his pain by sucking him off until his balls turned blue. I really wanted to give him a blow job. Selfish of me, I know when we’re trying to help this kid out of a potentially disastrous world view. I calmed down a bit. Be serene.

“Tommy, you’ve been a bad boy. You’ve got some idea in that head of yours that women like to be raped. That’s not true, Tommy. Women don’t like to be raped. Some women might have safe little non-violent loss of control fantasies, but no woman wants to be raped. “

“I know, Mrs. Holden. I would never rape anyone.” Tommy seemed so sincere with my finger up his ass.

“I hope not, Tommy. I hope not. But just to be sure, we’re going to teach you what being raped feels like.”

I allowed by finger to slip from Tommy’s ass, then nodded to Jared. He started rubbing his cockhead between Tommy’s ass cheeks. Tommy still didn’t know Jared was there. He was in such a state that he hadn’t felt the movement on the bed. I suppose he thought my fingers had returned to his ass, because he started rotating his ass against Jared’s dick. Jared didn’t need any more encouragement than that. With the tip of his cock pressed firmly against Tommy’s asshole, Jared slipped forward and immediately gained a foothold in Tommy’s ass.

Tommy’s eyes flew open as he was inundated with a mixture of pleasure and pain. Jared pressed his advantage. Grabbing Tommy around the waste, Jared worked his dick deeper and deeper into Tommy’s ass. Tommy screamed. Then he looked around and screamed again.

“What the fuck! Get the fuck off of me you fucking fag! GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!!”

I noticed Tommy’s dick hadn’t lost any of its hardness. Rather it seemed to be even harder. Jared reached around Tommy’s waist and started fondling Tommy’s dick, just as I had done a few minutes earlier.

Jared was sliding out, then driving himself deeper with every penetration. Tommy was screaming, but I saw that he ass seemed to have a mind of its own. It was responding in kind to Jared’s assault. Every time Jared rammed his dick into Tommy’s ass, Tommy seemed to be slamming his ass back onto Jared’s dick.

I’ll admit, this wasn’t exactly what I had planned. What was this? Was my fantasy rape for Tommy one that he already had? He was certainly getting into that fucking, regardless of what he was saying. He was crying now, his breath coming in great gasps.

“Stop! Please stop. Don’t fuck me in my ass! I’m not a fag! Stop it!”

But Jared’s fucking and fondling was getting to the allegedly heterosexual little boy. It was obvious that Tommy was on the verge of that life changing orgasm again. He was crying out, moaning, screaming.

“Stop. Oh, fuck. FUCK! OH FUCK!! FUCK!!”

I hurried to my desk and pulled out my digital camera. In the passion of the moment I had almost forgotten about it. From my position on the side of the bed I could get a perfect picture of Jared’s dick sliding into Tommy’s ass. Just one thing, though.

“Tommy look here”, I said.

Tommy turned his head toward me. His face was contorted in pain and/or passion. I said “Say Cheese”, and snapped a beautifully incriminating photo of an obvious gay fuck with little Tommy boy as the fuckee.

I kept taking pictures, and none too soon, as Jared was reaching escape velocity. He was plowing his dick into Tommy’s ass, plunging deeply, rotating and plunging again. The fuck became brutal. Tommy was still screaming, but he was slamming his ass onto Jared’s dick for all he was worth. Jared’s hand on Tommy’s cock was working the head, then working the shaft, harder, faster. I realized I was getting hot.

Jared screamed his passion as his penis ejaculated into his rubber. Tommy shuddered against Jared’s dick with his back arched. I don’t remember ever watching a man orgasm before as an uninvolved third party. To look at his face you would think that Tommy was in agony. But his dick spewed string after string of sperm several feet onto the bed. If Tommy put his head onto the bed, his face would be covered with his own cum.

Whoops. Tommy’s face dropped to the bed in exhaustion. His mouth fell onto a puddle of his own sperm.

Jared had climaxed, but he remained inside Tommy. His hands were moving over Tommy’s skin. He was feeling his chest, smoothly rubbing his side, grabbing a feel of his ass, making it rotate over his semi-erect dick. He began to murmur endearments into Tommy’s ear.

“You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Your skin is like satin. Your cock is amazing. I love it. I’ve wanted you from the moment I saw you, Tommy. I’m sorry we did it this way. I never want to hurt you. I want to take you in my arms and love you forever. I’ve never wanted to be with anyone like I’ve wanted to be with you, Tommy. You’re the most sexy, beautiful man I’ve ever known”

It was the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard anyone say while having his dick up another man’s ass.

Jared was still rubbing Tommy all over. He again fondled Tommy’s dick. I thought Tommy was down for the count but I was wrong. He must really like a dick up his ass, because it only took a little manual manipulation and Tommy again looked like he was ready for action.

Jared appeared to be ready for another round, too. He began that rocking motion that indicated the movement of dick within ass.

Since most of my story revolves around this time when my fantasy life became reality, I should point out that on many occasions I have rubbed myself off while dreaming of being in bed with two men at one time. Now that particular fantasy had become reality. But never in my wildest imaginings did I ever expect it to be like this.

I reached in the night stand and pulled out the strap-on dildo that our mysterious little visitor had forgotten to take with her when she left this afternoon. Just putting it on gave me a feeling of enormous phallic power.

I crawled onto the bed beside Jared. I whispered for him to pull out, but to keep holding Tommy’s penis. I gave Jared a wet washcloth. He removed the rubber and cleaned his dick. (I’m trying to teach Tommy a lesson, not give him AIDS.)

Tommy moaned when he felt the dick leaving his ass. His ass cheeks seemed to be searching for that dick again. Well I was glad to give it to him. I pressed the lubricated head of my phony dick against Tommy’s ass. He was already wide open so I jammed it right in there. I guess I forgot that the dildo was half again as big as Jared. Tommy screamed.

Jared slid underneath the kneeling Tommy and fed on Tommy’s penis, taking that huge thing into his mouth. He was lying on his back underneath Tommy and they were in the classic 69 position (except Tommy hadn’t sucked Jared’s dick).

I started fucking Tommy for all I was worth. Talk about turning the tables! I was crazed with a combination of anger, power, and lust. I was reaming that tight little ass of his with a 9” dildo. Tommy must have started liking it, because he suddenly engulfed Jared’s lovely cock in his mouth and began licking and sucking Jared’s erection. I pulled out for a second, got my camera, put it on the dresser facing the bed and set it on time delay. I jumped back on the bed and reinserted my trusty dildo into Tommy’s ass. A few seconds later a sudden flash let me know that this was recorded for history.

Tommy and Jared were reaching some kind of mutual rhythm with their oral stimulation of each other. I tried to match the motion with my fucking of Tommy’s ass. Suddenly Tommy was screaming around Jared’s dick and spraying his seed down Jared’s throat. Jared wasn’t far behind him, and for the first time, Tommy tasted another man’s cum. He liked it. He kept sucking and licking throughout Jared’s orgasm only letting up after Jared had shrunk back to his normal non-rigid size.

I pulled out of Tommy’s ass with a sigh of satisfaction. I hadn’t gotten off using the dildo on Tommy, but I didn’t really care. It was the feeling of power, of control that I got off on.

“Tommy”, I said. “I thought you should be on the receiving end of a rape. I know you’re a nice boy, but it’s important to differentiate between fantasy and reality. We’ve been living a fantasy the last few days. But you can never assume that a person wants to be taken against their will. Learn your lesson. Treat your lovers with respect. If they want to be treated like a whore in the bedroom, then treat them like a whore. But only if they want to be treated that way. Do you understand?”

Tommy’s eyes were closed. It was if he didn’t want to look at the scene that had exposed a side of his nature that maybe he hadn’t known existed. He nodded his head without opening his eyes.

I only had one thing more to do to achieve closure. I picked up my camera, downloaded the pictures to my computer, and then emailed the pictures to my business address. Tommy still hadn’t opened his eyes.

“Now Tommy, I know you want to be a good boy, and I know you don’t want to talk about the things that happened between you and me these last few days. But just to be sure that you have an incentive to keep your silence, I now have pictures of you talking the dick of a black man up your ass. (No offense, Jared.) Those pictures will never be seen by anyone but me, so long as you keep your mouth shut. But if one word of this leaks out, copies of these pictures will be sent to your parents, to your fraternity brothers, and to anyone else I can think of. I’m not blackmailing you. This is an insurance policy so I can sleep at night.”

“Please don’t show those pictures to my parents, Mrs. Holden. I promise I’ll never talk.” Tommy opened his eyes and they were pleading with me.

I smiled and leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Don’t worry, Tommy. You secret is safe with me. I just want to be sure that my secret is safe with you.”

Jared had never taken his mouth from Tommy’s dick. He was still making love to Tommy’s dick with slow sensual licking followed by some sort of suction thing that he did as he swallowed Tommy’s entire length. I was impressed with his technique.

I got up and stretched. I felt serene. For the first time this week I was totally relaxed.

I said, “Boys, I’ve had enough for one vacation. Jared, stop sucking Tommy’s dick! You two go into Tommy’s room and do whatever you must. I need to remove these dirty sheets so I can go to bed. Tommy seems to have made a mess of things.” I was back into full-fledged Mommy mode.

The boys got off the bed. Jared pulled Tommy out of my bedroom and into Tommy’s own. He just couldn’t’ seem to get enough of the feel of Tommy’s body. I can’t say that I blame him. I reminded myself to make sure Jared was gone before Jason made it home. He might have some questions about that.

So that’s my story. I had spent my vacation living fantasies, some of which I had never ever had before. I was satiated. After all, I’m a satiable woman. I was a little sad to think that this might be the last great sex of my life, since unlike the women in stories I read, this was not the epiphany that would set me on a path of cheating and slut-like behavior. I love my husband and will never cheat on him again (unless seduced into some rape fantasy…one must keep one’s options open).

I must have lain on my now clean sheets and just thought things over all night. I dozed and then woke with a start and began thinking again. Why couldn’t Daniel and I have the kind of sex that Tommy and I had? Then I had the true epiphany. It wasn’t all Danny’s fault. Maybe I wasn’t giving him the proper stimulation to make him desire me the way I wanted to be desired. This can be a two way street, this fantasy business. Tommy gave me fantasies. I gave him a humdinger of a fantasy in return. But I’ve never given Danny a fantasy. It’s just standard lovemaking with no frills. I find it boring, but Danny does too, I bet.

Then I knew it. I have to come clean with Danny. I’m going to tell him everything, in sordid detail. Our marriage is too valuable to keep secrets that can come out and ruin it. I want the secrets to come out now, but my way. When he learns about this week, he’s going to have his dick buried deeply in my pussy. I am going to whisper delirious nothings into his ear, and slowly I’ll talk about his boring, stable, serene wife making it with a teenager! Taking it up the ass with a beautiful young boy. Fucked by a slim little girl. Having sex with a gay black man. Fucking a boy up the ass. It’s not all going to come out at once. I’ve got material here to last for months. And each time I break something new to him, Danny is going to get the ride of his life.

And I’ve still got the strap-on dildo. I think it’s time that Danny learns to take it up the ass. But he’s going to have to beg for it.


Danny is my lover forever. Our sex life has become exciting and new. He can’t get enough of me. I can’t get enough of him. I’ve told him everything. He knows about Tommy. Let me tell you, if you are revealing potentially dangerous secrets to your significant other, I recommend you do it while riding his cock. Daniel is a man. He’s knows I am his forever. This little rape thing that happened was so ambivalent that to this day I’m not sure if it was really rape or if it was fantasy. Since Danny doesn’t care, I don’t either.

My life is filled with romance. My husband loves me. Jason is gone from the house, and it’s like we are newlyweds again.

By the way, Jason keeps telling us about this new friend of Tommy’s, a black kid named Jared. They are the best of friends and seem to get together almost every weekend. They’ve invited him to go with Tommy to spend a weekend with Jared at his campus about sixty miles from Jason’s school. I’m not talking. I made a promise. Jason will just have to learn about life all by himself. He may even have his own fantasies.

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im usually repulsed by gay contents & ur unannounced introduction of such themes wouldve normally left me irritated. however, the aftermath of the 2-series story was not just entertaining, but so highly influencial in shaping up my personality (unique in case of sex stories). whilst the 1rst part was highly erotic, the second one was truly 'academic' in grasping the difference between 'fantasy' & 'reality' in sex life esp from a woman's viewpoint (I was actually in my teens when I first read this in '04) and that REALLY is no small feat when I compare the perception of my fellow mates on such topics. Now, 7 years down the line, I suddenly felt the urge to pay a comeback tribute (although i dunno wheather u r active anymore). Thanx so much for writing this and teaching to respect womens' sexual urges contrary to the society bias.


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You are extremely talented, I look forward to reading more of your work. Great Job!!


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10/10 Finally a story that is well written gramatically and intellectually. Good story, good social commentary, good sex, good fun, good eroticism.


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first great story on revenge I have ever read. thanks.

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