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She looked at the clock and swore it hadn’t moved all day. It probably didn’t help that she had just checked it less than a minute ago but that was beside the point. She wanted to go home. In truth, she had never wanted to be there. Well, not until Nathan had made an offer she was finding most difficult to refuse.
It was difficult to feel any kind of attractive when working around fast food vats of hot oil and heating lamps that hovered over heavily battered chicken and fish and, if it weren’t for her natural sense of curiosity she probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought as the clock ticked painfully slow. With a heavy sigh she looked again, shifted in her stance against the counter, and even dared to look at Nathan with a blushing smile.

Nathan stood at a lanky 5’8”, her same height, with eyes of a green glinting marble with flecks of gold that easily captivated her gaze. His brows and eyes were dark, almost foreboding, and thick. It gave her the impression that perhaps he was Italian decent, especially given the mustache that filled the entire area between his nose and upper lip enough to hide the fullness of that which she was curious to kiss. If it weren’t for the fact that he was perhaps the only man as pale, if not paler, than her she might have considered him part vampire as well.

Tina was a big girl or full figured as was the politically correct way to describe fat chicks these days. She wore glasses that she had been told complimented her round face and naturally rosy cheeks though she was often pushing them up with her fingers or nudging them up with a well practiced crinkling of her nose. Her naturally curly hair of dark mahogany hung gently on her shoulders in the dampness of Oklahoma’s sticky and oppressive weather. It wasn’t that she was so critical of herself but, when smelling of grease and fish and about to embark on her first ever affair, it was difficult not to criticize and doubt herself.
Just when she thought she would scream in frustration, it was time. She slid a knowing glance to her partner in crime and scurried herself out of the fast food place faster than she could remember having ever gone before. Nathan, the afore mentioned partner in crime, still had to finish putting his things away and would still be a few minutes which might have been the longer wait than the whole of the day so far. Would he change his mind? Would she?

Before she could doubt herself into denial of what she wanted, Nathan was knocking on her window with a grin that showed through his thick and dark mustache and hooded crystal green eyes. It was a teasing smile laced with untold pleasures her body had begun to hum with thoughts of. His grin broadened as she smiled sheepishly back at him, his wink an acknowledgement that he had full intentions of carrying out his earlier promises of indulgences.

She pulled out of the parking lot and waited for Nathan to fall in behind before she started on her way home. It was a route she took every day on her way home, sometimes even twice a day if she were working double shifts. Yet today, she doubted her sense of direction. Every light, every stop sign, every lane change became one of indecision and doubt. ‘Tina! Get a grip!’ she muttered to herself. ‘You can still say no. No one would blame you.’ Yet still she drove until she pulled into her apartment parking lot and space. She dispelled a long breath and let go of her doubt. There was another man that claimed to desire her other than her husband, the only other man she had ever been with. Soon she would know what it would be like to be with another man. Soon she would find out if Nathan truly wanted her or if he were simply toying with her insecurities. It was time to see who was bluffing and who wasn’t.

He followed her like a predator as they moved from the parking lot and up the stairs. She fumbled nervously with her keys then opened the door to the spacious two bedroom apartment. She and her husband didn’t have any children so it wouldn’t be of any consequence to use the guest bedroom for this little tryst. It wouldn’t be like her husband would know anyway; it wasn’t like he ever went into the second bedroom for anything.

Tina waited for Nathan to walk in then closed and locked the door behind them. Her husband wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours at least but still it would be at least a hint of a warning if they heard the door being unlocked. Not that they would have that much time to recover if they were in the throes of it but she wasn’t willing to think that hard about it. Besides, the danger of the possibility of being caught seemed to add to the adrenaline rush of it rather than delude any of it.

She stood against the door once it was locked and watched as Nathan strode through the apartment looking at everything and nothing at the same time. When he completed his circle around the living room he paused to stand before her. His first two long slender fingers picked up a tendril of curls from her shoulder, her eyes following the gesture until he dropped the curls and slid his hand alongside her cheek and raised her eyes to his just before moving in for the first of many soul searching kisses. He tasted of nicotine, a taste she wasn’t particularly fond of but she couldn’t wrap her mind around the distaste through the forbidden pleasure the rest of her mind and body was beginning to surge with.

As they stood there kissing, tongues dancing and probing with a growing urgency, she could feel his fingers beginning to unbutton her shirt. She tugged at the bottoms of it to untuck the shirt from her pants before she, too, started to unbutton his shirt that had already been pulled from his slacks to make it easier for her to open his shirt and slide it from his squared pale shoulders. She hadn’t seen another man shirtless before, not in the flesh that wasn’t related to her or at a distant she couldn’t touch or, better yet, savor. She leaned in to lick at the hollow of his throat at the same time she felt her breasts spill free from front-hooked bra, his hands taking over the duty of the peach lace cups before he lowered his head to lick at the puckered left nipple. A sharp gasp filled her lungs as she pressed his head against her warming body. When he moved to the other nipple she felt her knees begin to buckle.

Nathan chuckled lightly as he stood straight then tugged at her belt loops to draw her further into the living room. She went willingly, of course, her face flushed with heat that had nothing to do with the weather outside. Biting her lower lip, she watched as he unfastened his belt and then his pants, kicking off his shoes before he lowered both his pants and briefs in one swift motion. He stepped out of them with well practiced ease and stood there as if waiting for her inspection.

Tina fought the urge to look directly down at his groin, or at least be obvious about it. A nervous laugh lodged in her throat as she went from his chest to his navel and down the line of dark hairs that went to his erection. Being the only other cock she had ever seen in the flesh, to say that she was taken aback would be an understatement. His otherwise slender body gave way to a cock with a bulbous head and slender shaft. It reminded her of a toadstool and her first thought was to wonder how, or if, she could wrap her lips around him. No sooner had the thought crossed her mind than did she find herself on her knees before him, her licked lips parting to suckle the tip with the same fervor as their earlier kiss. Her tongue flicked at his oozing slit, tasting something different though, by now, she had begun to realize that there wouldn’t be much similarity between Nathan and her husband in any way shape or form other than the fact they were both very much male.

Taking the cock head in further, she run her tongue under the thick ridge and rolled the tip of her tongue along the taut skin in time with the panting gasps that suddenly came from his mouth. Those sweet sounds urged her on…oh how she loved those noises! She slipped the head from her moist mouth and turned her head to give some much needed attention to his elongated shaft, making sure to add hungered slurping sounds that only added to her own need the longer they continued. His hands pulled her away from his body just as she had begun to lavish his drawn balls with the expanse of her lapping tongue. The look in his eyes seared her enough to make her breathless for that instant.

He didn’t have to speak for her to know what was to come next. Uncurling from her knees she unbuttoned her pants and rocked her hips back and forth until her clothing pooled at her feet, her shoes and clothing piled on the floor in a clump, soon topped with her shirt and bra until she, too, stood naked before him, nervous and self conscious as she had been that very first time with her husband. Taking her hand in his, Nathan lowered her to the floor between the couch and the entertainment center. She had forgotten about the second bedroom and, even if she hadn’t, she wasn’t sure she would have stopped this moment for anything.

Tina lay on her back and parted her knees as he remained kneeling between them. With the back of his hand he began to tease her damped slit with his knuckles until she, too, was panting with a dark need. Nathan removed his hand and licked at his glossy knuckles with torturously slow motions as their gazes locked. It took no more than a few pounding heartbeats for them both to realize that enough was enough. The time for foreplay was over. Nathan kept his eyes on hers as he SLAMMED himself into her body, her back arched in response as she struggled to catch her breath. There was no gentle romanticism here, no declarations of love or promises to keep. It was sex. Deep penetrating sex.

With hands on either side of her head, Nathan drove himself into her over and over again. She wrapped her legs around his slender waist and used her calves to push him further into her with each down stroke, deeper, if that were possible. He lowered to kiss her again the pulled back to whisper against her lips, “Turn over.”

She felt the absence of him the moment he pulled back from her. She turned her body quickly over not wanting to know that absence too long and felt the crushed carpet beneath her knees and the palms of her hands, her fingers scratching at it in anticipation. Nathan’s nails dug into the smooth flesh of her hips and drew her back into him, her throbbing sex parting in silent welcome to his eager thrusts. Almost instantly, their bodies slapped together while the air filled with growling grunts and the scent of sex. Reaching down, she pressed her fingers against her hardened clit to move in circles to heighten the intensity. While his cock pummeled in and out of her with a maddening fury, her slick velvet walls closed around him like a glove, massaging him, coaxing him for more. Glancing over her shoulder, she watched as the sweat trickled down the side of his face and felt it like a small spatter against her lower back like a Siren’s call. She matched him thrust for thrust as they bucked wildly, her nipples brushing against the carpet adding a teasing friction that left her moaning helplessly. Hissing between clenched teeth, she barely got the words out that she was about to cum when she felt the sudden erratic movements of his hips boring into her as he came, filling her, mixing with her own release.

Her body was sweated and slumped on her elbows as he pulled from her. She could feel his seed seeping from her core the moment he pulled back to sit and catch his breath. She, too, rolled over to watch him, waiting to see if he felt pleased or disappointed. He stood and offered his hand to her to have her soon facing him then leaned in for another kiss that was nothing but pleasure and appreciation.
“I’ll get my things and go,” he grinned, “I have to work second shift tonight. I’ll see you at work tomorrow.”
Within moments he was dressed and out of the door, leaving her with a satisfied glow and a trickle of cum down her inner thigh. With a girlish glee she hurried to wash the carpet that would be a constant reminder and to shower though that naughty part of her couldn’t help but wonder if her husband would sense the feel of another man’s seed inside her. It was enough to hitch up her bravado and kept her from washing it out of her body.

By the time her husband came home that evening, she was sitting pretty on the couch watching a movie, wearing nothing but his favorite raspberry silk with black lace trim teddy and ready for round two.

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2015-09-09 19:22:29
Great story! I envy both Nathan and Tina's husband. I'd love to come home and find my wife doing that! Sometimes you just need a little strange.

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2012-07-07 03:29:26
fucking cheating cunt.......... she should be shot

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