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What happened with Jr. High boy cousin Mikey after Ranger Harris arrived at the campsite.
Part 6

The third and fourth day of my camping trip with my Jr. High boy little cousin were spent messing around a LOT, but on the fifth day, it got a little more crazy than just hot sex between a man and his adolescent cousin…

It was morning and young Mikey was sucking my much older, experienced cock in the tent after I woke him up with my usual morning boner. It was good to get some sleep after a couple days of partying and fucking. So, I’d woken up, woke him up and we had a couple hits and then Mikey got to work on my cock. It was about 15 minutes into getting my head when we heard a car pull up. I instantly sat up, thinking “oh fuck, what now?” But I was even more freaked when I looked out the little mesh window of the tent and realized it was a forest ranger. I quick pulled on my sweatpants and went outside to speak to the ranger, hoping he’d be gone quickly.

“Morning, Ranger.” I smiled as best I could underneath my fear.

“Morning. You know that this is not a legit campsite?” He looked very serious and I couldn’t even see his eyes through his mirrored shades. This dude was tall, like 6”4” and had a good build on him. Brown hair from what I could see buzzed under his hat.

“Uh….no sir, I didn’t” I lied, hoping he’d believe me.

“You can get a large fine for this.” He continued on. He then looked into the tent screen where Mikey was peering out at him with a look of panic in his eyes. The ranger could see that Mikey was stark naked. “Well, what do we have here?” He then looked at me with a smug look telling me he just caught me doing something I shouldn’t have been doing.

“Uh…” I was speechless and a little bit tweaked to come up with a good, quick excuse. “Well you see, this is my little cousin and…”

“…..and it looks like he’s naked. “ The ranger then looked me up and down. “And from the looks of it, you were naked when I pulled up.”

Oh shit, I thought. I’m dead meat. Fucked. I’ll be canned for life. “Well, I…”

“Don’t bother…’ the ranger interrupted, “why don’t we just make a deal…” he paused for a few seconds as I stared at him almost starting to shake “How about we say that your little cousin come for a ride with me down the road. I’ll have him back in an hour and after I drop the boy off, you and I can both agree to keep both our mouths shut. Like I never even knew you were here and you never saw me.”

What? He wasn’t going to bust me? Was this Ranger Harris a dirty authority man who didn’t follow rules by the book and made deals? No question about being high? No nothing? I was startled but said, “Uh….sure!”

So, I looked over at Mikey in the tent and looked at him with a serious expression, knowing that Mikey would comply with me. “Go on, you heard them man.”

Mikey didn’t move for a few more seconds, but I stared deeper at him and so he pulled on some shorts and put on a t-shirt and his sandals and stepped out of the tent into his sandals and stood there looking at both me and the ranger.

“Hi Mikey, I’m Ranger Harris. We’re going for a little ride down the road so I can show you something.” Ranger Harris smiled a smile I’d known plenty of times from my own smile that was just the same. A smile that told the tale of deviance and evil deeds.

Mikey then looked at me and then to my surprise, grinned for a second before getting into Ranger Harris’ vehicle through the back door. Ranger Harris then closed the door and waved a hand at me, not even looking at me and didn’t say a word. He just got into his vehicle, started it up and was gone down the road in seconds. My mind was reeling wishing I could see what was going to happen, but I could only imagine and I felt my cock start to harden as I stood there. So, I figured I had a couple hours, might as well kick back and whack my cock and look at my porn mags.


Meanwhile, Ranger Harris drove a somewhat tweaked Mikey down to an even more remote part of the mountains, a part where he knew of where absolutely no one would be. It was where the road came to an end and there were trees and bushes everywhere. Ranger Harris stopped the vehicle and got out, closing the front door and then opening the back door. Mikey thought he was getting out too, but Ranger Harris held up a hand and said “Not so fast young man, move over.” So, Mikey moved over quickly and Ranger Harris got into the vehicle with him.

“So, Mikey. Looks like you’ve been a very bad boy with your older cousin there. You know how much trouble he could be in?”

Mikey nervously shook his head and muttered out “No sir.”

“Well, let’s just say that he would be locked up for a very long time. But…if you do as I say, then everything will be okay. Think you can do that for me?”

Mikey was excited and scared at the same time, being with this stranger, yet a stranger who appeared as a figure that serves the public, yet knowing that this man also had and agenda. “Yes sir.”

“Good.”, said Ranger Harris. He then sat back in the seat some more and unzipped his trousers, reaching into his boxer shorts and pulling out a very large, uncut cock. “I think you know what to do with this.”

Mikey looked at Ranger Harris and then at the man’s enormous cock standing at attention. Then, he slowly leaned over and took Ranger Harris’ cock into his mouth as much as he could and began working it up and down with his mouth. Ranger Harris made a slight gasp at the initial feel of the boy’s mouth enveloping his engorged prick. He rocked his hips so his dick would pump into Mikey’s young mouth and then said “Use your hands too on that big cock.” So, Mikey used his hands and wrapped his fingers around Ranger Harris’ cock and worked them up and down along with his mouth. Ranger Harris took the boy’s head and kept pushing it down and then releasing it and ever so often he’d hold it down and push as much as he could, making Mikey gag some. “Relax the throat, boy and take it in.” Mikey wasn’t relaxing his throat though and Ranger Harris whapped the boy on the head “Relax the fucking throat, boy!” Mikey then whimpered and started making swallowing motions with his throat, taking as much of the ranger’s prick, inch by inch, that he could of the ranger’s throbbing prick. “Fuck, that’s it you dirty little faggot boy. Suck my fucking cock good.”

Then Ranger Harris got an idea. He had Mikey stop sucking him after about 10 minutes and said, “Take off those shorts and your shirt.” He instructed the boy. Mikey then stripped naked and Ranger Harris turned Mikey around on the seat and pulled the boy’s hands behind his back. He then took his handcuffs and handcuffed Mikey’s hands together as tight as he could. He then moved the boy to where he was facing the windshield and was still in back, but also partly through the two front seats, leaned over. Ranger Harris then pulled Mikey down and found the boy’s asshole with his throbbing cock and pushed the boy’s ass down onto his cock, impaling him and stretching the boy’s ass wide as he entered him. Mikey cried out from the enormity of the ranger’s huge member and Ranger Harris let out a groan of pleasure, “OHHHH FUCK YEAH”.

He held the boy on his lap for several moments with his cock buried deep up the boy’s rectum, feeling each throb inside the boy, getting off that young Mikey was in handcuffs and was under his control. Ranger Harris started working Mikey’s slim, young and smooth body up and down as he bucked his hips up so his cock was pumping hard into Mikey’s young, tender asshole. “Oh fuck, you nasty goddamn little bitch!” he yelled, starting to sweat and completely enthralled by what he was doing. Mikey was crazed and confused between pleasure and pain as Ranger Harris fucked his little ass, the feel of the man’s large cock filling his anal cavity and coursing itself over and over again.

“Fuck you nasty cock whore. You like my big cock up your fucking boycunt?”, he ordered and Mikey gasped and was breathing heavily, but let out a “uuuh-huh…” Ranger Harris was sure Mikey was enjoying it, but at this point he didn’t give half a crap because it felt so damn good. “Fuck yeah you dirty little bitch, you fucking cumdump fucktoy.”

The car shook there at the end of the road in the shaded, remote woods as Ranger Harris fucked the boy’s ass hard for about 30 minutes, sweating, moaning and groaning loudly, roaring like a lion practically as Mikey let out bursts of “UH! UH! UUUHHH” each time the ranger’s huge cock pushed deep into his asshole.

Mikey then started moaning like crazy and it sounded like it was from pleasure, so Ranger Harris noticed that Mikey started ejaculating onto the center console of the vehicle just from the hard fucking he was getting!

This sent Ranger Harris over the top and he couldn’t hold out any longer and he let out a yell so loud it probably scared the animals in the woods half to death, “OOOOOOHHHH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! HOLY FUCKIN SHIT YOU NASTY FUCKING WHORE!” and he slammed young Mikey a few more times as hard as he could onto his cock and injected the boy with pump after pump of his hot ranger seed, his body jerking and jolting, making the car shake and rattle even more, Mikey quivering and totally in shock at how he’d just been fucked like a bitch by this man of authority.

Ranger Harris held Mikey down with his cock still up the boy’s ass and Mikey wondered if it was all over. But a few moments later Ranger Harris let out a “OOOOOH GODDAMN!” and Mikey could feel himself being filled up with a warm liquid and he was getting more and more full of it. Mikey then figured it out….Ranger Harris was pissing up his ass! Mikey didn’t even know this kind of thing ever went on, being the age he was and was in shock at what the ranger was doing, spraying his hot urine and giving the boy a piss enema right there in the car!

Once Ranger Harris had drained all of his piss into Mikey’s raw anal chute, he maneuvered the boy toward the door of the car and pulled the lever and kicked the door open. He then worked Mikey off of his cock slowly and said “Tighten your ass as much as you can until you’re out of the vehicle. Once your’re out you can go let that out of yourself. I don’t want any piss in my car.”

Ranger Harris got Mikey out of the handcuffs and once Mikey felt the head of Ranger Harris’ cock out pulled out of his ass, he clenched and tightened his ass as much as he could, hoping not to let the ranger’s bodily fluids escape and make a mess in the vehicle. Ranger Harris quickly nudged the boy from the vehicle, so as not to have piss shoot from the boy’s ass all into the car. Mikey hit the ground and crawled away a few feet and then raised himself up to be on his knees and then he relaxed more and felt the Ranger’s piss and cum shooting from his ass onto the dirt. He was relieved that the fullness was going away and his ass felt cleaned out from the piss running out of it. Ranger Harris got himself together and handed Mikey a rag that was in his trunk, which he used to clean up Mikey’s spew from the center console and let Mikey clean himself up after he was emptied of the ranger’s cum and piss. “Come on, boy, time to head back.”


Meanwhile, back at the campsite, I popped a good load all over one of my mags of a bunch of guys gangbanging this chick, reaming her cunt and ass and mouth with all their cocks, which really got me off as it usually does. Not long after I finished, Ranger Harris returned with Mikey and stopped the car. Mikey got out and closed the door. Ranger Harris looked at me and gave a nod of agreement and I gave him one back. He then drove off to leave me alone with my little cousin.

Mikey looked completely “through” and was sweaty and looked quite a bit dazed.

“Well Mikey, how’d it go?” I asked him, even though it was obvious the ranger had really taken him for a hard ride.

He looked at me and gave me half a grin and said “I’ve just been fucked like a dirty cockwhore, cousin Tony.” And then he went into the tent and took a nap.

Mikey ended up telling me all about it later that night after he woke up and I loved hearing about what had happened with Ranger Harris, stroking my cock the entire time Mikey told me about it. Mikey was also stroking himself as he told me about it and he didn’t complete the story before each of us ejaculated all over ourselves from the nasty way Mikey was telling me about it! It looked like I’d just been getting the boy prepared for something even wilder to happen! All of this was pulling Mikey deeper and deeper into a world of dark lust and lewd perversion and I could tell the boy was enjoying every minute of it. I sure as hell was, but I’m sure you gathered that.

Well, that’s it for right now, but you’ll hear about the last part of the trip and my return home to the old lady and Kyle in the next part. Gotta go!

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Omg I want my ass to be rapped and pissed in

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2011-07-31 06:47:52
Hot ranger seed.....

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2011-05-02 19:03:40
I've had lust for my 8yo nephew. Goddamn that cinches it. I'm raping his ass.


2011-03-29 08:40:49
This is absolutely amazing. I could not remove my eyes from the screen--this is beyond talent. I love how deive you were. More please! :D


2011-03-29 08:39:37
This is absolutely amazing. I could not remove my eyes from the screen--this is beyond talent. I love how deive you were. More please! :D

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