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Linda the new sexy woman
Rosetta girl’s nightmare (no more) 4

When Mike got home on Monday he had the evening meal ready to eat and his daughters were doing homework for their classes. Norm Kelly had called to leave update to his last update on the investigation on who did this kidnapping, the FBI was seeking a new warrant to search yet another building for the kidnappers and the two million dollars they took in ransom.

It was bedtime for Mike and Linda She got a new hair cut and style today with the shorter hair revealing a delicious longer looking neck and bangs to conceal the lines in her forehead to go with her shaved pussy. She had sexy looking smile and the light blue eyes she always had made her look younger like a fresh piece of ass to her husband of nearly 20 years. Her high firm breasts seemed to defy gravity. Mike asked her if she would allow him to taste her virgin looking pussy. He used his fingers and tongue to bring her to a terrific orgasm. She loved him as much as ever and he loved her as much as the day they exchanged rings. She asked him to stand and got down on her knees and gave him he said was a blowjob to remember. She read and article on the male G-spot and put a finger in his anus while slowly and deeply sucking on his stiff penis He involuntarily took a deep breath as he looked at this beautiful woman with his cock in her mouth he held on for nearly 20 minutes before he told her he was about to cum. She went deeply on his penis and he exploded with nearly 7 separate pumps at the back of her mouth and she swallowed it every drop of it and stood up and showed him before swallowing the salty -tasting liquid. She then kissed him and whispered in his ear; “I love you very much and want to sleep with you” He got hard again and she told him ”if you would like please fuck me now” He repeated back to her “I love you and I appear to be ready to fuck the most beautiful women I can remember.” She sat down on the bed and spread her arms and legs as he entered her wet pussy and leaned over and kissed her again. Mike worked himself back and forth inside her for nearly half of an hour and was able to cum again inside her vagina. Linda was able to have no less than three orgasms tonight and her husband had cum twice. She got up and kissed him again and they went to bed together with her back to him and his hands holding her breasts for the entire night. They had made love four times in the last month and three of those times were on the last three nights.

In the morning she told Mike she “would not be shaving the hair on my pussy for a while” she also told him “I have ordered a waxing kit to do the same thing only better.

Mike got a call from Kelly got another call from Kelly who told him “the $120.00 deposit on the truck suspected to be the one rented by the kidnappers and the money over that amount paid to U-Haul had serial numbers consistent with the ransom money.” “The picture taken by them was because the uses cash rather than a credit card to rent the truck.” “The total bill was $225.00 and all of was money from the ransom payment.” “That is all the information necessary to get the warrant for entering the building.” When I stopped by there I asked them to set aside this money until the FBI could identify it” Mike said “Thank Norm, it sound like at least some of the bad guys will get caught.”

Mike then went to work at the news station that originally carried the story of the kidnapping of his daughters. Mike gave the information from Norm Kelly on his last two updates but asked them to hold this information for now but he would let them know before anyone else. Mike spent his time calling potential and active sponsors to sell more in advertising for the station. It is what many call a high-pressure job but Mike does it every day and enjoys it more because now his is somewhat famous because the children of one of the station employees were the ones that were kidnapped. Mikes job brings in over $180,000 every year. That amount pays the property taxes on his new home. He doesn’t need the money but likes the work he does. He like having a bigger house in a better neighborhood but still drives the same Honda Accord he has driven for five years. He has no servants and does all of his own yard work. He occasionally has to pay for a plumber because he hates doing that kind of work. Linda still clips coupons and still does the cooking and shopping for the family. His daughters are doing very well in school and he is happy. He no longer needs to be concerned about having enough money but his concern about he kidnapping was for his daughters more than the money he had to pay for ransom.
The family expenses are generally about $212, 000 before taxes. Income from the investments and interest on the lottery winnings is over 2.8 million dollars every year. Some folks who win large amounts of money on the lottery find a way to spend all of it in a few years. Mike makes conservative investments and tax-free state bonds funds to partially offset the federal, state and municipal taxes. He doesn’t mind having to pay taxes even if taxes are Mike’s largest expenses. The radio station that is Mike’s employer pays the heath insurance premiums for Mike and his family. He is one of only 17 employees at the radio station and is the one who generates all the income to pay the salaries and healthcare for all of employees.

The kidnappers sat in a car along the street leading to the Rosetta daughters home and school and watched the kids walking to the school and with parents and much more of them driving to the school. Watching the watchers was a car with two FBI agents who were impressed with the number of cars containing kid going to the school. The two kidnappers were driving a new looking SUV with shiny black paint and the license plate on the SUV was stolen from another car. Law enforcement was able to determine this quickly but criminals everywhere don’t have the need to be tracked to their home from using the license plates on their cars. It is easy to use a screwdriver and remove plates at a grocery store and replace them with some plates stolen from elsewhere.

Linda walked to the school to pick up her daughters to avoid the traffic. There were parents or friends of students everywhere driving and walking to protect children from the possibility of harm. There were a few folks that were walking dogs such as German Shepard dogs and other larger dogs. It seemed that many people were making it very hard for anyone to kidnap anyone. Linda felt safe walking to the school and it was some good exercise as well.

The kidnappers watching all of this drove away thinking they had enough money for now without violating the law any more. The FBI car let one or two cars come between themselves and how they were following to not be obvious about what they were doing.

Alexia and Lynda walked home with their mother and noticed all the people on the street. Linda noticed the time required to pick up her daughters was little less walking than driving in all that traffic with many cars stopping and waiting for their children to get out.

When they got home Linda told her daughters about “the waxing kit I have ordered will require some pubic hair for the wax to grip so don’t bother shaving. “Waxing is a little painful but the results are that it needs to be repeated only infrequently because it removes hair by the roots.” Alexia told her mother. “Can you use it on us when you get it in?” Linda told her “of course you can.” The two girls went in their room and Linda went into the kitchen to develop a grocery list. She then looked through today’s food section for coupons that would be useful.

Alexia and Lynda came into the kitchen absolutely naked and Lynda asked her mother “can we borrow the big blue dildo from you?” Linda told her “of course you can, I will get it for you.” They followed her to her room and she picked it out of the box and back to the kitchen to clean it from last time it was used. Alexia said to her mother: “Mom, would you like to help we can make it worth your time.” Linda looked at her very attractive daughters and said: “I was hoping you would ask.” They took her hand and led her to Alexia’s room. Al three of them was turned on by the thought of some casual sex between them. Lynda asked her “mother please sit down on the chair” and the two girls removed her shoes, socks and pants. Alexia reached behind her and grabbed her tee shirt to take it off. She then removed the clasp from her back and took the bra she really didn’t need and put it with the rest of her clothes. The two girls moved into the pussy t pussy position and Lynda put the big dildo into her sister’s vagina and bent it over and put it into her self. Linda asked them “can I help in anyway?” And she grabbed middle of the thing and began to work it back and forth fist slowly and then faster and slower again. The rubbed their own clitoris to complete the orgasmic feeling.

Alexia came to an orgasm first ten minutes later and asked her sister Linda would you like to do this with your mother this time and she got out of the bed and took her mothers hand led her to the position she had occupied. She asked her mother about her hair and commented that it “looked very good.” Linda now faced her daughter and repeated: “ your hair looks great and your high firm boobs make you look just like us.” Alexia went into her bathroom and rinsed off the dildo to address her mother’s concerns. She then brought it back and spit on one end and placed it her mother’s vagina. Lynda scooted closer to her mother and Alexia placed it into her already lubricate pussy. Lynda took a deep breath feeling that she may have an orgasm quickly. Alexia used her left hand to mover the double-ended dildo back and forth into her sister and mother. She used her right hand to rub lightly on her mother’s clitoris. Linda arched her back slightly with pleasure from the feeling. She told her daughters “ It is great to be female because it is possible to have unlimited orgasms.” She said: “men have to produce more ejaculate and sperm and that typically takes a day or so before they are ready to fuck again.” “Women can produce lubrication at will over and over and can experience multiple orgasms.” It was beginning to be able to talk and Linda felt she was close to having and orgasm. Alexia stopped for couple of seconds because her left arm was beginning to feel tiered. She hen used her right hand to do the dual fucking motion and use her left hand on her sister’s clitoris. Linda began to use her own hand and rubbed herself over her clitoris while panting and vocalizing with some truncated screams. Linda had an orgasm when Alexia changed hands and now she was beginning to feel another orgasm coming on. Lynda was getting Alexia’s attention by rubbing her clitoris and arched her back and closed her eyes as she became orgasmic and leaned back afterward. Her mother was feeling the same enjoyment and experienced her second orgasm in 18 minutes. All three of the females took a shower together sharing the bathtub and soaping each other up. And doing some gentle scrubbing of each other’s pussies. Linda was beginning to feel like a big sister to her daughters. She walked soaking wet to her own bathroom to get a towel to dry off and walked back into Alexia’s room and hugged each of her daughters.

Linda then walked into the kitchen and it took a while to realize she was naked. She thought is comfortable to be naked in this house and sat down and clipped coupons again. She wasn’t thinking when she reached down and massaged her pussy while reading the newspaper. She did not realize the time when Mike came home from work and she walked over to kiss and hug him still naked. Mike was surprised this but felt his penis begin to swell in his pants as her took her hand and led her to their bedroom where he quick became as naked as his wife and told her: “I am hungry and want to eat you.” He sat her in a chair, spread her legs and began to lick her slot and even the area around her ass and put his finger in her vagina and used his thumb to message her clitoris. Linda began to run wet around her vagina while Mike was licking it up. She told her husband: “please put your cock in my pussy to lubricate it.” She had an orgasm when he did she told him and said: “I have a virgin ass and it is as tight as you can think” “I would like you to fuck me here” pointing to her ass. While they have known each other Mike has never done this but he did not hesitate to put his swollen cock gently into her ass. Mike pushed slowly and then pulled most of the way out and in some more until he could put the entire length of is penis in her rectum. It was different than she has felt before but it was very pleasant. Mike pulled all the way out and looked at her large ass opening and plunged into her again. Mike thought this is like fucking virgin and began to pound her again and again. Linda rubbed her own pussy as he fucked her ass. She had a unique orgasm just as mike released a load of his cum in her. He pulled out and kissed his wife thinking of how she was reinventing herself sexually he hugged her naked body and whispered “Thank you darling” and engaged her in an extended kiss. He said to her “ I was very surprised and turned on when I came home and you were nude and looking very good.” “I don’t remember you ever doing this before.” “I would not be comfortable if our daughters were here but it was an instant turn on for me.” “It is like you turned back the clock we are still in college.” “I love you very much Linda.” Mike they kissed her again and backed away to look at his beautiful wife. They were still nude as he then told her “Linda, I want you to know that your are a very beautiful young woman and I love you more than ever.” They kissed again.
Mike got dressed and he took a bathrobe and led his still-naked wife back to the kitchen where he kissed her again. She said to him: “I want to take shower, would you like to help? He told her: “I will help you do anything you want.” He led her back to their bathroom where he stripped again and stood with her as she waited for the water to get warm. When it warmed up, Linda took her husband’s hand and pulled him into the shower where they he help the wash her hair, soaped up her body and rinsed it. He held one finger in her vagina wile and took it out to smell her delicate odor. Linda then shampooed him and reminded him to close his eyes. She soaped up him up turned him under the shower to rinse off. She turned off the waster and hugged her husband and they kissed each other passionately for several minutes. When they got out they helped to towel each other dry and he got dressed again. He handed her the bathrobe and again hugged her naked body and kissed some more. She walked to the kitchen naked but put on the bathrobe in case one of their daughters came in.

She prepared the supper for the family and called in the girls when it was done. The girls were surprised to see their mother in a bathrobe but sat down for dinner while she served it and sat down to eat with them. The girls both told their parents they were able to do well in school and they had already done their most of their homework, Alexia said she had to still outline her notes and type them up. Lynda bragged that she had already done this.

After supper mike could think of nothing other than his wife. As they got older and had children the sex became less and less. No for some reason he thought, Linda has transformed herself into the most-sexy woman alive. She still takes care of the girls, still organizes the coupons and does the shopping and all the things she has always done. Now she is a delightful sexy woman and he loves her more than ever. Now mike see himself getting a hard on from just thinking of his wonderful wife. Mike thought he still is getting bald and has gained weight. He more than ever wants to get in good shape himself and he can’t wait for the gym to open. He says to Linda: Would you mind if I would go for a walk tonight. I was just thinking of becoming more active. I will be back in an hour of so. Linda tells him that is OK but could you wait for a minute so I can put on some clothes and shoes and I will go with you. He says: “I will wait for you and am glad you want to go.“ Linda goes into the bedroom and quick puts on some pants and a shirt some socks ad shoes and she is ready. She runs upstairs and tells both Alexia and Lynda that they will be gone for an hour or so on a walk. She asks them to “be sure to lock up and set the alarm after we leave.” She runs downstairs and Mike and Linda step out for a walk.

As they walk uphill at first Mike seems to be breathing harder and when it more level Mike asks her “Do you mind if we begin to jog for a while.” Mike takes off and takes some small steps faster and lifts his feet to run slowly. Linda stays with him and both of them become breathless and needs to slow to a walk again. Linda tells Mike: “we are not in real good shape but walk a little faster to see how that goes.” Mike says OK and keeps up to his wife as she picks up the pace. They walk past the school and up another hill and are breathing harder they are able to do it. They walk about a mile past the school and turn back to go home. It has taken them 30 minutes to get this far and they should be home in 30 more minutes. Mike and Linda walk briskly and make it home within an hour of leaving. Mike tells her “next time lets take a flashlight” Linda replies: “there are no streetlights on this street but the moon is out and I can sort of see well enough. Mike unlocks the door and goes in to turn off the alarm. Linda follows him and they both seem to feel good from the moderate exercise.

End of part 4

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I have only had one really bad exenciepre with a teacher with my kids, who are going to school NOW which makes this relevant. It was a kindergarten teacher, she was actually an excellent teacher, but there was a student to teacher ratio of 26:1 with a college student assistant. My daughter was falling through the cracks in the class, and not keeping up with the other students. Her learning style needed to be more hands on, and she wasn't getting it with that ratio. I moved her to Horace Mann, the school that was going to be closed the year before because it was in the poor neighborhood. What a HUGE difference. Her class had a 13:1 ratio, and it was a Title I school. She thrived in that school, and is a straight A student now because of it. Frankly, Longfellow sucked. This was the rich school in town, and the kids were arrogant brats. That only goes to show that its not the money that makes a good education. Longfellow was overcrowded and they were literally warehousing the stude

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Thanks for writing such an easy-to-udnrestand article on this topic.

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