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“I've dreamed about fucking you son many times, but I didn’t really expect anything to happen. I’m glad it did too, because there are many things about sex you don't know yet."
Mom-Son Part 1 Our First Encounter.

My husband Richard is on a business trip that involves being away from home an entire week. I love him dearly, but I will be damned if I stay here at home and twiddle my fingers or clit all by myself. I want so hot-fucking action. I know just where to get it too, my friend Ron, and lives two miles from here. He knows just how to help me get through the boring days or as it might be the long lonely nights. Oh god, that man knows how to fuck and push my buttons. Like last night, when he brought over his camera, wow did we have some naughty late nightly escapades, or should I call it sexcapades. I cannot wait to see how my hot, naked, enticing photos turn out.

Later that day, I met with Ron. I winked at him and confessed, “Hey, know something? I plan to show them to all my private friends, the ones Richard isn’t acquainted with. I can see them now, ogling over then, telling me how hot they are. Hell more than one will climax hard while dreaming of what they could do to the naked lady in the photo!”

He kissed me deep, gave an evil laugh, and asked, “I bet you do baby, just don’t forget telling me the details. Hey, what do you want to do next baby, I’m still ready for some fucking?”

“Well love, I have always had one fantasy that I never acted out with anyone for real, want to hear about it.”

“Oh really, you bet yah, spill the beans Kandy!”

“In this fantasy, I portray a mother who is involved with her son sexually.”

“Ooooh fuck, I’d love to play the part of your son. Tell me more, what happens doll?”

“Okay, you play my teen son. First off let me set the scene; it’s suppertime, and as usual Richard is gone again. My son just got home from the library where he’s been working on a term paper. He looks like a little lost pup that’s been through the tall weeds, scruffy, tired, and sad.”

I’m wearing cutoffs and a t-shirt, with nothing underneath, which by the way is my favorite attire. I look up from the stove, where I am stirring a pot of chili and asked, “How was school today dear?”

“Fine I guess, but I swear this term paper is going to make me go bonkers before it’s finished.”

I walk over to him kiss him on the lips, hug him and say, “Aww son, you know you’ll do fine you always do.”

“You’re probably right, about that, I’m tired of writing. I want to do something exciting. Hey, something smells good, what’s for dinner?”

A million thoughts go through my mind as I tell myself, ‘I bet momma could offer him the kind of excitement he wants.’ I flash you a sultry smile, and reply, “Chili, your favorite. So baby, what can I do to make your life more exciting right now.”

He blushes and laughs, at first, hiding his true feeling. Deep down, you see, he’s been lusting after me ever since he saw me naked in the shower about a month ago. “Ma, you can’t give me that kind of excitement.”

“Why’s that, because I’m you momma.”

“Well yeah, don’t get me wrong, you’re gorgeous, but I want a girl my age.

I walk over to him, grabbed his hand, and place it on my t-shirt, “You mean these tits don’t turn you on?”

He’s pretends to be embarrassed, but keeps his hand there, slowly caressing, and knowing my nipples are getting hard. When I look him straight in the eyes he removes his hand and confesses, “I’d be laying mom if I said they didn’t turn me on.”

I grin, raise my shit and run my fingers around my swollen nipples in a tempting gesture and watch his eyes pop. “Mmm, mommy remembers when I feed you these as a baby; back then your suckling made my pussy purr.”

I thought for a moment he’d pass out, “Ooooh really, I never knew that doing that turns a woman on. Momma can I ask you something?”

“What honey.”

“Can-ah-uh-ah, can I suck one please?”

I went over shut the stove off, and then came back to where he was standing. I took his hand, led him over to the sofa, and sat down next to him. “I kissed him hard this time and purred, “OH god, I thought you’d never ask!”

He leaned over, ran his tongue across my right nipple, watching my reaction, and then sucked it in. He tongued it like an expert, as I moaned softly.

I reached over and ran my fingers through his hair and said, “That’s it baby boy suck mommy’s titty, harder, mmmmmm!”

By then I noticed a sizable bulge in his jeans and leaned over and ran my finger across the crotch. “Ummm looks like your more than happy to suckle mommy’s nipple.”

He jumped and looked like a startled dear in the headlight, “Ah oh um sorry mom.”

“Why sorry baby, it’s a normal reaction. Oooooh honey, can momma see your cock.”

He looks around and then with a questioning look asked, “Sure, I looked at your tits, there should be no harm with you looking at my dick.”

I watched him unzip the jeans, licked my lips, drooled, and then gasp. His cock is even bigger than his father’s is. Its nine inches jutting up at me as if to say, ‘kiss me mommy.’

I pulled him closer to me and before he could do anything took the head of your cock into my mouth and moaned with desire. He jerked his hips, but stayed in place holding my head, moaning in response.

I then suggested, “Son, why don’t we go to the bedroom and get comfortable, I’m not hungry for food right now. I want to look, taste and feel all of my baby boy.”

“OMG, mommy, we shouldn’t should we, its wrong, isn’t it?”

“Who says it’s wrong and who in the hells gonna know, it can be our little secret!”

I guided him to my bedroom before he could yell no and run like a scared rabbit. I then asked him to strip while I did the same. Oooh fuck, my heart was in my throat, my clit was screaming to be touched, while my mind trying to say no. However, my lusty desires won out, and I told myself, to hell with it, YES I need a man, who cares if it’s my son.

He sat there trembling, watching me, with his cock oozing pre-cum. He then asked, “Mommy can I examine your pussy close up, I’ve only seen one in magazines.”

I lie back on the bed, spread my legs wide, and purred, “Have your way with me baby, look, feel and taste it, I know you’ll love it.”

He got between my legs, spread it wide, looked at my clit, and hole. Next he rubbed my clit, watched it swell more while I moaning loudly. He then starred at my pulsating hole it appeared he wasn’t sure what to do.

“Baby, lick it lightly with your tongue, from my clit, that button there down toward my hole.” He flicked it, as I instructed him more, “Yes, that’s it, do you like it?”

He looked up with a wet face and said, “MMMMM momma you taste good. What do you want me to do next?”

“What do you want to do next baby boy?”

“I’d like to shove this hard dick inside your hot hole, like I seen done in a porn movie my friend Jack has. Can I mommy, my dick is so fucking hard!”

I nodded yes, instructed him on what to do, then helped guide his hot, hard, throbbing cock, into my wanting pussy.

The moment it slid in I shouted, “Oooooh fuck baby, ram it deep, hard, it feeeeels so fucking good! That’s it, now fuck mamma hard!”

After that he didn’t need any more encouragement from mommy, he rammed my pussy, deep and hard.

“Son, suck my nipple as you fuck me, then bite it gently it will make mommy cum hard!”

“OOOOH fuck momma I never knew a woman’s cunt could feel this good. It feels even better than my hands. Momma, I need to tell you something.”

“Go ahead tell me son, we have no secrets between us.”

“Well about a month ago, I walked into the bathroom to pee when you were taking a shower. Since the door was open a little I just went on it. When I saw you, I didn’t move, or say anything, I just stood there staring at your naked body. I’ve never seen a real one before and wow momma you are one hot babe! I have always wanted to find an experienced woman that would seduce me and teach me about sex and fucking. Momma, can I cum in you?”

I was full of lust, it been too damn long since anyone but Ron has fucked like this. I threw caution to the wind and didn’t even contemplate the risk of pregnancy. After all, I’ve always had a secret desire to teach a young teen male all about the joys of fucking. No one knows it, but I have a longing to get pregnant from this union.

“Yes son, it’s okay for you to cum in me!”

I felt his cock flex inside my cunt, as his full balls boiled with sperm. My vagina grasps his pole like a vice and began milking it hard. I watched him panting and drooling from his mouth, lost in the moment.

All of a sudden he shouts, “OOoooh, Uunnnhhh,” as he shot his seed deep inside me, soaking my cervix.

The hot cum starts triggering my second climax, which was building like freight, train out of control. I spread my thighs wider and thrust up to him. My cunt lips seal his cock, as the tip slips into the mouth of the cervix, depositing his seed inside my fertile organ. If his sperm find your eggs, well you know what that makes.

His face lost all color for a moment and he grasp his mouth to stifle a scream, “Oh fuck, momma, I didn’t think about a rubber, and you won’t get you knocked up, will you?”

I lied for the first time in my life to him, “Don’t worry son, It’s not mommy’s fertile period today, shoot all your cum into mama. It’s ok.”

I hold him close, coo in his ear, while stroking the back of his neck. I love the way his cock feels too, it fills me up more than his father’s ever did.

I hear him cry out in joy as another rope of his cum soaks my inner walls. He keeps hammering me, hard and deep. I grasp the sheet, and move my hips wildly, as my climax overtakes me.

When we are done, we lay next to each other cuddling. I bet he is wondering if we will ever play like this again. Of course, my dirty mind is wondering if my son will clean my messy pussy, but don’t know how to ask him. Instead I begin to think of ways we can fuck, like in my hot ass. I also want him to fuck me, in every room, and especially in the bed that I share with his dad. I pray that this won’t be the only time I let him enjoy my charms.

“Oh son, that was the best sex I have ever had. I came so fucking hard. Remember it’s our secret; we need to be careful and not be caught by your dad. Just remember when dad is gone away on business like now, you and I can have some sex, I’ll be your teacher. I want you to enjoy mommy’s body; after all there is no need for my baby-boy to be horny.”

I reached over, and slowly caressed his sticky cock, bringing it back to life once more. His eyes light up with anticipation, “Mommy wants you to fuck her some more baby.”

He responded not by words but action. He reached over, took a breast in his hand, squeezed them, and watched the nipples become hard and erect once more. Then moved closer, and sucked it into his mouth.

I scoot closer, reach down, and guide his cock into my hairy pussy. “That’s good son, suck my tits, they belong to you now”

I feel his hand on my ass pulling my cheeks apart, as his index finger, lazily toys with my tight hole.

“I think it’s time for mommy to teach you how to fuck my ass.”

“Really, I’ve never fucked anyone’s ass before. Do you like it momma?”

“I love it in my ass, it not only feels great, but makes me cum harder. Get between my legs honey, like you do when we fuck.”

Next, I got into doggie position and then reached back and spread my ass cheeks. “As you can tell from this angle, you can play and fuck both holes.

He quivered with excitement, and I thought he was going to pass out.
“Momma, will it hurt when I put my dick in your tight ass hole?”

“I can baby. You must be careful, don’t hurry things, and make sure the woman you plan to fuck is running in high gear. I like it when a man or the woman can play with her pussy for a while; then goes lower to my ass. Tease it with your tongue-if you like that, then your fingers, helping my hole to relax. I hope this is not too confusing baby boy.”

“No, it’s not confusing but you’re making my dick hard as steel. I’ve seen movies about anal fucking and god-damn I want to do that to you so bad!”

“Good, now fuck me in the ass son.”

He began by rubbing my pussy with one hand, until the fingers were slick with my juices. Next, he ran the first digit around my asshole rim, just as he saw the man in the movie do.

“How am I doing mom?”

“Fine baby, just go easy, it’s been a long time since I had something besides a toy in that hole. Ooooh your fingers feel good. Now slide that cock into my pussy-hole to lube it then tease my ass with it, now.”

He took a hold of his cock, shoved it into my pussy, and then ran it around the tight hole, watching it pucker an open up to it. He trembled so hard, I had to help him guide the head into the rim.

“Now leave it there for a minute, until my hole relaxes some more, than slowly begin to ease it in deeper.”
I reached down and began toying with my clit. My body was beginning to build one hell of a climax.

He did as I instructed, and the tight ring almost made him blow his load right there.

“That’s it; now push it in more, slowly, ooooh fuck, yes!”

He grabbed her hips, and shoved his dick in slowly, but an inch deeper with each thrust.

“Oh god, you’ve got my hole stretched so much with that big pole of yours. Easy now baby-boy, I want to enjoy this fuck.”

I pushed my hips into his cock in unison with his thrust, starting to take all of his hard, young, cock, into my ass.

“Oh fuck, it’s so tight, so fucking hot. Fuck my cock with your ass momma, and show me how much you want it!”

I feverishly played with my clit, pulling, and pinching it. “Oh sweetie, fuck mommy’s ass. I love that big, hard, young cock in my tight hole. That’s it, wow you really are giving it too me, fuck me harder, yes, deeper baby. Oh fuck mommy’s going to cum!”

He held me, fucking me wildly like a well-oiled machine. He watched her go wild, bucking back at him. “Wow, go momma! That’s it, fuck my dick, and make your son fill your hot ass with his seed!”

My fingers pinched my clit hard, I began to shake uncontrollably, and screamed out in pure pleasure as I climaxed.

My own orgasm triggers his, and he held my hips, rammed his dick in deep one last time, and shot his load. After he came deep in her lovely ass, he just kept his cock inside her, enjoying the feeling, until his limp dick plopped out.

“Hot-damn, that felt good! Did you like it momma?”

"Baby-boy that was one of the best I’ve had in a very long time. Your dad doesn't like to fuck me in the ass, and I have to beg for it. By the way, where did you learn how to fuck like that?"

“Well, not from a girl that’s for sure, most of them are too damn shy to go out with me, let alone, let me fuck them. So my best friend Tom and I have been watching porn flicks.”

“Oh I can see the two of you, watching the TV intently, and jacking off. I think if we are careful, we can have some good times together. Just remember, it’s our secret, and when dad is out of town, my bed is always open to you. I have an idea, why don’t you start sleeping with me, when we know dad’s going to be gone overnight.”

After that night, every time his dad was away we fucked. There were many nights when he slept in my big bed, and I awoke with his mouth in my pussy.

“Hum, I wonder if his red-haired, freckle-faced friend Tom would be interested in joining us.”

Mom-Son Part 2 Golden Showers

He sat back on his heels with his still hard cock flexing upward with each beat of his heart. A thin wet string of cum connected the pink crown of his penis with the gaping brown hole of my ass. He watched the hole begin to close, and a lump off cum dripped from it onto the sheet. His first thought was to lick the leavings with his tongue the same way I had taught him to do with my pussy, he just wasn’t sure that I’d approve of that.

He watched my breasts sway as I moved, the long erect nipples scraping the sheet. My open thighs still shuddering from climax, while my vagina flexed open and closed.

“Oh my God, son, you were wonderful! Wow, my orgasm was so strong. I love you baby-boy.”

“Mom, can you just stay in that position for a while so I can learn and look at you?”

“Sure son, you have earned that today”

He watched my cum continue to ooze from my ass, and reflected back on what you I taught him in the last week.

He remembered the first lesson; they were sitting in the kitchen having coffee. I was telling him how good it feels to have my nipples tugged and squeezed. I then told him to do it and watch what happens.

He stood up, moved over to me, and reached inside my blouse. His hand found the edge of my bra, his fingers went inside it, and lifted out my heavy tit. After he freed both girls, he realized I had a gold ring running through each nipple. He rolled each between his thumb and forefinger, and watched then swell, lengthen and harden. Wow, it was wonderful.

“I will show you a couple tricks for those rings later. You certainly are a bold by reaching into your mother’s bra like that.”

He grinned, as I pulled my face to his and kissed me. My tongue entered his mouth for the first time and I almost fainted from the thrill. He reacted by pushing his boner against my shoulder. He sat down at the table and they talked for a long time, with my tits still hanging out of my bra.

I walked over to him and took his hand, “Come here son, I’m going to teach you how a woman likes to be treated.”

With my help I taught him how to properly remove my blouse and bra. He breasts felt wonderful in his hands. Their weight surprised him, the way they hung from my chest made his cock jump. He loved it when I showed him how they swayed when I bent forward. I lifted one and had him lick under each to taste my. When I took his face and planted his lips on my left nipple he almost passed out.

He bounced back to reality when he heard a loud fart. “Sorry son that just slipped out.” That wasn’t the only thing that slipped out, he saw the head of a fat brown turd appear and widen my hole.

“Son I’ve got to get to the toilet,” I cried and ran for the bathroom.

He followed and watched as I emptied myself into the bowl. “Get on your knees son and watch.”

He dropped to his knees between my thighs and watched as I opened your cunt lips with my fingers and began to pee. It was the first time that he saw a woman pee and was fascinated. The golden stream was powerful and the smell was exciting.

He steadied himself with both hands on my thighs. His cock bounced and flexed all by itself. Suddenly it began to shoot, and cum was flying everywhere. He was so embraced but I just smiled and hugged him to my breasts and stroked the back of his head.

“That’s okay son, I love watching your cum flow out of your penis like that, never be ashamed to cum for momma. I know this is a lot for a young man to see and feel in one day, but it’s good for you.”

His mouth found my right nipple as he continued to shoot cum up onto my thighs. There was so much it was dripping from my legs to the floor.

After he relaxed, in a reassuring voice I said, “I enjoyed that son, I love seeing cum shoot from your cock. I want you to show me how you masturbate later today, okay?”

He almost fainted when he heard that. The thought of my watching him masturbate floored him. “Mom?”

“Yes. By the way you can watch how I masturbate too, won’t that be fun son? I have so much I want to teach you baby-boy.”

He was almost too excited to talk, and blurted out, “Sure mom! What will we do next?”

He wondered what would they do; shower, masturbation, and maybe more peeing? He wanted to piss on his mom right then and there.

“Slow down baby; let’s take a nap together son. After all, we will need to regain our strength before the next lesson.”

“What the next lesson about momma?”

I winked and grinned, “Sexy fun in the shower.”

Mom-Son part 3 Lesson; Fun in the Shower.

Since my husband Richard was still out of town for the weekend, I told Ron he could lay down on my bed for a nap. However, the little nap wasn’t very long, because I awoke, with his fingers in my pussy.

“I thought I told you to take a nap, then we’d play some more?”

“I did mom, but I began to dream about many things I want you to teach my and my hard dick woke my up.”

“I understand, honey, and know your body is raging with sex hormones. I just love the thought of you waking up with a hard on, with my in mind. My cunt is just drooling as if to say, fuck my, I can help you learn how to unleash them.”

We both laughed I held my arms out to him. He moved into them and we begin cuddling. I kissed his forehead, as my hand searched for his erection. “MMM looks like it’s happy to me.”

He blushed and said, “Why not, momma you’re one hot babe! Hey can I suck your nipple as you play with my cock?”

“Sure, I love it when you suck them, reminds me of the time I nursed you as a baby. I must warn you though; sucking my nipples makes my clit throb.”

He sucked in my nipple and I stroked his cock slowly, feeling it pulsate, watching it grow harder. In my mind I wondered what to teach him next.

After a few minutes, we were both so horny; we needed to suck, fuck, and play. I touched his shoulder and ask, “How’s about joining me in the shower honey? I can teach you how to have more sexy fun there.”

His eyes lit up like fireworks on the 4th of July, “Ooooh yeah, I’m ready I cannot wait momma, what are we going to do?”

“You’ll see, follow my.”

We headed into the bathroom. I laid out two towels, turned on the shower, and adjusted the temperature. I then made sure the baby oil was still on the shelf, and put two washcloths next to it.

He looked at me a little puzzled and just couldn’t help but ask, “What the oil for momma?”

“I always put it on after I wash in the shower, makes my skin silky smooth. However today, I’m going to use it on your cock, to make its slippery.”

He still didn’t understand, but followed me into the shower anyways, with his hard dick jutting out in front of him. He wanted me to touch it, stroke it, and even suck it. He almost said something, but momma spoke up first.

“We need to soap each other up before we can play; momma wants her baby boy squeaky clean.”

I washed him, making sure to play close attention to his cock, balls, and ass. I wanted to jack him off while doing it, but decided to save it for the fun I had planned.

I then gave him a soapy rag and said, “Wash all of me son, make sure you do my cunt and ass, carefully you wouldn’t want to irritate it.”

He rubbed my back, then knelt down and did my legs, and I almost came when he slid the cloth between my cheeks. Oh fuck, he wanted to slide his dick in that tight little hole, just like the woman in the porno flick did, bet it would feel great, or would it hurt momma?

I then instructed him to go slow, and even slide the rag around the hole. When he did, I blurted out, “Oh my god, that feels good!”

“Momma does daddy ever put his thing in there? I bet it would hurt?”

“Yes, he does, and he knows how to do it so it won’t hurt. I’m going to show you how, when we are all clean.”

He damn near passed out from anticipation. He moved around and washed my front, and then I spread my legs so he could wash my pussy. God his cock was throbbing so hard, he thought he’d blow a load before he finished washing me.

When he rinsed off, momma reached for the oil, and began pouring it all over his cock, rubbing it to make sure it was slippery. He watched in awe, and when I poured some oil on my asshole, he had to bite his lip to keep from cumming.

“Now the fun begins honey.” I bent forward and spread my ass cheeks. “See that tight lil hole right there baby. I want you to rub it with your cock, and when I tell you too, slide it inside my, okay?”

He grabbed his cock, and rubbed it on the hole, it puckered open and closed slowly. He slid the tip of the head in, just to see what I would do.

“Ooooh God, I like that, now slowly shove your cock into my asshole, gently let it adjust to your size!”

“OKAY, but won’t it hurt?”

“Not if you go slow, that’s it, mmm you’re making momma feel so damn good.”

He slid it in slowly, asking me if it hurt, every few second, and when I told him it did not, he shoved it in more. It was half way in when I told him to stop, and let my body adjust to his cock’s size. At first he thought he hurt me, but when I told him he did not, he wanted to fuck my deep and hard.

“Okay sugar, shoves that dick all the way in, and fuck mommy’s ass!”

He rammed it hard, then stopped thinking he’d went too fast, only to hear my scream, “Fuck my ass baby-boy, harder!”

He grabbed me by the hips and fucked me, deep and hard. God did it feel good, like a tight fist, holding his cock and milking it firmly in place, harder that my cunt did, and he knew at this pace, he’d soon blow his load.

I reached down and began rubbing my clit as he fucked my ass. “Watch mommy masturbate while you ram my ass, I love to play with my cunt as I am being fucked. Ooooh god that feels so good, aaaaaaaaaaah, eeeeeeeh oooooooh shit, mommy is cumming!!”

He had to hold on tight when I began to shake or he’d fall on his ass in the shower. He fucked my like an animal in heat. As soon as I climaxed, he screamed, “I’m going to fill you sweet ass with my cum momma!”

“Do it, fuck it hard, cum deep in my ass, cum for mommy!!!”

He never came that hard before and it felt like he wouldn’t stop. When he was done, I instructed him to just hold my, and let his cock slip out on its own. When it did, I told him to get on his knees and look at my gaping hole. He wanted to see if his hand would fit there too, but decided to wait until later to ask about that.

“Well honey, how’d you like the shower lesson?”

“Wow that was hot. Momma?”

“What baby?”

“Promise you won’t get mad, but I wanted to do something after I fucked your ass.”

“What’s that honey?”

He watched my face closely to see my reaction and said, “Eat your ass, and my cum from it.”

I blinked my eyes, shivered, and said, “You can do that too, it turns my on! Want to do it now?”

He looked into my eyes and exclaimed, “Oh mama, you don’t know how much I have been dreaming about seeing you like this, naked in the shower, and fucking you in the ass. I hear from my friends that the hole is so tight, you almost shot your load the minute your cock enters it. I lay in bed many nights fantasizing about it, god-damn, it made me so fucking hot, that I had to strip off my jamies, and stroke my hot, hard, cock until I shoot cum all over the place!”

“I love it when you tell momma how hot I make you. Now get on your knees baby, and lick my hot ass while I push your cum out of it into your mouth. You dad never did this, and even though he knew I liked it, he’d refuse saying it was too damn dirty to do. Oh well, that’s his problem now eat out my ass baby-boy!”

He loved the way I was teaching him new things about sex. When I allowed him to lick his cum out of my hot ass, Ron couldn’t believe his ears. He dove in like a kitten on its momma’s tit, licking, probing with his tongue, and devouring every tasty drop of his cum as it oozed from the hole. It made his cock hard, and he wanted to jack off, just to show momma, how hot I made him feel.

I crouched over him, held my cheeks wide, and pressed my asshole to his hungry mouth. I grunted, pushed out some of the cum, and watched him swallow it all. It made my clit throb again. Oh fuck, I haven’t been this aroused in a very long time. I reached down and began toying with my pussy again, as he probed with his tongue and its tip found its way up inside me.

He could see me fingering my hot cunt and he reached down and touched his dick. He didn’t care if I watched, he needed to rub his cock and climax again.

My eyes lit up with delight and I purred, “That’s it baby, stroke yourself, son. Watch mama masturbate with you, sweetheart. I’m so close to cumming!”

He could see the inside of my vagina since I was holding its large wet lips apart so he could see what I was doing. The opening pulsed with each stroke of my fingers on the clit. I purred, closed my eyes, and started panting hard.

I was so aroused, I just knew I would sprinkle his with piss when I climaxed. “Son, sometimes when momma cums, I pee’s a little, I hope that’s okay with you?”

He almost swallowed his tongue, because he’s seen that very thing in the porno flick and it turned him on so much, he couldn’t wait to try it with someone. He stopped eating long enough to respond and yelped, “Momma, pee on me, it does turn my on!”

All of a sudden I climaxed and a warm wet stream of urine splash onto his chest, and his cock jerked. He continued to lick as the hot liquid flowed down his chest all the way to his pubic hair and cock. He held his cock firm and my piss made a squishing sound as he masturbated.

I then moved so my pussy was just above his cock, helped the lips open, and continued to pee on him. “Fuck you’re so hot baby-boy. I’m glad you’re into what we call golden showers, because I love pissing on my lovers. I also let them do the same to me.”

He raised his hips higher, stroking harder, with the cock head, just inches away from the entrance to my body. My tits with their fat hard nipples brushed his thighs. He thought I was finished until another short burst of piss squirted all over his cock.

He felt his balls tighten and his cum burst from the tip of his penis, landing inside the open mouth of my pussy. He watched as my fingers smeared it across the clit, and liba lips. He raised himself higher making the head of his cock seated just inside my pulsating hole and emptied himself inside me.

I lowered myself sown on his cock drawing him all the way inside me.
“Oooooh fuck, son I am cumming again!”

We stayed connected for a while until momma spoke up and said, “Ah looks like we need another shower baby-boy.”

Mom-Son part 4 “BEDTIME STORY”

His mind was overflowing with memories about his recent sexual encounters with his momma. Especially, what happened earlier that day, when we were in the shower together, and I taught him all about ass-fucking and golden showers. He slid his pajama bottoms down to his knees and rose up the top, and started playing with his hard dick. He knew I would be in any moment to tuck him in and kiss him goodnight, however, we had to be careful because his dad was home.

He almost passed out when someone opened the door, until he saw it was his me. I’m wearing my long purple nightie that didn’t show much. However, the buttons a top of it barely contained my big breasts. He watched them sway as I walked over to his bed, god I was so hot. He hoped I’d slip my hands beneath the covers to find out what he was doing, or better yet, do it while he’s toying with my pussy.

I tucked in the covers, sat on the edge of the bed and whispered, “Sleep tight son, I hope you enjoyed yourself today.”

“I sure did momma.”

He moved his head up to meet mine, our lips locked in a lovers kiss, and it wasn’t the kind a mother gives her son. He parted his lips some as I slid the tip of my tongue into his mouth, and I began teasing his tongue. At first he was shocked, that I’d do this with dad in the house. As my tongue went deep into his mouth, he reached up to touch my breasts.

The kiss ended and I whispered, “Would you like to open my nightgown.” I watched his lick his lips and smile in response. “Go ahead, open momma’s nightie, pull out my tits, and sucks on my nipples. Just be quiet so your father doesn’t hear us.”

His shaking fingers found the small buttons, opened the top three, and my breast popped into view. My full breasts had fat erect nipples. He stared at them hungrily as we moved above his face.

I smiled, and lowered the left nipple to his lips. He latched onto it, and began rolling the hard bud between his lips. “Mmmm, that’s the way son it feels so nice.” I then pulled that wet nipple free and pushed the other one into his face.

Sucking my nipples made his cock throb. He grasped it in his hand once more and felt the precum oozing onto his palm. He stroked it openly hoping I would see it.

I noticed it, smiled, and reached under the blankets. My warm fingers slide across the naked flesh and wrapped around and over his hand. Together we stroked his cock, up and down, while he suckled at my breast.

I whispered, “Can you cum for me, son?”

“I sure can mom, if you keep touching me like that.”

”MMM you are so hard and your precum is so slick. Lay back and let mommy helps you cum, so you can sleep tonight.”

He released my nipple and lay back on his pillow. My breasts hung free for him to see. Such perfect breasts, much better than the girls he’d seen in the girlie magazines he had hidden under his mattress. I helped him remove his pajama pants. Our eyes met and locked together as I grasped his hardened member and began stroking it once more. His hips rose and fell as the shaft moved between my fingers. He hoped I would play with more than just his dick.

“How does that feel, son?”

“Oh God mom, I’m so close to cumming for you momma.”

I pulled the blankets back and discovered his pajamas bottoms were down to his knees, and the top was all the way up. I gazed at his naked body, and licked my lips hungrily. My free hand floated over his chest, as my finger tickled his belly button. He wanted to caress my breasts again, but couldn't, because we were squeezed together too tightly. So, he tried to slide his hand between my legs, but couldn’t quiet reach them.

I moved and pulled up my gown to allow him access, smiled, and nodded yes. As he slipped his my hand up my thighs, I parted my legs giving him room to explore. I quivered when he touched my thick pubic hair and large wet lips.

My free hand lifted his balls and started playing with them. He spread his legs wider and I pulled making the ball sack stretch long and tight. All of a sudden I stopped, licked my index finger, and slide down toward his asshole. At first I just teased it with the tip, caressing the entrance, and it made him jump.

“Just relax honey and let me put my finger inside your ass. I know you will like it, sweetheart.”

He lifted his knees a bit; I licked my finger again, and slowly slipped it into the hole, up to the knuckle. To his surprise, it did not hurt.

I paused while he adjusted to it, and then slowly moved it in and out. I fucked his ass in unison of my other hand stroking his penis.

While I did that, he took two fingers and concentrated on my wet vagina lips, searching for the opening to my wonderful warm center. It wasn’t long until his fingers slid deep inside me.

“Oh Ronnie, that’s perfect. Touch me right there.”

I moved my hips forward against his fingers, sucking them in as deep as we could go.

His mind couldn’t process the whole scene; breasts bouncing, finger fucking his ass, his fingers slipping inside my hot-cunt, and my hand stroking his cock. He would soon blow his load.

All of a sudden, warm my juices flooded his fingers and triggered his milky climax. The first spurt hit my cheeks and his chin. His hips rose off the bed as another spasm overtook him.

It was all I could do to keep from screaming, and I whispered so dad would not hear them. “Cum for Mommy, shoot it out, come on give me all of it.”

No sooner had I spoke those words than my vagina spammed on his fingers, as the wetness flowed all over him and the bed. His cock squirted so much sticky cum that it landed on his chest and my breasts, with droplets dripping from my nipples.

He watched me do the most marvelous thing ever he ever saw. I engulfed his whole cock, until my lips touched his pubic bone. He felt the head slipping down my throat, and another string of sperm spurted from his cock. It made me gag but I didn’t pull back. He somehow knew that I wanted him to finish cumming in my mouth.

Hungrily I sucked every delicious drop of cum from his cock into my mouth, but I didn’t swallow all of it. As his breathing slowed, my finger slipped from his ass. I rose up, and stood next to the bed, with his hand still up under my gown with its fingers inside my pussy.

Once more our lips met and we kissed deeply. He was surprised at first, but didn’t stop as I shared some of his cum with him.

Afterwards I stepped back and his fingers popped from my pussy-lips. He lay there breathing hard. He felt my eyes wonder over him, and he flexed his semi hard cock for my. My smile told him that I really like it.

I got up to go back to bed and he said,” Goodnight momma and thanks. Hey, don’t forget to tuck your breasts back inside your gown before you leave.”

“Oops, I almost forgot to do that,” and strolled back to the bed shaking them as I walked. “Would you like to help momma put them back where we belong son?”

I smiled, leaned forward, and presenting those wonderful milk bags to him. He pulled my top open and lifted each breasts back into its home. I squeezed his cock again then turned and walked out the door.

Mon-Son; All Tied Up

I lay there on the bed, while Richard was taking a shower. He and I just had one hell of a fuck-session. Lately, I pretend that it’s our son Ron fucking me. It seemed like forever, since I’d done anything sexually with my son. Every night I dream about him with one of my favorite fantasies. Oh my god, my clit is throbbing, and I reach down and start masturbating. My mind begins to daydream and I see Ron tie me spread eagle to the four posts of the bed. Next, he started teasing me by stimulating every inch of my body with his fingers and tongue, until I loose control. All the sudden my whole body spasms with an earth shattering climax. As I lay there, I find myself hoping that Richard will be soon traveling again.

Richard enters the room clad in only a towel. I lick my lips nervously and hide my emotions before I speak to him. “Will you be traveling out of town this weekend honey?”

“How’d you guess, I’ve been trying to find a way to tell you. It seems that almost every weekend I am away from home, and I know you do not like it. However, the company has some problems with there Memphis office, and the boss ask me personally if I could go down there and help them through it. The only catch is this time; I’ll be gone from Friday till late Sunday night.”

I tried to hide my emotions as my brain shouted, ‘HURRAY!’ “Honey, I know you hate leaving me alone on the weekend, but I understand that it’s part of your job to travel to the other company offices.”

He walked over to the bed, kissed me hard. “Doll, that’s why I love you so much, you’re so understanding.”

I got dressed, went to the kitchen, and started the coffee maker. I then went down the hall to wake Ron.

I enter the room tiptoed over to the bed, kissed his cheek, and sat on the edge of the bed. “Wake up Ron, its time to get up.”
He rubbed his eyes and saw me sitting fully clothed on the bed. He made a face, and said, ‘Drats, I guess I won’t be getting any pussy this morning.’

“Not this morning baby, come on sleepy head; I have some good news for you.”

He sat up, stretched, and yawned. “Morning momma, what’s up?”

“Well baby-boy hold onto your pecker. Dad’s going to Memphis this Friday and this time, he will be gone three days.”

He eyes opened in surprise. “Did I hear you say dad’s going to be gone for three days, or was I dreaming it?”

I grinned from ear to ear, and blushed. “You heard me right, what in earth shall we do?”

“Ah…ah I can think of a few things momma!”

“Oooh baby, I can hear your wheels turning. It’s been too long since we fucked, and I’m dying to hear what you want to try next.”

He smirked and blushed. “I have been reading out light bondage. This particular story has pictures with it, showing a young man tying a woman to the four posters of the bed. As I continued reading it said he was teasing her all over until she couldn’t stand it anymore and lost control, climaxing harder than she ever did before. Ever since then, I have wanted to try it, but didn’t know how to approach you.”

I quivered clear down to my clit. “Oh my god, that sounds like fun. I haven’t done anything like that since my college days.”

“Really, when can I do it to you?”

I knew if I let him experiment on me like that, I’d lose control of myself, altogether, and do anything he asked. Since our first encounter, I couldn't forget that strange inner excitement I felt about him. I rationalized it by saying it would be good for him to see how various sensations affected a woman's responses.

“How’s about 7pm tonight, your dad will be flying to Memphis, and won’t be able to interrupt us.”

“Hot-damn momma!” He threw back the covers, “Look how hard you made my dick.”

“I know, but your dad is still home packing for his trip. He wants us all to have breakfast together before he leaves. So leave that cock alone and come down to breakfast.”

“Bummer, well I guess I’d better get up and dressed.”

I leaned over kissed him hard and whispered, “See you in a few minutes baby-boy.”

When I left the room and closed the door. Ron thought about grabbing his hard member, and jacking off. Instead he got up, dressed, and then walked to the kitchen to join them for breakfast.

The three of them are sitting at the table enjoying the meal. When his dad took a sip of coffee, and looked over at Ron. “Son, you’ll be the man of the house, while I’m gone. Take good care of momma.”

He smirked, trying hard to hide his emotions while his mind shouted, ‘You bet yah dad, and I’m really going to take care of momma.’ “I will dad, have a safe trip. When will you be home?”

“I should be home around 9pm Sunday night.”

“Okay, why don’t I help you loud your luggage in the car, while you kiss momma goodbye.”

I left the dishes on the table and moved into Richards arms. “I’m miss you honey. Have a safe trip and call me when you get there. I love you.”

“I love you too dear. I’ll miss you especially in my bed tonight. I promise I will call you when I land. I’ll phone you every night around 10pm, when I know Ron will be in bed. After all, I may talk dirty to you, I know you like that.”

I blushed, ‘oh yeah Ron will be in bed, with her.’ “Okay love.”

After Richard got into the car, Ron and I stood on the porch-waving bye to him. We then went into the house, and my son, pulled her into his arms.

He winked, smirked, blushed, and asked, “What time do I get to tie you up tonight momma?”

I looked at my watch, then back at him. “Well, let’s see it’s 9am now, and I have a few errands to run. How about 7pm tonight.”

“Do I have to wait that long to touch you momma?”

“Not really, I’m dying to have you eat my cunt right now. By the way, it’s still full of daddy’s cum.”

I though he’d pass out, because I know he loves to eat sloppy seconds. I quivered anxiously as he turned around and locked the door. He then picked me up, and carried me to the master bedroom.

“Take your clothes off momma I’m dying for some pussy pie with cream.

We spent the next two hours orally pleasuring each other. Afterwards, I cleaned myself up and told him. “I’m going to be gone for most of the day, but will be back in time for supper. What’s your plan?”

“Trying not to think of tonight. I’m going to try and read the next few chapters in my mystery novel.”

I leaned over kissed and kissed him. “Okay see you around 5pm. I love you baby-boy.”

“See you later alligator.”

“After while crocodile.”

After I left, he got his book, sat down in the recliner and tried to immerse himself in it. However, all he could think of was tying her up, and his dick got as hard as steal, he was tempted to jack off, but decided to save his energy for that night. He looked around for the remote, turned the TV on, and began watching a movie to past the time.

I really had some necessary errands to run, but needed to do one especially. I was going by the sex store and buying some soft bondage cuffs, after all I no longer had the ones I used while in college. My mind traveled back to the time when my sorority sisters tied me up as part of the initiation. In secret my girlfriend and I already used them to experiment with sexual arousal and response. It was then I found out that doing that made me come harder than I ever did before. After that I often used those cuffs with my first long-term boyfriend Jack. It’s a shame we didn’t get married, but then again, I wouldn’t have Ron, my sexy baby-boy.

I quivered, “Down girl, we have some shopping to do!”

I finished the errands and returned home at 4:30p. Parked the car, and started carrying bags into the house. Ron saw me, came out, kissed me hello and offered to help. I told him thanks, and then quickly grabbed the two small bags, took them inside, and straight to my bedroom. Once there I hid one from the sex boutique in the closet. The other one was just toiletries and I put them away. I then walked back to the kitchen to help put the groceries away.

Ron was such a big help. Afterwards I fixed some coffee and we sat down at the table to figure out what to fix for dinner.

Ron took a sip of his drink, touched her hand, and asked, “Did yah miss me babe?”

“Yes I did baby-boy; I cannot believe we finally have more than two days alone with each other. Oh hell, let’s change the subject, before I get too damn excited. Let me start fixing dinner, we can play later.”

“Aw spoilsport, I’ll let you on one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“I can have you for desert.”

“Mmmm, I think I can arrange that. Now let me be, so I can fix supper.”

He went into the living room to watch the news while I prepared supper.
He had a hard time not thinking about what would happen later. He grasps his crotch and whispered, “Down boy, will have plenty of time to play later.”

We ate supper while chatting idly. I then approached the subject about what we’d like to do, for the next two days, while daddy is gone. “Ron, baby, I know we’ll be busy tonight, but I’m dying to hear what else would like us to do this weekend.”

“Momma, I’m doing something special tonight, why don’t you to plan something we can do tomorrow night. Sunday, I just want to spend most of the day in bed with you, making love to you.”

“Sounds like fun to me, I wish we could do this every weekend.”

“Me too momma, but dad’s here so we can’t.”

“I know I wish he was into incest, because the three of us could have some hot, wild, times.”

“No way Hosea, Momma, I want you all to myself.”

“Okay, it will be our little secret.”

After the meal he helped me with the dishes. Trying desperately not to drop a plate, hoping I wouldn’t see how anxious he was. When we were finished, I led him by the hand to my room.

We kissed hard, and then there was a flurry of fingers, hands, and clothing.

“Before we start baby-boy, I have a surprise for you.”

“You do, what is it?”

I walked over to the closet and got out the small paper bag. I handed it to him and watched intently as he opened the bag.

“Oh WOW, fur covered cuffs, I was wondering what I was going to tie you up with. Momma, how shall I tie you up?”

I crawled onto the bed noticeably shaking all over, and extended my arms over my head. "Better get my hands out of the way, first."

He grabbed my wrist with trembling finger and secured them to the top two posts of the bed, then proceeded to fasten my legs to the two at the end of the bed so I lay spread-eagle.

"Okay! I’m ready, what do I do now momma? I’m so afraid I will use the wrong words, or hurt you.”

“There are no 'wrong words', baby-boy. Just concentrate on one thing at a time. You can start with my lips and work your way downward. I must warn you, I will scream, and talk dirty to you, because I love being tied up like this. I just wish you dad would do this to me sometimes."

He climbed onto the bed next to my face, bent over, and touched his lips on mine. It was light no more erotic that our customary goodnights kiss. However, he slowly increased the pressure while sliding his tongue across my lips.

My conscious reaction at that moment is to unleashing my sexual desires. I tugged at the cuffs, whimpered, and parted my lips touching his tongue with mine.

His tongue darted out to meet mine and they did the dance of lovers.

"Wow! Momma your kisses make my dick as hard as steel!”

I looked down; he did have a beautiful long, thick, hard cock. I wanted to touch it, taste it, and fuck it. I tried to move and couldn’t.

All he did was smirk and start kissing all over my face, working his way downward, slowly, teasingly, setting every inch of me ablaze with lust.
As his rigid cock laid against my side, he begin playing with my breasts, squeezing the globes gently at first then harder as he watched my nipples swell and become erect.

Regardless, of how my desired rose, I moved my hips wildly as much as I could, while pussy pulsated with eagerness.

Slowly, teasingly, with light pressure, he ran his lips, hands, and fingers across every curve of my body. When he came to my crotch, he stopped just shy of the hairy mound.

Sweat began to bead up on my skin and I hissed, “Oh fuck baby, touch my pussy, ppplleeeaasse!”

“You’d like that too, but be patient, I will, eventually.”

He started caressing my long legs beginning with my toes, and once again stopping just shy of my pussy.

I writhed in agony wishing he would untie me, so I could take his hand and place it on my steaming pussy. However, I still could not move.

It seemed like an hour passed before he touched my pussy. When he caressed my pussy lips gently, the touch sent fiery waves of pleasure through my whole body, causing my hips to move in a fucking motion.

"Oooh son, that feels so good, mmmmm!"

He then teased just the opening of my cunt with his index finger of his right hand, while his other index finger circled my clit.

I gasped, and pulled at my cuffs. “Oh fuck Ron, make me cum, aggghhhhh!”

He slipped a finger up into me, twisting it back and forth, jabbing it in and out, and all the while still tantalizing my clit. All of a sudden, he’d stop and pause, then do it all over again repeatedly.

His actions were driving me wild with lust. I grasped the cuffs trying to get out of them, but found them bound well to my wrist and ankles.

He continued tantalizing my pulsating vagina by shoving, two, three, and then four fingers inside me. His did this slowly teasingly, while his other hand toyed with my clit, then he’d pause, and start all over again.

I couldn’t stand it any longer, I shrieked. “Oooooh, fuckkkk, aaahhhh, ram it hard son, fist my hot cunt!”

He did just that too, ramming as much of his fist into me as he could get and then pinched my clit.

I felt pleasure, beyond what I normally feel, something I had not felt since my college days. I slammed my pussy into his hand as hard as I could. As my whole body went out of control and thrashing wildly, and cumming so hard I squirted my juice everywhere.

“Wow that was awesome.”

I could see him thinking about something, but was too out of control to ask.
I watched his cock, jutting out like a proud soldier standing at attention, while the shaft pulsated, dripping precum from the slit in its swollen head.

He liked his lips, and thought to himself, ‘I wonder what momma would do with something in both holes! He loosed the leg cuffs so I could moved in positioned for him to fuck both holes. He’d only seen double penetration in the porno flicks, and knew she would like it, because she had told him so.

With trembling fingers he slid his cock into her pussy to get it lubed up. He kissed her thighs, and then pussy feeling its steamy tantalizing intoxicating aroma.

“Momma, ready of not I’m going to fuck you hot, sweet, ass!”

She desperately wanted him to untie her arms too. “Please untie me baby-boy, so I can help you.”

“Uh-uh nada, no way, your mine, and I want to control everything you do, you’re my bitch now momma.”

He slapped the side of her ass and teased the rim of her anus with the head of his cock, while two fingers slid into her vagina. Slowly at first, then when he felt the anal ring relax, he shoved his cock slowly into her tight asshole.

“Oh fuck momma, it’s so tight, and feels so damn good. I bet you will want me to do this more often after this.”

I thrust my hips into the intruding prick, my buttocks quivering. I felt both pain and pleasure, as baby-boy was taking his time, just like I taught him.

“Aaahhhh, oooooh, mmmm baby your making momma feel so fucking good. Ram you cock harder, deeper, that’s it. Now, shove four fingers into my cunt as you fuck my ass!”

After I instructed him on what to do, he slammed his cock all the way into my ass, as he rammed four fingers in side my vagina. He pulled his hips back, withdrawing the buried cock until the head lay just inside my anus, then rammed it home again, repeatedly. He watched lustfully as I cried out, and moved wildly.

At first he thought that he was hurting her, and it caused his cock to go limp. His voice was panic-stricken as an anguished expression crossed his face. “On no momma, I did not mean to hurt you; I just wanted to see what fucking both holes at the same time felt like!”

I saw his distress and urged him on with a soothing voice. “It’s okay baby-boy, you’re not hurting me, I was screaming with pleasure. Now fuck my ass and cunt, go ahead, and fuck me deep and hard! I want you to fill me with your cum!”

Ecstasy replaced his anguish as he stroked his cock hard. He then proceeded to fuck her ass once mare as four fingers, slammed in and out of her hot pulsating vagina.

I panted, bucked wildly, and shrieked, "Yes, my darling son, fuck my ass hard! Ooooooooooh god it feels so good!"

."Momma, I'm gonna cum!”

"It's okay, honey. Let it happen."

"Here it comes! ... aaarrrggghhh!’

His continued to finger-fuck her pussy, as his cock went rigid as he shot his hot seed deep into her ass.

I felt the climax surging through me like a freight train out of control, beads of sweat covered my whole body. I couldn’t speak as my whole body began to shake uncontrollably, and I climaxed hard once more.

It took me a few minutes to compose myself. I was still breathing heavily when I asked. “Ron baby, how did you like what we just did?”

"Jesus, Mom! I never felt anything like this before, and I came harder than I normally do. I liked the way you looked too, excited, and not able to touch yourself. Was it good for you too?”

“I’m still very excited baby-boy. Hot damn, you sure know how to push my buttons. You know I love this kind of stuff, and maybe we can do this again sometime. You know something, sometime when we do this again, we can do it in a different way.”

“Oh really, different, I like to hear how, we could do that.”

“Well honey, for starters momma can tie you up, it will be fun, and I know you’ll like it.”

“Momma, I guess you’ll have to tie me up sometime, so I can see what happens to my body when you do that. Can we do that tomorrow?”

“Maybe, I haven’t decided what we will do yet. Now untie me, and join me in the shower.”

He untied her quickly, and they went arm in arm to the bathroom. She washed him and he did her, and of course it made his cock hard once more.

“Momma is it time for another lesson,” he said mockingly.

“Naw, I’m tired of teaching you, how’s about we dry each other off and then you can climb in bed with me. I feel like doing some good ole fashioned fucking.”

“I love the idea of sleeping in your bed all night with you. I’ll be able to touch you and play with you anytime, mmmmm lets go fuck momma!”

“Let’s do!”

We dried each other off and headed for my bed. I climbed onto the bed and motioned for him to lie next to me. I put my arms around him, straddled his thigh with my leg, and felt his hardness against my skin.

"Kiss me again, Son."

Our lips locked and tongues intertwined. His hand explored my body once more, setting me ablaze with desire. I ground my pussy into his leg and watched his face.

His looked at me with lust in his eyes, and with a mature tone in his voice he spoke. “Mom, you want to fuck me now, don't you?"

“You want to know a secret?”


“I've dreamed about fucking you son many times, but I didn’t really expect anything to happen. I’m glad it did too, because there are many things about sex you don't know yet."

“Me neither, never in my wildest dream, did I think it would ever turn out this way. Mom the second I stuck my cock into you I knew I had to go all the way!"

"I know."

Just then the telephone rang. I grumbled, put my finger to my lips saying, “Shhh, it’s probably your father. He promised to call when he got to Memphis, let me talk to him, okay. After that, I’m your for this whole weekend.”

He covered his mouth to stifle a giggle, while I talked to his dad. After she hung up the phone he shouted, “Now the fun begins!”

He grabbed me, pulled me close, and started rubbing his body against mine. He slid his hand down between my legs and toyed with my pussy. I squirmed in delight, and grasp his cock.

“I like having you in bed with me son. I just hope your dad never finds out. Hey, I’m not a bit sleepy how about you? ”

"I’ve been hoping we can spend time like this, as man and woman, in your bed. I’m not tired at all now shut up and kiss me!”

My lust for him went out of control as I clung to my son. We kissed deep, hard, and ended up fucking, sucking, and playing most of the night.

Afterwards we lie there snuggling in each other’s arms. His head rested against my chest, as my fingers ran through his hair.

Unexpectedly he asked, "Momma is it true animals and people fuck sometimes?"

For a moment, I thought the imp was reading my mind, because that is something I have done in the past. However, I didn’t let on that I did, I wanted to see what he was talking about first.

“Ronnie, what are you talking about?"

"My friend told me his girlfriend, lets his dog fuck her. Is it possible for a dog to fuck a woman? After all male animals have penises and get erections, just as men do, and female dogs have vaginas."

“You’re right son. I have also even read a couple of sex stories about it too. I know that human males fuck female dogs and human women, let the male dog do them. It’s called bestiality.”

"Momma, don’t be offended, but I'd sure like to see that once."

“I’m not offended; you can ask me about anything, no matter how weird it is. Well for starters, it would be easier for a male dog to fuck a woman. However, I don't know where you'd find an animal that would do me like that!"

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