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She loves her pussy shaved
Lori 1

I used hair conditioner on Lori’s pubic hair and worked it in as I applied it. The reason for using conditioner is because it gives a much smoother shave and is less irritating on the skin close by the vagina. As I worked the conditioner into her hair her lips parted and I saw that she was quite wet.

With a brand new razor I intended to shave every hair from her vulva. I knew Lori loved being shaved and she would cum the first time while I got her smooth. I also knew she loved being talked to while I worked.

"Your lips are already puffy Lori. Were you thinking about this as you drove over?"

"Yes. You know I was."

After I shaved the edges of her hair I spoke again.

"You sat with your friends this morning wondering how many of them would have a lover shaving their pussies didn’t you. You smiled when you realized it was just you." Lori responded with a moan.

Three more swipes of the razor. I was getting closer to her lips. When I exhaled I made sure she could feel my warm breath on the parts of her pussy that was already shaved.

"Lori, I love the smell of your sexual heat. If they bottled it a million men would walk around with erections just from that fragrance."

"Oh, Pete. Are you hard from my excited fragrance?"

"You know I am." I gently moved her right leg and shaved between the junction and her lips. I used my fingers to stretch her skin so I got all the hair.

"There is a drop of pussy nectar sliding out of you. May I have it?"

"Yes." My finger scooped it up and trailed across her skin as I got it. I sucked on my finger and then moved her left leg and shaved that side, right to the edge of her lips.

"All that's left is the hair so close to your clit. Hold still while I shave that area. One slip and it could be a disaster. Can you hold very still?"

"I will try."

"You must stay still. If it will help I can give you something to focus on instead of what I'm doing. Would that help?"


"Ok. Then, for a few moments, lift your legs."

We had done this before and she knew what was coming. She lifted her legs and I put a warm gob of lube on her ass and shoved a small diameter butt plug inside her. When it seated I helped her put her legs back down.
Oh Jesus! I like how that feels."

The razor cut across her skin and took the remaining hair. My fingers touched everywhere I had shaved and where I found any stubble I shaved again. I used a warm wet cloth to wipe away the gel residue that was left.

My face lowered and my tongue widened and I stuck it into the bottom of her slit. Her back arched and she shivered. When I moved my tongue upwards toward her clit she shook hard and moaned.

Lori's back arched as she shook and the muscles just under the skin of her pussy spasmed and she grabbed the sides of the table. My tongue held still until she began to calm down a little. I withdrew my tongue and my fingers softly rubbed her skin where I had just shaved.

My hands opened her lips and my lips sealed around her clit again. I sucked hard and touched her clit with my tongue.

Lori screamed! She arched again and lots of her fluid squirted from her. Her vagina opened and closed like a mouth attempting to breathe. I held onto her clit.

When her arms relaxed a little and she let go of the edge of the bed I let go of her clit. A minute later I slowly worked the butt plug out of her and cleaned her ass with a warm wash cloth.
She smiled, grabbed my hand and pulled me onto my bed so that I was laying on my back. "I have a very special gift for you Peter" Lori said as she pulled the sheet down. She then unbuckled my pants, pulled them down along with my briefs and exposed the pole underneath that had been making a tent. She looked into my eyes as her right hand wrapped around my hard cock and slowly began to stroke it.

"I know you like blow jobs Peter" and then she bent at the waist and took my cock into her mouth. One hand fondled my nuts and the other gripped the base of my cock as she took me as far into her mouth as she could. She moved her head slowly up and down a couple of times and then she took her mouth off me and asked, "Do you like it Peter? Do you like my warm mouth wrapped around your hard cock?"

"Oh God yes" I moaned and she smiled and said, "Good."

She stuck her tongue out and circled the head of my cock with it and then licked the bottom of my cock all the way down to my balls. She sucked on my balls for a bit and then moved her tongue along the upper side of my cock until she got back to the cock head.

"You taste good Peter and I like nice tasting cock. You want me to keep on?"

"Oh God yes please, do Lori."

Her mouth swallowed me again. Her head started bobbing up and down and while one hand caressed my balls I felt her move the other one under me. A finger slid along the crack of my ass and I felt it touch my ass hole. The fingertip teased my hole as her head began moving faster. I felt the explosion coming and I moaned "Oh Jesus, oh fuck, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum" and Lori shoved her finger in my ass.

I arched up off the bed and drove my cock as deep into Lori's mouth as it would go just as I erupted like a volcano. My cock pushed out spurt after spurt and Lori gulped and swallowed until my cock started to soften. She held it in her hand and licked it clean before letting it go. Happy New Years Peter."

She leaned over me and gave me a light kiss on the lips and then she turned to go. Just as she reached the door she turned and said, "I've seen the way you look at my ass Peter. Would you like to fuck me there?"

She must have seen her answer on my face because she gave me a dazzling smile and said, "I thought so. I’ll give you that and more tomorrow. Get a lot of rest tonight and take a lot of vitamins in the morning because you are going to need all the energy you can get to make it through tomorrow night."


2010-08-16 17:39:14
Start of a nice series.

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