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Fun with my love

I was only 15 when I fell in love with the man that would take my virginity. We would sleep in my bed together, we always had close on. One day he got completely naked in front of me.
I wanted badly to touch his nice body. As he took of is underwear, I could see his simi hard head of his cock sticking out of the underwear crack. He would pull his underwear down past his heals.
I would reach out to touch the head of his dick for the first time. As I touched it he laughed. Jack pushed is dick to my hand. When he got his shirt off he helped me take my pants and panties off.
When he unhooked my bra I stood up and took it off and dropped it to the floor. As I lean back onto the bed he touches my vagina for the first time. I was ready to give him my virginity. I said to him, "I want to see how hard it can get, and how big it can get."
When we first started to sleep together he promised me when I turned 18. Will this was my 18th birthday.
"You can touch it as long as I can touch your pussy." he told me.
"you have a deal."
As I started to touch is dick, he started to rub his fingers on my clit. When his cock got hard and big it was 8 inches.
He had my pussy very wet. He told me to sit on his dick but not let it penetrate my vagina. As I sat on his dick it bent down and touched my clit. He pulled my face close to his. He began to kiss my lips. As we kiss he lifted my pelvic up and his cock point toward the ceiling.
He slowly push my virgin vagina down on his hard erect dick. As his cock began penetrating my vagina I started to say it hurt.
He push my pelvic back up and then slowly pulled it down until I felt it in me all the way. "Now move your pussy up and down on my dick." he said.
As I began to move he started kissing me again. When he rolled me on my back with only the head of his dick in me, he spread my legs and started to fuck me until I started to scream. "Does it feel good," he asked me has he started to cum.
"Yes." I said with the last breath I had.
"Did you cum?"
"Will I did"
Has he began to go down on me, he lick very inch of my clit. His dick began to get hard again. When I told him I was about to orgasam he stuck is nice big dick back into my pussy.
This time when he stuck it in we began to cum at the same time.
In the morning he got on top of me and he had a hard on and was tickling my clit with the head of his dick. "I want you to stick it in me again." I said to him.
"first I want to eat you until you cum." He began to go down on me. He licked in as deep as he could on my vagina. When he began to lick my clit, my pussy began to throb.
"I'm about to cum. Stick your dick in me now." I demanded.
As he move up he tickled me a little more with his dick. He found my vagina hole. He very slowly stuck it in. We fucked for 2 hours until we both came three times.
We laid in bed of another half hour. We went into the bath room and got into the shower.
As I began to wash my pussy getting all of his cum off, I looked up at him and seeing him playing with himself. He was getting his dick hard again.
I started to touch him and he began touching me again. I was starting to get aroused. He turned off the shower. Then he took me by the hand and lead me back into my room. Lying me on the bed he started to eat me. When he got me to cum, he told me to get on my hands and knees. He got behind me and gently rubbed my clit with his dick getting it hard again. When it got completely hard he began to slowly stick it in my pussy.
As he began to pump I couldn't breath anymore. When he started to cum, he was kissing me so softly. After he came he started to suck on my nipples. Still being hard he was still sliding his dick in and out of my vagina. After it started to go soft he got up to go pee.
I got up and followed him into the bathroom. As I got into the bathtub he tickled my clit. As I started the shower I could see him getting ready to join me in the bath tub. He helped me clean his cum off of me.
When he gets out he help to dry my back. We leave to go get something to eat. My mom sees us come out of the bath room together. She begins to laugh. "Where are you two going?" She asks.
"To get something to eat," I answered.
`"I promise I'll have her home by ten," he said jokingly.
As we left he open the car and held my hand as I climbed in. When he came around and got in on his side, he took out a diamond ring and asked me to marry him.
I said yes and we kissed. We went out to the nearest Chinese restaurant. He always liked that kind of food. "We have a reservation for party of two Durhoon." He said when we walked into the building.
The Waitress showed us to our table in a privite room. "I would have waited until now to ask you to marry me but when we made love last night and this morning made me fall in love with you more." He said when we sat down.
We ordered our food and then just sat holding each others hands until the waitress brought us our food. After eating we get up and he pays for the food then we leave. He takes me to the nearest nicest hotel. He checks us in and takes my hand and leads me to the room where we would be staying for the night.
As soon as I got into the room he started to undress me starting with unbuttoning my pants. He then slowly moved them down to my ankles. He started to kiss my legs slowly moving up to my covered pussy. When he got to my pussy he moved my panties aside and started to slowly lick my clit. After making me get ready to cum. “Wait baby I want to fuck you until you cum so hold off.” Jack said.
He began to slowly move my panties down to my ankles. I step out of my pants and panties as he continues to finger me gently. After he begins to slowly unbutton my blouse, he takes one of my tits out of my bra and begins to suck on my nipples. He takes the shirt of all the way and then continues to play with my clit.
He slowly moves two fingers into my vagina opening. He slowly removes my bra and drops it on the floor. He picks me up and lays me on the bed. He slowly spreads my legs and climbs between them and tickles my clit with his dick. He finally finds my opening and very slowly puts the head of his dick into my vagina and slowly pushes it in and then begins to fuck my harder until he finally cums into my body.
“Damn I love it when you cum in me. It feels so worm and good. Wish you could do it constantly.” I told him as he pumped one more time.
“Honey anytime tonight you need me to refill you I will be glad to do it just as and then I will fuck you tell you cant take it anymore.” He told me as I kissed him.
As we just laid in bed talking about school and the up coming dance I looked down and saw his dick getting hard again. “I think I might need to refill you again. But I want to do it with you on your hands and knees.” Jack said as I got on my hands and knees and put my but up for him. He climbs behind me and tickles me with his cock and the slowly slips it in and begins to fuck me until both of us start to cum.
I clasped on the bed and immediately fell asleep in his arms.

Chapter 2
The start of my pregnancy with the love of my lives kid

Its been 2 months since the first time I made love to Jack. My period has not yet started and we both think that we have created a new life that is now going inside of me. He finally comes home and gives me the pregnancy test. I run into the bathroom to take the hardest test of my life.
Jack is the first one to head into the bathroom to check the test. He slowly comes out of the room and my mom walks into the house just as he begins to tell me I’m pregnant. “Oh my god that’s wonderful news. God honey being a mother is the best thing you can ever do in your entire life.” My mother said as she walks up to me and gives my trebling body a hug.
“I cant believe it I’m going to have a baby.” I said as my mother began to walk over to Jack to give him a big hug. “Hey mother get off of the father of my kid. I like the sound of that.”
He grabbed my hand and lead me into the room and very gently sat me on my bed and then sat beside of me. “I have never felt so whole in my life. I have the man I love the most in the world and his child growing inside of me like a miracle.” I said has he began to kiss me on the lips like I was a porcelain doll and would break easily.
“I love you baby.” Jack said. We heard a knock on the door. It was my mother informing Jack that his 13 year old sister was on the phone. “Hello.” Jack said.
“Jack, can you come get me. I’m at a party and they have alcohol, I’m drunk and these guys are trying to get me into the bedroom.” His sister Amanda said on the other end.
“Okay sis I’m on my way.” He said as he hung up the phone. He kissed me and he was gone. An hour later Jack arrived at the party house and could her his sister’s painful screams. He knocked on the door and a young man answered.
“How can I help you boy?” The young man said blocking the door.
“Tell me did you know that the girl in that room is only 13 and you are letting a minor drink?” Jack informed the boy at the door and he began to push him out of the way. He shoved the door open that Amanda was screaming from and saw two grown men rapping her. All three men ganged up on Jack putting him into a comma.
Before the men started to rape Amanda she managed to call her dad who was now at the door watching the whole thing unfold. Amanda’s dad, Jack senior brought his older brother and two of Amanda’s older brothers and Jacks younger brothers. Ending the whole disaster Jack Senior took his daughter to the car while Jacks brothers helped carry him to the car.
Jack Senior drove his two kids to the hospital and carried them in one by one. The doctor said that Amanda would have died had Jack didn’t show up when he did. The doctor also said Jack suffered some serious head trauma and the family should prepare for the worst. Jack Senior soon called me on the phone to inform me of the terrifying news that I may never see him alive again.
After I hung up the phone I ran out into the living room and asked my mom to drive me to the hospital so I could be with the love of my life. When we got to the hospital I found my way to his room where I didn’t leave for 8 months as the due date of my baby coming into the world edged closer. The doctor came into the room and saw I was in labor.
She tried to take me to one of the labor room. “Wait I want to have my baby in here with its father lay there.” I said as the nurse tried to lift me up.
“I’m sorry but you have to go to a room up stairs.” The nurse said. I didn’t know whether I was having a girl or a boy. I want to save that news incase Jack woke up but he never did. They rushed me up two stories and into a room. The doctor checked to see how dilated I was. 10 cm. and ready to give birth to Jacks child.
“I don’t want any drugs I want to feel everything.” I explained to the doctor. For the next two hours I was in the worst pain of my life and finally with just one more push my baby came into the world.
“It’s a baby boy. Do you have a name for him?” They asked me.
“Jackson James Duroon after his father and his grandfather.” I said as the put my son into my arms. I slightly rolled over and slept a little bit holding my baby close to my heart. When I heard the faint cry of my son I woke up immediately and gave him a kiss and put him to my nipple to try and feed him.
He ate for an hour and then fell back asleep. I called my mom to inform her that she now had a grandson. When she answered she was mad because I didn’t tell her that I was in labor even though it all happened fast. After I hung up the phone I couldn’t take my eyes off of my son. He looked just like his father who I couldn’t stop think about.
I hear them calling for a doctor to Jacks room. I would have started to scream but I didn’t want to wake up James so I pressed the little red button on the side of my bed. “Can I help you?” One of the nurses said when they walked into the room.
“Why were they calling a doctor into my fianc?room?” I asked still trying not to wake up James.
“I will go see. Can I get something for you to eat while I’m out?” She said and then turn out the door.
“Um yeah Jell-O.” I said.
“Okay hun I’ll be right back.” She said and then walked out the door. About 20 minutes later she comes in with Jack in a wheel chair and he has two cups of Jell-O. “He woke up and was asking for you.”
“Oh my god. Hi!” I said when I saw him.
One of the nurses helped him into my bed so he could old James for the first time. My mom walks into the room to see the baby. “Wow your awake. That’s amazing. Hi little fellow.” Mom said as she looked at her grandson for the first time.
Jack kissed me for the first time in 8 months and it felt extraordinarily good.

More to come soon
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