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A Small schol trip
So I thought I would give you a little insight into my life....why not. Now this is a story from 2009 around june, july. It started a few months prior though so I will give you it right from the start. It was probably around April that this all started. A class of ICT students where sitting tapping away. As per usual one short obsidian haired young man was peering into his screen with emerald green eyes. A small smirk on his face, next to him sat a young lady. She was sporting long wavy brown hair and her chest was ample. She had beautiful brown eyes and she too stared at her computer screen but without a smirk on her face.

"You know Alex, Working is probably a good idea" She would say without even staring at the screen as the young man turned his head towards her. "Yeh but Im just so great that I don't need to work" she would let out a small giggle at the remark but nothing more as was here way. There was a tension between the two, the young man seemed to be oblivious to the girls fondness of him and the nature of it too but regardless of that they appeared to be good friends. Then a grind could be heard as the door would be pushed open. A teacher walking in his features irrelevant to the story. "Right guys I have....Alex get off the comics" He would say walking past the young man and giving him a small smack on the back of the head with a rolled up book or piece of paper. "Ok, we have an ICT trip boys and...girl" He would say staring at the young lady next to Alex. "We can if you want go to disney land. Here is a letter to give your parents because Im guessing most of you will get them to pay. Its not too expensive" He would then hand out the letters and that would be the end of the matter.

The whole class turned the letters into the teacher and the teacher would look at all of them with glee as everyone seemed to be coming. This wouldbe a very fun trip he was sure of it. "Ok What I need to do now is speak to Alex, Tom and Emma the rest of you can bugger off" With that the three would stay behind. "Ok Alex, Tom you two are going to be over eighteen by the time this trip goes ahead so I would like to say don't get too much alcohol for the others. A bit is fine because we don't want any hospital trips guys" Then he would send us away. What he was going to speak to Emma about we didn't know. Nor do we know to this day.

The next few months would pass all of us gleefully awaiting out trip. Our time supposed to be spent in school but in reality two weeks in france...In paris....In disney land of all places enjoying the rides, eating delicious food and of course as every young man and woman thinks....well most of us anyway, The booze and cigarettes and lots of them. With that the week before the trip our teacher would walk in and go "Ok Emma I need you to do something. There has been a problem with the hotel. We initially had a single room for you but that got double booked but we managed to find a room with two beds in it so pick someone in the cl-" Without him even finishing the sentence and with all the single men in the class thinking pick me pick me she said rather loudly I might add and as he was taking a nap "Alex" Alex aroused from his nap by the speaking of his name instantly went. "I wasn't sleeping I wasn't sleeping.....wait what?"

With that it was decided. Alex would be spending the two weeks with the lusciously busty Emma and he was going to love it. More because they both enjoyed the same books and although Alex was social with this group of young men and had the majority of them on xbox live he didn't really enjoy their company as much as he enjoyed Emma's and not because she was a woman with sizable assets. She was and although this may sound unfair in many ways his intellectual peer. Not to say the rest of his class was stupid but himself and Emma where intellectually similar with regards their cerebral pursuits.

The coach ride to France was very much like any other coach ride. Alex had been on a trip like this before so he had spent the night burning out his own energy. He would inevitably end up sitting next to Emma where he would be very much enjoying her company. They where sharing Alex's Ipod because Emma's had run out and Alex had a very wide taste in music so being the gentleman he would let her have free reign over the Ipod. All his music anyway so why not? Now every one who has seen Alex sleep would be able to say one thing about his sleeping that no one else could say. He would sleep like a fact a rock would move more in its proverbial sleep than he would.

Over the course of the trip Alex would start to feel sleepy as he had intended and with that he would start to fall asleep. Now normally he would sleep perfectly still but because of the nature of the coach and its movement he would end up having his head and face fall into Emma's bust. Normally any girl would scream their head off or slap them or hit the man that would do this yet Emma would not. She merely sat their either she was asleep or she liked it Alex wouldn't actually know because he didn't realize what was happening until Emma woke him up. "Oi sleepy head, where in france now wake up before I steal your ciggies" Alex instantly jolting up and stretching. It was indeed true they where their and again Alex being perfectly gentlemanly he would carry her bags for her and the two would get into the room only to discover that there was yet another problem. "Urm, I don't think this is a two bed room, I think its a double bed room" he would say looking around the room.

Emma would look around shyly and then sit on the bed. "I guess so...." Alex would grab the teacher who merely said that their is nothing that could be done. He said that the two of them would have to share a bed or one sleep on the floor. Alex would then smile and go "Ok sir, I'll sleep on the floor"

"No!" Emma would yell and then suddenly with a slight hue of pink on her cheeks that Alex wouldn't notice he would here her continue. "I mean there is no need. Its not like where going to be naked." To which point Alex shrugged and the teacher reluctantly agreed. "Ok well I'm gonna go have a ciggie" Alex would say walking over to the window opening it up he would sit on the window ledge one leg hanging out and one on the ledge. He would put the white stick in his mouth and hear the grinding of flint on stone and then the light sizzle that comes from a cigarette. "Okies, well I aint hungry so Im not gonna have dinner tonight. You gonna go down" To which Emma would nod and Alex would smile. "Ok well Im gonna set up my laptop. We can charge your Ipod up and I'm gonna have a go on my DS" Emma would smile and look at him. "Gamer to the bitter end eh? Im gonna read my book so don't be too noisy"

Alex would toss his cigarette out of the window and smile and then sit down inside the room closing the window. Now Alex's older brother was one for playing tricks on him and one of his said tricks was putting condoms in Alex's stuff when he didn't need them nor want them purely to embarrass him. Now as Alex was busy doing his usual thing and messing about on his laptop he would get beckoned by one of the other boys. "Mr Grash bought his Xbox and where doing a Soul Calibur Four tournament. No one can beat him Alex wanna give it a shot?" To which Alex would smile and nod with glee and leave the room to lord his skills. Emma was a little nosy and clearly looked through his bag for when he got back she was holding a pack of condoms that his brother had skillfully hidden within his boxers no doubt.

"Oh....erm" A small hue of pink would cross Alex's face and Emma would laugh. "Dirty boy" She would chide and then throw them at him. Alex catching them and placing them in a draw he would then wonder off and spend the rest of the night silent messing with his laptop.

The next few days of the trip went about the same way. Alex would buy alcohol and cigarettes for those that weren't old enough and he would spend his time enjoying others company but there was still this uneasy tension between him and emma.

There was still this uneasy tension between Alex and Emma and of course she was still his favorite on the trip so to speak. Now the teachers probably knew something was going on between the two of them. They left well enough alone to be honest and that was probably the best thing for them to do.

Now on the thursday of their trip. This is when it happened. Emma was feeling a little ill or so she said and because of that she decided that she didn't want to go to dinner. Now Alex never had dinner on school trips. Never did never would most likely because he was always snacking on something during the trip and he had a fair bit of spending money. Now Alex had become so comfortable with Emma that he decided that he could get away with visiting one of his favorite sites. This site was entitled XNXX he was browsing some of the threads he usually looked at. He would mostly be looking at the Amateur pictures. Pictures that he enjoyed.

He was busy tapping away observing while Emma was reading her book when he heard her ask him something. "I need a drink would you mind getting me one would you Al?" She would say Alex would look up at her give a small smile like he always did with her. "Eh Ok I don't mind" He would get up and because he was feeling really comfortable with her he would leave his computer with his site up and walk off to the vending machine downstairs. He would wait in the queue thinking to himself about Emma of course the young busty girl on his mind for a few hours now. Not the first time he had lusted after a girl but he didn't really expect it. After hearing the clunk of two cans of coke he would walk upstairs and walk in as Emma was fiddling with her Bra as girls do. "Here you go" He would say tossing a can onto the bed and walking over to the sofa breakfast area type deal. There he would look at his laptop and see a word document up saying "Naughty Naughty"

His balls would start to tingle for a while she saw what he was doing but hopefully she wouldn't realize what was going on in his mind. Then he would give a small nervous smile and close down the word document. He noticed in the corner of his eye that Emma was letting out a slight blush. Only when the word document had closed down he saw a picture up. This picture was of a pair of big beautiful creamy white breasts. The where huge, bigger than anything he had ever seen and his cock started to pulse a little he could feel it was starting to get a little bigger. He stared at the picture completely hypnotized by the rosy pink nipples and the biggest aureolas that he had ever seen. They weren't so big that they looked out of place on these breasts but they where still very large. He stared at the picture for a while feeling the blood going to his cock and then looked up. "Hu-uh y'know that teacher that everyone fancies, Miss Brenton?" Emma looked up at him almost with a sad face on. "Oh yeh her" Alex looked up the picture to see Emma's face giving him a wink. He could see this picture and he just thought WOW. He then looked plainly up at her.

"Well I just found a picture of someone who could be compared to her......but its pointless. Not even close when you think about it" Her face started to screw up with almost rage she stood up and at the top of her voice. "WHAT!" Alex completely uphased by this looked up. "Well, to be honest Miss Brenton is pretty good but" as he said this the girl was moving towards him ready to slap him. "The person in this picture just doesn't a much higher league"

Emma stopped dead in her tracks a small grin greeting her face but she was trying to get rid of it she was nervous what did he mean did he mean that he liked her? Or did he just think she was pretty. These thoughts where probably going round her head but Alex knew exactly what he thought. This girl is gorgeous and he wants her....and he wanted her now. Yet he was too shy to say it he was actually pretty shy in the end. He would stand up and take his laptop with him onto the bed. "Heh I kinda like me" Alex said shyly and Emma sat down on the bed next to him. Now Alex and Emma where both pretty shy but what happened next was completely out of character for the both of them.

"Alex...." She would mutter in a hushed but very sensual voice

"Yeh" He would reply nervously

BANG in a second his laptop slammed into the wall and the girl was on top of him. She was a big girl but not heavy. By big I don't mean fat she was tall and a little broad but not fat maybe a little chubby but only a little. Her breasts pressing against Alex's face his cock going mental now almost as if it could smell the liquid seeping from her vagina. It raised itself and through Alex's jeans it moved up and hit between Emma's legs. She let out a small moan because she could clearly feel it. "Looks like you want me" She said as she slowly lifted up her top exposing her bra. It was a black and white stripy affair but lacy and her nipples where showing through the bra. Initially Alex thought they where hard. Actually it just turned out that her nipples where in proportion to her bust. They where big but they didn't look huge. She would bend her hands around her back and then Alex did something that was out of character for him.

Out of nowhere his hand rushed to her back, with one hand he undid her bra and he heard her starting to moan as he started playing with her breasts. Gently putting the nipples in his mouth and sucking on them, the taste....oh the taste, the taste was just delicious he loved it his cock got harder and harder. It was screaming to him and he couldn't help himself he could hear Emma moaning and then she just did something that sent his mind haywire. She started moving her hips rubbing his cock while she was dressed. Alex let out a small sigh as he sucked on her breasts harder and harder. "Oh god" She said. He was surprised how crazy she was. Then she pushed him back for a minute. "Alex....I have to tell you something. I've....I've never done anything like this before. I'm....I'm a Virgin" Alex paused for a moment.

Virgin? What? This cant be true a girl this beautiful a girl this busty it was a virgin. "We can stop if you like?" He said he was about to continue but she put her finger on his lip. "I want you to change it" She said with a small smile on her face. She really meant it she really did and Alex gently got out his box of condoms and stared at her, Her eyes screaming YES YES YES. But he would let her do it. He stared at her deeply. "Are you sure?" He said as she was continuing to rub herself on him she said rather loudly "YES!" Then she slid down and undid his jeans ripping them off and his underwear too revealing his throbbing cock looking at it her mouth dropping a little. "I...didn't think it was going to be that big" She said, it wasn't that he was big but more down to her lack of experience. He just stared at her. "If you do...Uhhghh" Before he could finish she started sucking his throbbing cock. Wrapping her tongue around it and sucking like a hoover she either gave lots of blowjobs or she was just a natural but it felt good. He was going insane his cock was getting close to cumming he could feel it and he started gripping the sheets. He felt like this on the edge of cumming on that blissful twilight edge for the next fifteen minutes or so continuing to sigh and maon as he did he couldn't help it she was just so good. Then he came, he came right in her mouth and she looked a little surprised then big his cock ever so slightly and it felt good for some reason, She kept sucking and sucking making his cock go insane it was insane he had never had this before.

He lay there paralysed from pleasure as her head moved up and down he couldn't stop. Then he heard her gulp. "That tasted....good" Alex smiled and then she looked at him. "Got anymore?" She said shyly. Alex looked at her for a minute. "Heh, I haven't wanked for nearly a week......I got more than enough" He said jokingly and then let out a yelp as he went down on him again! Again! he was going insane he couldn't stand this pleasure and then she stopped again. "This is great but..." without her even finishing Alex grabbed her and flung her on the bed. Ripping off her trousers he stared at her shaven pussy. It was shaven and it was a surprise. He smiled at her and then she flipped him. "W...what are you going to do, she was on all fours over him and he had a great look at her soaking wet pussy. He stared at it and smiled. "Just wait and see" As he said that he stuck out his tongue and she let out a yelp of pleasure she started panting heavily and Alex kept licking the sweet tasting pussy he loved every second of it Emma was screaming her head off in pleasure not knowing what to do. He started to focus his tongue on her clit licking it gently feeling her shivering out of excitement. He could hear her sighing and moaning so much when she started saying while shuddering.

"I....I.....Im Cumming!" She would try to yell but she was moaning too much to do it and then he felt this warm liquid on his face, it was warm and it tasted good. She suddenly jolted up and moved to the corner of the bed covering herself. "I...I...I didn't know that was going to happen" Alex looking at her as her face was bright red her pussy still leaking female ejaculate. He smiled at her and she was obviously still in a lot of pleasure. "I,,,Im sorry" She said and Alex just smiled and looked at her. "Its ok...I love it" To tell the truth it was the first time this had happened to Alex but he did love it. Then he moved towards her his throbbing cock in front of her he took out a condom. "Do you still want to go ahead?" She looked at him and then shyly nodded. " don't mind that happening again" Alex shaking his head then uncharacteristically again she jumped on him. Alex barely had time to realise what was going on feeling those glorious breasts on his chest. "I....I want to but....but Im not sure, I want you to play with these more" she said as she started squeezing her breasts. Alex smiled and something he had always wanted to try popped to mind.

He grabbed his cock and looked at her. "Lie on your back and keep squeezing them together" She looked at him with a strange grin but did it. Then Alex smiled. "How sensitive are you tits?" he would ask her as she looked at him. "Uh, Right now every time you touch them it feels like there on fire....In a good way" She said, Alex smiled and then pushed his cock between the two of them. Feeling the soft warm skin on his cock was amazing. He loved it feeling those massive breasts on his cock and he looked at Emma she seemed to like it a little but seemed a little bored. He looked at her and smiled. "You said earlier you liked the taste of my cum....want more?" Her face almost seemed to light up at that thought and she nodded. "I'll squeeze them together, try and make me cum" He would say playing with her a little. She looked at him and then started with one hand massaging his balls. He couldn't believe she was a virgin or she hadn't done anything like this. Though to tell the truth she might have done but she seemed so innocent about it. She was playing with his balls like an expert he loved it. His cock was throbbing and he could feel fi she kept going like this he would cum after a while but then she did something unexpected.

She licked her finger looking at him Alex finding it really sexy. She then did something so odd but he absolutely loved it. She started playing with his asshole rubbing her soaking wet finger. He didn't want her to stop because it felt good but he thought it felt a little gay. Then she did something that made him give a small gasp but a good one, she shoved her finger right in his ass. His cock went insane as he was fucking her breasts and he absolutely loved this feeling it was amazing. Then he said "I...I...Im gonna cum!" He said as she looked at him. She gave a smile and then clasped her mouth around his cock and started sucking so much, she was sucking so much his throbbing cock couldn't help it because she was now squeezing her breasts together rubbing his cock with them and in a few seconds he came right in her mouth again. Her eyes widened because there was more this time than before.

She swallowed all of it and then said words that rang in Alex's ears for ages. "I...I want you inside me" She said as he looked at her, he took a condom and put it on his cock as it was throbbing with pleasure. He looked at her smiling, She spread her legs slowly. He stared at her throbbing pussy he didn't know what to do he wanted to fuck her hard and raw but he didn't want to hurt her and he wanted to make this good for her. "Im gonna put it in ok?" He said as she stared at him nervously he gently started rubbing her pussy as she gave out a small sound that cant really be described because it was a mixture of faux pain because he hadn't put it in and pleasure and then slowly he put it into her. He did it slowly and he felt her tight virgin pussy enveloping his cock like mad he loved it and it took so much willpower to stop him from fucking her raw because it felt so good and then he looked down and saw a small trickle of blood. He looked at her face worried and she had a slight look of pain so he asked her "Are you ok?" She looked at him and sighed "G...go faster" She said

He went a little faster and then she yelped out "" And he slowed down and gently fucked her. He was going so slowly that his cock was screaming for him to go faster but she slowly went from sighing with a little bit of pain to sighing with pleasure. She was loving the slow movements and Alex was finding it kind of hot taking a girls virginity. He looked at her and then she rolled him over out of nowhere he laid on his back and he felt her weight pressing on his pelvis as her hand started pressing on his chest and she started to move. She started to go faster and Alex was loving it and she was going at her own speed that made it even better because he knew she was enjoying it. She was moaning and sighing and Alex was quiet and savoring every second of pleasure.

She started going faster and faster and soon the sound her ass smacking on his pelvis could be heard. Now Alex was no stranger to sex but he wasn't an expert but since his first time he had always been able to go more than once in a night and if he had the energy or enough caffeine in his system he could keep going after he came. After about ten minutes of Emma moving up and down faster and faster on his cock she said "Ugh Im Im Im Cumming!" Then she squirted again and it was like a waterfall and she looked at Alex apologetically and then quietly muttered. "I don't want you to stop but if you want to you can" Alex then looked at her, "Get on all fours" He said as she looked at him and looked shyly and then did it. He started rubbing her again and put his cock inside her. She gave a small sigh and he started fucking her again and sliding his cock in and out the slapping of skin on skin was getting louder he was moving faster and she was loving it.

Then when Alex looked at her ass he could see her ass hole and his mind was saying "Touch she wont like it.....she did it to me though so fair is fair" He licked his finger and then started to rug her asshole, She was screaming her head off with delight now. It was a wonder that no one heard them while they where doing this. Or maybe they did but he locked the door so it was no worry. She seemed to like it.. After a while Alex once again decided to speak "Im gonna cum again" She was groaning with delight as he said it. "Cum....Cum on my tits" She said as he looked at her fucking her more and more going faster and faster her head screaming as he did it. Then when he felt that magical twilight moment about two or three minutes before you cum and he was screaming for it to last longer. Then pulling out he ripped off the condom and threw it out the open window. Anyone walking past was probably a poor sod. Then he came all over her huge bust. He loved it and then collapsed. The girl just like a pornstar started to lick the cum off and then turned to Alex. "I want to go again...." Alex sighing, he had come three or four times without stopping and he was pretty tired but he wanted to go again. "Let...let me rest a little" She looked at him slightly dissappointed but then crawled over him going to his jacket that he left on the corner of the bed. Pulling out a box of fags she looked at him. "Want one?" She said as she took one out and put it in her mouth. Alex smiling replied "You read my mind" Lighting up the two would have a small rest.

Based on a true story, the names may or may not be changed who knows ;) There are more of these stories including a few involving some bondage. If your interested.

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