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It was a cold saturday morning and the trees swayed ominously in unity with the wind. The sun rose morosely yet hopefully, as leaves flew aimlessly like droplets of cum in the air. As the scene around me began to evolve, my cock grew hard and strong in an everlasting and magical bond with the natural world. The flurries of colour that washed over the northern valleys brought tears to my eyes...and my cock... it gave me a sense of understanding, of knowing that spruce forests and flowery fields could still get my fireman off to work.

And there I saw her, under the clouds of tainted joy. between the great asscracks of moss and stone, where lilac water ran like diarrhoea into the ebony pools of enchanted urine. I slowly approached the strange female. Her figure was free of cumbersome clothing and her girlish essence made the Cockland very happy indeed. The ancient Tesicutrees grew tight and their trunks looked ready to burst with gushes of bittersweet cumsap as she reluctantly wiggled her sexy, round little ass to a strange; squirrel-like creature perched on top of a rock. He was very pleased indeed... he then voiced his desires.

"Show your nuggets your new master of Cockland! I command thee with Squirrelisch authority!"

The girl looked at him, deeply and with spiritual intellectuality in her eyes. The squirrel nibbled his little nuts feverishly. But after a few seconds of realisation, her look changed into a cold, calculating glare.

"Why don't you go crawl back up into your tree, you weird little fucker!!" She kicked the Assjuician Squirrel with full force, sending him flying far away into the mountains of Pussyarnia. I watched the scene in utter confusion, and approached the girl.

"What is your name?" I asked, smiling and looking into her ambiguous, hazel eyes.

She licked her lips, giggled, and replied in the sweetest voice I'd ever encountered. "Schniggschnor..."

"Why, that's the most beautiful name I've ever heard. But what what the fuck was that squirrel thing."

"That is the new self-proclaimed "Master of Cockland".We used to have a lion, but he got caught up in a gambling issue with a horny owl, so now we have a....... squirrel =/ "

"I can understand how that might become bothersome, Schniggschnor. I'm Dave, by the way. So, what's wrong with having a squirrel?"

A sadness filled her eyes and the soul of the land responded to her by beckoning the onset of precumrainstorm in the dark sky above. "You see those dark clouds above?"

"Yes," I responded.

"Well, when the Squirrel took the Throne of Cockland, he cast a treacherous spell that spilt into the heart and soul of any creature that resented him, and also the yolk of the lands from which they hail."

"Why, that's awful," I said.

"Yes, extremely sad, due to the fact that this was once a very horny place. Creatures of all shapes and sizes used to fuck endlessly in every possible way, in every orifice, day-in, day-out.. But ever since that dirty little squirrel took control, the every bird and mammal in the whole of Cockland has become either impotent or infertile.."

"Well, I thought the squirrel seemed like a pretty decent bloke," I exclaimed.

She smiled. "And that's where you come into this, Dave. Only you can finish this, Dave, as only you are still sexually active. Everyone else hates that Squirrel and has thus become fuckless due to his curse. But as you are an outsider, you must perform an act more sinister than sex to break the curse. May I take you somewhere Dave; its a special place.." I nodded.

She took my hand, and we walked through meadow and moor, talking of history and the nature of Cockland, from the frog of wartlust to the porcupine of analisciousness. We reached a high clifftop, and she beckoned me the edge. I looked over and saw far into the distance, to the edge of Cockland, and to the sea of seminal fluid beyond. I longed to bathe in that cummy sea. There is old legend that the gods shot their sweet juice into that basin many eras ago, and that the particles that make up the pungent substance have heaing properties. And that was when Schniggschnor caught my eye.
"Dave," she croaked. "My time has come. I must fulfil my requirements, as the Squirrel of Assjuice will return to bring darkness over the Cockland once more....... look, there's the furry little weirdo now." And sure enough, far in the distance, the squirrel sat squatted on a mangy little rock, snuffing around with a pair of binoculars.
"His eyedevice was crafted from the rectums of Nipplelfkin," Schniggschnor informed me. "But you see, the only way to break the curse, is for you to abuse me in every way possible. This is the dark law of Squirrelkin, and that little cunt has gone and stuck it on me." She handed me a serated blade endowed with rubies taken from only the wisest and eldest of the testicutrees. "Cut me Dave, from my anal cavity, down to the vaginal entrance, and over my clitoris and inner lips."

End of Part One..

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2010-08-31 01:42:57
You are a funny fucker. I'd love to take you to browntown. (:

anonymous readerReport

2010-08-31 01:41:09
This was simply beautiful, it filled me tears of joy, and filled my hard penis with manjuice. I wish to encounter this "squirrel of assjuice and stick my pink-headed trouser snake up it's anus.

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2010-06-27 15:19:21
one word... poetic..

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