Here is part two of my story hope you like this one.
A week had past since Natalie’s and my escapade. Tina hadn’t found out about it yet and I planned to keep it that way. Natalie in the mean time had been coming home after work, showering and just walking around naked until bout a hour before Tina came home. During that time we would have sex and she would give me head. When the weekend came and Tina was home Natalie would just walk around in her pajamas. Which were just a skimpy white t-shirt that barely covered her tits and a thong that was pretty much just string. She would give me winks and lick her lips when Tina wasn’t looking. Though I had noticed that Tina and Natalie had been exchanging looks too.

It was Saturday, which was my and Tina’s night to have our time. Natalie usually sat on the computer and chatted with her other friends. Tina and I would sit in our room and usually watch a dirty movie, then have sex afterwards. Today though Tina wanted to spend our time out in the living room. I figured that Natalie and her had talked and Natalie was going out so we would have the house to ourselves. When evening came around Natalie was still home and in her pajamas. With that I figured we were watching a chick flick that Tina had rented. Tina came into the living room wearing nothing but a g-string and see-through nighty. Although we were watching a rented movie it wasn’t a chick flick. It was a dirty movie all about threesomes.

As we were watching the movie I got a hard on and I could tell Tina was getting all hot and bothered too. The one thing I didn’t notice was that Natalie had moved over on the other side of Tina. She started to rub Tina’s right thigh. Each time Natalie moved her hand up she got closer to Tina’s pussy. When she finally reached Tina’s pussy that’s when I noticed Natalie was over there because I was already rubbing Tina’s pussy. When Natalie’s hand touched mine Tina and I looked at her. Tina smiled and leaned over to start making-out with Natalie. Mean while I had moved Tina’s g-string aside and started rubbing her clit. Natalie had taken off Tina’s nighty and started to play with her tits.

Tina lifted up Natalie’s top and started to suck on her tits. Mean while I had moved down and slipped off Tina’s g-string. I started to eat her out while she moved down Natalie’s luscious body and pulled off her thong. She started to eat Natalie out. Then Tina stopped and said, ‘Why don’t you jump on top of me and lets 69 while I eat Natalie out and suck on your cock.’ I obliged and took my shorts and shirt off while Natalie and Tina took what was left of their pajamas off. I got on top of Tina. I stuck my hard cock deep down Tina’s throat and leaned down to start eating her out to my surprise I felt another tongue on my balls. I looked back momentarily and saw that Natalie had turned around. I went back to eating Tina out.

After about ten minutes Tina stiffened and started her orgasm. I quickened my pace while her and Natalie continued their assault on my cock and balls. Soon I felt a tingling in my balls and I started to cum. Tina pushed me up and I came all over her face and tits. As I stood up Natalie leaned in and started to lick my cum off Tina’s face and tits. My now limp cock still had some cum on it and Natalie leaned over to suck it off. As her puffy lips touched my now limp cock I started to get hard again. Tina in the mean time had now started to eat Natalie out. I started to hear Natalie moan and I noticed she was starting to wiggle on Tina’s face. This turned me on even more and I started to get harder while in Natalie’s mouth. After about a few minutes Natalie tensed up and orgasmed. She was still sucking my cock as Tina scooted out from underneath of her. Tina left the room for a few seconds and returned with a strap-on. She put it on, slid under Natalie, slipped it into Natalie’s already sopping wet pussy, and started to pump up and down. Natalie Started moaning louder and louder with her mouth still around my cock.

I felt Natalie stiffen again and orgasm. She sucked my cock harder and started to play with my balls. With each movement from Natalie and Tina I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. After about five minutes my cock hardened harder then ever before and I started to cum. Natalie took load after load of my hot cum down her throat. As I finished cumming Natalie released my cock and I saw a few drops drip onto Tina’s tits. Tina took her figure wiped my cum off her tits and licked it off. Natalie then stood up and Tina took the strap-on off. She wrapped her lips around it and licked Natalie’s juices off it.

I then helped Tina to her knees and put my no limp cock into her mouth. She started sucking it. I could feel it getting hard again. Once my cock was fully hard I pulled it out of her mouth and helped Tina to her feet. I turned her around and told Natalie to lay down. I then told Tina to lay on top of Natalie in the 69 position. She did and I then stuck my eight inch cock deep inside Tina’s pussy. Natalie took the hint and started sucking on my balls as I started to pound Tina. Mean while Tina had started to eat Natalie out. I put both of my hands on Tina’s ass as I pounded my cock deep into her. As I was pounding away my right hand slipped and my thumb went into Tina’s ass. She stopped eating Natalie out and let out a gasp. She looked back and said, ‘Hunny grab the dildo out of the strap-on and put it in my ass.’

I grabbed to dildo out of the strap-on and instead of putting it in her ass like she said I pulled my cock out of her pussy and stuck that in her ass instead. I then put the dildo into her pussy. Natalie saw and grabbed it out of my hands and started pumping it in and out at a fast pace. I could feel the dildo sliding in and out of Tina’s pussy through her ass walls. So I waited and started going in rythem with the dildo in Tina’s pussy. Suddenly Tina stiffened and her ass tightened around my cock. I kept pumping as she orgasmed and Natalie kept moving the dildo in and out of Tina’s pussy. Tina’s orgasm lasted for about five minutes and then I felt a tingling in my balls. Natalie was still sucking on them and must have noticed me stiffen too because she started to lick and suck my balls faster.

As I started to cum in Tina’s ass I heard her grunt a few times. When I finished cumming my now almost limp dick slipped out of her ass and Natalie was ready to start sucking the last remaining drops out of my cock. I stepped back and looked at both girls. ‘Well ladies shall we go get cleaned up and get some sleep?’ I questioned. We all got up and went to go shower. We lathered up and they both gave me head at the same time. After our shower all went to Tina’s and my room. We all slept together with a girl on either side of me. After that night we changed Natalie’s room into a movie room and we all sleep together. We often use the movie room on the weekends to satisfy ourselves. Now everyday after work when we get home we all just walk around the house naked and have sex until bed. and even then Natalie and I go at it while Tina sleeps.
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