Cassie had been Katherine’s assistant for 3 months now and felt she was making great strides at work. She had moved into this position from an entry level spot she held for 6 months that she hated but knew she could move up from. For being just 24 years old, she felt she made the right move even though her peers had said that working for her new boss would be hell. Her boss Katherine was high on the corporate ladder at a successful marketing firm. Katherine was really the number 2 manager in the whole 5 floor building. She was also the hottest woman in the building. Katherine was a tall, blond 32 year old with 36-24-35 dimensions. Every single or wed male in the building drooled every time she walked by and she knew it. She didn’t use her fantastic good looks to gain favor with anyone but she loved the attention she got, at least from what Cassie saw. Katherine wear, the majority of the time, a smart women’s business suit with the skirts ranging from 1 inch above the knee to a full 4 inches. These were the ones that Cassie liked the best. They showed off her beautiful legs whenever she sat down, not that Cassie was looking or anything. Cassie was no slouch herself, you could say she was a slightly shorter version of Katherine but held the same dimensions. She got looks but nothing like Katherine did.

Anyways, on this day Cassie was about to call an end to the day. She straightened up her desk and was about to log out of her PC when she noticed that she still had a sticky note reminding her to finish making some final edits on a spreadsheet and slideshow that Katherine would need in the late morning tomorrow for a small meeting. Cassie had been busting her butt all day and really wanted to get home plus she hadn’t visited the restroom in hours. The lack of making time for the little girls room had started to take a toll now which wouldn’t have been a big deal normally, she just planned on visiting the ladies room on the way to the elevator which was on the way. Now with the unfinished work in front of her she decided the just email the work to her home and spend a few minutes tonight working on it. No big deal.

One problem, the email server was running very, very slowly today. Watching the progress was becoming pure agony for her. She felt like she might have an accident if she had to wait longer! She had no choice but to use her boss’s office bathroom! This was a big no no but Cassie felt she had no other option and quickly shut her monitor off and entered Katherine’s corner office. Katherine had one of the better offices in the building. Large enough for a large bookcase facing the windows, full sized couch with its back to the north windows and large wooden desk with its back to the east windows. The bathroom was in the south east corner right beside the desk. Cassie hurried in, shut the door, and just had time to reach under her black below the knee flowing shirt and pull her underwear down. Thanks goodness she doesn’t wear pantyhose very often, she might not have made it in time. Sitting down she got to look around. It was small room just like one you might expect in a small apartment. Sink, mirror, and toilet but the part that struck her was the small shower (so that’s how Katherine looks so fresh after a noon workout!). Cassie didn’t have time to continue to admire the bathroom; she had to get back out before Katherine caught her in here. She was told at the very beginning of the job that she wasn’t allowed in her office while she was away (odd but she could live with it). She flushed and had just pulled her panties up when she heard Katherine out by her desk call her name. Oh no! She was back already! That meeting was supposed to last at least another 15 minutes! Cassie panicked! She couldn’t be caught in here and lose her job! Thinking quickly she side stepped behind the shower curtain that was pulled about half way shut and stood completely still praying that she wouldn’t make a noise or that her boss didn’t need to shower!

Cassie heard Katherine open the office door and close while locking it (?). Katherine walked across the room and Cassie could hear her adjust the blinds along the far windows and then head toward the bathroom. Cassie straightened up even more and made sure she could only be seen if the shower was used. Katherine stopped short and adjusted the other blinds along the north windows and then sat down at her desk. She opened and turned on her laptop, this was not a good sign, this is when she was normally packing it up to head out for the day. She could hear her open a desk drawer and what sounded like one of her extra chairs being moved and then she heard the rustle of clothes, like she was taking off her jacket. Oh boy this could be awhile!

What she next heard shot a shiver up her spine. A soft moan came from Katherine, almost a whimper really. Cassie’s could believe her ears! She didn’t really hear that! But then once again another one came from the office. Was Katherine alone or had someone else made their way in silently? Cassie had to find out! She ever so quietly stepped out behind the curtain and tried to look the crack in the bathroom door by the hinges. The door opened inward and was halfway open at a 90 degree angle which left enough room to look into the room but she couldn’t see anything until she turned around and looked in the mirror of the medicine cabinet. What she saw caused her jaw to drop and her eyes pop wide open!

Katherine had her gray skirt hiked up past her ass to her waist, her right black pump sat on an open desk drawer and her left on an extra chair. She was sitting back in office chair facing the bathroom; this gave Cassie a view of her black string bikini panties and black garter belt holding up her nude stockings. Katherine was looking at her laptop screen and was rubbing her womanhood over her panties!

Cassie was stunned! She soon felt a giggle about to escape but quickly put her hand over her mouth to prevent exposing her and stopping the show. She never had a clue that all the times Katherine had locked the door to her office she might be secretly pleasuring herself!

Things started to get hot and heavier for Katherine. She started to rub harder and with more purpose. Her jacket was off already and she had her red blouse unbuttoned to her waist exposing the tops of her ample breasts in her black bra. She brought her both hands up to her chest and began to pinch and twist her nipples with intent. That must have turned her on because they quickly stood up and could be plainly seen through her bra. After they were properly stimulated, she pulled down both cups and set the twins free. She now almost attacked them, squeezing and bringing them up so she could lick and suck each nipple. Now both hands moved down to her crotch and under her panties. Cassie could see her working her love button even though the panties covered her pussy. This was unbelievable, she was watching her hot boss working to get herself off and boy was it starting to make Cassie hot! She leaned back against wall behind the door to make sure that Katherine couldn’t see her in the mirror. The bathroom had no windows or natural light that could have exposed Cassie secret hiding place.

Cassie now couldn’t help it and brought her free hand to her slightly parted legs and began the rub herself over her skirt. She was not normally turned on by women at all. This one time she and her roommate rented a pay-per-view movie with a girl on girl scene. They both were turned on but nothing happened and that was the end of it. Now Cassie couldn’t take her eyes off her boss and felt the inner need to touch herself. She wanted to copy how Katherine had stimulated her breasts and brought her left hand to her breasts to rub her nipples which were already poking through her thin yellow blouse. Focusing back at Katherine, Cassie saw her lift her ass and pull down her panties till they could go no farther due to being trapped by her garter belt and stocks. She clearly didn’t plan for this or she would have put them on last that morning. They may work just fine using the ladies room but this was a different matter. With her panties only down about mid thigh, she strained to open her legs wide enough to work her pussy to the point that they started to rip. Katherine had an uncomfortable look on her face but Cassie found it to be way hot! Cassie started to really rub her crotch very hard thinking to herself that she also wants to gain better access to her crotch but felt she had to hold back or be caught.

What happened next will stay with Cassie forever.

Katherine had had enough with her panty dilemma; she reached up on her desk and grabbed a pair of scissors! Very deliberately she cut the left side and then the right side freeing her legs to spread as wide as she liked! This causes her to let out a load mown and causes Cassie to open her mouth again. She could now see what Katherine’s womanhood fully looked like. Cassie thought what a naughty girl Katherine was, her completely shaved pussy had no tan lines and was almost picture perfect just like those girls in the men’s magazines. Except of course that her’s was soaking wet, so wet in fact that she was starting the drip onto the chair. Katherine throws her now useless panties on her laptop keyboard and places the scissors back on the desk. Both hands are now free the do their worst and she wastes no time on getting back to work on her now fully exposed sex. Katherine spread her pink lips and exposed her now hard love button with one hand and started slapping it with the other. This caused her to arch her back and bite her lip in order to not scream. The faster and harder she slapped, the closer she appeared to cuming.

Cassie couldn’t take it any longer! She quickly reached down and grabbed the side of her skirt, pulled, and bunched it up then shoved her hand into her panties. Her pussy was slopping wet and two of her fingers slid in as far as they could go! She used her thumb to rub her own clit sending a shock wave of pleasure through her. Oh God, she thought, I want to rib my panties right off just like her!

Katherine was getting closer and closer to orgasm indicated by her bucking her pelvis to match her slapping. She suddenly stopped and began to furiously rub her clit and with the other hand started to finger ... herself. This action continued for a few more minutes before her expression then changed, her eyes glossed over, and exhaled very loudly. She kept her back ached for what seemed like a full minute and then that was it. She was finished. She slumped back into her chair and slightly smiled to herself.
Cassie continued to pleasure herself till Katherine climaxed. She wanted so badly to finish herself off but had to be quiet and careful not to be heard. Suddenly there was a knock on the door! Both Katherine and Cassie made an ‘Oh Shit’ face!

“Coming….be right there.” Katherine said

Katherine stood up, grabbed her skirt, and pulled it down to its normal fitting. Next she franticly tucked her boobs into her bra and started to button her blouse while taking two steps toward the bathroom. Cassie was now terrified that her boss would discover her, hand in panties and concrete nipples poking out. What would she say? How could she ever explain that she just saw her boss’s masturbate and orgasm all over her desk chair? She quickly yet ever so quietly she took two steps sideways into the shower making sure not the make a sound or rustle the shower curtain. She again stood straight up and held to her breath. The light flicked on blinding Cassie. She resisted the temptation to bring her hand up to her face and cover her eyes. She just closed them and prayed she couldn’t be seen. Katherine, from the sound of it, turned on the sink and washed her hands. The sink shut off and the brushing of hair could be heard. Three more seconds of silence and it was all over. Cassie heard footsteps leave the room, the light go out, and what sounded like the laptop closing. The door opened and she said to the unknown stranger “All ready to go? McMurphys for cocktails right?”. Cassie, with her hand still in her panties, felt relieved that she might just make it out of here without anyone knowing the wiser. The door closed and the office became silent since the first time her boss entered.

After 20 seconds and no one returning to the room, Cassie had had enough fooling around. It was time to get serious and finish herself off! She pulled her hand out of it cozy home and in one motion hiked up her skirt and squatted with her legs spread wide and ass touching her black heeled pumps. She put the same hand back into her wetness and continued with the other to squeeze her breasts. Her nipples were on fire and ultrasensitive at this point and with every touch brought Cassie to new heights. Cassie wanted badly to masturbate just like her boss had just done so she hiked up a few inches, brought her legs together, and grabbed both sides of her panties but didn’t pull them all the way down. She just brought them half way down her thighs and spread her legs pulling them tight so could fully mimic her boss’s frustration. Stretched to the limit, they dug into her legs and made it difficult to fully satisfy herself. No wonder Katherine took extreme measures; this was frustrating and yet heightened the experience for her. She rocked her legs to get them to spread wider but stopped when a load popping-ripping sound started. My God I want these off! But she didn’t want to give in and just pull them down. Cassie stopped what her hands were doing to grab the right side of her panties at the seam and pulled for all she was worth. At first nothing happened and then with a sudden and very loud ripping sound the seam spilt right in two, even the elastic ripped! Her legs flew apart and she jumped a little with surprise due to the shower magnifying the sound. Oh my God could someone have heard that? She didn’t care at this point, her panties hung on her left leg like a garter and her hands shot down to her sex. One hand working her clit and the other finger her pussy like never before! Her neatly trimmed bush soaked with her juices. Maybe she should shave herself clean when she gets home? As she neared orgasm, she leaned back against the shower wall causing her ass to contact the cool shower floor. Whoa! That was all that was needed. She squeezed her legs together as wave after wave overcame her.

After what seemed like half an hour, even though it was only a few minutes, she stood up and straightened her clothes. Her panties, that where around her leg, fell to the floor in a pile around the top of her pump. She reached down, lifted her foot, and removed them. She walked back into her boss’s office without even looking in the mirror and looked at Katherine’s closed laptop. Just peeking out the side were the black panties. Should she take them? Leave her own? No, it’s time to make a clean getaway. Cassie carefully peeked out the office door and seeing no one around she stepped through, her panties bunched in her fist, and grabbed her bag. As she moved to the Elevator she could help but think “Maybe Kate will perform again for me someday.”

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