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SWM picks up a tranny by mistake and pays the price for his bigotry
Tranny Attack

Tears of pain pricked my eyes as Julia drove her huge black cock into my ass. In my wildest dreams I had never expected myself, an all-American straight white male to be in this situation, beaten, bound, and being ass-fucked by a transsexual with a huge cock.

I am a normal sort of person, happily married, with two kids, and with normal middle-class values and behaviour. I don’t hate gays or blacks or anything like that but I don’t want them in my neighbourhood. My only fault is that I cheat on my wife a lot, but heck, I’m a normal guy and have needs. However, I would be really mad if Jane ever cheated on me.

I normally hung around singles bars, picked up women, white women only, fucked them and dumped them. I was happy with Jane and did not care to get into another relationship. As it is, I had to work hard enough to provide for Jane and the kids.

I only select white women, but on this night, a Tuesday night, Jane had taken the kids out to her mother’s and I was drunk and stumbled into the first likely looking bar. The bar was empty of talent but there was one unoccupied woman at the bar, and she looked like an Amazon, about 6’3” tall, with a beautiful face with high cheekbones, great tits and a great ass. We made eye contact frequently and I thought, why not, what the heck, none of my buddies will see me with her or know that I fucked her. And so I decided to try her. In any event, I would dump her soon after the deed was done.

And so I got talking to her. She had a wonderfully husky voice. Her name was Julia and she was looking for a meaningful relationship. As I drank more and listened to her, I decided that I had to bed this woman. And so I lied to her about how I had lost my wife to another man and had to struggle being a single dad etc. She was sympathetic and a good listener and soon we were back at her apartment. My thoughts were now getting more perverted. I had secretly admired the rears of black women and now decided that it would be great fun to fuck Julia up the ass. I reckoned that the dumb bitch was desperate enough for a relationship to allow me to ass-fuck her. In fact I had decided to ass-fuck her whether she wanted me to or not.
We were soon kissing and tearing off each other’s clothes. I ripped off my jockeys and threw myself onto the bed, cock rampant: “Come on,” I said, “give me a suck.”

Julia, still in her white panties, climbed onto the bed. She took one of my hands and placed it on her crotch and I could feel something stir under her panties. I sniggered as I wondered what it was. She held my hand in place and I could feel a bulge grow in her panties. I did a double take. What the fuck was going on here? It could not be. But it was so. It grew and grew and stood out against the panties. Then Julia set it free with a swift movement and I saw a huge, yet flaccid black cock!

“FUCK!!!!!” I yelled, “what the FUCK?????” Julia looked at me stunned, and said “Darling, I thought you knew...” and her eyes began to fill with hurt. “You fucking FREAK!” I yelled, “YOU FUCKING FREAK!!!! Stay away from me,” and I slapped her hard. She looked stunned but the look in her eyes changed from hurt to one of maniacal rage and she punched me, and punched me hard across the jaw.

When I came too, I was still naked, but I was facing the wall and my hands were tied to the bedposts. I slowly recollected the events of the night and turned around slowly. There was Julia, looking black and menacing. She was naked, with a hard-on and her cock was huge, at least nine inches and thick! She was smoking a cigarette and going through my wallet. I tried the ropes and the bed creaked a bit.
“Ah, there you are sweety,” she said in that husky voice, “you ready to be nice and play?”

“Look, there has been a mistake, just untie me and I’ll leave and we’ll forget this ever happened.”
Rage flashed in those eyes again. “Listen, motherfucker,” she spat, you entered a tranny bar, picked me up, and then you call me a freak! You call me a FUCKING FREAK!” Her face was close to mine and contorted with rage. I decided the best course would be to be cooperative.

“I’m sorry...” I began, and she slapped me, slapped me so hard my head spun. “I’ll make you sorry,” and very deliberately, “sweet ass.” She then climbed onto the bed behind me and slapped my ass, softly first, then harder, and harder again. “I need a fuck tonight baby,” she continued.

Despite the bizarre situation I was still a bit high and a combination of factors made my cock stir and Julia noticed. “Ooh, excited? Good. You ever had your ass-fucked?” I dared not answer that question and watched in fear as Julia got into position behind me. Spreading my asscheeks she spat on my asshole and I flinched. This invited another slap.

She dribbled some spit onto her cock and placed the cockhead of her shecock at my asshole. “Get ready for it baby,” she whispered and I tensed. She slowly began to push into my asshole and the action hurt and she whispered, “I’m going to make you my whore.” The combination of being drunk, naked, and scared seemed to make my cock stir and it began to harden. She pushed a little more and I moaned, and then Julia drove in, and as I yelled out in pain she planted a lovebite on my neck.

But what was truly shocking was that her action of driving into my ass also gave me pleasure, it must have, and the thought of doing something so wrong, made my cock instantly hard. Julia immediately noticed and said “See, you like it and will like it even more.” And with those words she grabbed my hair and began to fuck my ass with hard and fast strokes.

“Nooooooo, please ... noooo,” I moaned, but was treated to a slap or a faceful of spit and lots of abuse, and all this just seemed to make my cock grow harder. “You like being assfucked by a freak like me, don’t you?” she said whilst not missing a beat and she reached down and began to massage my cock. “What a little cock,” she remarked about my seven-incher as she stroked it. This was crazy. Here I was being assfucked against my will and instead of fighting, I was enjoying it.

As Julia quicked her thrusts the pain grew less and a feeling of pleasure overcame my body. I began to respond to her and my body moved in unison to hers. She continued stroking my cock faster and both of us we soon close to cumming. As we were about to shoot and moaning like a couple of sex-crazed lunatics she turned my head and yelled “Now faggot, cum for the camera!” I began to shoot huge spurts of cum onto the bed while Julia began to shoot her cum up my ass. It felt so hot and good even as I noticed, in horror, a video camera on a tripod in the corner of the room. A light blinked on it and it was clearly in recording mode.
Even as I realized the full horror of the situation, I continued to spurt the last of my cum from my cock. We soon finished shooting our loads and i collapsed onto the bed. “Won’t Jane love that, bitch?” questioned Julia. I could not reply as I realized that my wallet had told her everything about me and my life. But she was not sympathetic. “Get up, whore,” she barked, yanking me up by the hair. “Look at what a mess you’ve made on the bed,” and then, shoving my head down again, “go on slut, clean up the mess you’ve made, use your tongue,” she shook my head fiercely again. I knew that to resist would invite a further beating and my jaw still hurt from the force of the first punch, so I stretched out my tongue but the thought of licking up my cum almost made me retch and I drew back. This was rewarded with a resounding slap. I did not hesitate any further but began to lap up the streaks of cum that covered the bed and pillow covers.
Julia now left me and went away towards the window. She poured herself a drink, lit a cigarette and smoked it slowly, all the while talking to me. “It’s shits like you who cause problems for us, you closet fagots, you like us and know you do, but hate to acknowledge it openly. Anyway baby, you are going to learn a lesson which you are unlikely to forget in a hurry.”

I was petrified. Thankfully Jane was away, but what did this crazed woman have in mind? I knew the answer soon enough. Julia came up and got behind me and in her hand was a cruel-looking whip. She also had a shot of bourbon for me, “Drink up, bitch, she said, you’re going to need it.” When I had, she wordlessly she began to use the whip on my ass, bringing it down on either cheek and across and occasionally planting an expert stroke between my ass cheeks, and this really hurt. I yelped and struggled and tried my bonds to no avail.

To my horror and disgust my cock began to harden again. “Fed up with the vanilla sex with wifey?” she smirked. “You perform well for the camera, slut,” and I groaned inwardly reminded that the video camera was still running. She finished and once again I felt her cockhead at my asshole. It was less painful this time, but no less pleasurable. I did not fight the sensations this time and my body moved with her. “Look who’s being a good boy,” she sniggered. She did not touch my hard cock but began to fuck my ass really hard making me gasp out loud, With a final and furious thrust she shot another enormous load of hot cum into my ass. I was truly amazed at the amount of cum this woman could produce and it filled my ass to the hilt.

When she had finished, she went to the camera and removed the card. She went away for awhile and I soon realized, with a sinking feeling, that she was making copies. When would this nightmare stop? She returned and it was worse than expected. “Just in case you get any ideas I’ve emailed copies to a couple of friends. You have any ideas, whore?” I shook my head completely stunned. I had two kids, was a model father and husband, and a pillar at my local church.

She now got in front of me, and I noticed her cock was fiercely erect again. “Now slut, clean my cock and you can blow me as well.” My head jerked back with horror and was rewarded with another stinging slap. “You wouldn’t want a copy mailed to your friends would you?” she asked and I was licking her cock. “Go on, bitch, start with the ball sack, work the shaft, enjoy the head and the precum, go on, you know you want it,” tousling my hair, almost with affection.

And for some reason I wanted to suck her shecock. It felt good. I told myself I had to do it for my safety, to eventually get away from this woman, but deep down I knew I liked it and I was c onfused. “Go on, bitch,” she said, “lick and suck it just like you would like your cock to be sucked, “ and I just did that suddenly wanted to please this woman in the hope that she would let me go. Her cock was enormous and I loved licking the thick veins and playing with her heavy balls, I was petrified of taking the entire nine inches down my throat and remembered the times when I had seduced college girls and rammed my cock down their throats without a thought for them. As if she sensed my thoughts, Julia help my head firmly in place and began to fuck my face, slowly at first, then with gusto, ramming her hard black cock down my throat. I gagged and thought I would throw up, but didn’t and then she came; again a flood of hot and bitter cum shooting down into my throat, all going down, since she held my head firmly in place.

When she had finished she continued to hold my head in place. “What a good little cocksucker,” she laughed. “Who’s a good little cocksucker?” she asked in a baby voice, and on not receiving a reply, “WHO????” “I am ...” I stuttered. “WHO IS? She screamed. “I am,” I said louder, “AM WHAT?” she screamed, “SAY IT TO THE CAMERA!!!!” And I said it, turning to the camera and saying “I am a good little cocksucker.”
This seemed to satisfy her. “Now bitch, if I release your hands, will you be good and not try anything funny?” I really could not, since the bitch had emailed copies of my videos. I nodded and Julia released me.

I don’t know what overcame me at that point, but I attacked her. What happened next is a haze, but she beat the shit out of me. She did not spare me, but after a few judicious kicks and slaps she dragged me to the camera and turned my ass towards the lens. “Look at him,” she barked, face flushed with exertion, “he has cum leaking out of his asshole. You are going to regret this bitch.” And then holding my face before her cock she began to shoot a stream of warm smelly pee on me. I flinched and turned away but a kick to my chest set me right. “DRINK! BITCH!” she screamed, and I knew the tone of that voice.
And I drank swallowing the warm urine and my cock stayed hard. “Still got a hard on, baby?” she sniggered. “Now, bitch, jerk yourself off,” she commanded, and I obeyed.

She let me wash and clean myself after which my hands were manacled to the legs of the bed. I slept there on the floor that night.

The next morning she woke with a hard-on and proceeded to use me to relieve herself by giving me a rough throat-fucking. Julia then allowed me to dress and get out. I was relieved to be able to go but as I left her last words to me were chilling . . . “you’ll be hearing from me again, sweety!”

To be continued depending on your feedback

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super story unless u finish it pls mam need that second part

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That's good and wish that would happened to me

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Great! Write a 2nd right away!

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