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This is about the first time my brother-in-law showed up after my hubby was sent to prison.
So like I said before, my husband was sent to prison a year and a half ago and he will be in for quite some time. So, remember I gave a man I met at a bar a blowjob in the parking lot only five days later. I needed something to keep me busy!

So then it was about 2 weeks that my husband had been sent away when his brother shows up. His brother was 42 then and is 43 now but he showed up and so I let him in. We had some small talk and then I was in the kitchen at the sink and he came up and began to squeeze my ass. I didn't look at him and said "What are you doing?"

He sort of laughed and then said "Come on Felicia, I know you've wanted me to fuck you for a long time know. I saw you checking me out. Don't deny it."

So then I turned to face him and smiled and started rubbing his crotch of his jeans and looked directly into his eyes and smiled and said "Well, I guess I'm guilty." and I got down onto my knees and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxer shorts and took his cock into my mouth. He started groaning and said "Fuck yeah Felicia, I've been thinking about this for a long time now." and I felt his hand on my head sort of pushing it down onto his dick.

I moaned and took his other hand in mine and pulled it down and guided him to my tits and he began to squeeze them firmly. I moaned even more and my sucking got more aggressive. He then pulled his big cock out of my mouth and pulled me up and bent me over the kitchen counter. "You fucking whore" he said as he got down and started flicking his tongue on my clit while he probed my hot cunt with a finger. I was moaning and it felt so incredible. He then worked another finger in and I moaned more. He started sucking and nibbling on my clit and I started getting so wet and the way he used his tongue was amazing!

He then stood back up and pushed me down over the counter and lifted my skirt and yanked down my panties and drove his hard cock into my wet cunt. He started drilling it into me hard and I was going crazy at this point. "You like that whore? You like your brother-in-law fucking your cunt like that?"

"Oh god yeahhhhh!" I was yelling more than once.

He was holding onto my shoulders as he pounded my pussy with is big hard tool and he then stuck his finger into my mouth and had me get it wet, then he worked the same finger into my tight ass and began probing around in it. "OH MY GOD YES!" I remember yelling and he started finger fucking my ass as he thrust his cock into my gushing cunt.

"Oooh you nasty little bitch? You let my brother fuck you up the ass?"

"Yeah!" I moaned loudly.

"Yeah? I'm gonna fuck you in the ass now baby. You need it up the ass don't you?"

"Fuck yeah baby! Fuck my slutty ass! Fuck it!" I screamed, my head was lashing from one side to the next.

He then pulled his cock out of my pussy and it was wet already so I felt the head of it pushing against my ass. I sucked in my breath and waited for the initial penetration. Then I felt him push the head in and I let out a loud moan. Then I felt as it began to fill my ass and stretch it open. "Oh baby fuck!" I said and started backing up onto his cock to let him know how much I liked him fucking me up my tight ass.

He began pumping into my ass a little harder, then a little harder and was squeezing my tits firmly and biting my neck. "You fucking dirty little whore...I'm gonna be coming over here a lot more to fuck you. You got that?"

"Yeah! Fuck me whenever you want baby! I .love being a fucking whore!" I said, my breaths were skipping and I started to convulse as I was frantically rubbing my clit and fingering my cunt and I felt myself starting to cum. I was yelling and couldn't even speak. "Fuck yeah baby, you cumming from my dick being in your ass, yeah cum for me you dirty whore!"

I was yelling and moaning like crazy and then as my cunt was gushing cum he slammed his dick as hard and as far up into my ass as he could and emptied his balls and filled my ass with his hot cum. I felt each throb of him as he pumped it into me, but I was unprepared for what happened next.

He held his cock in my ass after he came and I wondered why he didn't pull out, then I realized why..."Oh my god! What are you doing???" I asked, but I already knew...

"I'm takin a piss up your ass you filthy cunt!" and I could feel myself filling up with his warm liquid. "Real whores like a good piss enema!" and with that, I started rubbing my clit again frantically still leaning over onto the counter and I started to gush cum in my cunt again! I was screaming and felt so dirty and nasty by what my brother-in-law was doing and I started bucking back into him. "Fuck yeah whore cumming from me whizzing up into your ass, you dirty whore."

After he pulled of my cunt, I tried to stand up but was quite dizzy after all that had just gone on. So, I squeezed my asshole as tight as I could, though I felt myself leaking his piss and cum, so I ran to the bathroom and sat down as fast as I could to release his hot liquids. He stood in the doorway and was smiling with his jeans still half down and he was pulling them up. "Fuck Felicia, I always wondered if I'd get to do this. Now I have. Well baby, I gotta run. See you soon."

I was kind of dazed and just smiled and said "Uhhh...kay..bye." and I must have sat there for 20 minutes replaying in my head what he just did. I felt myself becoming almost evil in a sense that I enjoyed the fact that i was becoming more of a whore than I had been before. This was going to be an interesting time until my husband got out. Very interesting indeed.

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2013-11-09 00:49:10
God, that sounded so hot! I was squeezing my nipples and rubbing my clit the whole time! I wish someone would come and fuck my ass in my kitchen. I want to be fucked in the mouth while my lover grabs my hair for leverage. This sounds like heaven!

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2013-11-05 14:06:16
DUMBASS CRACKERS! Just so ignorant to the point of truly believing their racist ass are the only one's working. Your color doesn't protect you from shit ASSHOLES! You have on foot in the damn grave. Be bold and go to a highly populated area with no Whites and repeat yourself...Like I said...ONE FOOT IN THE MOTHER FUCKING GRAVE BITCH!

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2013-11-05 14:05:02
DUMBASS CRACKERS! Just so ignorant to the point of truly believing their racist ass are the only one's working. Your color doesn't protect you from shit ASSHOLES! You have on foot in the damn grave. Be bold and go to a highly populated are with no Whites and repeat yourself...Like I said...ONE FOOT IN THE MOTHERFUCKING GRAVE BITCH!

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2012-01-11 02:36:41
I love this story i came hard reading it

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2011-05-26 21:05:09
This is for Anonymous reader 2011-05-20 13:18:54. What the fuck makes you think this storie is written by or about niggers. There is nothing in the storie about the race of the writer. And it hase nothing to do with that piece of shit and corruption from Chicago, Il. That goes by the name of Obama and pretends to be a president. If that stuped son of a bitch and his friends have there way and thay do bankrupt the republic then assholes and shit heads like you will also go down along with every one alse. WHAT MAKES A NIGGER ASS HOLE LIKE YOU THINK THAT YOU WILL BE BETTER OFF THEN WHEN YOU NO LONGER HAVE WHITEE TO LOOK AFTER YOU AND PAY FOR YOUR WALLFAIR CHECK AND FOOD STAMPS. SENSE YOU HAVE NEVER HELD A JOB OR CONTRIBUTED AT ANY TIME TO THIS COUNTRY BUT HAVE ONLY SIT BACK ON YOUR FAT ASS AND SUCKED UP THE DOLE LIKE A LEACH FROM THOSE WHO DO WORK AND DO CONTRIBUTE. SO YOU MAY KISS MY ASS AND EAT THE TURDS BROUGHT FORTH FROM IT AND SUBSIST ON NOTHING ELSE.

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