For the last week Cassie could think of nothing else but her watching her boss masturbate from her hiding spot in her boss’s bathroom. The scene just replayed over and over again making it difficult to concentrate on pretty much everything. She liked the whole voyeur setup and naughty ripping of her panties. She knew she was going to have to see this show again but how? She couldn’t really take a chance like she did before and hide in the bathroom, she needed this job. So how to do it then? Hmmm. She could always ask her roommate Julie? No, she would be too embarrassed for that. But wait, I could always borrow her video camera? Yes! That is it, she thought to herself. Julie had a small slim digital video camera that should work perfectly! It even had a remote! Thus the plan was set in motion.

The next day Cassie came to work earlier than usual. She entered her boss’s office and headed toward the bookcase along the same wall as the bathroom. There were many books, most just for show, so the odds were good that Katherine wouldn’t discover it. Cassie went to the middle shelf and on the left hand side found an opening between books wide enough for the camera but also with enough mobility to angle it toward the desk chair. She pushed it back a few inches to help conceal it. Look’s good she thought to herself. She had already taped over the little red light so when it was on it wouldn’t shine. She walked to the door and pulled out the remote to test it. Sure enough when she pressed record the little device started to record. Perfect, this should work on the other side of the wall by my desk. Double checking the area, she made her way to her desk and her work. Katherine was right on time, as usual. She walked past Cassie, smiled, greeted her like always, and walked into her office leaving the door open. No need to turn it on now, Cassie thought, when she closes and locks the door later will be the time.

Cassie had a hard time working all day. The thought of her taping her boss was first and foremost in her head. Patience she kept telling herself, this may take days before she could capture anything. But that didn’t stop her from heating up just thinking about it. She even had to visit the restroom more than once to wipe away the wetness. I hope this happens soon, I don’t know how long I can last.

Katherine had left her office for a meeting at 3:30 then returned 25 minutes later. Cassie saw her walking toward her from the elevator and thought this could be it. Cassie smiled and said “back so soon? How was the meeting?”

Katherine replied “Good, good. Please hold all calls me. I want to look something over real quick.”

Cassie couldn’t help but smile “Done”.

Katherine stepped in and closed the door. Would she lock it? The familiar click was music to Cassie’s ears! YES, this is it! She opened her middle desk drawer and pressed record on the remote. Crossing her fingers she closed the drawer and tried to go back to work but, of course, could think of nothing else. What if she found the recorder? No problem, she could deny everything. Not my camera, no ma’am. After 20 minutes Cassie heard the door unlock and open. Katherine had her purse and briefcase looking like she was leaving.

“I’m just beat today Cassie” She said, “I headed home. I’m printing a report on the color printer, could you please do me a favor and set it on my desk when it’s done?”

“No problem. Have a good night.”

“You too” and away she walked.

Cassie could believe the good fortune. She wasn’t sure if could have retrieved the camera tonight or not. Before Katherine even made the elevator, Cassie had her desk drawer open and stopped the recording. She got up and walked to the color printer which was just about done. She also was about finished with her day, just one or two things and she’d be ready to head home and view what she hoped was another epic scene. After the printer finished she gathered the papers and walked into Katherine’s office setting them on her desk. She quickly walked to the camera and carefully removed it making sure not to disturb her little hiding spot. Without pausing to review what she just recorded, Cassie made her way back to her desk and started to finish the day.

All the way home, Cassie kept glancing at her bag and tried to imagine what the little video recorder could contain. Now she was walking up the stairs to the two bedroom condo she shared with her roommate. She opened the door only to discover Julie sitting in front of her laptop in nothing but a tight white tank top and dark blue little boy panties. Julie was a 23 year old student just about the finish with school. She had long brown hair that she was wearing down at the moment. She worked part time as a server at a higher end hotel restaurant. She was an inch shorter then Cassie and a little more petite but still a knock out. What was she doing here? She has always left for work by this time. She’s not even dressed! Great, now I have to wait for her to leave before downloading the camera. Her computer wasn’t working so it was Julie’s laptop or nothing.

“Hello…what are you doing home at this hour?”

“Going over a paper I need in by Monday. Work was dead so I asked if I could leave early and get homework done.” Julie explained.

“Oh, have you had dinner yet?” Cassie said as she walked upstairs to her room to change clothes.

“No, not what I want or if I’m hungry. What about you?”

Cassie was hungry alright but not in the way Julie was thinking. “Same here” she said. On all the nights she had to take tonight off! She had wanted to put on the same panties that she had worn watching her boss. She had sewn the right seam back together and had weakened the left seam to help her recreate the moment but now that was out of the question. She just kept the yellow bikini style ones she had on already and changed into gray yoga pants and a tight t-shirt then walked back down stairs. Cassie found a spot on the couch and turned on the nightly news. Maybe she could zone out and get her mind off things. Fat chance, after 15 minutes she worked up the courage to ask Julie if she wanted to see the recording.

“Julies, I have a confusion to make. You know your video camera you loaned me? Well I used it today to video tape my boss in her office without her knowing it.” Cassie said not looking at her roommate.

“Really? Why would you do that?”

After hesitating Cassie said “Because I think she might be masturbating.” There, it was said. How would she react? She really liked Julie and thought of her as a good friend that she didn’t want to lose but she just had to watch this thing.

“Really?” Julie said with a doubting expression on her face. “Why would you think that?”

“Because she always locks her door in the afternoons and doesn’t want to be disturbed. No one else does that.” Cassie was hoping that would be enough to satisfy Julie.

“Wow, that’s pretty flimsy. Ok I’ll watch it.” Julie said as she got up and plopped herself down on the couch. Cassie went upstairs and grabbed the camera and sat down in front of Julie’s laptop.

“Oh, why not just watch it on the TV? Give it here.” Julie said. She proceeded to connect it to the TV and play it. Why didn’t I think of that? The screen showed the left side and a little in front of Katherine’s desk, not a bad placement Cassie thought. Katherine walked into the picture and sat down at her desk, opened her laptop, and started to work. Oh well Cassie thought, it was a good try. After a minute Julie used the remote to increase the play speed. Nothing looked like it was going to happen till all of a sudden her boss’s ass could be seen.

“Hello!” Julies said as she stopped the recording and backed it up.

The recording continued with Katherine sitting at the desk then standing up and walking over to the north windows to adjust the blinds. She turned around walked toward the east windows but stopped and headed to the desk. With her back to the camera she hiked up her skirt so it was just a band of clothing around her waist and pulled her panties down while bending over. This is where they first saw her butt. Julie shifted herself on the couch and said “Oh my.” Katherine then sat down behind the desk and sat her undies on the desk. Next she leaned back, closed her eyes, and moved one hand down between her legs. The view wasn’t like last time where Cassie could see everything, in fact, you really couldn’t see anything but her wrist and the side view of her butt. You could make out the tops of her stockings and garter belt. She must quite a wardrobe thought Cassie. Katherine brought her other hand up to her chest and started to rub her breasts through her blouse. Cassie was just starting to get horny when she noticed Julie. She was sitting with one leg under her and her back ached slightly. She was in a trance watching the recording with her right hand on the inside of her thigh and the other rubbing her arm. Was she getting turned on by this? Katherine continued to massage her chest and work her womanhood. She next propped her right leg over the chair arm rest. This would have been a great shot without the desk in the way. Good shot or not, it was having an effect on Julie, she was now blazingly turned on and was rubbing her pussy through her boy shorts. Wow, thought Cassie, I never would have guessed she was more turned on then when we watched the lesbian scene in that movie. Cassie was also affected but didn’t show anything and didn’t let Jules know she was watching her. Katherine was getting close to going over the edge, really close. She now used both hands to work herself and once again started to slap herself, rather roughly at that. She thought Julie was also going to do something drastic, like rip her panties off, but her roommate just continued to rub herself. On the screen, Katherine had worked up to the point where she couldn’t return and squeezed her legs together, ached her back, and showed an Oh God face. She had done it again but this time unwittingly for the camera. Julie paused the recording at that moment.

“Wow. You were right. She was in there playing with herself. That was amazing!” Said Julie

“Jeez I thought it was better the first time” Cassie said without thinking.

“First time?!? What first time? What aren’t you telling me” Julie said as she turned to face Cassie. Cassie’s face turned red. She had let it out of the bag. How could she have been so absentminded? Now she would have to spill the beans. She proceeded to tell her roommate how she had to use the boss’s bathroom, how she hide when Katherine come in and how she saw the whole thing in the bathroom mirror. Julie pressed her for details which she gave her. Julie was very turned on by the whole thing just like Cassie and probably would have been farther if Cassie didn’t leave out the part her orgasm after the boss left the office. No way could she admit to that.

“Wow, I’m speechless. No wonder you wanted to tape her. I am sooo horny! I’m going to have to go up stairs to…um.” Julie said. The next thing she said was completely unexpected. “um…would you like to watch?” said with a evil little grin. Cassie didn’t know what to say. Julie continued “It won’t be weird or anything. I mean no touching. I’ve always fantasized about being watched while…you know.”. Cassie speechless, shocked, and very turned on all at the same time. She was embarrassed but could she let this opportunity slip by? When would situation ever come up again? No, she would have to do it.

“I don’t know…I guess so as long as you can’t see me. I mean I don’t want to participate, just watch from a distance. “

Julie grabbed Cassie’s hand and lead her upstairs to her bedroom telling her she could watch from the her bathroom just like in her boss’s office. She told Cassie to go in, close the door and wait till she said ok. Once the door was closed Cassie almost chickened out.

After 5 minutes or so Julie said ok. Cassie turned the light off and opened the door. She stood behind it just like at work and looked in the mirror. Julie had pulled up her computer desk chair and had it facing the bathroom; she also had an upturned clothes hamper and a short stool in front of it. She was seated in the chair with her legs crossed smiling into the mirror. Can she see me Cassie thought? Julie had on her lycra purple mini skirt and off white long sleeve blouse. She didn’t own a garter belt, let alone real stockings but she did have her nude thigh highs on and black 4 inch heels. Except for the thigh highs she looked like she could go to the club. Julie slowly started to unbutton her blouse and didn’t stop till she got to her skirt. She spread it open till you could see her purple bra and started to rub her breasts and pinch her nipples. Next she undid the clip in front opening the bra leaving it hanging from her shoulders. Her breasts were spectacular Cassie though! She continued to pinch and twist her nipples letting out small moans. Cassie also started to rub her breasts through her tight t-shirt which caused her nipples to become rock hard in moments. The hell with that, she thought and quickly pulled it over her head and dropped it on the floor. She can’t see me so why not enjoy this? Hands back on her boobs she focused on her roommate. Julie had worked her nipples enough and then stood up, she grabbed the bottom of her skirt and slowly pulled it up to the top of her waist. She grabbed the sides of her matching purple thong and pulled them down and off. That was quick! She sat back down and put one foot on the clothes hamper and the other on the stool. She was now showing everything she had to her roommate. Cassie was shocked that she also was completely shaved down there. Julie licked the fingers on her right hand and started to play with herself, rubbing her lips and clit. Cassie brought the heel of her hand to her pussy and matched Julie’s movements, rubbing her clit through her yoga pants. Julie was getting really hot and brought her other hand to her sex. She inserted two fingers deep into herself and started slapping her clit. Bet she picked that up from Katherine. Julie increase speed and looked like she was about to go over the edge when she opened her eyes and looked straight at Cassie. “Oh..” Cassie mouthed and undid the tie on her yoga pants then shoved her hand into her panties franticly rubbing her clit. Julie held her breath and arched her back; she must have had a thunderous orgasm Cassie thought. Julie blew out the air in her lungs and slumped into the chair with a grin.
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