Cassie wasn’t done yet but was close. She turned to her right, toward the bathtub, bending over and sticking her butt out grabbing the safety bar with her left hand to stabilize herself. Oh my God, she thought, I just watched my roommate orgasm! This thought was driving her so wild that she didn’t notice the small heating light come on in the bathroom. Julie had recovered and without getting her clothes in order had come to see how she was doing. Cassie didn’t know it but Julie got quite view, Cassie’s pants had slid down just past her ass and Julie could see her barely covered ass and her hand in her panties going to town. Cassie spread and bent her legs enough so she could use her other hand which she shoved into her wet pussy. She heard a soft voice say “Here, let me help you”. With that her pants were pulled down to her bare feet! Cassie wasn’t sure if imaged the voice and pants just fell on their own or what. She looked down between her legs and saw Julie squatting, knees apart showing her sex. Her face must be right next to my pussy! Oh my God! She’s seeing everything! But she couldn’t stop, instead she just worked her pussy harder, she was too close for that. Oh God don’t watch this! There was no mistaking anything when Julie grabbed hold of the sides of her panties and in one quick motion yanked them down over her ass and all the way to settle on top of her pants at her feet. Cassie straightened her legs surprised at what just occurred. She was now completely naked with both hands furiously attacking her sex. Oh no! She bent down at the waist to attempt to pull her panties back up but it was too late. Julie had taken a deep breath and blew on her exposed clit which sent a lightning bolt of pleasure shooting through Cassie. With her arm reaching to get her panties and showing a close-up view of her breasts and pussy to her roommate, she erupted in orgasm. It was the best one she had ever had next to the one in her boss’s office. “OH yes YES!” After it subsided she was exhausted and knelt down on her knees then rested her arms on the bathtub. Julie said nothing and when Cassie did glace back she was gone. When she could, she stood and stepped out of her clothed then walked toward her own bedroom without looking at her roommate in bed. Cassie fell into bed dreaming of the next time she would put on an exhibition or be the voyeur.

have you ever heard of the story that a teenager girl who was being raped by her own teacher? Well let me tell you
She was walking in the hall with her ***y with her short skirt (it w****ummer), she's the hottest girl in school, everybody wants her. She was a bad girl, skip school all the time. One day, she was wearing a so thin shirt that everybody could see her bra (not so clear), and her short skirt that people can see her pantie. She was hanging out in the school's hallway then suddenly somebody grabbed her arm then pulled her into the janitor's closet. She screamed but no one can hear her cause her mouth was being cover. The light went on and she could clearly see that was her teacher. The teacher started to unbutton her shirt slowly (she was being tied up). When it was off, he started to licked her stomach slowly that made her felt so tickle. He pulled the shirt off then the unhooked the bra, took it off so he could see her big b.o.o.b.s. He started to ****ing it. Then he untied her, pushed her to the ground her hold her there tight. He started to unzipped her skirt and took it off, then her super small pantie. He started with 3 fingers in her slowly that made her moaned so hard but still nobody can hear it. Then faster and faster, she started to scream, he slapped her so she could just stop. He took all of his clothes off then started to put his p.e.n.i.s into her p.u.s.s.y, started slowly then faster and faster, but still not all in. She screamed so hard, her b.o.o.b.s were flying everywhere so he stopped and started to ****ing it. Then suddenly she screamed out so loud cause he was fully into her. Her tears started to came out. He let her went on top of him and said if she don't do it then he will tell the principal. She cried for a minutes then started to ride him. First slowly, then he pulled her and said to moved faster and faster. After a while, he stood up, put his clothes back on then left her there crying

RAPE!!!! OMG. he's rubbin his hands all down my pants and up my shirt ohhh ahhh grabbin my huge (.)(.)s last nite i p***ed out cuz of alchol and he raped me. he unclipped my bra, stripped my shirt off, pulled down my pants, and pulled off my underwear. kissed me all up my legs and ****ed on my pussi, then he grabbed my b/o/o/b/s and then i woke up and then he stuck his d/i/c/k/ in my pussi and we started humpin each other and he f/u/c/k/e/d me so hard it hurt. then he stopped 4 a min then he was kissin me all over then he told me to tie him to a chair and lapdance him naked. so i tied him all up except his hands so he could grap me and squeeze me. i lapdanced him for an hour. then i untied him. then we gave each other m***ages down there..... then i closed up my legs and tried to sleep but he opend up my legs and stuck his d/i/c/k all up in my pussi again and it felt so good. You should try gettin raped soon it fun

My bf just stuck his toung up my pussy ! It feels so good ! and he goes round and round with his toung ! Oh yea !It feels good ! up and down all through it ! lick it good ! oh yea ! let me feel it ! ooh ! that feels so good ! he is doing it while im writing this ! it feels good ! Oh ! I dont..... Oh.... i am done i need to scream it feels so good ! ohhh ! ahhh! oh my gawd ! ahhh ! I need to scream ! it feels awsome ! OmG ! YAll should try it ! Ima go have *** now ! bye ! Ohhhh!tehe my bf juust stuck his d.i.k up my pussy hole, and grabbed my t.i.**** bf just had s/e/x wit me 4 da 1st time ! it felt so good ! he looks s/e/x/y wit his shurt off ! He licked my tits and grabbed my azz ! @ 1st he only rubed his hand up and down my body when i was nacked ! then we were just laying on top of each other naked and kissing ! Then he started humping my side, then he put his d/i/c/k in my pussy and started humping me ! it felt good

today is nick birthday and all he can think about is the only thing he wants. s.e.x with his gf a super hot striper named Brittany. when he turns the corner to his apartment nick sees Brittany's car in the drive way they live together but she is usually out. when he goes up the stairs to their bedroom and walks in he sees Brittany looking like this sitting on the bed with a bag of s.e.x toys on the floor and candles on the dresser.i know the one thing you want for your birthday and now your going to get it better then you will ever get it from anyone" she said slowly getting up to close the door and draw the shades. she comes back over to my and whispers in a voice so s.e.x.y no one can resist 'take all your cloths off and lie down on the bed" i do ****he says and lie down while watching her dim down the lights. then she comes back to me and takes off all her clothes and sits on my d.i.c.k then starts to bounce up and down. then i tell her i want a h.u.m.p bath so she got up and s.u.c.k.e.d my d.i.c.k and put her p.u.s.s.y in my mouth and i stuck my tung in it . then i s.u.c.k.e.d on her b.o.o.b.s and we made out for an hour then i started to h.u.m.p her and finger her. after that she bend over the bed and i stuck my d.i.c.k in her p.u.s.s.y and that lasted and hour. then we licked all over each other . after that i found some whip cream and we sprayed it on each other then licked it all off then she got up went to the kitchen and grabbed the cool whip and stuck it up her p.u.s.s.y and nick licked it out and they kept making out and humping each other all night they stopped at 5:30A.M. and when they got up for breakfast they were both still naked so they did it more and they did it for another 8 hours

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