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Chapter 4
“Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite”

“Wait!!!” says Andrew, “let me go first I don’t want to be taking a shower in you house after you are asleep, it would feel too much like prowling.”

“Well…you are a pussycat, but ok that makes sense. The door right next to the one we came out of after studying is the shower, don’t forget to lock the door.” Says Kyle.

“Ok, thanks Kyle” says Andrew.

Kyle then heads up to his room, which just happens to be right next to the bathroom, but on the other side. Little does Andrew know, but there is a door from Kyle’s room to the bathroom, and as the hot water runs, Kyle get curious. He opens the door, to see no one in the shower. To his surprise, Andrew is on the ground!!! He is totally hard having time to “himself” more like with himself. Kyle can’t stop staring. He then proceeds to enter the room (which is quickly filling up with steam) and as the steam gets thicker he begins to play with Andrew’s body, little by little he feels around Andrew, being careful never to touch too hard and notice him of his presence, of course now the room is so steamy you can’t see anything. That also means that Andrew and Kyle are both sweating from the heat. All of a sudden Andrew stops, “I thought you were calling me a fag.”

“well… I don’t know now, you are different than other guys. They are all idiots with no place in the world, you are a real human” and with that Kyle kisses Andrew, Andrew kisses back. Kyle begins to trace out Andrew’s body lightly with his finger tips. His fingers meet back up with his head, and he begins to follow his fingers with his lips moving farther and farther away from the big head and moving down. His fingers reach the hard cock of Andrew and stop. They play with it a little, and Andrew moans wantingly. Then Kyle uses his lips not mouth just lips to kiss his hard member and soon from lips to tongue, from tongue to mouth, and from mouth to throat. Andrew begins to buck his hips, and contract all of his muscles as he reaches his climax, and at the same second that Kyle takes his mouth off of Andrew, Andrew shoots it onto Kyle’s face. Andrew looks horrified.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen!!” thinking that he sees Kyle’s angry face.

“What are you talking about??? That is exactly what I wanted, we BOTH need a shower now. Let’s go. How’s about it???” asks Kyle.

After the “shower” which just turned out to be a lot of soap dropping. They both head for their “respective beds”, of course just to sleep together they argue over what bed they want, so they end up sharing. With Andrew in Kyle’s arms, they both fall asleep, but before that Kyle says the one thing to finish that can finish the perfect evening, “ Sleep tight, Don’t let the bed bugs bite…” as he drifts off to sleep.
Chapter 5
“Where’s the rubber ducky?”
The first to wake up the next morning is Kyle. He wakes up very warm and happy, and then he feels a person within his arms, he looks down to see Andrew’s figure in his arms. Kyle puts his hands down Andrew’s underwear. Andrew’s member is soft and warm. Kyle then moves his probing fingers to Andrew’s testes, and finds them to be medium-sized and warm. Feeling these, he starts to get hard. “Hey watch where you are pointing that “loaded weapon,” Yawns Andrew.

“How long have you been awake,” Asks Kyle.

“Long enough, do you know how hard it is to say soft when someone is playing with your dick??? It is very hard” says Andrew, “here let me show you.” Kyle turns around abruptly and looks right into Kyle’s eyes. Andrew then sticks his hands in Kyle’s underpants. Kyle flinches a little, then relaxes and closes his eyes and begins to moan. Then Andrew goes under the sheets. He traces his tongue down Kyle’s torso, starting at the neck down to the nipples, where he stops to nibble for a second before moving on to the stomach. He sticks his tongue in Kyle’s belly button and Kyle shudders.

“Don’t do that it feels weird” says Kyle. Andrew is at the underpants band; licking just below the belly button. He then brings his face into Kyle’s crotch. Kyle gets immediately hard. Andrew pulls off Kyle’s underwear and begins to play with his now hard member. Slowly and lightly, Andrew begins to suck on Kyle’s dick. Kyle begins to moan again. Faster and harder Andrew moves, and Kyle begins to buck his hips. Andrew begins to deep throat Kyle’s dick. Kyle then climaxes into the deeper portion of Andrew’s throat. But that is not enough for Andrew, he continues to suck on kyles softening dick. “Andrew I’m done…I can’t cum anymore…suck too long and it will start to hurt so stop now. Plus now we need to take another shower.”

“But pussycats don’t like water” Says Andrew.

“Well guess what if you want to see anymore of this dick I suggest that you go take a shower with me” croons Kyle.

“Fine,” pouts Andrew,”but I’m pitcher!!! Ha I beat you to it!”

“Darn…ok,” Sighs Kyle.

Once again the shower is turned on. Kyle picks up his lube and goes into the bathroom to find Andrew totally naked. He gives the lube and a condom to Andrew. Andrew looks puzzled. “Aren’t you gonna help me?” asks Andrew.

“Ok” Kyle moves toward Andrew, and they begin to kiss passionately. Kyle’s hand moves toward Andrew’s dick making it hard. He takes the condom and slides it onto Andrew’s hard cock. Kyle, having finished his job lies down on his back. Andrew picks up the lube and lubes up a finger, picks up Kyle’s legs and sticks his finger in Kyle’s tight ass. Kyle tightens, then he relaxes, and as he relaxes Andrew adds another finger, and then another. He then replaces his rock hard member for the three fingers. Kyle and Andrew get into a rhythm and Kyle begins to moan in slight pain, while Andrew moans in pleasure. Faster and faster, the rhythm picks up speed, and as the boys begin to tire, Andrew feels his climax Cumming, so he pulls out and pulls off the condom, and finishes the job onto Kyle’s face.

“Now we really need a shower.” Says Kyle, as Andrew licks the last of the cum off of Kyle’s smiling face. “Where’s the rubber ducky?” chuckles Kyle as he holds the other boy in his arms as he had when he first woke up. They both get into the shower turn up the hot water. As steam fills the room so does the moaning of two boys in a shower.

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Yup, next will be 6. The chapter 5 is untabbed and mixed with a paragraph so its hard to see.

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