A tale of a mature man who buys a homeless woman's young son and takes him to the woods to be a whore.
Roger Anderson was a man in his mid-forties who grew tired of normal pleasures some time back and decided he needed to fulfill some needs that had been lurking in the back of his mind, keeping him awake at night, making him stroke his cock and pay prostitutes and hustlers so he could harshly sodomize them as he thought of what he really desired. He always had that question of how…how was he going to find what he yearned for without anything being connected to the target, who would be his captive?

Roger had always been smart with his money, especially after he was left with much of it by his parents after their passing. He decided not to live in the large house. It was just not his style. He decided to move to an apartment building in the city and bought an adult video store that was up for sale, which he knew would be a good money maker where he would generate extra cash flow on top of what he inherited. After his parents were gone, he decided to stop working in offices as a paralegal and do something he wanted to, which was not have to go to a dead end job and stay home where he could walk around naked and look at pornography while occasionally doing a line of cocaine or smelling some poppers.

At night, Roger would go out to frequent some bars where he knew the women were easy and he would take them home or to a dive hotel and usually demand fellatio from them or to sodomize them. He was dominant enough to where they decided it would be best to do as he said, but he had a nature about him that helped in him having his way. Roger also enjoyed propositioning young hustler boys, around 18 or 19 who needed the cash and he would pay them well so that he could take them and use them, virtually raping them in the ass.

But still, all of this was not enough. Now before he could even consider finding his prey, he first needed to find a place in which to bring his captive. He took his time and decided on an inexpensive and remote cabin style house in the remote mountains where the nearest neighbor was over a quarter of a mile away. This would keep things private and there wouldn’t be a lot of nosy people with nothing better to do than watch their neighbors. It was a place where everyone kept to themselves and assumed the other was perfectly normal and wanted a quiet life. So that was the image he would portray to them. Meanwhile he would generate more income from the adult store in the city which he would visit weekly to oversee things and make sure the managers he had working for him weren’t fucking things up.

Back in the city, Roger started to scope out the streets at night to see if he could find any leads as to what he wanted. He drove around many nights with a look of evil in his eyes, a predator patiently waiting, lurking in the shadows. Then finally, one night he found exactly who he had in mind. A homeless mother and her young son, who couldn’t have been more than the age of a fifth grader. They were both looking worn and he decided to take caution. So, he waited and went to this area again the next night, where he spotted them again not too far from before, then again the next night in another nearby area. So, he decided to pull over and get out to talk to them.

He was friendly and introduced himself to the haggard, drugged out woman who was extremely high on what appeared to be methamphetamine and he asked if he could have a word with her. At first she thought he was a cop, but he smiled and assured her he was nothing remotely like that. She introduced Roger to her son, whose name was Troy, who Roger smiled at glaringly, peering at the young dirty blond haired boy with brown eyes and a slim little body. He then asked the woman if he could have a word with her in private. She shrugged and said “Ok.”

He then spoke with her as if to propose a big time business venture, which to him in a way it was for himself. He pulled out an envelope from his jacket containing five thousand dollars in cash which she could have (assumingly to support her habit) if he may take her son with him and give young Troy a “Better Life”. While she hesitated for a moment, she knew her son would be better off with someone who could provide for him and so she agreed. He made her also agree that once the deal was done, it was done. He did not offer her is name and seeing how drugged she was, she would forget how he looked an hour or so later. This seemed too perfect for him, but he went with it.

The woman barely hugged her son and wished him goodbye and the son began crying, but she said to go with the nice man who would take care of him. She promised she’d be okay and inside she felt relief at not having the responsibility any longer of a son she hadn’t been connected to in a long time due to her addiction.

Young troy quietly went with Roger and got into his vehicle. Roger got in and quickly drove off into the dark streets. The ride was quiet as Roger drove quickly onto the freeway entrance and headed up north where he would bring young Troy to his remote cabin in the mountains. And there it would begin.

“Try not to look so scared Troy. I know you don’t know me but life is about change and well, your life is about to change drastically.” The boy still said nothing. “Think of it this way Troy…you’re with me now. And you can’t do anything to change it, it’s out of your control, so why not just take it for what it is?” Again, Troy said nothing, but just nodded.

As he drove, Roger could feel his cock start to stiffen thinking about what he would be doing with this boy very soon and how he could finally begin what he’d lusted to do for so long. “Troy, think of me as your new father. In fact, you should start calling me Dad from now on.”

“But you’re not my dad, I don’t know who my dad is.” Troy muttered.

Roger just grinned and took a deep breath of patience and said “Well I just told you, I’m your dad and I expect you to call me that.”

Troy was silent again. Roger then reached over into the passenger seat and squeezed the boy’s leg and then ran his hand up the boy’s shirt, touching his warm, smooth skin. His cock hardened even more. But he maintained his speed and avoided getting pulled over for anything.

After a long drive, they arrived at the cabin. Everything around them was pitch black and Troy followed close to Roger because he’d never been in the mountains and never in such pitch blackness. Roger went in the front door which was where the kitchen and eating table was at. The living room was just past and the bedroom was to the left of the kitchen next to a small bathroom. It was plain and kind of dark from the wood and the lamps Roger lit didn’t give off a whole lot of light.

Roger locked the door and drew the blinds and Troy stood in the middle of the kitchen until Roger directed him to go into the living room. Roger then sat down as Troy walked in past him and he sat there with his legs a bit open and he had his hand resting on the bulge of his jeans. Troy stood there unsure as to what to do. It was so quiet there, no noise whatsoever. “Troy, take your clothes off. Get down to just your underwear.

Troy was shocked. “W….what????”

“I said take your clothes off.” Roger smiled an evil smile at the boy, his cock stiff from how it was already starting out Roger was aware that he was a sick freak but he enjoyed it.

“No, I don’t want to.” Troy said, looking at Roger angrily.

Roger took a deep breath and then sat forward. “Come here, son…” motioning for Troy to come closer. Troy reluctantly did and Roger grabbed the boy’s arm and smacked him on his cheek. “I said take your goddamn clothes off.” And with that, Roger sat back and relaxed, his hand back resting on his stiff bulge. He already loved the feel of controlling this boy into submission. Troy began to whimper and undressed slowly until he was just down to his pair of briefs, which showed his round plump little ass and a young package in front. “Oh that’s nice. That’s real nice” Roger said, now massaging his bulge.

Roger then stood up and undid his belt and opened the fly of his jeans. He reached into his boxers and released his swollen cock, exposing it to Troy. “See my cock Troy?” Roger said, stroking on it. “Take it into your mouth.”

Troy froze and did nothing. Roger looked sternly at him. “I said take my cock into your mouth boy!”

“No! No! P..please.”

Roger was getting a little ticked with all the “No’s” he was hearing. “What did you say to me? Did you say NO? I’ll show you what’s gonna happen when you say no to me.”

And with that, Roger grabbed young Troy, threw him over the couch and ripped down the boy’s briefs so they hung off his legs. Roger looked fiendishly at the boy’s smooth, puckered hole and then spit on it. Troy was stiff and then he felt something that he though was going to make him pass out. He felt Roger pun him down by pressing on the boy’s back and then forced his hard dick up into the boy’s virgin asshole, ripping it open and bleeding onto Roger’s cock. Troy was seeing stars and screamed, but no one could hear him. “You wanna say no to me again you little fucker? This is gonna happen when you say no!” and he jammed his cock hard into the boy. Troy screamed again as he felt Roger’s hard pole violate him. Roger then held inside the boy for a minute and then pulled out.

“Fuck, now you got blood on my cock you little bitch. Now suck it off and clean it up.”

Troy was shaking and turned around to sit on the couch, his asshole throbbing and feeling gaped open. Troy opened his mouth and Roger pushed his head onto his cock and started to fuck the boy’s mouth, making him gag. “That’s it. Suck my cock you little bitch. That’s what you are now you know. My little bitch. Why do you think I paid your mama a lot of money to take you up here? Because this Daddy needs a filthy whore like you.”

And Roger was overcome by what he was doing and let out a loud yell into the silent air and pushed down on Troy’s head, erupting into the boy’s mouth and sending a load of cum down Troy’s throat. Roger’s body riveted and jolted as he emptied himself into his new “son’s” mouth.

“Fuck, that was pretty good. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. You wait and see.” And with that, Roger took Troy by his arm and led him into the bedroom, where he got into bed after stripping naked and then pulled the boy in with him. Troy was silent and Roger put his arm around the boy and pulled him close, which Troy actually felt relief from and he drifted off to sleep after some time.

At this point, Roger then went to sleep himself. It had been quite an evening, but this was merely the beginning and now it had begun. Roger was going to have what he wanted and somehow knew he would.

To be continued….

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