A slave on a alien space breeding station is eaten, raped, and tortured.
"But Why do they keep us here"? Lydia was having another one of those moments. She was turning 6 tomorrow, and was going to be subjected to the training all Pre-Pubescent females must undergo.

"Honey", her mother started to say but chocked the words back. "You have to go somewhere tomorrow", she let out a soft sob as she thought about what they did to her when she was only 4. Back then the age limit was even earlier then it was now. The Council of Elders had deemed it unreasonable to expect them to give there children up at the mere age of 4, so they revised the rule. "As if 6 is any fucking better" Thought Lidia's mother Rachel.

Rachel remembered when she was brought to Sector 9, she was only 3 years old and her mother was promised a job at an off shore mining company on planet Korella. She remembered packing her bags and leaving planet Earth, waving good by to her Nan, and not knowing what was happening.

"When can I come back", asked Lydia. She obviously was scared. She remembered when her sister Kattie was taken. They came storming in there cell, screaming and swearing "If Kattie isn't fucking her your in deep shit Rachel".

Lydia had never seen her Sister again, and remembered how hard it was on her mom. "I don't know baby, hopefully soon". She said as she lied through her sobs and the pain she felt in her breast. She knew she would never see Lydia again. And she didn't want to. If she did it meant she was to be a breeder, and that was the worst thing a mother could see.

"I think you need to get some sleep Lydia", she said as she thought about what it was going to be like to have to raise another kid and have her involuntarily ripped away from her. She thought about her sons then, wondering how they were doing but envious of how they were free. Men in Sector 9 were lucky. They were not slaves, they had all the freedoms of the clients, and the workers. There was only one thing above men, they were the Council of Elders.

As Rachel thought of this time went by. She heard Lydia softly sleeping in the cot, as Rachel lay on the cold and damp ground. Suddenly she heard the soft feet of padded workers heading down the hall. She knew it was time, and she wasn't even going to fight it. She lay there and watched as they scooped Lydia up and took her away.

In the morning Rachel got up and prepared breakfast. She made it for 2, poring the milk in the oatmeal, and the 2 bowls they were graciously granted. They had no heating devises, after all they were only women and did not know how to use them.

About 20 minutes later a man was brought to her cell. He was a Alastan, a Alien group that was overpopulating the galaxy. She had to deal with them all the time. He opened the cell and came in. She was ready for him. She was far past fighting it, it happened every day, multiple times. He walked over, he was a tall, light blue, and resembled a human, as all his race.

As he came over he unbuttoned his pants. She took off the bra they allowed her, and the small, cloth barley covering her loose pussy. As he came over she sat there, in a menacing tone he barked "Get on your fucking hands and knees bitch". She complied and he stuck his cock into her mouth. She started sucking, and licking the head in circles. He moaned in pleasure. As she sucked his dick he pulled her hair. She was use to this, she was tortured and raped daily, it was nothing new.

After about 5 minutes he groaned and his balls tightened. He blew his cum all over her face and in her hair. The glowing blue juices tasted horrible, and she gagged a bit. He pulled her hair harder and forced her to lick it off his cock and her face.

His massive 9 inch cock was still rock hard, and he pushed her to the ground. She landed on her back hard he dropped right on her and played with her and forced himself in. Even though she was being raped, she was dripping wet. He pushed harder and harder until she couldn't take it. She started moaning, and he smiled. "The bitches love this shit", he thought as his blue dick went in and out. She let out a scream and he felt her cunt muscles clamp down on his cock. He rubbed her pubic hair, a nice dark brown, and kept pumping. Before long he felt the cum boiling up and let out a "OHHH FUCK!" He blew a second load deep inside her. She knew this was going to be a pregnancy. It always was.

As he left, a worker came in and cleaned her up. Almost immediately another customer was brought in. He was a tall, White Human. He had a gentle face, and was tall and muscular. Being naked from the previous Rape, he walked right over and sat down by her. She shivered and tried to back away, but he held her firmly. "Lie on your stomach", he commanded and she complied.

He knelled next to her and grasped her small, tight ass. He cupped it into his hand, and kneaded it, almost giving it a massage. She had to admit she liked it. She moaned softly, only encouraging his massage, almost wanting to please her. As she moaned he spread her ass checks, and gently rubbed her ass hole, savoring the warm feeling.

After playing with it, he went down and licked the nice warm tight hole. He loved the taste. She giggled despite her situation, and just moaned all the more. She started tingling, and her pussy became slick with her love juices. She moved her hand down, rubbing her neatly trimmed pubic hair, and moving a finger over he slit. All of a sudden he pulled his mouth off, and mounted her ass.

Her ass was slick with saliva from the licking, and her pussy was dripping. He stuck his cock in, gasping in pleasure and how tight she was. She gasped in pain, and almost blacked out. She had never liked anal, and she always tried to avoid it. He pumped faster and faster, until it actually started to feel good. Her ass hole was loosening! He he pumped she moved her hips in and out trying to speed him up. He noticed and his response was to speed up. As he pumped she tightened her ass, trying to increase his pleasure. She loved it.

All of a sudden he pulled out. She was almost sad for this, but restrained from making a noise. You could never be sure with these people. She was treated as a slave, and often hit.

As he pulled out, he produced a rope, and tied her feet together, and her arms together. Another man came into the room and brought a briefcase. As quickly as he was there he was gone. "Ohh no, this can't be good", thought Rachel. As she lay on her stomach he pulled her hair back and whispered into her ear in a language she could no understand. From the briefcase he pulled out a knife, terrified she flinched.

He roared in anger, screaming of how she would pay for her un-loyalty and untrust. He then smiled. "I have the perfect punishment in mind. Since your ass hole tasted so good, I will have some more." "Ohh no", she thought, "I loved it anyways stick your tongue deep in for all I care."

As he spread her cheeks, she smiled and waiting for him to lick her. All of a sudden he rammed the knife deep into her ass hole, spurting blood all over the floor, and all over his intriqued face. He licked it and savored it, as she screamed in agony."

He cut her ass hole completely out and licked the flesh. It was good. He stuck it into her mouth and chewed. He bit half off and made he eat the other half. She refused, so he took the knife and cut her left nipple off. As blood gushed out and he had an idea. He took his cock and went to her nipple as she sobbed on the floor in pure agony yelling and screaming. He stuck his dick into the hole he made in her nipple, enjoying the bloody feel. He came into her tit, and she screamed in pain.

As she screamed he cut her over and over, loving the feel of the blade slicing through he skin. He started with her feet. He cut her cute big toes off, and left the others alone. He moved up to her legs, making cuts randomly, feeling the blood engorge him.

As he moved to her pussy he looked at it. It was the loosest thing he'd ever had the chance to eat. He wasn't gonna let that pass up. He licked her outer lips, then took a firm bite pulling a hunk of flesh off and eating it. He kept biting until her pussy was a bloody mess, and she was close to blacking out.

He bored of this, and moved to her tits. He bit through the right one, and ate the flesh. Amazing he thought. Taking the knife he carved a nice peice of her belly out, and played with his food.

"Thanks bitch" he mumbled, and went for his knife. He stuck it to her throat, and said, "Your daughters next". Watching her expression, he sliced her throat open, devouring he neck.

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Not bad

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you need to make a sequel to this i was squimish yet curious at the same time as too what will happen to the girl.


2011-12-18 14:25:28
Hahahahaha! Someone asked me for a sequel?! This was a joke to me at the time, it was like 2 years ago tho! But hey, I did write it and I don't judge!

If anyone really wants a sequel or for me to re-write it better than ask. Check out my new stories, they are much much better! Not a child anymore!


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LOL! I don't like this kind of stuff to be honest :P! I wrote this 2 years ago upon request and going to start writing great incest stories about me and my little half sister! Check them out!

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Oh my god..... You are you sick bastard. I thought this would be a sexy hot story. You should have tagged ' Death'! That was utterly.....sickening!

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