this is so sad that he did this to her
The guard locked the door and headed back to his desk, where Natalie sat, covering her body with her knees. “So who was that, your boyfriend?” The guard asked, looking down at Natalie, checking her body out for the first time. “It doesn’t matter; can I have my things please?” Natalie said angrily. “Whoa whoa slow down mamacita, it’s not that simple. First stand up and let me see that bangin’ body of yours.” Natalie uncrossed her arms and flipped the guard off. “... you pendejo, I’ll have you arrested for rape.” The guard started laughing out loud. “I have the security tape’s right here, and they’ll show that I haven’t touched you, and that everything that has happened to you so far has been your own doing. If you’d like I cam keep your things and let you walk home as you are, and I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding someone to charge for rape.” He was right, Natalie realized, as she looked up and saw the security camera pointing directly at the stairwell door.

“Ok. What do you want from me?” Natalie snarled. “First of all, lose the attitude, why can’t we be civil?” the guard retorted. “Secondly I want you to come stand over here and let me get a good look at you.” Natalie obliged, standing up and keeping one arm draped across her chest, the other hand covering her crotch. She quickly moved into the small alcove behind the desk so that anyone who happened to pass by outside wouldn’t see. “I like those stockings, real sexy. It’s hard to find a woman who wears those. Now drop you arms and let me take in all that caramel goodness.”

Natalie reluctantly lowered her arms, her large breasts bouncing as they lost the support of her arms, her soaking crotch coming into clear view. “Wow mama you’re soakin’ wet down there. You do this kind of thing often?” Natalie was too embarrassed to respond. “I’ll take that as a yes.” The guard reached back and pulled his night stick off of his belt. “Here, I want you to stick this in your snatch as far as it can go.” Natalie’s eyes widen as the guard held his night stick out to her. She wanted to take it and beat him with it, but she had no doubt in her mind that the tall black man wouldn’t go down so easily. “Look, if you want I can walk right out that door and let you go about your business, but your stuff stays with me.” Natalie could see the man was not joking, so she took the night stick and slowly slid it insider of her.

Natalie pushed the night stick as deep as she could into herself, her vagina already lubricated with her own juices. “Oh my god yes” Natalie moaned, giving her body the pleasure it had been begging for all day. Natalie soon forgot about the guard as she lay down on the floor and vigorously slid the night stick in and out. Natalie screamed out in ecstasy as she pulled the night stick out one last time, her juices erupting out of her and pooling on the floor. “Wow. I wasn’t expecting a show like that.” The guard said as he walked over to Natalie’s prone body. She lay, panting as her juices continued to flow out of her. The guard tossed Natalie’s belongings next to her. “I took the liberty of grabbing one of your business cards. I’m a man of my word so I’ll get rid of those tapes like I promised, you don’t have to worry about me blackmailing you like they do in those movies and such. Be more careful next time, the next guy won’t be as nice.” The guard started to head back into the stairwell when he turned and stopped. “And by the way, my name is Terrence.”

Natalie slowly stood up, her orgasm causing her to be rather weak in the knees. She put on her jacket and slipper her pumps back on. “Don’t worry; you can be sure that nothing like this ever happens ago.” Natalie smirked as she headed out the door to the parking lot. “I’ll be damned if anything like this ever happens to me again.

the next day Natalie find the tapes on her she put them in her prues and the guard from last night walk into her officas she looked put and filp him off he lauged and walk up to her and put his hand up under her skit and fingered her pussy she stop for a min then grabbed his hand and throw it he told her he would stop by her house ''yea rgiht''she said when she went home she got in her favrote see though pj and her black tong and bra then the door she look though the hole to see the guard was there she open the just a crack he said he she said by and tryed to closed the door he put his foot in the way and told her he wanted to come in she told he to go to hell when she closed the door she forgot to lock it and he open it and said wow she looked like a hot horny sexy bitch she turn around in shock at him he simled at her and put his arms around her she wanted to fight him but she was so warm in his arms she asked what he wanted from her he said nothing right now but to hold her she was soooooooooooo shick she let him he pull her to the coch she sat on his lab he kissed her and said he was so so so sorry about the other night she was still to shock to think about what he was saying she was thinking how hot he was he kissed her passionly on the mouth and she kissed him back without thinking she took off his shit and touch his musle he put his hand under her toung and fingered her pussy so hard she started to cry in pure joy

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pretty much sounds like some kind of idiot wrote this shit

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