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Where to start
Where to start I’d always teased Jean about watching her have sex with another man, I’d managed to get her to pose naked outside and in a room at the back of a bar we used with the owner watching, but never had the opportunity to go for group sex, we never found any body that we both liked until I had a move to the south with my company.

It all started Christmas Eve 2009, we met up with friends Dave & Lyn to go to our company social club for Xmas drinks as the night wore on and we got the worst for drink Dave and I started messing with the girls pulling their bra straps and trying to grab a feel of their tits at closing time someone suggested we go down town to a club.
Waiting for a taxi we were joined by Mal & John, we managed to talk the taxi into taking all 6 of us, Lyn & John in the front Mal, Dave and I in the back with Jean draped over our legs. On the way into town I slid my hand up Jean’s skirt for a quick feel only to find someone’s hand already there, we both moved our hands away on feeling the others.

On arriving down town we hit a few bars an some how lost Mal & John, we ended up in a club sat at the bar Dave was at the end against the wall then Jean, Lyn and me I was still trying to get a feel of Lyn’s tits, when I spotted movement under Jean’s top [she had her back to Dave] I moved position so I could see in a mirror that Dave was having a good feel.
That was it for the first night when we got home I asked Jean if Dave was having a feel she said yes.

A couple of nights later we met in the Social club then went down town ending up in the same club in the same positions Dave, Jean, Lyn & I. I was messing around with Lyn again and managed to get my hand up her skirt for a quick feel, I could see nothing happening with Dave & Jean, and we split up and made our way home.
I asked Jean what had happened in the club as I could not see anything this time.
She said I could not see anything as Dave had managed to get his hand in her panties and finger fucked her!
I asked her if she liked it and would she be prepared to go further, she said maybe.

Jean & I are invited to Dave & Lyn’s for a drink and to watch a movie, we left at about 2am pretty drunk. When we got home the phone rang and it was Lyn saying that Dave was on his way round as he had not said good night to Jean and she was to keep me talking until he arrived, Jean came into the room in T-shirt and panties asking who was on the phone, there was a knock at the door, Jean lets Dave in {he’s drunk] he says he did not get to say goodnight or give Jean a kiss goodnight, Jean says OK and gives him a goodnight kiss, I take Jeans T-shirt off letting Dave have a good look at her tits I then pull down her panties and tell Dave to have a feel which he does, he says he’d better go home as Lyn will wonder what’s happened to him.

As he leaves I tell him if he liked what he saw and felt there may be more to come.

Jean loved every minute of it so I was sure there would be more to come.

Drinks in the social club then back to our flat for a nightcap, after a while some one suggests playing strip poker I have a better idea as we have a strip and forfeits game, after a couple of rounds we all end up naked an that’s when the forfeits come in to play.
The First forfeit is Lyn’s and we have to form a circle Dave has to lick Jean’s pussy, Jean has to suck my cock, I have to lick Lyn’s Pussy & Lyn has to suck Dave’s cock, then its all change and Jean sucks Dave, I lick Jean, Lyn sucks me & Dave licks Lyn.
The next forfeit is Jeans and the girls put on a lesbian act for me and Dave.
The next forfeit is Dave’s and he has to demonstrate 4 sexual positions with Jean, first 69 then doggy style then missionary position all the time Dave show’s great restraint and does not put his cock in Jean, the last position is with Jean on top, she looks at me then sinks down onto Dave’s cock and starts to ride him, game forgotten and we all have great sex
When Dave and Lyn leave I fuck Jean asking her if she likes having 2 cocks in one night she says “I’m don’t mind” [she loved it].

Dave is up for promotion and has to go away on a course for a couple of weeks. I tell him that if he can get away and get to our flat for 8 theres a surprise for him.
I tell Jean to dress in her black Basque, stockings and no panties, she says OK but wear a small thong.
8 o’clock theres a knock at the door I tell Jean to get out of sight and not come back in the room until the lights go off and on. I let Dave in and tell him to shut his eyes and flick the lights Jean comes in the room and stands in front of Dave, I tell him to open his eyes when he does they nearly pop out of his head.
Jean become our waitress and gets us some drinks, Dave goes to the toilet while he’s away I tell Jean to take off the thong, Dave comes back and Jean gets us a refill coming back without the thong, I go to the toilet, Dave does not make a move so the next time Jean gets us drinks I tell him he’d better make a move on her. I leave the room when I come back Jean is on Dave’s lap kissing him as he is finger fucking her I pull down the top of her Basque and play with her tits, I tell Jean she has got to suck Dave’s cock she kneels in front of Dave gets his cock out and starts to suck him off I get behind and start fucking her, I come and we swap Dave then fucks her as she licks me clean, he comes and Jean licks him clean, after a few more drinks Dave goes home. I’m over the moon a sexual fantasy for filled Jean loved every minute of it and wanted more.

Dave gets back from his course and before we meet up for drinks I video shaving Jean’s pussy, Lyn is not well and does not come but her sister does, Dave said once that “red shoes meant no panties” and Jean is wearing red shoes. At closing time we leave and Dave asks if it is red shoes no panties I distracted his sister in law so he can find out, he gets a feel, we split up and when we get home and Jean is wet and wanting it. But she only gets 1 cock that night.
Dave called round on his way to work late shift I was on nights he gets to see the video of the shave and red shoes no panties.

Jean went home to see her mother. Dave, John, Mal and I go down town for a boys night out we do all the bars getting back in the early hours John & Mal head home and Dave invites me for a nightcap as we get to Dave’s he knocks the door [which I find strange ],Lyn opens the door naked and she becomes the waitress for the night Dave says he thought he’d return the favour, Lyn takes it in turn sucking Dave and I then Dave gets the video, and video’s me and fucking Lyn I then video Dave And Lyn fucking.

Jean and I meet Dave down the club Lyn has gone to her mothers for the weekend, after Dave’s comments about red shoes I asked Jean if she was going panty less [maybe]. Dave asks Jean what color are your shoes brown she replied. At closing time Jean goes to the toilet when she comes back she hands me her panties I put them in my pocket, as we leave I ask Dave if he wants a nightcap [he’d never refuse]. Back at our place after a few drinks I ask Jean what color are your panties she goes to my jacket and gets them out of my pocket, Dave asks Jean to show us where they should be, Jean stands in front of Dave and takes off her skirt standing there bottomless we then remove the rest of her cloths, she sits between us naked and we both slip a finger in her pussy she is so wet, I suggest setting up the video and video us taking her from both ends. We all had a great night of sex and the video turned out really good.

Well that sort of ended our great time there as Dave got promotion and they had to move right across country. I did get to see them again when I had to do a site visit at the new plant, we went out for a meal and drinks back to their place for a few more Dave got Lyn to show me some new lingerie she’d got and of course it ended up with us having great sex Lyn took us both at the same time 2 cocks in 1 pussy I stayed the night and breakfast was served by a naked Lyn you can’t beat a sweet pussy for breakfast.

Unfortunately Dave and Lyn split up so no more group sex, but both Dave and I have some great pictures and video to remind us of the good times. There are pic's of Jean on the site.

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