Continuation of the man Roger and the boy he bought to train in becoming his whore.
Part 2

As you know from Part One of this story, a man named Roger in his 40’s who had money that was inherited and who bought an adult video store in the city devised a plan so he could bring a boy of a young age out to the mountains in the middle of nowhere so he could train the boy to be his whore. The first part ends with the first night at the mountain cabin where Roger forced young Troy to suck his cock for the first time and when Troy resisted, Roger violated the boy’s anus once with a quick thrust, ripping Troy open, which resulted in Troy obeying and sucking Roger’s cock, after which he took the boy to bed with him and they went to sleep.

Here is the continuation of the story…

The first week with Troy was the most tedious for Roger, but he expected as much considering the boy was away from his mother now and in an entirely new environment with a strange man who he never met before. So Roger decided to do what was necessary and in doing so, he sat young Troy down with something to eat in front of the television set each day for the first week and then put on one of several pornographic videos. Roger wanted Troy to understand that he would be the bitch in this new living situation, so he decided that showing Troy straight anal hardcore and gangbang porn would be the best. Not to mention Roger was still into dominating women and so it would be highly enjoyable to him, as well. Eventually he would also show the boy porn with all male, once the boy understood where his place was.

On the fifth day, Troy sat on the sofa eating a sandwich in his briefs as Roger had instructed him to wear and watched as several men took turns forcing their cocks into a young woman’s mouth and pumping them in and out like madmen while on the other end more men took turns sticking their cocks into the woman’s ass, or her vagina or both. Troy then remembered the feeling of Roger’s cock penetrating his ass and how split open he felt while at the same time he felt an occasional twitch on his rectum and wondered why, though it didn’t seem to bother him but rather, it gave him some pleasure.

Roger sat at the other end of the sofa and decided to do a line of cocaine, which he decided not to introduce the boy to, it was too soon. Roger didn’t do this very often, but once in a while the extra rush gave him an extra big orgasm. Not to mention he didn’t want to refrain from doing as he pleased, so he prepared and then snorted a line of the fine, white powder and sniffed hard a couple of times and pinched his nostrils. He then smiled as he felt the rush and began massaging his balls and cock, feeling his cock begin to grow. Troy was somewhat entranced in the video to even notice Roger, not to mention he was still a bit afraid of him and thought it was best not to look at him too much.

After Troy ate, Roger let the video come to an end and then he went over and put another one in of similar nature and then sat again on the sofa. “Troy, son, come over here and suck your daddy’s cock for a while.”

This time Troy knew better than to fight it, so he slid over toward Roger and opened Roger’s robe further, exposing the man’s throbbing rod and leaned over, taking it into his mouth all he could. Roger sat back more and let out a slight moan. He then put his hand on Troy’s head and began pumping the boy’s mouth with his cock. “Oh yeah son, that’s a real good boy, just how Daddy likes it. Just like a good little cockwhore.”

Troy sucked away on Roger’s prick and decided it wasn’t so bad. He liked the clean and yet masculine scent of Roger’s body, the soft hair rubbing on his nose as his head rested close to Roger’s body. Roger reached over and slid his hand into Troy’s briefs and began to squeeze the boy’s smooth, plump ass cheeks which made his cock become more engorged. He wasn’t even watching the video playing at this point. He then placed a finger on the boy’s rectum and started using a circular motion to work his finger in. Troy gasped with Roger’s cock still in his mouth. “Sssshhhhhhh” Roger whispered.

Roger let Troy suck his cock until he saw that Troy’s young mouth was getting tired and then he took a jar of Vaseline he had ready on the end table next to him. He opened the jar and held it toward Troy. “Why don’t you rub some of this onto Daddy’s hard dick.”

Troy reached in with a couple of fingers and scooped out a heap of the Vaseline and then took both hands and worked them up and down on Roger’s cock, coating it with the warm goo. Roger moaned a little and closed his eyes, working his hips up and down so his cock was pumping Troy’s hands. “Mmmmm, yeah…that’s good baby boy.”

Once Roger had his fill of Troy’s masturbating him with the Vaseline, he looked at Troy and said “Now come on up and sit on my lap, facing me.”

Troy was a little scared and didn’t know what Roger was going to do now. “Come on now, do as Daddy says or you know you’ll be sorry if you don’t.” Roger felt like an evil prick because either way his cock was going up the boy’s ass, all of which excited him to no end.

Troy moved himself onto Roger’s lap, Roger’s robe completely open. Roger pulled the briefs off of Troy and they fell to the floor. He then squeezed on one of Troy’s small, smooth ass cheeks and pulled it open to the side while he found Troy’s rectum holding his cock with the other. Then he took that hand and pushed down on Troy’s shoulder as he pushed at Troy’s rectum with his throbbing dick until he got the head in.

“Aaaaah!” Troy yelled.

“Son shut the fuck up. Daddy’s gonna fuck your little cunt whether you want it right now or not. You’ll get used to it so just hold your breath and give Daddy your ass.” Roger then smacked the boy’s ass hard, several times. “Come on now, open your ass for Daddy. Open it!”

Troy’s eyes teared as he felt Roger’s cock filling his anal cavity deeper and deeper until he felt Roger’s balls press against his butt and Roger’s soft pubic hair rubbing on his young, smooth balls and penis. Troy squinted his eyes and clenched his teeth as Roger began working his hips up and down and was fucking young Troy up his tight little asshole. “Oooooh fuck yeah my little bitch. That’s what Daddy likes, fucking your little cunt baby.” Roger then pulled Troy’s head close to his and shoved his tongue into the boy’s mouth. Troy felt the ache of his ass being violated but at the same time he began to feel pleasure as Roger kissed him and pulled him close. Roger was making groaning sounds that went with each pump into the boy’s young, tight ass.

Roger’s pumps then turned into thrusts and he held Troy’s young, smaller body close to him and he began to groan loudly. “OOOOOH FUCK! You dirty little whore! Daddy’s gonna cum up your little ass now baby. Daddy’s gonna…..UUUUUGHHHH.” and with that Troy felt as Roger’s cock began to twitch and his body was jolting as Roger injected pump after pump of his hot cum into the boy’s ass for the first time. After this, he just laid back on the sofa, holding Troy near him and he began to stroke Troy’s hair and kissing his forehead. “There there my son…you’ve made Daddy feel real good.” Troy lay there silently against Roger, confused because of the mixed emotions and sensations he was feeling. Did he hate this? Was there some enjoyment in it? And then Troy decided to stop thinking about it all together and fell asleep on Roger’s chest, exhausted from the fucking he’d just gotten.

Roger smiled and just let Troy sleep there. He knew the boy would end up loving this and then would know how to be a perfect submissive cock whore. Roger was pleased at how already his plan was starting to work.


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