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See Liz Part One ;)
This will make more sense if you read part one first...

Liz Part Two

Would she sell herself for the chance to get her dream house? I knew it would make her little more than a prostitute, but it would mean I could call the shots, and I had quite a few ideas as to what I would demand.

She walked over to the door opened it and told me to leave, I tried to look as nonchalant as I could, shrugged as I walked out and said
"I guess you lose out in two respects."
I got in the elevator and headed for the ground floor, I walked past the reception desk to the door and out into the chill night air, I was more than slightly perturbed, I turned on my heel and started to walk away when a voice called
"Mr Morrison ?"
I turned to see the receptionist at the door,
"I've just had a phone call from room 324, apparently you've left your wallet upstairs and would you care to collect it ?"
"Have I ? I'll pop back up then."
I smiled, and stepped back into the hotel lobby, I could feel my wallet in my trouser pocket but accepted the appearance of having a genuine reason for returning, I got back into the lift and a couple of moments later tapped lightly on the door, it opened and Liz ushered me in.
"What made you change your mind ?"
"I really enjoyed tonight it's been a long time since I went out with my husband if I wasn't married I'd probably have asked you to stay tonight, I realise that us kissing in the club was wrong but I enjoyed it, so
"So am I staying the night or not ?"
"I've never been unfaithful."
"You won't be now, I forced you into it - no guilt for you, we just spend a couple of nights together doing things I want to."
"And the lease ?"
"Well I'll promise this, if we get to do all I want to do you'll have the contract faxed through to your office before you get back there. But I get to call the shots, you are if you want to think of it like this; you're my slave, you do what I tell you to do."
"I'm not sure about this, I'm only thinking about agreeing to it doing this because I want that house."
"That's fine with me, I want you with no strings attached."
We sat in silence, she fiddled with her fingers obviously nervous about our agreement.
"When do you want to start.?"
she looked even more apprehensive, I slid back in the chair making myself more comfortable,
"You can start by removing your clothes."
she didn't move, I did detect a slight flush in her cheeks so I decided to clear the first obstacle and added
"Now Slave !"
she kept her head bowed, eventually she stood up and started to unbutton her dress, beginning to expose her cleavage, she hesitantly pushed the material from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor, she wore pale blue underwear with black grip-top stockings, the bra was lacy and not really supportive just feminine and pretty, the panties were high cut over her hips and stretched tight over her body the dark area of her bush highlighted by the pale material which disappearing down between the top of her thighs, a picture of loveliness.

"Do you ever masturbate Liz ?"
she didn't answer
"I think you must traveling around so often, do you have any toys with you ?"
again no answer but she lifted her head was about to speak, but lowered it again, I stood up walked to the bedside table and started opening the drawers,
"That's private !"
I didn't say you could speak or move, now lie on the bed and don't talk."
I found her washbag and opened it up she was looking at me angrily, inside I found two vibrators, some KY and something I recognised but had never seen in use,
"What's this ?"
"It's called a butterfly, it fits under my panties and vibrates."
"Remove your bra."
she did, trying her hardest not to look at me or to look seductive, her breasts were firm, smaller than I imagined and had small nipples, which I noticed were erect.
"Let me tell you what we are going to do together, but while I am I want you to play with yourself, I want to see you suck your juices from your fingers and I want you to make yourself come."
Her hands didn't move she kept them at her sides, her body was beautiful and I wanted to fuck her but I'd had a fantasy about controlling a woman and I didn't want to spoil my plans.
"Now ! start by pinching your nipples,"
she reluctantly moved both arms and held her nipples between finger and thumb squeezing the bud softly,
she squeezed harder biting her lip
"Stroke your body and continue to touch yourself, make yourself wet."
as her hands started roaming over her body I started to explain what we were going to do, her hand entered the top of her panties and settled over her lips, I could see movement through the thin material so I knew she was doing as I'd told her.

"Firstly after you've come you're going to suck me until I am hard and ready to come in your mouth,"
she made a sound I choose to interpret as anticipation for tasting my spunk.
"I intend to fuck your mouth, your pussy and your arse."
I couldn't tell if was her fingers or my words but she bucked her hips and gasped holding her breath I watched her fingers rub furiously inside her panties and could see her eyes begin to go misty,
she didn't and I had to pull her arm away from her crotch, she moaned struggling to continue her ministrations,
"Remove your panties."
she lifted her hips and slid them down, she had a neatly trimmed very dark bush standing out against the pale skin that surrounded it. I handed her the butterfly and told her to put it on, she clipped the straps around her legs and hips and positioned it over her clit, taking the control she turned it on to a low speed, I took the control from her and turned it off,
"If you're good I'll let you come. Now I want you to suck my prick."

I pushed off my shoes and socks, stood removed my shirt, stepped out of my trousers and sat on the edge of the chair. She knelt down between my legs put her hands on my thighs and kissed them slowly licking up higher until her mouth was level with my groin. Kissing the outside of my briefs pushing her lips against the stiffness of my penis felt pleasant, she eased the material down and kissed my shaft flicking her tongue across it until she reached the head, she put her hand around my shaft and squeezing ran it up the length whilst licking the tip, I was hard and not that far from coming but I didn't want to come too quickly we had plenty of time, I pushed her away, stood up and pulled the belt from my trousers,
"Put your arms behind your back."
she did as she was told and I bound her wrists, tightly enough to stop her removing them,
"Now make me come using just your mouth."
she started sucking again, trying to ignore the sensations coming from my penis I watched her head bob up and down, her cheeks concave as she sucked and her eyes as they looked up to me, I turned the butterfly on accidentally pushing it up to full speed, she gasped, and I turned it lower she continued to work her tongue and lips over my prick but I could see her hips rotating slowly as the vibrations worked on her clit,
"Take it all in."
she slid her mouth down further over the entire length of my penis, I placed my hands on the back of the head and held her there, she continued to flick her tongue over the base of my throbbing shaft which felt devine, for a reluctant participant she was not being at all reserved.

I increased the speed of the vibrator, the pressure of her tongue on my shaft increased, I turned it up again and wrapped her my fingers in her hair, I was getting closer to coming, I lifted her head, bent down to kiss her and told her to lie on the bed, I knelt between her legs and licked her thighs she was very wet, I pushed my tongue inside her, I could feel the vibrations against my nose, the combination of my tongue and the butterfly had her hips swaying. I picked up the small vibrator licked the tip and eased it inside her tuned it on and watched her face, she was struggling against the belt that bound her hands, she looked angelic her face the indicator of her body's state of arousal I held her hips down
"Don't fight it, let yourself come."
I pushed the butterfly control up to nearly full, her face contorted, she bit her lip and stifled a cry as her body went rigid, I bent down to taste the slight increase in acidity that orgasm brings, I pushed my tongue inside her vagina next to the vibrator and there it was, a subtle flavour that is best savoured, it pushed her over the edge again, she cried out, and I had to increase my pressure to keep her hips on the bed, she emitted a deep groaning from the back of her throat and suddenly a small jet of liquid hit my nose and mouth, it tasted divine, her head tossed from side to side as her orgasm shook her, I pushed the butterfly to full, saw her tense and arch her back, I realised I was bringing myself close to orgasm, I knelt on the bed turned her head towards me and slide my penis into her mouth, I leaned over and began sliding the vibrator in and out of her soaking pussy, her body jerked and she tried to cry out her words lost around my throbbing prick.

I thrust hard into her mouth as she licked me, I swung my leg over her and started to fuck her mouth, short quick strokes mixed with long deep thrusts ignoring her attempts to move her head, I felt her body tense again, I was so close to coming even in the obvious throws of an orgasm she was continuing to lick and suck whatever part of my penis she could, I felt the tingle deep in my groin and new it wouldn't be long, I pulled out leaving just the head inside her mouth she sucked and ran her tongue underneath she was trying to make me come
"I'm coming...."
"Swallow it...."
I thrust hard and deep into her mouth as I felt my seed shoot from my prick I pulled back slightly and felt another squirt enter her mouth, my head swooned, as her body jerked and she sucked me even harder, I slid my prick out a little as her lips held me, a push forward and I pumped more sperm into her mouth, I fell forward my hands landing on the bed driving my prick into her mouth again, I tensed my groin muscle as another load was sent into her mouth, the whole time she seemed to be trying to increase my pleasure, her hips were still bucking and as I withdrew from her mouth she cried,

I turned the butterfly off and watched as her body went limp she had a film of sweat coating her body, I bent down kissed her and tasted my sperm as our tongues met, her breathing slowed as we both calmed down from our orgasms.
I rolled her over undid the belt and let her hands loose. She rolled sideways kissed my thigh and lay on her back, I lay down with my head on her stomach, hooked one arm around her upper thigh and felt the moistness there, found then held her hand with the other, reveling in the closeness of shared intense sexual relief.
"God that was good."
I nodded turned my head and lightly kissed the underside of her breasts, she trembled
"Don't I'm still very tingly."
I lay back, listening to her breathing as it deepened and slowed, I wondered if I could force her to do anything against her will. I lifted my head looked up at her and watched as her chest rose and fell her hair framing her face and the gleam of moisture on her thighs, I felt the growing sensation in my groin and didn't have to look down to know that I was hard again. I got up trying not to disturb her as I went to have a quick shower, I wanted to touch her again, taste her and watch the exquisite look of pain on her face as she orgasmed. I decided to let her sleep until I was ready to start again.

Part Three is coming
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