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I want to release your fear and set you free.
I wish to free you of all your inhibitions, all your secrets buried so deep. Like a warm ray of sunshine on your handsome face I want you to feel the warmth of releasing your soul from its bondage. Letting your hidden self explore the world and no longer will you be afraid. Afraid of what others will think of your choices and you’re past.

Your future is wide open filled with the promise of all your dreams coming true. Let go of your fears and explore your true self. Give others the privilege of knowing all of you as I do. Your true loves will embrace you as I have and all meaningless consorts will fall away freeing you further.

I will hold your hand through this journey no matter which road you should choose to follow. Sensing the conflict within you I pray you become whole and discard this fragmented existence. Your beauty is evident though hidden from sight. Blossom my kindred spirit and grow into the fulfilled being you deserve to be.

Though other priorities will constantly pull us apart for long periods of time the bond I have with you will remain true. Your special place in my heart will always be waiting for you. It is the place where you will always be safe and receive the care I know you are in need of. It is your place which you may depend on for comfort and satisfaction.

Fear not my friend for the consequences of revelation are not as tragic as you believe them to be. Release your burdens and come out into the light so you may grow and prosper. Should you choose to stay in your prison I will be your confidant and your warden if I must. I will pick up the fallen pieces and be there to care for you. Until you are true to yourself I fear your spirit will never be free.

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2014-03-06 12:22:48
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2014-01-05 21:00:30
Reykjavik Reykjavik wow! envy envy. I would love to go there but it is soooo very expensive!!! Just can't afofrd it now. I would love to see the geysers and go swimming...Can't wait to see your pics. Have lots of fun.

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2012-06-22 14:26:24
I do apologize for rnpylieg in English, don't know Hebrew but could read all the info via Google Translate The problem with the length of the name is not due to the Icelandic naming regulation, it is due to the fact that the computer system that was installed many years ago didn't accept more than 31 characters. This made the government officials "ban" people to use above 31 characters. The only substitute is using only the first letter as Guy mentioned above.I know this sounds very stupid (it is) but this has been a problem for a long time but will be fixed soon since it is most likely illegal.Being Icelandic I do like the fact that we don't use family names. This gives each individual the option of becoming something by his own but not "because he belongs to the Jonsson family" or something like that. Family names where used in Iceland by rich immigrants that ruled a lot the business in Iceland before we became indepented. Those names still exist with some individuals but w

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2010-11-19 19:55:04
Mistress B has a very hot fanny,
her lice,crabs and vermin are many
to get up her flue,
is like touring the zoo,
with the wild beasts in each nook and cranny.


2010-05-19 09:31:44
One night as I fucked mistressB
she said do you fart when you pee,
I replied, with some wit,
do you cum when you shit,
I think that was one up to me.

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