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My wish is peace for you
Come to me my pet with an open heart and see how having a best friend who knows all of you can be such a comfort. I will never be judgmental and always accept you for all that you are. Be my partner in this exploration of our minds, feelings and sexuality. Let me care for you needs but care for mine as well. Heed my requests for a more consummate intimacy as an invitation to have a secure home where you will always be adored completely.

You have made the mistake of giving me a taste of your soul and now my hunger for it grows. Like a carnivore getting her first taste of fresh blood no substitute will satisfy my craving for you. My body aches for it’s response to your allure and my mind in is a state of anguish wondering if you will ever keep your promise to make me wait no more. I am floating through this experience with you drifting to your whims like a cloud blowing on the breeze.

Cease the moment as the future can never be certain but the one thing that is certain is I will take you places no man or woman ever has. Let us cherish and enjoy our friendship putting aside all inhibitions and worries. We can be a haven for each other, a safe place you will always be accepted and cared for. Give me your heart and feel confident I will be a safe harbor for all your darkest, deepest secrets to finally be released. Discretion shall never be a concern for you as I have even more to loose with indiscretion.

We are both experts at keeping secrets for as long as we need to it is just one of the many things we have in common that bonds us together. Though we belong to others and can never be everything together we desire there is still so much to explore and I can not pass you up no matter how wrong my lust for you may be. If you are willing to accept me with all my limitations I will give you everything I possibly can and always take care of you mind, body, heart and soul.
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