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The constant craving that won't go away.
I can only taste you in my mind my lips remain unsatisfied. Coveting the feelings you so freely give to me I yearn for more frequency. They are so strong they stay with me for days before fleeting and creating the need for more, always more.

Longing for my pet is a constant quest, a challenge to see how far my thirst will continue unquenched. Will the undeniable bond that ties us together survive the distance? Hearing everything you want from me reading your words makes the fantasy grow stronger.

My distraction is the pursuit of your seduction. I use my words to tempt your dreams with concepts to create your state of euphoria. Taking your every fantasy and expanding them into a scenario so realistic it rocks your world and makes you want me so.

Caring for you my pet is a joyous condition filling my heart with warmth. I am your keeper, your companion, your admirer and your one and only mistress. I know your needs far better than yourself, far better than anyone.

Satisfying those needs and vanquishing your doubts is my conquest. I will keep you always blanketed in my enchanted world. Delving into your mind, heart and soul, controlling your body like no other.

My constant craving will ravish you completely my pet and leave you aching exclusively for me your mistress.
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