After a week of separation the Miller and Taylor families are joyfully many ways. Ryan and family share their decision about their future. The Millers visit the island and find some challenges. There are heated arguments about nudity and public displays of sexuality. They face the challenges.
Family Love Boat
Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Family Love Boat Characters

Ryan (31) and Christie (31) Miller
Zachary 14
Hannah 12
Emily 11
Noah 11

Ted and Amy Taylor
Mike 15
Kaitlin 14
Will 13
Sara 13
Thomas 11
Josh 9 months

Family Love Boat 7

After a joyful reunion of the two families, it was time to talk about their new life. Ted watched everyone gather in the living room. The adults had slipped on shorts and t-shirts while the kids all remained naked. Zach and Mike sat on the carpet and Hanna and Kaitlin sat between their legs. The conversation among the four of them was animated. Both Mike and Zach rubbed the tummies where they had created new life without being aware of what they were doing.

It is going to be awesome having you on the island, Mike said. You guys are so cool. You guys get it. You are more like our family than some of the other families on the island. You love all of the things that we love…the rest of them are…ummmm…pretty shy. They are probably going to freak when Kaitlin starts to show.

Oh…Mike…it’s not that bad. His dad said.

He’s right daddy…they are all real shy…I know from talking to some of my friends that they do stuff with their family…but they won’t really talk about it…they are going to have a cow when I start to show. As Kaitlin was talking she felt Mike’s erection pressed against her naked back. Kaitlin eased herself up and then sat in Mike’s lap with his stiff cock deep inside her.

Mike kissed his little sister’s neck and wrapped his arms protectively around her. It was the most natural thing for this brother and sister to be united as one.

Kaitlin looked at her Dad. Daddy…I want to be able to do this on the beach…in front of everybody.

Ted walked over and kissed Kaitlin. His fingers lightly caressed Mike’s very fertile testicles and the base of his erect cock were it disappeared into his sister. Ted’s fingers lovingly massaged Kaitlin’s swollen clit as he finished their tender kiss. We are going to have to figure out how to make that happen.

Ted looked around the room and said; maybe skinny dipping with the Millers would be a good place to start. Ted told her that he would sit down with each family and tell them about your pregnancy and how happy we are about it.

Ummm…I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to live like we do? Noah asked as his changing voice cracked.

Good question froggy, his older brother teased. Zach looked around the room. But Noah is right…I was wondering the same thing.

Ted explained that all of the people on the island discovered their family love in environments where you had to hide it or you got in a huge amount of trouble.

Is that how it was for you guys? Zach asked Ted.

Mike and Kaitlin can tell you better how it started for us than anybody. They are the ones that helped us discover the world of family love.

Mike started to tell the story while Kaitlin sat on his lap with his throbbing boner deep inside her. Mike lightly stroked her hard clit as he told the story. I came home from Basketball practice one afternoon. I was still sweaty and in my shorts and t-shirt from practice. Kaitlin called out to me as I came up the steps. I was about 13…almost 14…and Kaitlin had just turned 12. She called out to me as I came up the step and asked me to help her for a minute.

I walked into her room. She asked me for help on how to solve a math problem. I started to lean over her desk and explain it to her when I realized that I was all sweaty and probably smelly. She asked me why I pulled back…and I told her.

Kaitlin sniffed the air. She smiled and said, it’s okay…I think you just smell like a boy. She blushed and told me she kind of liked it.

Kaitlin picked up the story telling, Mike leaned on my desk. I was totally distracted and didn’t hear anything he was telling me about solving the math problem. I was overwhelmed by the scent of boy. I kept looking at his strong hand and arm in front of me glistening with perspiration. I inhaled deeply and he caught me and commented that I must really like stinky boys.

I grinned and nodded yes. As he finished, I asked him if he would answer a personal question. He nodded and said yes without any hesitation. I told him that Mary Jo Evan told me that she and her boyfriend Nathan made out all the time and Nathan put her hand on his hard thing. I looked up at my big brother and asked him if his thing ever got hard like that.

Mike smiled and nodded at me and said that it did a lot. He asked me how I knew so much about a guy’s thing. I blushed and made him promise he wouldn’t get mad at me. He nodded and I told him I sometimes sneak peeks of him when he is in the shower and changing clothes.

Mike grinned at me and told me that he knew I was peeking in on him. He said that he could see me in the mirror. And….um…it is really hard right now with all of this talk about it. Mike turned red in the face when he asked me if I wanted to see it. I couldn’t believe that my very cool, sexy big brother was going to show me his penis. Mike pulled down his shorts and his jock strap and I thought I would faint. Here it was…right in front of me. I looked at his penis and then I looked up at Mike…then back at his boner again. All I remember is that Mike stroked my hair and told me that I could touch it if I wanted to. As I reached out to touch it, Mike said it would be very cool if we were both naked. I knew that Mom had taken the twins shopping and that we had a while. I stripped off my t-shirt and pulled off my shorts. Mike stripped off his shirt and as he did I saw the hair under his arm. It was cool and I ran my finger down through it. It was wet with his perspiration.

When Mike looked at me his eyes looked kind of funny…like out of focus. I just remember him saying…Kaitlin…you’re so beautiful. I have always thought you were pretty …but…wow…magnificent…hot…those breasts are so cool. I looked at Mike and I hugged him.

Mary Jo told me that she…like made Nathan seed. That’s not possible is it…I mean unless he like…ummm…put it…you know…in her.

Yes it is possible. Guys my age can make seed anytime they want to.

No way…

Yeah…you just have to stroke it for a while and that will make the seed squirt out.

So…ummm…you could make baby seed anytime…like right now even? Kaitlin asked Mike.

Kaitlin ran her fingers up Mike’s shaft…oh wow…Mikey…it’s so hard…so smooth…and ummmm so hot. Kaitlin looked around the room and told everybody that when she touched Mike’s penis for the first time…he groaned so deep that it scared her…I pulled my hand back…I thought I had hurt him.

Mike put my hand back on his hard penis and told me he groaned because it felt so good. He took my hand once it was wrapped around his shaft and he held my hand and began to stroke himself with my hand. It only took a few strokes and Mike groaned… Oh Kaitlin…I am gonnna…

His thick creamy boy cum started to shoot out. I put out my hand to catch some and a big thick glob of hot semen landed in my hand. Kaitlin explained that she watched him shoot his sperm until he was done. Then she took a closer look at the seed in her hand.

Kaitlin touched it. Then she sniffed it. And then…she tasted it.

I couldn’t believe it. Mike said. Of course Mary Jo told her she swallowed some and Kaitlin had to try it. She thought it was a little salty. I sat up in bed and l looked at her breasts. They were amazing. I touched them gently with my finger. We heard noise down stairs. We both got dressed really fast. I kissed her on the cheek and ran for my room.

That night when I tried to do my homework all I could think about was Kaitlin. When I was ready to turn off the light, I stripped naked and crawled on to the bed. I needed to get off so bad. I started to stroke. I heard the door open. I held my breath expecting Mom or Dad. The light didn’t come on. Then I felt her hands on my naked body. Her sweet little voice saying, Mikey…I want to touch you more. Then I felt her night gown land beside me. She climbed in my bed and she lay on top of me. My hard cock was pressed against her naked body…

Mmm…this is awesome. She told me. I felt her legs open up and then I felt her scoot down. Kaitlin’s pussy lips caressed the tip of my penis. It was awesome. Kaitlin could not stay still and the head of my penis was inside her. She wiggled and moved until I whispered for her to stay still or I would cum. Kaitlin stayed still for a few moments, but I was too far gone for that to help much. When she moved around again, I groaned as I squirted her full of my hot sperm. She kissed me on the lips the whole time I was cumming.

The next morning when I was getting ready for school Kaitlin came in and kissed me again. She asked me if I got her pregnant last night. Kaitlin seemed disappointed when I told her that was not possible unless she was having periods. She kissed me again and told me last night was awesome.

That night my beautiful little girl came to me. She was naked when she came in. Kaitlin hugged me tight and told me how much she loved me. Her naked body was on top of me like the night before. She scooted down and took my hard penis into her. Only this time she took me deeper and I felt her hymen stretching. I wanted to stop her but it felt so good. I felt it snap and Kaitlin gasped as my penis went to her core. This time I rolled her over and I began to thrust until I felt the hot seed race through my penis. I squirted her full of my seed again. Kaitlin loved it. We made love two more times that night and she finally went to her own bed about 3 am. When the alarm went off the next morning, I stumbled into the shower. I didn’t notice anything until I started to turn on the water and looked down and saw that there was dried blood all over my penis and legs. That was when Mom yelled for me to get out there. I grabbed my towel and went into the bedroom. She tore the towel away from me and saw the blood all over me but no wound. She ran into Kaitlin’s room and saw that she was a bloody mess too.

She marched us naked into her room and called her office and told her nurse to cancel her appointments for the day. She looked at Daddy and told him that our babies had sex last night. I was sure any second that one of them was going to lose it. It was real quiet. Daddy called his office and left a message that he would not be in today. The twins were standing in the door way when he got up to go to the bathroom. His penis was rock hard and he was completely naked like Kaitlin and me. The twins just watched it all with their mouths hanging open.

When he came back in the room he was still half hard. He put his arm around Mom and hugged her. He told her that she had wondered how they were going to talk to us about this and I guess this answers that question. Daddy told her.

They watched as Kaitlin wrapped her arms around my naked waist and she held me tight. She was sure we were in trouble and she started to sob against my chest. I held her tight and told her to please not cry.

I held Kaitlin’s trembling body tight against mine and I was willing to do anything necessary to protect her. I was shocked when Mom and Dad hugged our naked bodies between theirs. Mom kissed the top of Kaitlin’s head and told her everything was fine. I felt Daddy’s hard boner pressing against Kaitlin and me.

The twins rushed in and joined the family hug. Nobody went to work or school that day. We were home all day learning about how to love our family. One of the things that we learned was never to tell anybody.

Ted hugged Mike and Kaitlin. He kissed both of them as his erection left precum all over the front of his shorts. God…you two are so sexy and I love you so much!! He told them. We will help the people on the island learn how to live and love openly.

Daddy you are awesome! Kaitlin told her Dad. But…ummmm…Daddy…uuhhhh….Mikey’s is rubbing my clit real hard and ummmm…it feels real good. Kaitlin groaned loudly as she ground her hard clit against her brother’s hand. Oh…Mike…so good….so fucking good…yeah…right there….oh yeah…harder…oh…please….FUCK yeah! She cried out as her beautiful blue eyes rolled up in her head. She moaned two or three times as she rode the wild waves of her orgasm.

Ryan looked over and Emily was bent over holding on to the arm of the sofa and Will stood behind her. Ryan smiled as he watched Will making love to his little girl doggy style in front of all of these people. Will was so turned on that it only took him a few thrusts to begin to fill Emily’s steaming hot pussy with his boy seed. The sound of his loins slapping her ass was so sexy.

Christie put her arms out for Zach. Zach come here baby, she called. I need your thick hard boy cock. Zach took his mother in his arms and their naked flesh pressed together. Zack’s stiff boyhood slipped easily into his mother’s vagina. Christie was wet with anticipation. She groaned deeply as Zach’s thick boy cock penetrated her to her core. As he stroked his mother’s hair, Zach kissed her and asked her if she thought the baby really could be his.

She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled his throbbing boy stalk deep in her steaming core. She kissed him back and asked him how he would feel about making her pregnant.

I think it would be awesome. Zach told her enthusiastically.

She felt his erection swell and throb as he thought about the possibility that it was his baby growing in her belly.

Zach began to thrust with long powerful strokes. His sucked her nipples as his throbbing cock pounded her cervix.

Amy called to Mike and so there were a pair of mother and son combinations making beautiful love side by side. Mike reached over and stroked Zach’s back and hip as he watched his friend build toward a powerful orgasm. Mike watched Zach’s thick boy cock and he too wondered if Zach had inseminated his mother. The thought of a son making their mother pregnant pushed Mike rapidly toward his own orgasm. His kissed his mother passionately as listened to her whimpers of pleasure as he drove her to climax. Suddenly Mike felt his mother’s finger nails rake his back as the wild pleasure of orgasm rocked her.

Amy humped against his pubis grinding her stiff clit against his body. You want to make me pregnant…don’t you?

Mike responded by wildly thrusting and filling her with his hot boy semen….Fuck yeah…mom…so hot….he squirted his seed again and again into her hot womb.

Next to them, Christie cried out and began to ejaculate all over her sexy son’s body as she drew his boy cock deep inside her. She felt his thick hot creamy seed pour into her womb as she ground her sex against him. She wondered if his seed was what filled her womb with the baby. The thought only intensified her passion.

Hannah held Thomas’ naked immature boy body in her arms. She loved making love to the young boys…they were just so raw and sexual. Thomas buried his 11 year old boner deep in the sexy 12 year old. He thought about how Zach had impregnated Hannah and that only inflamed the younger boy’s passion. It was too much stimulation for the young boy and Hannah felt his sexy body shudder as he poured out his thin clear boy semen into her. She held him tight as he thrust his boy boner uncontrollably in her.

He was gasping for breath. You didn’t? Thomas asked Hannah.

She thought it was so cute that he worried about not giving her an orgasm. Hannah hugged the sexy boy tight and whispered in his ear that it was still wonderful. She kissed Thomas’ lips tenderly and stroked his naked back as the sexy boy remained semi erect in her.

Ryan stood there watching Emily and Will. Emily kissed and hugged the sexy boy. She turned and saw her father’s pulsing erection. Ryan led her to a quiet corner and the two stretched out on the rug. Emily toyed with her father’s stiff member. Ryan was on his back and Emily held his stiff thick 7 ½” erection up in all of its proud glory. Ryan loved it when Emily touched and explored his manhood. He beamed as she climbed on top of him and he held her magnificent 11 year old naked body against his. He felt her turgid nipples pressing against his chest. She pushed up into a sitting position.

Ryan watched fascinated as Will’s thick creamy boy seed leaked out of her vagina on to his abdomen.

Emily blushed and said, Whoops…sorry about that.

Ryan used his index finger to scoop up the thick creamy boy seed and then quickly sucked it off of his finger. Will was instantly erect watching Emily and her Dad.

Ryan picked up his beautiful little girl and lowered her on to his throbbing cock.

Emily groaned as the thick man meat penetrated her. I…ummm…wasn’t sure you would want me…you know…with Will’s stuff in me…

That only makes you sexier Ryan told her as he fully penetrated her 11 year old vagina slippery with Will’s boy seed.

Will watched father and daughter joined as one with lust filled eyes. Ryan saw him watching and waved him over. He told the boy to see if he could penetrate her too. Ryan felt Will’s 13 year old boy cock as the tip pressed against his shaft as Will strained to penetrate Emily while her Daddy’s cock was deep inside her.

Oh…Daddy…Will…so tight…not sure…

Ryan felt the head of Will’s penis penetrate Emily. Emily moaned as she adjusted. Ryan watched Will’s hands find Emily’s nipples as he penetrated Emily from behind. Will could not believe that he was double penetrating this incredibly sexy girl with her father.

Oh…fuck Will that feels so good with your cock against mine.

Emily was gasping for breath as she adjusted and her juices began to flood her sex. As Will pleasured her nipples she felt his rock hard boner penetrate her fully. Emily began to ride up and down the two thick cocks buried deep in her core. She panted and moaned as the explosive climax rocked her young body. She squirted all over her Daddy and Will. She felt both of them explode hot semen in her womb at the same time. Ryan could not believe that he was double penetrating Emily and that he just filled her with his hot seed while squirting all over Will’s cock. He wondered as he felt their combined man seed leaking over his scrotum how close beautiful Emily was to being fertile.

Ryan saw Noah with Sara. Sara had such a beautiful sexy 13 year old body, Ryan thought. Her breasts were developing nicely and she had the cutest sandy colored pubic bush that Noah seemed to be fascinated with. Noah was between Sara’s legs pleasuring her with his tongue. Sara’s face revealed the intensity of her pleasure. She suddenly lifted Will and pulled his stiff boner into her steaming sex. Ryan watched as his sexy 11 year old boy thrust his boner in and out of the amazing 13 year old. Sara seemed to be developing a close relationship with Noah beyond their sexual attraction. Ryan listened as Noah brought Sara to a wild climax. He saw his boy’s hips thrust as hard and fast as they could and the sound of Noah’s voice as it changed octaves as he cried out with his pleasure. The injection was having a rapid effect on his sexy little boy.

Ryan stayed rock hard and he noticed that Will was too. Ryan thought about Will’s tight ass and decided that he needed to penetrate that beautiful boy butt later…fill that hot kid with his seed. For now he held Will’s bubble butt as they both began to slowly thrust their cock in and out of Emily. He felt Will’s body tense and heard the boy groan as he unleashed another torrent of his teen boy seed into Emily’s unprotected womb. That was all it took for Ryan and his thick cock exploded again sending jet after jet of creamy seed in his 11 year old daughter’s womb.

Baby Josh started to cry and Mike and Hannah went to check on it. The little boy made Hannah’s heart ache he was so beautiful. Josh was wet and hungry.

Mike took off the wet diaper and said they should give him a bath. Mike grinned and said, let’s do it the fun way. He handed the naked baby boy to Hannah and led her by the hand to the shower. Just as they stepped in the shower, Josh’s bladder let go soaking Hannah. Mike and Hannah laughed and turned on the water. The little guy snuggled against Hannah’s breast and he locked on her nipple. The sucking combined with Mike’s sexy naked body had Hannah’s sex aching in a matter of a few moments. Mike washed the three of them. He held Josh’s naked little body up in the shower spray. After he rinsed off the soap, Mike took Josh’s little penis in his mouth. He sucked his little boy until he and his daddy were both rock hard. Hannah knelt before Mike and pulled his penis down to her lips. She sucked Mike as she watched him suck on little Josh until the baby’s body shuddered with the good feeling. Mike’s own eruption happened moments later and he filled Hannah’s mouth with his hot seed. They dried off and took Josh to Kaitlin so that she could nurse him. As Kaitlin held her baby to her breast, Hannah knelt between Kaitlin’s legs and licked and sucked her friend’s hard clit. In moments Kaitlin was in the throes of a powerful orgasm as she continued to nurse little Josh.

Groups of them began to drift off to the bedrooms. Most of the beds in the villa quickly became a tangle of beautiful arms and legs as the two exhausted families quickly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Kaitlin walked out on the patio with Josh eagerly nursing on her left nipple. Kaitlin watched as Zach swam slow graceful laps in an effortless fashion. His beauty and grace was awesome as he barely disturbed the surface of the water.

Everyone was showering and dressing. Zach and Kaitlin quickly showered and dressed and joined everyone in the living room. They walked together to the dining room in the hotel. After they ordered Ted began to tell them about the island.

The island is about 150 miles from here. Ted told them. It is an out island and as a result there is not much natural traffic and that is why it was never developed…that along with the fact that there was no fresh water when I bought it. The government officials thought I was crazy to buy an out island with no water. We were able to buy it very cheaply from the Bahama government. We also bought our independence from the Bahamas. We originally planned to have water collectors and eventually desalinate water.

A geologist we hired found rock formations that suggested not only was there fresh water years ago, it appeared that there was a spring at the top of the bluff at one time. With a little drilling we found an endless source of fresh water, the water cascaded down the side of the bluff as a waterfall and a fresh water lagoon formed in the center of the island. It really is idyllic now.

Ryan asked about the other people that are on the island.

Amy and I have been part of a large group on the internet that practice family love, Ted told him as if it was the most common thing in the world. There has been considerable discussion among the group for years about building a community of family lovers. All of the people involved are successful in a variety of fields including writing, teaching, photography, military, ranching and business. We began having gatherings at one of the member’s ranch in Wyoming for the last 4 years.

Close relationships developed and 14 families decided that they were close to being ready to break away. I found the island and started work on the infrastructure of the island. It is 5 miles long and almost 2 miles wide. It has a natural and protected harbor and miles of sandy beaches.

We decided that we would start with a resort community where families could live for weeks or months at a time and decide if they liked it. In one end of the harbor, it is relatively shallow and has a reef. We carefully built a large dock out over the reef and built thatched hut villas on the pier. They have full modern conveniences and one wonderful feature that we all love. All of the rooms have large Plexiglas windows in the floor so that we can watch the fish on the reef.

It is a beautiful place filled with awesome people. Ted told them. As we discussed your family is much further along in some of the more advanced aspects of the lifestyle. We know from our discussion groups that all of the families actively practice family love. We have discussed the possibility of pregnancy but no one…including us has admitted to the group that one of their family members is with child. Baby Josh is no secret…but no one has had the nerve to ask about his parents.

Ryan, Christie, Hannah and Zach immediately looked concerned.

Ted expected their concern. Since Kaitlin is on the verge of beginning to show and Josh is no secret, we are going to have the discussion with the community this week.

All of the families have spent years hiding the intense relationships among the members of their families. Old habits tend to die hard. They are still private.

The other thing is that the other families are still pretty reserved about public nudity and displays of affection. In their defense, they have only lived as a community for 2 months and they are dealing with the baggage having to hide their love in their former lives.

Ummm….so we can’t be naked and uuummm…be ourselves? Zach asked.

It will change but it may take a little while. Take your time meet the other kids and their families and see what happens.

I found a great place where we can run naked and skinny dip as much as we want…don’t worry Zach…we love the way you want to live. Mike told him. Mike got up and hugged the younger blond boy. Man…I am going to love having you there.

What about school? Christie asked.

We have high speed internet via satellite and an excellent home school group. Amy answered.

Sounds cool…Zach announced…when can we see it?

Ted smiled and hugged the 14 year old. That is why we flew in. We thought we would fly you to the island in the morning.

They paid the check and went back to gather some things to take with them. The hotel van picked them up and took them to the airport. When they got there they met Simon the pilot. Simon had black hair and rugged good looks. Hannah laughed and said she thought their pilot was a movie star. Simon hugged her and kissed her on the cheek and told her she was sweet. That was when Hannah saw the sexy guy coming down the step of the plane.

Simon laughed and said this is the real movie star…my son Randy.

Wow…Hannah said…you’re hot!

They all climbed aboard and the pilot quickly took off. As soon as they reached altitude, Ted walked down the aisle. Kaitlin and Hannah were fascinated by baby Josh. As he moved further down the aisle he found Zach sitting by the window and Mike holding Zach’s thick boy cock and massaging the head of it.

You two are so bad…what am I going to do with you? Ted asked them shaking his head. He kissed Mike’s forehead. I just wanted to remind you that you still need to finish your chores. We need to get the antique dingy painted.

I’ll help you Zach volunteered.

Great! Mike said just as the seat belt bell sounded. They began their approach to the runway on the island.

Zach slipped his boner back in his cargo shorts just as the wheels touched down.

As they got off, Mike and Zach headed over to the storage building. Mike found the paint and they grabbed a golf cart and headed down to the beach. The harbor was beautiful. Mike waved to his friends as they drove down on the hard packed beach.

As they stood there, Mike pointed to where the antique dingy was tethered to buoy. Mike said they would have to swim out and tow the boat back to the beach. Mike stripped off his t-shirt.

Zach followed Mike’s lead and stripped off his Abercrombie t-shirt. Zach automatically stripped off his cargo shorts too and left them on the beach. Zach started down toward the water naked as the day he was born with a beautiful overall tan on his magnificent body.

Mike smiled and did the same thing. The two magnificent teenagers walked down to water’s edge. They waded out into knee deep water and then began to swim slowly toward the dingy.

Everyone’s attention was glued to the two magnificent naked teen boys as they swam out to the dingy. And then the chatter started about the controversy of their nudity. Mrs. Smith decided that she would be the one to talk to the boys about how inappropriate it was to be naked.

She watched as they swam back toward the beach using the rope to tow the boat back as they swam toward shore. The outlines of their tan bodies in the clear water were visible from a distance. As they swam closer to shore she could begin to see the details of their lean arms and legs. And then she could clearly see their penises and scrotums through the water. The boys swam until they could stand on the soft sandy bottom. They stood and all of their magnificent beauty was visible.

Mrs. Smith gasped as their penises came into view. Since they moved to the island, she found that she could not take her eyes off of Mike. He was…well…just plain sexy. She wondered what he would look like naked. She stood and stared at the two handsome boys as they moved the dingy on to the beach. She watched as they turned the boat upside down and began to carry it higher up the beach. Their young lean muscles rippled as they carried the boat. She could not take her eyes off of Mike’s flaccid 5” penis nestled on his scrotum between his two magnificent seed filled orbs. She believed the stories that she had heard that that beautiful baby boy was his…and his sexy sister’s. She felt the moisture in her vagina as her excitement built.

As beautiful as these boys are, they just could not be allowed to run around naked…think about what that might cause. The boys set the boat on the beach beside the golf cart. They began to scrape the bottom of the boat to prepare it to be repainted. Mrs. Smith walked up to them.
Mike glanced up and saw Mrs. Smith walking toward them. He politely stood up. He held the paint scraper beside his leg and some of the paint chips stuck to his naked body. Hi Mrs. Smith he said in an exuberant fashion.

Zach stood up and turned to see who Mike was talking to. Mrs. Smith walked up just as he turned.

Mrs. Smith, this is my friend Zach. Zach and his family are moving to the island.

Zach put out his hand to shake Mrs. Smith’s hand. She was stunned as she looked at Zach’s hand she saw that his pubis was completely bare. There was not one hair on his body other than his shaggy mane of white blond hair.

She took Zach’s hand but could not raise her eyes to his face. She realized that she was staring his bare pubis and beautiful penis. She felt her juices being to leak out of her vagina on to her bikini bottom. Mrs. Smith shook her head and raised her eyes to see Zach’s magnificent blue eyes and gorgeous smile.

She blushed deeply as she realized that the boy was amused at her gawking at his penis.

It is very nice to meet you, Zach said.

Ummm…it is…ummmm..well…ummm…nice to…ummm…you know…have you here. She stammered out and blushed even deeper. Ummm…I…ahhh…was…just…you know…going to…

Suddenly a deep booming voice said, Hi Maggie…how are you? It was Ted. I see you have met Zach. This is his Dad. Ryan…this is Maggie Smith.

Maggie thought that Ryan was just a slightly older version of his very sexy son.

Ted told the boys they were doing a good job…totally ignoring the fact that their two magnificent bodies were stark naked. He gave them some pointers on how to sand the bottom before they repainted it.

Ted put his hand on Maggie’s shoulder. Can I have a word with you? They began to walk down the beach that surrounded the harbor.

As they walked along, Ted reminded Maggie about the discussions they had all had regarding the possibility of pregnancy.

Maggie nodded. She suddenly looked very concerned. She could not imagine how Ted could possibly know about her 13 year old daughter, Maryanne.

I wanted to let you know our good news. Kaitlin is pregnant with Mike’s child.
Maggie struggle for a moment to readjust her thoughts to the fact that Ted was talking about Kaitlin, she blurted out…thank god!

Ted raised an eyebrow…very surprised at her reaction.

I…ummmm….well…we…ummm…didn’t know how to tell you…that ummmm…Maryanne is…ummm…well…pregnant. Jack impregnated her. Maggie looked at Ryan and explained that Jack was her husband. Jack…ummmm….well…he impregnated her…3 months ago. We were so worried about what others would think.

Ryan looked at her and said, if it matters to you…I think it is awesome news.

Maggie looked at Ryan with an expression that was between being thrilled and awed.

You see…my 12 year old daughter, Hannah, is pregnant too. My son Zach impregnated her. And my wife, Christie, is pregnant too. Since Zach and I double penetrated her at the height of her fertility, we are not sure who the daddy is.

Oh…wow…that is awesome…I was afraid that people would think we were freaks. Maggie said with tears streaming down her face.

Ted and Ryan took Maggie in their arms and the three of them had a wonderful group hug. She sobbed and thanked the two of them profusely.

They walked back down the beach and they saw Zach and Mike join 14 year old Jimmy Jackson, 16 year old Chip Reston and 12 Jason Taylor who were throwing the football around. Mike saw Jimmy throw a high pass that was gently floating down toward Jason who was running out for the pass toward the water line. At the last moment Mike leapt high into the air and intercepted the pass. He landed in the shallow water and then stumbled and fell in waist deep water.

Jason laughed and waded into the water and put out his hand to help Mike up. Mike could see the bulge in Jason’s board shorts and was pretty sure that the 12 year old wanted a closer look at his junk.

The other boys on the beach wandered down and joined in. They soon had a touch football game going.

On the end of the dock, beyond the glass bottomed villas, Will and Sara sat side by side. They both wore shorts and a t-shirt. Their bare legs rubbed together as they sat side by side. The two of them were quiet as they watched all of the fish swimming around the reef below. Will quietly took hold of Emily’s hand. He held it for a few moments and then he pulled the back of her hand and pressed it against the hard bulge in his shorts. He stared out at the ocean and didn’t say anything. Emily leaned over and kissed the sexy sandy haired boy on the cheek. She whispered…you’re pretty awesome and then pecked him on the cheek again. She looked at Will. We…ummm…could you know…go take care of your hard friend…ummm…you know… if you want…

Will leaned over and kissed her on the lips tenderly. Yeah…thanks…but…ummmm…if we did that every time I got hard we would never do anything else. He looked at her and told her that every time he thinks about her he gets hard.

Emily kissed him on the cheek again and told him he was really sweet.

They walked down the dock in search of the other kids.

Hannah, Kaitlin and Sara arrived at the beach in time for the game. They all decided that they wanted to join in. When they showed up the boys welcomed them…except for Mike and Zach.

Are you two sure you will be okay? Zach asked his sister and Kaitlin.

We’ll be fine…there is nothing to worry about…exercise is good for us.

Maryanne Smith joined them and since she is a very fast runner Mike developed a play where Maryanne carried the ball. Jimmy Jackson saw her coming and ran toward her. Maryanne headed into the water. Jimmy lost his footing as he tried to tag Maryanne. His thumbs hooked in the ties that held her bikini bottom. As Jimmy fell he tugged on the bottom of her bikini and he heard the sound of ripping fabric. One of the ties tore loose and she stood up in the shallow water laughing. Maryanne was bottomless. She tossed the destroyed bottom on the beach as she walked back to the huddle.

The next play was a broken play where nothing developed. Maryanne snuck up behind Jimmy and grabbed his low riding board shorts and pulled them down. Jimmy turned around his penis semi erect. He was laughing that she had returned the “favor”. They continued to play and Emily and Will joined in. Slowly but surely the kids got naked until all of them were stark naked. All of the parents at the beach watched the game. There was some grumbling about the nudity, but all of them watched the sexy naked kids at play.

Mike’s team scored a touchdown and Kaitlin and Mike shared a very intimate celebration kiss. There were a lot of knowing smiles among the kids. At the end of the game, all of the kids stretched their naked bodies on the beach. As they looked around, many of the boys’ penises began to become stiff.

Mike and Kaitlin walked down the beach toward the water. Hannah and Zach followed. They dove and played in the water and soon they paired off as couples. Hannah swam up behind Zach and then swam between his legs.

The water was so clear that the people on the beach could see everything that they did underwater.

Hannah felt Zach’s stiff erection and under water she kissed the stiff tip of his boy boner. She broke water and took a breath as she stared up at her sexy brother. Hannah slowly submerged again and she took Zach’s stiff cock that tasted of sea salt deep in her mouth. Zack lifted her beautiful 12 year old body up and their sexy young bodies merged into one.

They were completely oblivious to the fact that the people on shore knew without question that the sexy brother and sister were joined in intercourse. Zach loved his little sister more than words could ever describe and he really didn’t give a damn if others knew it. Neither of them sought sexual release they just wanted to be one.

Mike swam up on one side of them and Kaitlin on the other. They hugged their new friends. Zach and Hannah…you two are so sexy. We love you guys.

As Mike hugged their naked bodies they felt his stiff erection rubbing against them. The four of them kissed each other. As the girls kissed and the boys kissed, Zach felt Hannah’s vagina begin to contract with her orgasm around his aching penis. Those contractions were enough to push Zach over the edge.

Hannah felt Zach’s life force erupt into her womb. It intensified her orgasm.

Mike began to thrust against Zach muscular leg as his semen squirted all over the blond boy. The intensity of their kiss increased until the height of their orgasms had passed. When they described it to their families later, it was described as a spiritual bonding. The four of them were joined as one in the most intimate way in the most public place.

They heard the raised voices from the beach and choose to ignore them. They held each other tight waiting for the storm to pass…but it didn’t.

Phil Halston was raging about how things were completely out of control and all of this needed to stop right now. His wife Mary tried to calm him but there was no way to sooth his anger. As soon as Ted and Ryan came into view, Phil turned his rage on them.

Ted calmly told everyone that they would meet in the dining hall in the gathering room. Ted said that they would discuss this in a calm and civil fashion. He asked them put the chairs in a circle.

When everyone was seated, Phil popped up out of his seat and began to rage again. This is wrong. It will cause bad things. We can’t live like animals running around naked and having sex in public…it is just wrong!

Martin Swenson stood up. He looked around. I watched those children undress…timidly at first. And then they played football naked as if that was how they always did it. I could not take my eyes off of their beautiful bodies. They were magnificent. He looked down at the floor for a moment. I…ummm…was so excited…so hard. And then I watched the new kids, as he glanced at Ryan and Christie. They held hands going into the water. And Mike and Kaitlin followed them. I watched them go through a playful mating ritual. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Then the two joined as one and then 4 became one. I lost it…I never touched myself…but I had one of the most powerful orgasms ever. His wife Karen took his hand and then she lay her head against his arm in tender support. It was awesome. And then the screaming started.

Your damn right I screamed, Phil said. His face turned a deep shade of red. All of this public nudity and immorality is going to cause chaos. Sex needs to be controlled. Otherwise everyone will want to have sex with each other and it will be chaos.

Ted started to speak when he saw Ryan stand up. Ted quickly sat back down knowing that if anyone could reason with Phil it would be Ryan.

Ryan cleared his throat. I am very new here. My name is Ryan Miller. This lifestyle had always been a fantasy of mine, and I later found out, and Christie’s. Our experience has been awesome. We helped our children discover their sexuality. Our attraction to each other was the most natural thing in the world. We were drawn to each other. At first it was timid experimentation.

I will never forget our first night on the boat. It had been an intense day of sexual exploration for the kids. When Christie and I were finally alone in our cabin, we melted into each other’s arms and made passionate love like it was our first time. We lay there in post orgasmic bliss and held each other tight. The quiet sounds of the water lapping against the hull and the gentle breeze in the riggings were interrupted by the sound of 12 year old Hannah and 14 year old Zach talking. They were in the cockpit and the port holes for our cabin are in the foot well of the cockpit. We could hear them as clearly as if we were sitting next to them. They had clearly been listening to us making wild passionate love.

Then we listened as an amazing bond form between Zach our 14 year old and Hannah his 12 year sister. The family began to explore all forms of pleasuring each other. It seemed the most natural thing in the world and deepened our relationships with each other. It never occurred to any of us to think about a particular act as being straight, gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

Tom Gibson spoke up and asked Ryan if he minded a question.

Ryan told him to please go ahead and ask his question.

We have teens or preteens about the same age as Hannah and Zach. Our younger daughter is 8. She feels left out when we are all having intercourse. She wants her brother or me to have sex with her. I am just worried that 8 years old is too young. What do you think? Tom asked Ryan.

We had a similar situation with Emily. She is 11. She wanted me to take her virginity, buy my erection is 7 ½” and very thick. I was concerned about hurting her. One afternoon she literally took the situation into her own hands. We were sailing and Zach was up on the bow reading a book. Emily went forward and stretched out beside her naked brother. As they lay there, Emily began to fondle her brother. Zach put his book down and began to fondle his little sister. They began to kiss passionately and then Emily straddled her brother. Emily eased down until she had the head of Zach’s erect penis in her vagina. Zach was startled. He felt the resistance of her maidenhead. As he was telling her not to do it, Emily took her own virginity using her brother’s penis. I guess I have learned to trust their instincts about when they are ready.

What about your youngest son’s virginity? Tom asked.

He lost his virginity to his mother. Later on his twin sister sucked him to his first wet orgasm.

Wow…that’s awesome! Tom said.

Christie told me the next morning after Zach and Hannah had intercourse that her cycle was very regular and she was right in the middle of the cycle. I hugged my wife and made passionate love to her as I thought about our son inseminating his sister. It wasn’t long after that that Zach, Christine and I were sharing the family bed. I wondered what it would be like for Zach and me to double penetrate Christine. We did and we both had awesome orgasms and filled Christine’s womb with our combined seed. Christine and I had decided we wanted another baby, but I didn’t realize that she stopped the pill before we left on the trip. A few days ago we learned that Hannah and Christine are pregnant. Zach and Hannah are ecstatic. He pulled Christine up beside him and kissed her and then told everyone that they were not sure if the beautiful baby growing inside of Christine is his baby or grandbaby. He looked at everyone and told them he couldn’t begin to tell them how excited he was about it…either way.

Phil Halston stood back up. He was even redder in the face. You are wrong…just plain wrong! The man should be making all the decisions…he should be the only one having sex with the girls. If the boys want to stroke each other or suck each other…I guess that’s okay. But the Daddy needs to be the one getting the girls pregnant. You don’t need all of this naked stuff and you sure don’t want them seeing other brothers and sisters having sex with each other.

Ted stood up and signaled to Ryan that he would take it from here. Well…that is interesting Phil. I would like to hear what others think.

Phil announced in a belligerent fashion that they didn’t need to hear any other ideas…that was just the way it was going to be.

Ted looked sternly at Phil. Well…I am sorry that you feel that way. We are going to discuss it…with or without you. Ted invited the others to comment.

Martin Swenson stood up. I will start the discussion. I thought the kids on the beach were beautiful and Ryan’s experiences sound awesome. He held his wife Kathi’s hand. I want to see what Kathi thinks but I want to live like Ryan and his family.

Kathi stood up and kissed Marty passionately. She cupped her husband’s erection through his shorts. Are you telling me you want another baby?
Marty kissed her passionately. Yes…oh yes.

Who else?

Maggie stood up and said, I wanted to let all of you know that we are excited. Jack impregnated Maryanne.

Jack hugged Maggie as she sat back down.

Devin Colby stood up and told Ryan that what he had described was the sexiest thing he had ever heard of. I want to live in that kind of environment.

Several others voiced their agreement with Devin.

Everyone started talking at once. Ted held up his hand to quiet them. So how many of you agree with Devin?

Slowly every hand went up except Phil’s.

Phil was enraged. He stood up red in the face. Well…fuck all of you…you are wrong. If you are going to live like animals, we are leaving. He put his hand out for his wife, Joanna, to follow him out of the room.

She looked at Phil and told him that he could leave if he wanted to…she was staying and continuing with the discussion. She looked at Ted and asked if there was any chance that she and the kids could stay on the island even if Phil left.

Ted quickly looked around at the others and every one nodded in agreement. Ted told Joanna that she was welcome to stay.

Well…I am still leaving…and now that you have turned my family against me…well I am going to tell everybody I can about your island. I bet that changes your mind.

Ted looked at him and hesitated a moment. I don’t think you want to threaten that…you do remember your interview for the island and how it was recorded so that the others could view it and decide about having you join us…you described having sex with your daughter in graphic detail. I think that video would be a big hit on YouTube?

Gather your things and be ready to go in an hour. Ted told Phil.

After Phil left, Ted asked Simon and his son if they would fly Phil back to the mainland. Simon said sure that they would be back by dinner.

Ted said great…and speaking of dinner… Ted turned to Mary Wong their Cordon Bleu trained chef. Mary what would you think of a beach luau?

I think it would be perfect if it were…you know…a themed event. Mary responded.


Well I was thinking it could be our 1st Annual Naked Beach Luau. Mary said with a grin.

The room erupted in laughter and agreement. They agreed to meet on the beach at 6 pm for dinner.

As the room cleared out, only Ted and Ryan were left. Ted shook hands with Ryan and pulled him into an embrace patting him on the back. He thanked Ryan for his support and leadership. They continued to hug each other.

Ted pulled back and looked into Ryan’s deep blue eyes. As they stood there embracing, Ted felt Ryan’s 7 ½” erection come between them. My god…that thing must be magnificent. His fingers caressed Ryan’s erection through his shorts as their lips met. They had an intensely passionate kiss. Ted dropped to his knees in front of Ryan. He pulled down the zipper and freed the thick hard member from Ryan’s shorts.

Ted wrapped his lips around the thick shaft. It was truly awesome. As he licked the tip he was met with a steady stream of delicious precum. Ted tried to lap up every drop…but it just kept flowing. As Ted’s tongue explored the thick cock, his fingers found the large seed filled orbs below it. Ted thought these testicles must produce gallons of cum. Ted thought that Ryan was one of the sexiest men he had ever seen. His six foot two frame with those large shoulders and well developed pecs were breathtaking. The swimmer’s build with a tight butt and this awesome cock…he was almost too good to be true.

Ted stood up and he kissed Ryan passionately. Your body is awesome. Ted told Ryan. Will you please spend the night with us tonight…I want Amy to watch you fuck me with that awesome cock of yours.

Ryan kissed Ted back and he unbuttoned his shorts. His hand found Ted’s 6 ½” cock. He looked down and saw that it had a huge mushroom head. Ryan was so turned on he dropped to his knees and began to suck greedily on the throbbing man meat. Ted wanted to hold back to make it last longer, but listening to Ryan’s stories and sucking his cock had pushed him too close to the edge.

Oh…FUCK… Ted cried out as he began to face fuck Ryan. Ryan almost choked on the forceful jets of thick creamy hot cum. It seemed like Ted could cum forever.

Ryan’s thick cock had been rubbing against Ted’s leg as he sucked him. He groaned as he cock spewed hot cum all over Ted and his shorts. Ted pulled Ryan up and they both feasted on the thick creamy load of Ted’s cum in Ryan’s mouth. Their kiss was long and passionate. Their fingers stroked and explored each other.

You are very sexy, Ryan told Ted when he broke their kiss. I would love to spend the night with you.

They walked down the beach to the dock. As they walked down the dock to their glass bottom villas, they saw Noah and Sara coming down the dock the other way.

Noah started to speak when he got a whiff of semen. He looked at Ted’s shorts and they were covered with thick globs of cum. Whoa…man…you got slimed. Noah said with his voice cracking and changing pitch. He paused for a minute. Ummmmm…Dad…did you…ummm…slime Ted?

Ryan laughed and said, yeah…I did.

Noah’s face lit up in a huge smile. Cool! He said. Ummm…like are we really going to stay here…this is really awesome…

Ryan hugged his beautiful boy and Sara. Yeah…we’re going to stay.

Dad…ummm….can Noah spend the night, Sara asked her dad.

Ted swept his 13 year old up in his arms and kissed her. Yeah…Noah can spend the night. I guess you got a thing for younger guys.

Sara blushed and nodded that yes she did have a thing for younger guys. She looked at the sexy 11 year old boy and took his hand and they walked down the dock together.

When Ryan walked in the villa he saw Hannah sitting on Mike’s lap and saw that Mike’s erection was buried deep in Hannah’s vagina. Zach was on his knees between Kaitlin’s legs. Ryan stopped to admire the beauty of the kids. Kaitlin was clawing the cushions on the couch with her fingernails as Zach took her over the top.

Ryan walked into their bedroom and took his beautiful wife who had just stepped out of the shower in his arms and kissed her passionately. Christie stroked his back as they kissed.

When they broke the kiss Christie said, baby you taste like sex.

Ryan laughed and told her that he should, he just swallowed about a gallon of Ted’s semen. He told her what had happened after she left and that Ted wanted them to spend the night so that Amy could watch him fuck Ted.

She kissed him again and said that sounded awesome. You’d better get a shower. It is almost 6.

There was a knock at the door to the villa. Nella Gunderson was at the door. She told Zach that since it was a theme party everyone would wear costumes. She gave them brightly color fabric for short sarongs for the women and loin cloths for the guys.

As Hannah took the material from her she noticed that there were not tops for the women. She asked about it.

We sort of figured that would be part of the theme…topless. I don’t imagine that the loin cloths or the sarongs will stay on very long, Nella told them.

Hannah and Kaitlin grinned and said, Cool!

When Ryan came out of the shower, he found Hannah, Kaitlin, Emily and Christie all putting on their sarongs. He didn’t think it was possible, but they looked even sexier in the brightly colored sarongs and topless than they did naked. He kissed each one of them and told them they looked awesome.

In the living room he found the boys. Noah, Zach and Mike all had on their loin cloths. The small squares of light color fabric looked great against their bronze over all tan. The boys helped Ryan get his loin cloth on and then all of them went next door to get Ted and Amy.

Emily came out of the back bedroom with Will. Ted shook his head as he looked at his boy’s loin cloth that billowed out due to the stiff erection behind it. It was already stained with the 13 year old boy’s precum.

Ted hugged him. Dude you’ve got it bad. His dad told him as he hugged him.

I can’t help it… Emily is just so sexy…and topless…holy shit…she is awesome. Will said.

I am sure you won’t be the only one with a boner in your loin cloth.

When they arrived at the beach club, they were serving Sex On The Beach and Skip And Go Naked to drink. The kids all took a taste and Mike and Zach decided to split a Sex On The Beach.

Mike started to introduce Zach to some of the other kids. Hannah walked up when Mike was introducing Max and Marie Halston…Phil’s kids. Max was almost 11 and his sister Marie was 13.

Max couldn’t take his eyes off of Hannah’s beautiful breasts. It was enough to make his immature boy boner stand on end.

Marie told her little brother that it was impolite to stare.

But they are sooooo cool. Max insisted.

Zach laughed a deep joyful laugh. I know what you mean Max…they are very cool. Zach told the younger boy…and they make my boner hard too!

Hannah leaned down and kissed Max’s cheek. You can stare at my breasts as much as you want. The young boy was awestruck.

Hannah hugged Marie too. She whispered in her ear that she was sorry about the problem with her Dad.

As they broke the hug, Marie thanked Hannah. With a tear in the corner of her eye, she told Hannah that he was kind of a jerk. Everything was all about him.

Hannah hugged Marie again their naked breast pressed together. She felt Marie sob and hugged her tighter. Hannah thought to herself, jerk or not he was still her Dad and it hurt.

Max watched his sister and Hannah hug. His boner got even harder.

Zach hugged the boy. He laughed and told him it was very sexy when half naked girls hugged.

As the girls broke their hug, Max looked up at Zach. Ummm…did you….ummmm….really…you know…make Hannah pregnant.

I did. Zach told him and he touched his sister’s naked belly. Zach leaned over and kissed her tummy and turned and smiled at Max. That is my baby growing in my sister, Max. What do you think of that?

Awesome! Max said.

When Zach stood up his loin cloth was pushed out by his throbbing erection. He kissed Hannah. I can’t help it…every time I think about the baby I get hard.

Hannah kissed her sexy brother tenderly. I don’t care she told him. I love it when you get boned up. Hannah kissed him again. She looked around and noticed other kids were paying close attention to them.

Hannah asked Mike if she and Zach did something weird…everyone of the kids seems to be staring at us.

No…it is nothing that you did…well did right now. Your Dad told the other parents that Zach impregnated you. They are pretty much blown away by that…it is all any of them are talking about. They all saw you making love to Zach this afternoon and they think you are the hottest thing that ever happened to this island…or any place. Mike told her with a huge grin. God…you are so sexy…I see why they are talking about you.

Hannah kissed Mike. You’re pretty awesome too. I want to feel your hard cock in me tonight. When they broke their hug, Mike was rock hard. Hannah lifted Mike’s loin cloth and bent down and kissed the tip of his erection. His leaking cock left a trail of precum on her lips. Some of the younger boys groaned as she licked his precum from her lips.

Little Josh started to cry. Christie handed the beautiful boy to Kaitlin. The hungry little boy fastened his lips on one of the beautiful nipples of his mother’s breast. The other kids watched in awe as Kaitlin and Hannah talked while the baby nursed.

They had dinner. Most of the kids were anxious to get back to the villas because of the promise of more sex with siblings and their parents.

Mike, Kaitlin, Hannah and Zach followed Will and Emily up the dock. They watched as Emily reached under Will’s loin cloth and giggled. The older siblings grinned at the innocence and joy of the younger kids.

The six kids walked into the villa together. Kaitlin put her arms around her little brother and kissed the top of his head. You are one sexy dude, she told him. Will turned around and grinned at Kaitlin. Kaitlin pulled Emily’s half naked body to her own half naked body. Mike led them to the master bedroom. He removed Kaitlin’s sarong and then let his own loin cloth fall to the floor. He turned off the room lights and turned on the reef light that illuminated the reef below the Plexiglas window in the floor.

It had been an awesome night and was about to get even better.

In the next villa, Ted could not get naked fast enough. He had been hard all evening thinking about Ryan fucking him. Amy turned off the room lights so that the only source of illumination came from the reef lights below the villa. As Sara, Noah and Thomas watched, Ted knelt on the floor and presented his ass to Ryan. Amy handed Ryan a tube a lube and watched as he applied it to his rigid member. The very thick 7 1/2” cock glistened in the dim light. Ryan knelt behind the sexy man and spread his cheeks. Ryan wanted him nice and tight so he pressed his man meat against Ted’s pucker and shoved his thick cock deep in Ted’s love tunnel. Ted gasped at the invasion. Before he could adjust Ryan began to fuck him hard. Thomas watched his Daddy getting fucked and knelt down beside him and begged Noah to fuck him too. Soon the grunts and groans of the men filled the air as they pleasured each other.

Christie could not resist beautiful little Sara. She led her to the couch and parted her 13 year old labia. The smell of Sara’s sexual excitement inflamed Christie and she began to lap and suck the beautiful girl’s clit. Amy spread Christie’s legs and began to pleasure her.

The loud slapping of Ryan’s loins against Ted’s ass increase as Ryan felt himself slip over the abyss into sexual ecstasy. He squirted his man seed deep in Ted’s man pussy. The pounding of his prostate by Ryan’s thick meat pushed Ted over the edge and he squirted all over the glass floor.

Oh shit Thomas…I am cumming…Noah cried as his boy cock erupted in his friend’s ass. Jet after jet of hot boy seed squirted into his friend. Noah turned Thomas around and sucked him until Thomas cried out as he filled Noah’s mouth with his thin clear boy semen.

The night was filled with the cries of orgasmic delight as all of the families on the island explored their sexual options. It was an awesome night. Ted lay there in Ryan’s arms listening to the cries of delight. He wondered if there would be pregnancies that resulted from the new found freedom. The lovemaking went on into the early hours of the morning. Tomorrow would be an interesting day.

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