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A torn up war hero comes back and gets the girl of his dreams
Gorgeous and the geek GG
I have spent sometime editing my original version both in format as well as grammar and spelling hope you enjoy it!

He awoke with a start to hear the beating of his heart, his hand coming up too his face to find the sweat using the back of his arm to wipe it off. He laid his head back upon the pillow staring at the wall. For a brief moment he thought about what had waken him he could not feel a presence of anyone in his house, then thought maybe it had been a nightmare? If it had been though he could not remember it because he slept to deep and hardly ever remembered anything.

He knew that sleep was not coming to him anytime soon so he crawled out of bed his joints protesting to the cold he dropped to the floor face first and caught himself with an inch left to spare before his nose hit the ground. In quick movements he proceeded to do push-ups after doing a 100 of those he still did not even feel close to going back to bed, so he set to doing a 100 sit ups.

Setting there watching the sun rise at the local Starbucks he thought man I should have tried for more sleep. But it didn't take anytime at all before that thought was gone and the beauty he's eyes held made his mind go black for a precious few moments.

As the sun made the top of the mountain and the place he called home become a live in a brilliant red tinted light only to be out done by the sunsets of the area with sky in ground matched the red brilliance.

There just was not vocabulary to do the sight he held before his eyes justice, even though he had been around the world he had found nothing to compare too it.

Taken a strong sip of the carmel frappaccino he laughed to himself man his team well ex-team would sure be taken shots at him seeing him drink this beverage.

As it being early morning his thoughts drifted as they so often do back to other times he didn't know if he could say better. His mind continued to drift back to the horror's he had seen he absentmindedly started to let his hand drift up to his stomach through he's thick hoodie he could not feel the scars that would cover his body, his hands continued to drift up to his pecs! Finally realizing where he was and what his hand had been doing he brought it back down to grasp the cold beverage.

The brief remembrance of his body being Swiss cheese! Feeling the bullets rack his body armor and pierce through into his flesh. The searing heat for the mere split seconds as the bullets ripped through his flesh made him feel as if was being burned at the stake. Then the oncoming blackness and slight noise of the chopper blades as they broke through the air and the void closed down upon him as he sunk to oblivion.

Then feeling as if he was climbing out of the mud back at buds wondering what 3rd world shit hole he was climbing onto and preparing to penetrate now. Then again feeling his eyes tinge red as if in anger but something oh so much worse ooohhhh mmyyyy fucccckkkkking god he almost blacked out again as the pain took him but as training always does the words floated to his head…

“the only easy day was yesterday”

and fuck that…

“pain is weakness leaving the body.”

He took a hold of himself his pain stomping it down and started to wonder where in the fuck he was.

He tried to move his right arm but it didn't respond. So at least he could maybe get a look at where he was, he tried to lift his eye lids but they didn't want to function either they felt like bricks were upon them holding them down. But damn it he was not about to give up that iron will came to his rescue and slowly they started to raise for the briefest of instants there was a brilliant white light, he almost thought his eye balls would be scorched but within another second before thoughts of heaven or Valhalla could enter his head the hospital room started to come into focus.

He didn't want to remember much more then that it took him awhile to remember. He had been flown to Germany had been in surgery for the better part of the day his doctor had come in.

“I didn't spend the day having my hands in various parts of you, for you to die!”

“You had better live!”

Then finally once in better condition, on his request he was flown back to the states and transferred back home to Utah for recovery and later many days of physical therapy. During his time in the hospital he had many discussions with his various CO's.

Unfortunately his team was still back in that 3rd world shit whole working to put the people that had done this too him into nice comfy body bags is any color they wanted as long as that color was black.

The gists were that while he was only 25, his body had suffered major joint deterioration. The damage he had taken on his last mission had raised much consideration. He was there for considered to disabled to go back to the life he loved on being in the teams. He remembered that last day his CO saying…

“don't worry son you still get to keep your trident no one takes that away!”

So here he was 25 young and strong. He later after getting better had been welcomed back as he had special Intel the government needed to take down the fuckers that did this to his life. As with his good record special abilities and willfulness, the special liaison office of the pentagon had worked with him on this. They had even made him an offer while the Navy had decided they could not use him the SLO didn't have a problem with his health. He was put into a special branch of the U.S. Marshall Service given special privileges and here on out was considered a special contractor of the USA.

All this happening in a matter of moments he was snapped back to reality to hear a sting of curses any sailor would have been proud of.

But the better part of it was as he looked over his shoulder is who they were coming from. There she set a very beautiful vision. He was not lost so much, to think that this morning had turned out well; he was sure getting some good sights this morning.

He took her in like drinking a fine wine… her dark black hair hanging down straight all the way to the lower part of her back. On the side facing him it was tucked behind her ear. A skinny almost swimming body with curves of a Greek goddess. She almost looked like she was 16 at first glance. Wearing a blue turtle neck and skin tight blue jeans showing of her nice round hips, fallowing up to see a sweater getting a work out at the breast confined behind the sweater. Her carmel skin shining brightly with the contrast of the red tinge coming from the windows. Her face was angelic there was nothing else better to describe it.

Still a little chubby at the cheeks perhaps that was why she looked younger. A nice sinuous mouth but a big lovely bulging lower lip. A noise and a mouth that when she turned her head to the side in the brief instant reminded him as simply impish and playful. Then she turned in his direction with the best feature of all the light shining blue eyes piercing like his but a much lighter blue.

Excuse me I didn't mean to disturb your morning us being the only 2 there besides the clerk wherever he happened to be. Don't worry you don't even come close too me and my potty mouth. She giggled. If you don't mind me asking what's going on to make a gorgeous girl like you have such a bad morning.

This stupid piece of crap she indicated the laptop in front of her. Hmmm, I mused and what's the problem with it if I my inquire more. We got to talking and I said I knew my way around a computer and would be happy to take a look at it. She replied without a second of hesitation that if I would she would really appreciate it as she had a job interview this morning and needed to get the work done.

I walked over she just slid to the side of the chair she was setting on, it was a pretty big plush chair. Not that I minded setting next to her, normally a person however would have just moved over to the next or handed me the laptop. I set next to her, took the laptop of her legs and moved it too mine as I inhaled her sent. She smelt of the morning and strawberries it smelt rather good. I messed around for a bit on her laptop and fixed her problem cleaned it up a bit and handed it back to her. She looked up too me and she said you make that look all too easy!

I just shrugged my broad shoulders. She then said you're very good with this kind of stuff. I just told her I had gotten my B.S. degree in computers, and technology had always been easy coming to me. I had even worked in the I.T. field I had gotten my degree in which is what had inspired me to go to college to get said degree. She started to work but continued to talk to me as she didn't seem uncomfortable at our closeness sharing the chair I didn't move. As the morning wound on we got into quite a few subjects and I learned about her.

Her name was Amanda. She was 24 and had just graduated with her own bachelor's degree. She had just moved too this area because she had family here. I thought back while talking to her of my first view of her my guess of 16 had been off indeed but if you looked closely at her why she had girlish features in a way you could tell you were looking at a women.

She finally looked at her watch and with an audible sigh she turned to me pressing into me and looked at my face. I sort of got lost in her I eyes for a few seconds and then heard her say you ok? I shook my head yes she said I didn't thank you for fixing this! The laptop is working like when I first got it at that she leaned forward to brush her lips across my cheek and into a light kiss. They were so soft. I replied no problem she told me she had to run to get ready for her interview but she asked me what I was doing later that day as she wondered if I might help her out a bit with her desktop at home. I replied that I was free all day and we exchanged cell phone numbers she promised she would call me as soon as she was done.

My phone rang and I dug it out of my jean pocket and said hello? Hi umm… this is Amanda I dunno if, sure I cut her off I remember you as it was only a few ours ago. I joked how could I not remember that lovely language that woke me up instead of my coffee this morning. Not being able to see her face I missed her blush.

Well I was wondering if your offer to help me out with my desktop was still good. I laughed and said sure but what's in it for me. She hesitated and said I'm sorry I… I cut her off I was not talking money or making an advance sorry just joking. No she just said I had not thought about it she said, all tell you what I was thinking of making some cookies what kind you like she replied I loved soft chocolate chip. As she just laughed she replied a whole batch for you if you will help me.

So there I was hoping in my 05’ mustang and driving out to her address. As I pulled up outside her apartment complex I called her and she let me behind the gate. I pulled into the spot she had asked me to park at as I got out. I only missed running head first into her by a step.

Hi Amanda, I stated tech support at your service! She laughed and turned to walk to her place. She asked me to please ignore her place as her roommate was a slob and she was sick of cleaning up after her. Sure enough as I walked in the place looked like a party pad to me. I followed her back to her bedroom which was a contradiction for sure it was pristinely clean. Very feminine and like her smelled of strawberries. She walked me to the corner and there it set she said I cannot get it even to start very well it makes a really bad clicking noise when it does. She asked if while I looked at it if I minded her jumping in the shower and her changing. I thought she looked phenomenal in that skirt and blouse but said sure no problem.

While she got her stuff ready and headed to the hall to the shower. I set to work it took me about a minute to realize her drive was going bad and needed to be replaced hints the sound it was making. I heard her singing and was amused it actually sounded quite good I heard the shower start.

I looked at her computer a bit more thought about exploring her personal files to see if she had any porn but didn't want to disrespect her privacy. I ended up messing around on my pocket PC and before I even realized it she was standing in front of me wearing close to what she was warning this morning but instead of a turtle neck it was a blue form fitting almost bursting tank top. So she said what's the damage?

I replied it was her hard drive going out and said it was a simple fix actually. All I needed was a screw driver a replacement drive and something to store her files on for her new drive when I switched them over. She actually didn't have any tools and while I had something on my key ring a multi tool we needed to go to the store anyway to get another drive.

I have an idea if you are comfortable with it you can come with me to best buy since you don't want to take the time to order a drive online. You can get a drive there and then we can head over to my place I have a server I can store the files for you on and we can replace the drive then copy back the files. She said sure!

I carried out her computer to my car popped it into the trunk and she hopped in the passenger side, I got a nice look at her ass as my car is low it looked nice and firm I was really starting to like this girl. I hopped in the driver side and tore out of her place of to best buy she was silent for a few minutes as my sudden acceleration had pushed her back into her seat. What I didn't know is she was starting to get wet seeing me with a broad smile at face little did she know from the thoughts of her ass. Before I knew it we were back at my place.

As she took my keys from me to open my side door she walked in. I came in a few seconds later with her computer she had a frown on her face and I set her computer down on my couch and asked what. She said umm what's with all the guns and weapons. I laughed which seemed to make her relax.

Don't worry, you may have to worry about many men but I will never be one of them. I explained that I was ex- special forces and that I had a love of weapons. To me they were an art form just like any of the painting hanging on my wall. She said I thought you said you're an I.T. guy.

I used to be and still am a major nerd or geek or whatever! I should have known she smiled, I knew you had too many muscles to be a regular nerd but you didn't talk much this morning. I just laughed and said I was too amused by her to talk much. I picked back up the computer and carried it to my den downstairs where I spend the majority of my time even sleeping there more then my master bedroom upstairs.

She grabbed us a few Pepsi's out of the mini fridge in my den and we talked while I worked on her computer. This time I more talked and she listened. Anytime I tried to get something out of her she would say nope your turn bouncing a bit on the desk as she did so which made her breast bounce, very nice! She caught me looking a few times but didn't seem to mind at all if anything after a while she started to be more bouncy unknown if it was the soda or something else I just kept working and talking.

She wanted me to explain how I a computer guy obviously avoiding the term nerd or geek to describe me got into the military. I said 1st of I like being a nerd or geek so don't worry I am and enjoy it. I then explained how as when I was younger I was actually overweight and liked video games. To which she said that hard to believe. She slid over a bit on the desk then and stroked my pecs a bit.

I told her that I came from a large family but not missing her touching. That I had not had the money really to make it very far with school and I didn't want to drop out.

How after leaving four days after my high school graduation moving to the big city is SoCal and attending college classes without even having a week off. I had talked to recruiters many times at school the first few days; I had always valued honor and courage. How I was named after my grandpa a WWII vet, which I always sort of wanted to make his name proud. At this point she was holding my hand and I could feel her warm hip next to mine her eyes looking at me without looking away.

I explained that after being told I might not make it too a second semester I negotiated with a Navy recruiter. Got a good sign on bonus and was enlisted into the military. I went of too a special pre-boot camp to loose 30 pounds. After that I had attended normal boot. Soon after that a friend had talked me into joining the teams and we trained to get ready for buds together.

Pretty soon she looked up too me as I had quit talking my head down. Tears actual tears coming down my face feeling embarrassed. I turned to leave but before I could she had latched onto me. She had her slim legs wrapped around mine and her arms around my chest. She took her hand and with a finger traced up my navel to the tip of my chin never taking her eyes from me. She leaned in and whispered into my ear what please tell me. Don't be ashamed and don't leave me.

I got myself under control looked up and locked eyes with her. I didn't say anything and neither did she. I explained that while I knew I was no longer fat I was muscular I had loved being a seal. When I was told I could never do it again I thought that I was going to die. I had lost allot of my zeal for life.
I explained the night or morning rather before I met her and felt like I was being sucked into a void. I explained the thoughts I had before she had taken me out of my reverie. How I was afraid to going back to the geek or nerd I was and that even though I had been what I had been the mental picture I really had of myself was always of the person who I had been before.

How even after I passed buds got my B.S. before turning 21 I was still that fat nerd. She had not said a word the whole time had not moved herself from me nor looked away. The silence for me soon was becoming definite. I said you should probably go I am pretty much done with your computer a gorgeous woman like you probably does not want to be in a whinny person's presence. She still had not moved or said anything she just kept staring at me.

She set there for another moment then I reached back around myself to remove her legs and free myself. Before I could grasp her foot though she suddenly sprang. She didn't even feel like she weighed much but she sure was a handful and an armful not that I was complaining.

I had wrapped my arms around her small petite waist to keep her from falling back and she grabbed my head with both of her arms in a second her lips met mine. Oh my god they were hot and so soft. I felt her tongue slide across my lips and soon opened them she slid her tongue in. Our tongues dancing a tango inside my mouth soon went to her mouth.

As I held her I slid my hand down slowly and grabbed her tight ass. She moaned a bit into my mouth but did not break the kiss. We spent the next few minutes of playing the tongue tango. Her breath smelled so good and she started to shove into me some. Her hands had moved to the base of my back and at the bottom of my neck.

Soon I placed her back on the work bench and her legs which I didn't think could get any tighter gripped me thrusting her pelvic area right into my hard abs. She squeezed so hard I thought if she kept it up more then one head was gonna pop off. She moaned into my mouth and her hands started to explore down my back. As did my hand started to lift slowly up her back. She stopped for a second when I got to where her bra strap should have been to find nothing there. It was then that I realized her nipples were rock hard and I could feel them in my own chest. She finally took my mouth from hers and kissed my cheek as I did back to her. I whispered in her ear perhaps we should move to the couch. I picked her up carried her over and set down with her straddling me. I started to kiss down her neck then to her arms. Slowly dragging my lips across the smoothest skin I had ever felt.

I then went back up and continued to kiss her lips. For a few seconds I did that then trailed back down. This time instead of following the line to her arm I followed the line of her neck down to the collar bone. Sucking lightly and kissing dragging my lips back and forth from her neck. After a few minutes of this my hand slowly raised up and caressed the outside of her very firm breast.

Taking my time and in no hurry I lightly caressed then cupped a bit then went back and forth. I slowly after a bit let my hand drift over to her nipple and brush them back and forth then pinching them a bit and never stopping with my mouth above. After a bit I finally decided I had enough with her shirt. I dragged my hands down to the lower part of her back and then brought them both back up ever so lightly just verily tracing with the tip of my nails up her bare flesh. I stopped and brought my hand around to her stomach and then I started kissing her again on the lips darting my tongue over her lower lip while for a few seconds my nails traced her belly button.

God she was hot I could feel ever bit of her it felt like she was running a fever. I let me finger tips make a bit more contact with her flesh and rose them up taking her shirt with me dragging it up. I got to the bottom of her bare breast lifted them a bit with my knuckles and traced the lower part of them the smoothest flesh I had ever felt.

Then around to the top slowly painstakingly making my way a bit onto them before going back to the outer part. Then without warning I grabbed them firmly and used my thumbs to play with a nipple. This got an illicit moan into my mouth and her hands stayed firm gripping my shoulders for a second. She then took her hands and placed them onto mine I thought she was going to stop me as she was looking at me hard. She then said the best words I thought I had ever heard you wanna take me to bed sailor?

I lifted her up much to her surprise and held her tight I carried her all the way out of the room and up the stairs about half way up she was kissing me again and started to rub her jean covered legs and pussy grounding it into my body. She felt like a furnace.

I carried her through the kitchen into the living room and into the master bedroom hardly breathing as we kissed without stop. I finally instead of laying her back into the bed and getting on top of her as I wanted I turned around abruptly, stopped kissing her and put my mouth to her ear darting out to catch an earlobe as I fell back onto the bed into the thickest comforter I had found.

She then looked down to me with her piercing blue eyes, grin wide and said do you always provide such good customer service sir? We both laughed and it shook us and the bed. I went to take a breast back into my hand but she slapped it and said no, my turn.

Without hesitation she lifted my shirt pushing the bottom of it into my mouth some and kissed and sucked slowly down my pecs to the middle of my stomach. She then let her tongue dart out and into my navel she sucked a bit with her tongue there then popped it up making a loud popping noise then traced back up to my nipples. I had never had a girl suck or play with them much bet it felt good. The tip of her tongue circled them then she would repeat the procedure she did with my navel.

Her hand slid down slowly and started stroking my penis through my jeans. At this point I could not help it and said Jesus Amanda she giggled and undid my pants slowly. Then whipped down fast and tugged my pants and underwear off my hips to the base of my ankles in one swift movement.

My dick popped to attention as she slowly let it drag across the lower part of her throat up her chin to the bottom lip. There her tongue flicked out as she dragged it back and forth and flicked the base of the head. Then all of the sudden she inhaled it taking it to the back of her throat and holding it there swallowing making it feel so damn good. She brought it up slowly dragging my cock's base with her tongue. But did not release it from her mouth. As the head come to the bottom lips she clamped down and started a gentle then intense sucking alternating. Then after a few minutes she repeated it all. She kept this up on me for 10 minutes but it felt so good it might have been 10 days.

I felt my balls tingle and felt my lower back spasm and felt it in the bottom of the heels of my feet. I gasping for breath at what this woman was doing to me tired to gasp I was coming. But before I could get it out I started to stiffen. At this she just started to suck the head and her hand started to move like lightning up and down the shaft why the other played with my balls.

I heard her just before I released yeah baby cum into my mouth, give mama your big load. This put me over the edge and my first rope shot out like a bullet to the back of her throat. Wave after wave came and she swallowed time after time I could feel it every time she did and after the fourth time I was done. She sucked for another minute to make sure she got it all and then started to lick me a bit. She was cleaning me up but I was done with letting her have her way it was my turn.

I set up put my arms under hers to her pits picked her up and came down on the bed at the same time turning and tossing her up onto it. She shrieked with the suddenness of it and I came back up the bed she set up a quizzical look upon her face. I put my finger to her mouth and my mouth at her ear and said now baby it is my turn I hope you're ready for this. Without further ado I took her shirt off and made a full assault on her breast, playing with them for minutes on end. Then I took her pants all the way of like she did mine with her panties too. She lay fully naked still moaning. I traced my hands down her abdomen while never letting up on her breast. I let me fingers explore the soft flesh of her thighs.

I brought my hand up to her pussy and felt the rough little hair that was just growing back she had been either recently waxed or shaved. I put my fingers to the outer part of her lips and my mouth closed upon her left nipple. I toyed with her lips and brushed close but did not get to her clit, I got just as close as I could without touching it. After a few minutes of this my mouth followed my hands. I put my whole mouth over her pussy and my tongue darted into her soaking juices oh my god was she wet. I tongue fucked her for a few seconds. Then brought my lips to her clit and my fingers two fingers entered her dripping pussy. I had not really been listening but she was panting and moaning and at this she let out a sharp moan and her hips thrusted up of the bed.

It was her turn to say oh my god. I forced her down and attacked her slit, lips, and clit with my tongue and slid in a third finger finding her G-spot. After about a minute she screamed oh my god as I felt the first wash of her girl cream on the tip of my tongue. I slowed like her and sucked up as much juice I could to get true ambrosia of the gods, she tasted so good. After a second I didn't realize she has passed out she came around and looked me in the eye and said no one has ever done that to me before Jesus are you trying to kill me?

I grinned, and she rose here arms put a finger under my chin and said get up her I need you in my now I can't wait any longer. I slowly slid up her body using my hand to play with her drenched pussy. I put my arms up finally with them stuck on either side of her, my cock resting on her pussy lips now. I sit there for a second then looked down into her eyes and stated to say what do you want?

I didn't finish before she screamed if you don't get that inside me now I am gonna hurt you I need it. I slowly slid it up and down her outer lips getting it coated I planned on ramming it in her in one deep thrust.

As my cock head entered her she wrapped her legs around mine and then up to my ass. Forced me inside as I went to make a thrust I realized it was not gonna happen she was oh my god she was just so tight. I took my time worked it a bit into her then back out then back in it took me almost five pain staking minutes it get myself fully buried into her. I stopped for a bit for her to get used to it she looked up at me said be gently it’s been a while. I looked back to her and said yeah me too. I started to thrust slow long strokes and after a few minutes she started to push back into me and I knew she was ready.

I started to thrust in hard. She arched her back and moaned a deep throaty moan and I could feel the muscles in her pussy contract trying to milk my dick and her cream flood her pussy. She was still tight but now I could really move and started a bucking into her for all I was worth, lost in myself I thought I could almost see myself threw her eyes looking back at me. Neither of us moved our eyes off one another.

It might have lasted for seconds from that point to four days I don't know. As she met me stroke for stroke biting her lower lovely lip. I finally was almost there when I heard her moan out oh my god I am gonna cum, cum in my lover cum deep into your pussy.

I think the your pussy was all I heard as I got that feeling in my balls and back as I felt her muscles clamp down as my first rope was milked out of me. It didn't stop and I finally thrust into her as deep as I could get and didn't even have to move as with her pussy gripping around my cock she milked me for all I was worth. We finally stopped and I started into her eyes for a few minutes she got a wicked grin and said now that's what I call customer service I could not help my self and burst out laughing. I was still inside her and to my astonishment I was still rock hard.

Next thing I hear is here saying time to play with my joy stick some more….

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