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My wife's dick
Every so often I let my wfe know that I am horny by preparing the bedroom for a night of sex while she showers. When I hear her turn off the shower, I get into bed naked, cover my self up with only the sheet. With a little "assistance" my dick stand up at attention and "tents" the sheet. When my wife comes in, she can see what my intentions are. A few weeks ago, she turned things around on me.
When I came out of the shower in the morning, she had lit some candles, dimmed the lights and was lying on her back under the sheets. To my amazement the sheet was "tented" right around her middle. Needless to say, I was intrigued. When I ripped the sheet from her, I was once again amazed at her gorgeous body. Thirty eight years old, three kids, but a sensuous body, that was, as they say, to die for. Today the most amazing feature of her body was a large, red dick coming out of her shaved cunt, which she was carefully holding up with two fingers. Her husky "like what you see, sailor" made my dick jump to attention. With a trembling groan she indicated that she liked what she saw and with her other hand she reached out and touched my cock. "Sit on my face" she requested, as she let go and raised her arms over her hed.
I startled her just below her armpits, facing her feet, looking at the red dildo coming out of her cunt. She grabbed me by the waist and pulled me down to her mouth. When her lips touched my anus, I realized we were going to be having a lot of fun… well, I certainly was. She carefully kissed all around my anus, rimming me with increasing abandon. When she started licking me with her tongue, I relaxed as well as I could in order to and let my anus open up. Several times she succeeded in getting her pointy tongue into me a bit. Each time I groaned in ecstasy.
Then she used her hands to bend me over and I complied immediately. My head ended up by her thighs and I started kissing her, which caused her to spread her legs; an obvious invitation to concentrate on the insides of her thighs. Without any reluctance I complied. Well, until I suddenly just had to stop, because she pulled my dick backwards and starting sucking on it without any preamble. She closed her mouth over my erect and straining cock and then slowly sucked it in.
Even though I was having trouble concentrating, I resumed my attempts to kiss and lick the insides of her thigh. She smelled heavenly. As I moved up her thighs, the position of my pelvis changed, but she moved her head and managed to keep my cock in her warm mouth. When I got to the red dildo, I noticed that it had slid almost out of her. I carefully pushed it upward and it slid easily back into her cunt; quite obviously she had taken care of the lubrication problem while I showered. Either on her own or from a tube… I didn't really care. When I slid the dildo back into her, she had opened her mouth to gasp and groan with pleasure. Not for long, because almost immediately I felt her warm mouth close around my member. She returned the favour of that pleasurable thrust, by taking the length of my penis all the way into her mouth and throat. It was my turn to gasp and moan with pleasure. Soon she returned to simply sucking my dick, but with a bit more gusto.
I discovered that the dildo was in the way of reaching the softest and most sensitive parts of her thighs, so I moved the dildo up and laid it on her stomach, so I could reach. When I leaned down to pleasure her inner thighs I pressed down on the dildo with my chest. That pressure made the dildo move some way inside of her cunt, because I felt her let go of my dick again in order to gasp for breath. She let out a throaty groan of pleasure and then attacked my dick with more enthusiasm. This repeated itself every time I shifted in order to work the other thigh and as I slowly moved up to where I longed to be: her snatch.
I finally go there only to discover what I already suspected. The dildo was in the way. Fortunately it was one of those double headed dildo, and it didn't have any balls. By now her legs were spread wide apart so I could see the skin of her tight cunt straining around the dildo. I wiggled my head down lower and licked the bottom of her cunt, where the skin was straining against the pressure of the nearly folded dildo. She let go of my dick as she let out a little scream. Encouraged by this I started licking all around the bottom of her cunt; I couldn't reach the top, since the dildo was covering that. I felt her arms go down to the bed and instinctively knew she was clutching sheet. Within seconds I could hear her breathing increase. I discovered that at a certain angle I could close my mouth over dildo and the flesh of her cunt and suck. When I did so, she would slowly raise her buttocks as if I was actually sucking her up into my mouth. When I would release, she would sink back with a sigh and wait with anticipation where I would "land" next.
I sat up a bit and took the dildo in my hands. It was damp with the sweat from where it had been trapped by both our bodies. I slowly slid my hands down the dildo down to where it disappeared inside my wife. In doing this, it went back in a few centimetres. I could hear a ragged intake of breath from behind me and then a slow groaning exhale as the pressure of being re-penetrated caused her to clutch the sheets again. My hands reached the end of the available dildo and a splayed them so that my palms touched her cunt all around the dildo. I moved my fingers and palms rhythmically, massage the soft, warm flesh of her labia and vulva. She started breathing more rapidly. I crooked moved my thumbs, and noticed that her clit was pink and distended. I realized that the dildo had previously been pressed to it and rubbed across it every time I moved from left to right between her thighs. I crooked one thumb and pressed down on her clit. I heard her yelp, and as I slowly moved my thumb over her clit while simultaneously massaging her cunt all around the dildo, I felt her stiffen. Her legs trembled, she raised her pelvis and orgasmed with a cry.
When the orgasm had passed, I started touching her clit again. Normally she would have pushed me away, but there was no way for her to reach my hand, and with me sitting on her chest she couldn't get away. I ignored her protests and removed one hand from the dido. The other hand continued the massaging movements of her cunt around the dildo and the manipulation of her clit. I placed my free hand around the dildo and slowly pulled on it. Before it came out I stopped and pushed it back in. Now I was simultaneously giving my wife a cunt massage, rubbing her clit and fucking her. It didn't take her long to start enjoying this. In fact pretty soon she was impatiently thrusting her pelvis up to get more of the dildo inside of her, until she tensed beneath me. I am pretty sure I felt her cunt open up to receive more dildo, since it suddenly and easily slipped deeper into her. She cried out, her legs spasmed and I am sure her eyes rolled back into her skull, but I couldn't see that.
When she flopped down onto the bad after this orgasm subsided I noticed that the dildo was only sticking out of her a few centimetres. I let go of it and thereby removed my hands from my wife's sensitive cunt and clitoris. She probably thought I was done playing with her, but she was wrong. I leaned down and tentatively took the tip of the dildo into my mouth. It tasted vaguely like rubber. Obviously she sensed some movement on the dildo, which at this stage was enough to arouse her suspicion that I was not done. However, the sensation was different than before and much more subtle that she couldn’t figure out what I was doing. Slowly I slid down the short length of dildo that was sticking out of my wife's cunt, as I has seen her do to me countless times. In no time it all my lips reached the end and touched the stretched skin of her cunt. She shuddered with unexpected pleasure. I pulled back some, bit down on the dildo and pushed it in deeper. Despite my position I could hear her gasp. I felt her body tense up. I couldn't get the dildo all the way in, but there was only a bit of it sticking out of her now. I mustered up some saliva and began sucking and licking, alternating between the dildo, the flesh of her warm, pink sex and her still over stimulated clit. I stuck my tongue out so it covered her clit and licked her with my mouth on the nobbin protruding slightly from her cunt. With that dildo deep inside her and my mouth all over her she came again, whimpering "please don't stop" over and over again. I didn't stop until she stopped quivering.
When I pulled back I expected the dildo to slide out, but it didn't. It was inside of her up to its second head; only the "bulb" of the thing was sticking out of her. I moved back down and put my mouth around the head and pushed down on her mound. I felt her flesh recede a bit and the head protrude into my mouth slightly. I grasped it with my teeth and raised my head, slowly pulling the dildo out of her cunt. I heard her sigh deeply behind me. Before the dildo came completely out of her I stopped and started pushing it back in. She was so wet that it slid in easily. When it stopped it was not in as far as it had been, it was again sticking out several centimetres. Figuring it had to be able to go in as far as it had been, I gently pushed a bit harder. She gasped and whispered: "it was all the way into my cervix before. It felt great, but now it's a bit uncomfortable." I stopped pushing immediately and noticed that now the dildo was coming out on its own. I followed it up, but stopped it before it came out. Then I pushed it slowly back in. This was a totally new way of fucking my wife. Talk about front row seat! She was getting into it now, pushing the dildo out and relaxing while I pushed it back in. The excitement and pleasure of this was causing us to loose our concentration and at some point she started pushing while I was gently pushing the dildo into her. My teeth lost grip and my mouth slid down around the dildo. I pulled back and suddenly realized I was giving my wife a blow job. Obviously she wouldn't feel anything with her "dick" other than the motions I would cause it to make inside of her, but it seemed like the least I could do to repay the many blow jobs she'd given me. So I started going at it and she quickly figured out what I was doing. In a deep voice she said: "Oh yeah, baby."
I tried to be careful about how deep the dildo went, because it felt really weird (but sexy) and I was pretty sure I was not going to be able to do any kind of deep throating. I gave it all I had, though. Every so often I'd grip the dildo with my teeth (fortunately my wife has never done that to me!) and push it into her. That was always rewarded by a delighted sigh. Then I'd suck on it while she slowly pushed it back out. I suppose with minimal motions and only sporadic penetration this was a lot less stimulating to her, which allowed to collect het thoughts and decide there was stuff she could do to me. I knew she was doing something, because of some odd motions, but to be honest I was concentrating on this very new thing: sucking on my wife's penis. A few moments later I realized that at least part of her lubricant had been KY Jelly. I felt her hands on my ass as she spread my cheeks. As I pushed the dildo into my wife's delicious cunt I felt my anus open up. When I had pushed the dildo into her, I waited for her to push it into my mouth. She didn't push, however, instead I suddenly felt a lubricated finger enter me. It was my turn to gasp and shudder. Then I felt the dildo push into my mouth as I closed my lips around it. Given my distraction it went in deeper than was comfortable and it raised my head to avoid gagging.
She withdrew the finger and I knew a second one would join it on the second penetration. I determined to match her and gripped my teeth around the dildo's head. When I felt a fingertip pushing against my anus, I pushed the dildo into her. Our timing was not perfect, she reached the end of her fingers before I reached the end of the dildo, but it felt great. We instinctively knew we wanted to reach the end of our thrust at the same time, so we practiced a few more times until we got the timing right. It was a very erotic sensation to fuck and be fucked at the same time.
After a while she slithered below me, so she could take my dick into her mouth while she still had her fingers in my anus. In that position I could no longer reach her groin with my mouth, so I took hold of the end of the dildo and started pumping her more quickly, than I could have managed with my head. I could see that the dildo was glistening with lubricant as it slid in and out of her easily. I could tell from the way she was no longer sucking my dick consistently, that she was once again becoming aroused. I varied the speed and depth of my thrusting, pushing her quickly toward yet another orgasm. I felt her pelvis raise up again, her legs straightened and she began to twitch and groan. Suddenly she there was much resistance against pushing the dildo in even though I tried. She let my dick pop out of her mouth, and groaned and insistent "OUT!" I pulled the dildo out and sat up a bit. Her pelvis seemed to followed the direction of the dildo coming out of her as she arched her back. She yelped: "Ooohh" and came in a huge contraction that squirted a stream of cum all over the bed. Without hesitation I put my head between her legs and opened my mouth. She bucked again and with my mouth pressed against her cunt she came again and filled my mouth with a sweet, slightly thicker than water liquid, which I gulped down. She bucked and came a few more times, but I never captured any cum in my mouth again. After a few moments she flopped down on the bed, and lay there shivering or perhaps spasming? The sheets between her legs was wet and dark with her cum. Her shaved cunt was dripping wet. As I moved off of her and turned I noticed that her nipples were dark and distended even though I had been sitting on them off and on. I couldn't help myself, I had to lick her wet pussy and taste her juicy cum again. But when I started at her thigh and moved closer to her cunt, she grabbed my hair to deflect me from her over stimulated sex. She pulled me up to her breasts (which were heaving from the fact that she was still panting from that last orgasm) and a gladly latched on to her nipples and sucked on them like a hungry baby.
When she finally caught her breath, she whispered: "Now it's your turn." I didn't know what she was planning, but I was game. I was not prepared for what came next. She sat up on the bed and reached into her bedside drawer and pulled out some kind of harness. After examining it, she stepped into it and buckled one side of it. "Give me the dildo?" she said as she laid back on the bed. I located it and handed it to her. She threaded the dildo through a hole on what was obviously the front panel of the harness. It was a tight fit, not helped by the fact that the dildo was still a bit damp and slippery. She pulled the dildo through so that about 18 cm protruded from the front panel. The remaining 12 cm of the dildo protruded from the inside of the front panel. With an evil grin she explained to me that she required my assistance for two things before it would be my turn. She pointed to the short end of the dildo and said: "Put this inside me, but be gentle, I am really sensitive down there." She spread her legs so I could get to her, and carefully put a finger inside her to see if she required any lubricant, but she was not only still wet, but also extremely pliable. She let out a desperate sound "oh" both when I put my finger in as when I took it out. I took hold of the leathery front panel, aimed it and slowly inserted the dildo until the panel was against her vulva. She sighed in satisfaction. She reached over to the other side and buckled the harness.
She got up on her knees and faced me. The outside of the front panel of the harness was almost a match to her skin color and I stared in amazement at my wife's read dick. Then she said: "I need you to lubricate my cock." and she handed me the tube of KY Jelly. That's when I figured out what was going to happen, and I quickly unscrewed the cap. I put a line of lubricant down the length of my wife's nearly erect penis. She pretended it felt good as I stroked her dick to distribute the lubricant. Maybe it did feel good, since the other end of the dildo was inside of her? It felt strangely exciting to me. I had done this to my penis just before anal sex, and to a loose dildo which my wife later used to insert in my anus, but never to a penis that was actually attached to a person (even though fake). Finally I put a generous dollop of lubricant on the tip of the dildo, just for good measure. I did not have to be told to turn around and get on all fours.
I felt my wife move around for the right position and height. Then I felt the cold lubricant against my anus. I barely had time to think about relaxing my sphincter. The dildo's head passed in quickly with all the lubricant on there and then she rammed the dildo into me. The feeling of her pelvis hitting my buttocks, the sensation of her thighs touching mine were all new sensations in this different way of anal sex. She began to thrust and the feeling of that dildo sliding in and out of me caused my penis grow hard again. I don't know where she got the energy after the major orgasms she'd had, but she fucked me like there was no tomorrow. She thrust into me hard and deep and kept at it for a long time. When the dildo was as deep inside of me as it could be (I could feel her body against mine then) I would clench my sphincter tightly. She told me later that this caused enough resistance on the dildo, that it would slide out of her cunt a few centimetres. When she would thrust into me hard and deep, the dildo would slide back into her. We were both getting off on this.
After some time she told me to lie down and gave me a pillow to put under my buttocks. She put some lubricant on her dick and I asked if I could spread it around. She smiled and groaned appropriately. What a gal! Then I whispered shyly: "I want you inside of me." She manoeuvred between my legs until she had the right angle and slowly entered me. I raised my legs and draped them over her shoulders. She started slowly thrusting in and out of me. I could see her face this time when my eyes were not shut in ecstasy. I could see on her face when the dildo moved or slipped inside of her. It was glorious, because we were fucking each other. At one point she reached around my legs and found my dick and played with it. Shortly afterwards it was straining to somehow become bigger or at least blow its load.
But she stopped before that happened and withdrew her cock from my anus. Despite myself I sighed in disappointment. "Not to worry, I have one more surprise for you." she said. She undid the buckle of her harness and slowly pulled the dildo out of her cunt. Both were dripping with her cum. She reached over to the night stand, where she found some sort of plastic circle with a hole in it. She was able to undo it and place it around the head of the dildo that had been inside of her. She put her hand in the end of one of the pillowcases and grabbed the other end of the dildo. With some twisting and pulling she managed to pull the dildo all the way through the hole in the front panel of the harness. The plastic ring on the inside kept it from sliding all the way out. She buckled the harness back up and stood up beside the bed. She explained: "The nobby on the inside of the harness is up against my clit." My wife now had dick, that was nearly 30 cm. long. touched it tentatively. It was not erect, but not exactly flaccid either. Since I knew where this was going, I was excited by it. I noticed that she shivered slightly when I touched it. I don't think she was acting, which was very cool.
Without being asked I got up on all fours again and turned my ass to the edge of the bed where she was standing. She said: "That's not the surprise I had in mind, but I can oblige you." After a moment's pause, during which she put some lubricant on the dried off tip of the dildo, she placed the head to the dildo against my anus and slid in. I was still opened and lubricated so it felt great. I did not realize that she was carefully only penetrating me only about as deep as I had been before. With each delicious thrust, she would leave about 10 centimetres of the dildo unused. The angle of penetration had changed and with her standing on the ground she had more purchase. When she grabbed my side, I thought she just wanted stability. But instead she held me in place as she slowly withdrew the dildo until she could see the head of the dildo straining against my anus. She held me right there. Then she pushed in and pulled me back, this time going all the way in. I was not expecting that, nor was I expecting the extra 10 centimetres of penetration. My eyes rolled into the back of my head, I felt filled up and my anus actually opened up in an effort to receive more dildo. There was no more to receive, but it felt great sliding out. She repeated this several times, each time she grunted with some pleasure as the other end of the dildo pressed against her clit. Eventually my knees started to hurt, and I told her I needed a different position.
"Okay." she said, "lie down on your back." I complied. She kneeled down beside me and pulled on the harness so the dildo was riding slightly higher, the nobby would now no longer be on her clit. She threw on leg over me and told me to spread my legs and raise them in the air. The she moved forward, raised my buttocks and put a pillow under them. I felt the tip of the now familiar dildo at my anus again. Given the slipperiness of the dildo and the angle, it took some work, but she finally got it in. I relaxed while she worked it and got all of the dildo in. "Now, clench yourself around the dildo and slowly lower your legs." she instructed me. I complied and was pleased that most of the dildo stayed in me even when I unclenched. It felt great again and though I couldn't see my wife's face or breasts, I could admire her fine figure and her cascading blonde hair. "Now, close your eyes, clench again and don't stop until I tell you." Not knowing what to expect I complied. I felt her rise up slightly on her knees, the dildo started to slip out of my anus, so I clenched even harder. I felt her push on it so it would stay in. Then I felt her other hand touch my penis a pull it slightly towards my feet. When she sat down I was inside of her warm cunt.
This was unbelievable. As she started to move around, backward and forward and then just slightly up and down I tried to figure out what was happening to me. For sure I was being fucked, that much my fevered brain could remember. But how? I dildo that was attached to my wife in such a way that it was basically her dick was in my anus. If I concentrated really hard on that part of my body, I could feel it moving inside of me. Sometimes being pulled out a bit (which felt great), and then sometimes being pushed back (which felt even better). I discovered that clenching my anus increased the sensations of the dildo (penis) sliding inside of me. At the same time, my dick was inside of my wife's cunt, because beneath her fake penis she has a very real pussy. She moved up and down on my penis, fucking me in earnest. Most of the time she did her best to squeeze my penis with her cunt muscles. But they were probably tired and she also lost concentration whenever she was pushing the dildo (her penis) back into my anus (my cunt). That was okay, because whenever she bent over to push that back in as far as it would go, I could actually see my dick (not a dildo) slide out of her dripping cunt a bit. Then she'd sit up and I could see and feel my dick disappearing deep inside of her.
Needless to say, this was soon more than my brain or my dick could handle. In a flurry of overload, my semen found its way up to my dick and began spurting from my cock in large orgasmic spasms. My anus contracted repeated around an unyielding dildo. It wouldn't stop moving inside me though, because my wife was trying to stay balanced on top, in side of me and with me inside of her during my throes. It was the longest orgasm I ever had. When I was done, she slowly took out the dildo, which still felt great and removed the harness. But before she withdrew me from her I said: "Now it is your turn to clench, hon." She did and the feeling of my dick plopping out of her tight cunt was even better that the dildo coming out of my anus. She backed up toward my face but managed to find my dick with her mouth before I could find her cunt. She had to know that my dick would have very little spunk left in it to suck out, but she tried her best. When my mouth found her cunt and started licking, she stopped clenching and pushed. I found myself getting several mouthfuls of my own spunk mixed with her juices. My tongue found her clit so I alternated licking her clit, which had been in intermittent contact with the "nobby" of the dildo. I couldn't see it, but it had to be all red and swollen, it certainly felt hot and larger than usual.
I felt myself growing inside of her hot mouth. She did too and started playing with my balls. I continued to alternate between penetrating her pussy with my tongue, covering her entire cunt with my mouth and sucking as much of it into my mouth as I could and licking her swollen clit. Much to my surprise I felt another orgasm coming. My wife sensed it too and increased her rhythm. As my cock burst forth in a second orgasm, my wife shoved all of my dick into her mouth and throat. Then she surprised me with yet another orgasm. Her legs seemed to be trying to crush my head, and it took all I had to keep my mouth in contact with her cunt. I actually felt it open as she came, and I shoved my tongue in as far as I could. I was rewarded by a yelp and her body shuddering on top of me. Then she pushed and the last bit of my cum was washed out with a short squirt of her own cum. Sex has never tasted this good before or since.
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