Dave had depraved thoughts for so long and when Kitty finally left him for another man, Dave had his son Alex all to himself.
Dave was glad when Kitty left him. They’d been together hashing it out for too long and when she told him she was taking off and leaving their six year old son Alex with him, so she could go off with another man, he was glad. He was glad she was leaving and wasn’t coming back. Fuck her. She was always strung out on coke and it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have her gone. Only thing was that there was no other family except Dave’s brother who visited once in a while. Other than that, his parents were gone and her parents disowned her a long time ago. So, it was Dave and little Alex.

Dave was a man in his early 40’s, which was a bit older to have a six year old son, but Kitty had been quite a few years younger than him. He was tall, around 6’4” with a stocky build, goatee, kept his head shaved and had deep brown eyes. He worked in town as a mechanic.

The house was in the mountains in Clearlake Oaks in the mountains above Clear Lake in California. There were few neighbors and that’s the way Dave liked to live, with not a bunch of people around. Kitty had always been more of the one who liked bigger places, but with bigger places comes less privacy. Dave liked privacy. He liked to do what he wanted and didn’t want to have to go through a bunch of hassle. He was a bit of a cocky man because he enjoyed his dominant role. That was part of the problem Kitty had, she’d always argue that Dave was too domineering and too much of a perverted freak. She didn’t like how he made her take his big cock in her ass, although she never had much choice with him.

Alex wasn’t as torn up as Dave thought he might be, but the boy’s relationship with his mother was strained because she showed no affection and always avoided being around him. She saw him as a mistake and didn’t want to be constantly reminded of it. Alex cried for a little while, but was over it the next day.

The day after Kitty left, Dave was sitting in the living room in his white briefs and a t-shirt watching a morning football game and eventually, Alex came into the living area and Dave was glad the boy was up. He peered at his young son in his little briefs and his t-shirt and looking at that small but plump ass made Dave feel a stirring inside him.

“Hey buddy, come up and sit with Dad for a bit.” Dave tapped on his leg and grinned at his son. Kyle walked over and climbed up on his father’s lap. Dave liked the feel of his son’s smooth skin resting on his hairy legs. Dave scooted back so Alex was sitting more between Dave’s legs and Dave maneuvered himself to one side so one of his legs was partly up on the sofa. “Alex, do me a favor.”

Alex looked at his dad and then saw his father running a thumb over the bulge in his underwear. “Why don’t you rub right here. It sorta hurts and if you rub it I’ll feel a lot better.”

Alex looked puzzled, but Dave took his son’s hand and moved it onto his bulge, which began to grow when he felt his son’s hand on it. Alex began rubbing the white bulge and Dave felt a rush go through his body because he knew he’d thought of this so many times before and couldn’t believe he was getting to finally do this. “Mmmmmm that feels nice. That feels real nice, son.”

Then Dave had to pull his cock out as it began to grow towards a full erection. Alex was even more puzzled as his father pulled out his cock, resting the band of his briefs under his big balls and started stroking his throbbing cock. He started stroking on it faster and faster and then slowed and looked at Alex. “Open your mouth for me son, open it now!” but Dave took his thumb and pulled Alex’s lower jaw down and aimed his cock right at his son’s open mouth and let out a loud groan as he spurted his hot seed into his son’s mouth. “Ooooohhh FUCK!” Dave felt a huge rush go through him and his body jolted a few times as he saw his son consume his cum. “That’s it, now swallow it.” And Alex swallowed all that his father had just fed him.

But that was just a minor beginning compared to how Dave began to transform into the lewd perverted freak that he had suppressed for some time. This was 100 times better than when Dave would masturbate while he gave his son a bath and cum all over Alex’s back.

Now he was giving his son feedings of his semen, the same cum which created his boy. And Dave had plans for a lot more after that. See, the fact of the matter is, not only was Dave a nasty freak of a man, but so were the fellow mechanics at the shop he worked at in town. They’d all drank beer before and discussed very taboo subjects after tying one on. Dave was looking forward to now inviting the guys over to the house to experience his little boy. But Dave was going to have him first for himself.

Dave liked to fuck more than anything and sodomy was his favorite way to do it. Alex was a perfect age to begin training to accept his father’s cock and others up his ass. Sure, it was going to hurt at first, but for Dave that was going to be part of the thrill of it. Getting to do as he wanted despite how much Alex begged him not to. Dave really got off on being a bit of a prick and he was going to make damned sure his son knew who was in charge around there and who was the little bitch. Dave was planning to keep Alex at home and teach him basic things that were important, but no schools where the boy could go telling other kids what went on at home, or worse, the teachers. All Alex had to do was learn to become a whore and serve him and his buddies. Eventually, they’d train Alex to help out at the shop when he was old enough. There were many possibilities that excited Dave to no end.

That night Dave left his son sleeping in his bedroom and went to town to get some beer and food before the store closed up. It was just after 9pm and he had a half hour. So, he got in there, got what he needed and left, driving at a cruising pace after he left, thinking about Alex and what he had planned for him. Then as Dave was driving along, he saw one of those tweaked out hookers walking down the main street. Dave hadn’t seen her before and so he pulled over and let her in the car. She was young, looked 16 maybe 17 but was heavily made up to try and look older, in a mini skirt and tight top that showed off her firm tits.

“Ain’t seen you workin’ before.” Dave said coolly.

“Yeah, well I’m not from around here and really I’m estranged from my family. Some guy dropped me off here and I’m just in between locations. Don’t know where I’m going next.

“Oh yeah?” Dave asked as his wheels were turning. He then swung his fist toward her and knocked her unconscious in the passenger seat and then drove toward home with a plan.

The young hooker woke up and was laying face down in a bed and her hands were bound and tied to the headboard as were her feet so her legs were spread open and she and didn’t know where she was or what had just happened, but she was petrified. She tried to scream but the gag around her mouth was tight. Then she heard someone come into the room. “Well, nice to see you woke up. Now you can be awake for what I’m about to do to you, you nasty dirty bitch.” Dave stood at the foot of the bed naked with his cock in his hand, staring at the girl’s now naked ass as she squirmed and tried to move, or turn around or something, but he had her tied up too tight.

She could feel Dave climb up onto the bed behind her and then she felt as he pulled her up by her hips and pushed some pillows under her. Then he pulled open her ass cheeks and she started to make muffled screams into the gag. “Fuck you, cunt. You know you want this.” And Dave pulled on her hair as he weighed himself onto her and forced his hard cock up her ass to the point where it tore open and bled. He started jamming his prick into her ass, sodomizing her and making his eyes roll into the back of his head. Fuck it was great having Kitty gone so he could pursue all these things he’d been fantasizing about.

“Daddy.” Alex stood at the door rubbing his eyes wondering what his father was doing to this strange girl.

Dave looked back at his son as he continued to violate the girl’s ass. “Daddy’s busy fucking this bitch in the ass now son.”

“Daddy stop! Don’t!” Alex pleaded with his father.

“Well this is gonna be you soon boy. I’m just getting in some practice on this filthy whore I found.”

Alex knew what any of what his father said meant but he felt its harshness and he went back into his room while Dave began ramming his prick hard up into the girl’s bleeding rectum. “FUCK WHORE! YOU DIRTY CUNT!!” Dave yelled and he pounded into her harder and harder until he felt his whole body start to tremble. “AAAAAHHHH FUCK!” he continued yelling as he felt is cock twitch in her ass and he emptied his balls into her bowels. She felt disghusted, violated and sore from the anal raping that she had just gotten.

Dave wasn’t finished though. He continued to sodomize the girl the entire night and several times the next day. He knew what he had to do though which he didn’t think he’d ever do, but now he became consumed by the evil that was coursing through his body. The final time he raped her ass, when he came, he rammed so hard into her and jerked her head back that her neck snapped and the last thing the girl knew while alive was that her anus had just been pumped full of cum. When he snapped her neck he felt her rectum tighten around his prick and he felt complete power. So much so that he held himself inside her now dead body and released his piss into her anus until he was completely drained.

“Fuckin whore” He said as he pulled out of her for the last time and walked into the bathroom to clean off his filthy cock.

By the next evening, he figured to drive the girl’s body down this dirt road through this area with a bunch of trees and then take her off into this area not generally walked through by anyone and he spent a long time digging a ditch and then threw her in, covered her up with the dirt and then smoothed it out and found a lot of leaves and twigs to cover up the dirt. By the time he was done it all blended in with the rest of the wooded area.

When he got back to the house, he was dirty and needed to shower. Alex was watching television and Dave went into the living area where he was and began to strip out of his dirty clothing until he was naked. “Come on son, come help Dad clean up in the shower.”

Alex was afraid to at this point but his father looked at him with a very serious expression and held out a hand “Come on son. Help Dad clean off.” But Alex didn’t budge.

“Goddammit boy, you listen to me when I talk” and he sat on the sofa, pulling Alex over his lap and yanked down the boy’s shorts and began smacking his son hard across the ass. “Don’t you ever disobey me boy. You hear me?!”

Alex was in tears “Yeessss Daddy, I promise!”

Dave felt his cock growing under the boy’s body as he smacked the boy a few more times on his young, small and smooth ass. Dave then took the boy by the arm and led him into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He then had Alex was as much of his body as he could reach, including his father’s big cock and balls, and hairy ass. Dave was fully erect as Alex soaped down his father’s cock and Dave started to fuck the boy’s hands. “Daddy likes that boy.”

Alex was just happy that his father was pleased and kept doing this. Then his father squatted down so Alex could soap up the rest of him and clean the dirt off his father. After Dave rinsed off, he turned off the water and then had his son dry him off. When Alex was done with that, Dave took out a jar of Vaseline from the medicine chest and opened it, scooping some up with his finger. He then pulled Alex over his knee and Alex whimpered thinking another spanking was coming. “Calm down son, I’m not gonna spank you.” But Alex also didn’t see what was coming. He felt as his father’s index finger full of Vaseline began to push at his young rectum and then work its way inside Alex’s virgin asshole. Alex dangled over his father’s knee while Dave worked his finger out of his son’s asshole, making Alex while a bit, but Dave was ignoring that and began jacking off with his free hand. “Fuck your hole is tight son. Soon I’m gonna stick my big dick up in there and that’ll feel real good for Daddy.”

Alex was petrified but tried to be silent as his father anally probed him while yanking on his throbbing cock. When Dave began to get close, he started yelling which echoed in the bathroom, “FUCK FUCK FUCK!” and then he took Alex off of his knee and held him in a position with his hand so Alex’s finger fucked hole was exposed and Dave let out a triumphant groan as he squirted his seed onto his son’s virgin asshole. Alex felt the hot goo coat his rectum and he felt slimy and nasty. But then Dave still sitting on the toilet lifted his boy and stood him on the sink and then bent him over slightly and began to lick his cum from his son’s ass, sucking on the boy’s rectum and devouring all of his own seed.

Dave then put his son to bed and went into the living area to have a beer and think about what he wanted to do next. He didn’t even think about the hooker ever again, except that he felt like a sick twisted bastard and that was okay with him.

The next day Dave had to go to the auto shop to work and he knew Alex would need some company, so he called John, a big burly man with a beard in his late 30’s to come watch his son. Although Dave did get to tell him about what had been going on and John couldn’t believe Kitty took off and Dave was doing what he’d talked about before which had always just seemed like fantasy. Dave said if he came over to watch Alex that he could have Alex play with his cock and have the boy suck his cock and eat his cum, but not to fuck him up the ass just yet. Dave hadn’t gotten to break the boy in so John agreed to hold off on that, excited at the fact he’d shortly be stuffing his fat cock into that young boy’s mouth. Fuck he’d always wanted to do that.

So John showed up at 8:00 in the morning at the house and Dave took off for the shop. Alex wasn’t up yet, but when he got up and went into the living area to watch cartoons, there was John sitting on the sofa drinking some coffee. He looked over at young Alex in his little white briefs and Superman t-shirt and said, “What’s up little man?”

“Hi John” Alex said, thinking at least he was safe with John. But he soon learned that John had plans for him that day.

John instructed Alex to go sit with him on the sofa with a look of lewdness in his dark eyes. Alex started to walk away toward his bedroom and John set his coffee down and got up and grabbed the boy, wrapping his whole arm around the boy’s young, smooth body. “Not so fast there bucko. Big John’s got something to show you.” And he pulled Alex back onto the sofa and sat down. John lit a cigarette and then slid back a little to open the fly of his jeans and pull his cock out through his boxers. After a few strokes John’s cock became swollen. “Your dad says you like one of these bad boys” waving his big cock toward Alex. He then took Alex’s head and pulled it down so the head of his dick met the boy’s lips. “Take it into your mouth.” Alex tried to resist. “Take it into your mouth” John said again, pushing down more on Alex’s head until the head of his cock forced its way into the boy’s tight little mouth. “Now suck it. Suck on it like you would candy.”

John continued to hold the boy’s head down and pumped as much as he could in and out of the boy’s unwilling mouth. “You nasty little bitch.” John said as if talking to an experienced whore. He took drags off his smoke as he fucked the boy’s mouth, feeling euphoria from what he knew he shouldn’t be doing, but had the balls to do anyway. Alex then began to gag and drool and John felt the boy’s saliva run down his balls. Alex kept gagging on John’s throbbing tool and it excited him all the more. “Fuck you nasty fucking little bitch!” John yelled at him, tilting his head back in sheer ecstasy at how good it felt. He then held the boy’s head down firm and began to send pump after pump of hot cum down Alex’s throat, making Alex gag and cough on John’s climaxing prick.

Once John was done draining his balls into the boy’s mouth and throat, he released Alex’s head and let out a sigh of relief. “Fuck boy, you really can suck cock for such a little dude. Gonna have to have you do that some more here in a little bit.”

“W….when do I have to do that again?” Alex asked a bit freaked out.

John gave Alex a stern, cocky look, took a drag off his smoke and put it out in the ashtray and then said “Whenever the fuck I feel like having you do it.” He was pleased at how he handled the boy. He knew Alex needed to learn that he was the subservient one and was headed for a lot of training as such, so he made sure to put the boy in his place just then.

John ended up getting naked and then made Alex strip naked in front of him. John sat back in the couch and took Alex by his ankles, turning the boy upside down to rest the boy’s small, smooth body on his hairy chest and stomach and had Alex suck his cock some more as John stuffed his tongue into the boy’s hairless young asshole and sucked on his little rectum. Fuck it was better than eating a cunt, John thought and John didn’t even let Alex know he was cumming this time, he silently filled the boy’s mouth by surprise with his hot cum so Alex could taste it this time, still holding Alex’s body so that he couldn’t take his mouth off John’s ejaculating cock.

By the time Dave got back from the shop, John was dressed and spent from the activities that day. “How was he?” Dave asked with an evil grin.

“Fucking great man. I’ll be glad to watch him on any of my days off. You just give me a holler. I gotta run though. Gotta take this lady I met out for drinks tonight so I’ll catch you later.”

“Take it easy John.” And John left the house and got in his truck and drove off. Dave then went into the living area where his son was asleep on the sofa. He figured he’d let the boy rest for the night and he knew John probably kept the boy busy all day. Besides, there was plenty of time for all of what he wanted to happen.

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