this is real this is me this is real
it started long ago the need, the want, the desire for family. i dunno why either, why would I? But i do and god did I.
i remember stealing my moms panties and soon cousins aunts grandmothers... just to imagine myself in my family.. and this went on
and on and on... until i was 14. it started like this.

i was at my grandmas house. and my grandma always wore those ankle length nylon night gowns all day all night she never left the
house. but thats my grandma for ya. but i digress. it started when she was having back pains and i offered to rub her back. it
began innocent enough. she stood with her hands upon the washing machine for balance as i began to rub her back and this continued
for several minutes but she soon told me to hike her gown up on her sholder because the material was rubbing her raw and i did
and thats when i saw her panty covered ass... now my grandma i should interject was a marathon runner in her youth and often worked
out in the local swimming pool and until she broke her leg she was fit, but since then her body started to fail. and little flab
had devolped up on her she had b cup titties and size 7 panties... but back to the story. as i beheld her panties i relised that
they weren't like my moms granny panties they looked more like those kind a young girl would wear cotton bikinis with flowers.
what a site. and i continued to rub.

as i rubbed and rubbed i sneakily got my penis released from my shorts. and would let the thing touch those panties now i had a 7
inch wonder weazel. and man did it ache. but i would only let the things touch just a tiny bit but my god it could have been
burried between those beautiful ass cheeks but allas it wasn't. as i stood their wanting to drop them panties and fuck her, fate
interviened my mom. came in and called for us. what a buzz kill so close yet so fucking far away. my grandmother soon dropped her
gown and went out to meet my mom... but for my luck she asked my grandma if she would let me stay the night so her and my dad
could go visit my brother who had just had his appendix out. and she hurridly agreed and soon my mom left and my grandmother went
to the rest room i sat in the spare room waiting for my grandmother to get out of the bathroom so i could get to my stash of her
panties she kept in her bathroom for just incase emergencys.

soon grandma exited and i entered i opened the drawer and low and behold there were the panties she was wearing and omg they were
soaking wet between the legs? huh i wondered and then fate interviened again. she knocked and asked me to hurry up. what i thought
you have to go again? but i flushed the toilet and left she followed me into the spare room and began to straighten the bedding
she stood bent over in front of me and i could cleary tell she had no panties on. what the hell.

and like that out of no where i decided to tickle grandma. and boy she stiffened up and landed face first on the bed and as i did
i dunno what came over me. but i pulled up her gown as i tickled her and stood behind her still but with her legs on either side of
me as she layed flat on the edge of the bed but i saw her perfect ass in all its glory... and oh my her beautiful hairy mound.but
i had left my short un done and my dick began to grow as i stared and soon i fell foward... and like i thought my grandma had
gotten wet from the rubbing and as i fell i felt my dick slide between her lips and up toward her clit that now was hard. and her
shriek of terror soon sounded... jeffrey what are you doing!?... but even before she could yelp again... i aimed and fired again
but this time i hit the bullseye and it slid hard and strong all the way in causing her to scream... because she had not had sex
in so long that her pussy was not ready... but i did. and it felt great. i soon began to thrust with unabashed freedom not hearing
her shrieks of pain... and soon i shot my steamy load. deep hard and filling that tight wet cunt.

i stood up and looked at her ass as she soon turned over and looking me in the eye saying... i was gonna give you that tonight but
now i dunno, i just don't know she went into her room and never came out.but i didn't care i didn't care if my mom found out i did
not care because it was something that no one could take from me.

weeks passed before she would look at me. but never did she tell. but soon as summer came my cousin shaina came to stay she was 12 and
beautiful. and we were close. as we would spend our days swimming i would stare longingly at her bikini clad ass. and dream...
soon we were left alone at grandmas.. because my grandmother had to have an hysterectemy was it because of me i dunno i like to
think so. but as we were there and alone we dicided to play strip poker and soon i had her down to nothing as she sat on the bed
naked i knew i wanted her only thing was. she wanted me more... as i stared at her nakedness. i heard her speak jeff, would u
fuck me... and without hesitation it was on like an animal i had her pinned and to this day i don't remember how my shorts came
off but hell they were gone and i soon was knocking on her front door. i pressed and pressed and soon felt her wetness grow and
i was soon in pushing pass her hymen and breaking my cousin into womanhood... where did this passion and lack of care come from
i dunno but i went in like a bull in a china shop.

we fucked for what seemed like hours but was like 30 mins. and although she hurt at first she soon had me on my back and ridding
me like a porn star i felt her cum and she spurted out lots of cream as she did. she covered me and soon i wanted to cum and cum
hard... but as she rose up my dick slipped out of her cunt. and went straight in her ass. no warm up no letting her get used to
it. but just right in and god i bet that hurt. she went stiff but i stayed in flipped her on her back and i heard her scream. no
matter to me. that rage took over. again and i began to fuck that ass. feeling her fecal matter being shoved back into her and her
blood began to be my lube. i pumped hard, fast and furiously and blew my load deep into her ass. and colapsed on her and thats
when her tears began to fall upon my face as we were cheek to cheek and i looked at her and she looked away...

we didn't fuck for the rest of the time she was there. no matter to me. i didn't care i had taken both of her virginitys in an
after noon. and no one could take it from me.

but time went on and years passed and i soon graduated from high school and began work at a local irragation comp. and worked long
hours but one day my cousin steph called me and begged me for a favor she needed a date for her prom and didn't have any guy to go
with so i voulenteered and rented a tux. soon the day of prom came and i went and picked her up. and god she was hot... a gourgeous
blue dress. and strapless. white elbow length gloves... and a 5'6'' 32 c and size 6 panties. and omg she was hot... we went to the
dance and danced laughed and had fun as only cousins could. but soon a slow dance began and we cuddled up and danced as we danced
i felt her ass and could feel her panty line. and bam hard on. and she soon felt it too because she began to grind those hips
against me...oh god. this was heaven... we hung around the dance all night holding hands. touching eachother. and basically waiting
for the dance to end.

soon enough the dance ended and we went to her house being it was 4 am i knew uncle richard would let me stay, and sleep. so i did
in steph room and like any father she stayed on the couch but not for long... she soon came in her room and shook me awake standing
there wereing the gloves and her panties. satin, silver, and tied on the side, god i love those panties. she soon kissed me
and stradled me and had my cock in those gloved hands. jacking me hard which wasn't hard... she soon slid those panties over and
slid the weazel home. but for the first time i didn't just let my natural instinct take over instead it was passion and long, we
fucked from 4;30 til 6 and god it was great but how can one describe passion... all i remember is her face. and my cum leaking all
over her bed.

now i am 27 now i have two daughters. now i have a beautiful "WIFE" named steph. her parents are pissed. because that night she got
preggnant and i was the dad. but who cares everyday i get to fuck my family. everyday. i get to feel that passion and everyday
i know that my daughters are there so who knows one day when they are older
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